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What Luck 1-6

What Luck: Parts 1-6

By: Waterlilth


Warning: Violence

Rated: I have no idea, but I'll say R.

Summary: Things go badly at a client's bank.

Author Comments: This is my first fic, so don't look down on it too much. If any info about location is wrong, let me know. I was looking for somewhere outside a city with mountains close by.





Murdock turned the television off and headed out the door. Hannibal was standing outside of the van lighting a cigar. He shut the sliding door behind Murdock and jumped into the front. He took a few long draws off his cigar as he put his head back and closed his eyes. Hannibal felt relaxed. The team had just finished a long case and it felt good to see a little vacation in the future. All that remained was a stop at their client's bank to return her change.


Haley Greener had hired the team weeks ago. She had found traces of money disappearing from her bank here and there. When she asked for help all she had received were threats. Knowing she was in over her head, Haley found the A-Team.


Templeton "Faceman" Peck had flown to Tennessee in advance. During the drive time for the rest of the team, Face had begun working at the bank. Hannibal thought it would be a good idea for Face to become familiar with the locals of Clinton. It was an ordinary town with little to do. Conveniently placed just north of Knoxville, Face had found time to take Haley out a few nights.


Face worked at the bank for two weeks before seeing any signs of wrong doings. From there the case had blown by. The money was found, the criminals jailed, and the customers were returning. The team had actually picked up a payment as well. Face found it necessary to return the unused money to Haley.


The van came to a stop in the bank parking lot. All four men jumped out and headed for the doors. No sooner than the men entered, Haley showered them in welcomes and hugs.


"Oh, I'm so glad you came by! I really wanted to see you again." Haley shouted as she threw her arms around Face. Face, noticed the customers staring, and suggested moving into her office.

"Jimmy! Would you quit foolin' with that thing and come on? It ain't like you're gonna use it." Tom was getting impatient as he watched his partner finish loading his gun.


"You never know. I want to be prepared. Just in case." Jimmy clicked the safety as he secured the gun behind his back.


"Yeah, that's you. Always prepared. You prepare so much we never have a chance to be not prepared." Tom placed his hands on his hips and began tapping his foot.


"Gee, Tom, don't hurt yourself. I bet that last comment took some real thinking. One of us has to do the dirty work. Seeing as you get a headache at the beginning of thought, that leaves me." Jimmy pulled the end of his pants leg over a knife strapped just above his ankle. Barely giving Tom any attention, Jimmy gathered the rest of the gear and moved out the front door. Tom rushed after Jimmy and jumped into the jeep. Tom gave a sly smile and said, "Well, let's go make some money."




"No, no. It's okay. You need the money more than we do right now," Face tried to convince Haley to take the rest of the money. Hannibal shot Face a surprised look at his last sentence. Hannibal took out a cigar and bit off the end. Just before lighting, Haley interrupted him, "Um.I hate to do this. After all you've done for me, but you can't smoke inside the bank. Sorry." Hannibal gave her a reassuring smile. He put the lighter back in his pocket and pulled the cigar from his mouth. "Well, Face, let's wrap this up. We have a long drive."


"You know, Hannibal, I was meaning to talk to you about that," Face put his arm around the colonel and pulled him toward the door. "I could stay here a few days and catch a plane."


Hannibal leaned against the wall and folded his arms with a smile, "Why would you want to do that?"


Murdock shot in from across the room, "Yeah, Face. Why? Come on, you're not really gonna make me ride across the country with that are ya?" Murdock pointed his thumb in BA's direction.


"Why don't the crazy man just stay here too? He can keep Face outta trouble." BA smiled at his moment of inspiration.


Face looked hurt, "Me, get in trouble? Now Hannibal, I don't really need Murdock. I'll be fine, really. You three go and have a good time. I'll truly hate missing all the bonding, but I really should stay and make sure everything is alright here."


"All right, but you can have Murdock. He'll help you out here." Hannibal had a big grin across his face as he moved out the door.


Face pleaded, "Hannibal! Wait!" Murdock skipped out of the office, closely followed by a smiling BA. Face begged each member of the team. He turned to see Haley laughing.


"Hold on just a moment. I'll go and straighten this out." Haley grabbed Face's arm. "It's okay. What's one more person?"


Face gave Haley a look, "It's not one more person, it's Murdock."


"So he can see a Disney movie, what's the problem?"


Face moved closer to Haley and gently kissed her. "Well, I was hoping to be alone."


Haley returned the kiss, "Oh. then what are you waiting for? Go straighten this out." Face couldn't help but get another kiss.


"Everybody freeze! Put your hands on your heads and get on the ground!" Two men in masks stormed into the bank holding guns and bags. "This is a hold up!" Tom thought to himself *I've always wanted to say that. * Ignoring his partner's stupidity, Jimmy grabbed a woman standing by the door. "I said everyone on the ground. Now! I would hate to have to shoot this lady."


Hannibal, BA, and Murdock were in the middle of the lobby when the men burst in. Hannibal, seeing the number of hostages, motioned for BA and Murdock to do as they were told.


The two men headed towards the open cash drawers. "Would you be so kind as to fill these bags?" Tom was really enjoying himself.


"Cut the shit, Tom. She's a hostage, not your mother."


As the robbers argued, Hannibal caught eye contact with B.A. and Murdock. In the lowest voice possible Hannibal whispered, "I only see two. They don't seem to know a whole lot about what they're doing. I haven't seen Face, so he's probably waiting for us to make a move. What do you say we give these two bozos a lesson in etiquette?" Hannibal's eyes widened and a smile stretched across his face. B.A. and Murdock glanced at each other and rolled their eyes, "He's on the jazz."


Just as Face and Haley ended another kiss, they heard yelling from the lobby.


"Haley, get down under the desk."


"Shouldn't I call the police first?" Haley was half way out from under the desk.


Face shot her a sarcastic look. "Yeah, I really want to go to prison today. Let's wait and see what Hannibal does." Face peaked through the blinds in the office window. The thieves seemed well occupied with themselves and the money. Face took advantage of this and cracked the door open to be better prepared for the attack he knew was coming.


Hannibal placed his hands flat on the floor ready to push up. Hannibal waited for one of the men to get closer to him. Just as he was about to leap at the armed man, the one across the room yelled, "Hey!" Hannibal paused and withheld his breath. "Hey, Tom, I think there's someone in the office over there. Keep an eye on everyone."


"Be careful, Jimmy."




Hannibal let out his breath and again prepared himself.


Face saw the man coming in his direction and cursed to himself. He looked toward Hannibal and caught his glance. Hannibal gave a slight nod to give his lieutenant an okay. When the man reached the door, Hannibal jumped at Tom. Face saw his man looking back raising his gun. Face slung the door open and jumped on Jimmy's back knocking him to the floor. Jimmy's gun slid across the floor where B.A. picked it up. B.A. pointed the weapon at Tom, who was wrestling with Hannibal with a gun still in his hand. "Drop it, man!"


Just looking at B.A. was enough to persuade Tom to stop his struggle and hand his weapon over to Hannibal. B.A. grabbed the embarrassed man off the floor, and held him by the collar, where his toes were barely grazing the floor.


Hannibal and Murdock assisted the woman that had been grabbed and dropped during the dispute.


Face struggled with Jimmy on the hard floor, giving and taking hits almost in turn. Face got a punch into Jimmy's ribs. The man grabbed his stomach and rolled to his side. Face grabbed the man's hair and picked him off the floor. As Jimmy stood, he slid his hand under his pants leg. Face let go of the masses of hair to give the finishing hit, when he felt a sharp pain in his side that took his breath away. Face stumbled back until he hit a wall.

When he lifted his hands into his view, all he could see was red. Face was shocked and still unsure of what had happened.

Hannibal could have been in a movie. His world suddenly played in slow motion. He reached for his gun, behind his back, but he couldn't move quickly enough. Hannibal felt his gun go off, but he couldn't hear anything. He was too focused on the man against the wall. The man's pleading eyes were asking for an explanation, or, maybe, just help.


Hannibal ran over to Face, soon followed by Murdock and B.A. Face kept a shocked gaze as his legs gave out, and he slid down the wall. Face was sitting on the floor when the rest of the team made it to his side. Hannibal put his left arm behind Face and used his right to pull him away from the wall. Hannibal gently laid Face flat on the floor. He could feel the sweat already forming on the lieutenant's back.


Face raised his hand and pulled on his Colonel's jacket. "Hann-i-bal, I.didn't.see.wha.happen?"


Hannibal's heart felt like it was in a blender. He wished it could have been him.

He inhaled deeply and responded, "A knife, kid. No one saw it."




Face continued to clutch Hannibal's sleeve as if it were his life. Hannibal removed his gloves and covered Face's hand with his own. Face gave Hannibal a surprised look, but shortly returned his attention to Murdock.


Murdock ripped the hole in Face's shirt to reveal the damage. The blade was low and deep in Face's left side. Murdock couldn't see the extent of the injury for the amount of blood. Murdock momentarily closed his eyes; he tried as hard as he could to wake himself from the nightmare.


The pilot opened his eyes to the sound of sirens. "Great! Who the hell called the cops?!" Murdock couldn't believe their luck.


"I did." Haley emerged from her office slowly. She had an ashamed look on her face.

"I'm sorry. I was scared."


Murdock glanced at Haley, "You should be."


Haley tried to explain her reasons; "I just didn't want anyone hurt. I never wanted this to happen. Now, at least, you can get him to the hospital."


Hannibal raised his head; "Do you really think Face wants to live through this just to spend the rest of his life in prison? Thanks, but no thanks. We'll go our own way. B.A., help me get Face to the van." B.A. gently slid his arms under Face's warm body. He lifted him with ease and went to the door with Hannibal at his side. Murdock picked up the guns lying on the floor and followed toward the door.


Hannibal opened the sliding door and allowed B.A. to set Face in the back, inner seat. Hannibal could see the fleet of police cars heading in their direction. The Colonel hung out the front of the van and yelled at his Captain, "Murdock! Let's go!"


Murdock ran to the van and jumped into the open door. Just as the van turned onto the highway, the police were behind them. Hanging out the side of the van, Murdock fired at the squad cars. Murdock managed to hit a tire, leaving one car swerving behind. One of the state troopers drove up beside the van. Murdock took aim, but when he pulled the trigger, he heard a click. He rolled his eyes. Murdock stared at the policeman; "You want some of this?" Murdock threw the empty rifle at the driver's side window. To his surprise, the window shattered. The car was once again behind the team.


Hannibal looked at their surroundings. He took the cigar out of his mouth and pointed to the left, "B.A., turn here. We'll get on the Interstate and try to get some distance between us."


Hannibal turned in his seat and looked from Face to Murdock. "How's he doin', Murdock?"


Murdock leaned over his friend. Face's eyes were closed, and his breaths were short and quick. "Uh.I don't think he's in top condition, unless he was a pin cushion."




"Well, Colonel, I think we're gonna have to make a pit stop real soon."


Hannibal put a hand on Face's knee. "Hang in there, we only have a few more sirens to lose." Hannibal took another puff on his cigar. "Step on it, B.A."




"Hannibal, what we gonna do?" B.A. had the pedal flat on the floor. They didn't seem to be gaining any distance on the police cars. B.A. shot his colonel a questioning look.


Hannibal grinned and slipped his gloves back on his hands.


Murdock leaned over the seat and gave Hannibal a worried glance. "Uh. Colonel, what are we going to do?"


Hannibal gave a slight chuckle as he reached under his seat. As he pulled out a grenade he said, "You know what your problem is? You worry too much." Hannibal pulled the pin out of the grenade and rolled down his window. Hannibal released the switch and said, "This should be beautiful."


In unison, B.A. and Murdock both shouted, "Hannibal.Throw it!" Hannibal gently lobbed the grenade out the window. He turned and leaned out the window.


The grenade went off directly in the middle of two squad cars. The blast sent them flipping in opposite directions. Hannibal sat back down with a very satisfied look on his face. Hannibal laughed. "I wish I had a camera."


Murdock let out a sigh and sat down. He pulled his hat over his eyes and leaned his head against the rest.


Face opened his eyes. He felt tired, dizzy, and he hurt. He tried to scoot himself to sit up straight, but only had a surge of pain run through his body. "Ahh."


Murdock moved his hat just enough for him to peek to his side. He quickly slid his hat back on and reached for Face's arm. "Face, try not to move."


Face rolled his head toward the pilot, "You think?"


"Sorry, Face. How you doin'?"


Face sunk his head back into the seat and closed his eyes. He inhaled deeply and exhaled coughing.


"Lieutenant?" Hannibal turned around and waited for a response.


Face squeezed out words between gritted teeth, "Well, I feel like I've been harpooned." Face cracked his eyelids open and everything went to a blur. He tried to open them further, but everything went black.


"Face?" Murdock placed his hand on Face's forehead. "Colonel, he's out again, and very spicy."


B.A. glanced into the rearview mirror. "What'd you say, fool?"


"Hot! I said he was hot!"


B.A. was surprised at the pilot's outburst and focused on the road.


Hannibal removed a glove and reached back to feel of Face's cheeks and forehead. "We need to do something."


Murdock leaned up beside Hannibal and said, "We could removed the knife."


Hannibal pulled out a lighter to light his cigar again. He removed the cigar from his mouth and said, "We don't know how deep that knife is in him. It could be stuck in a major gear of Face's body. Jerking it out now will cause more blood loss and, possibly, more damage. He needs medical help."


"I hope it's soon." Murdock bent toward his friend and moved a piece of Face's shirt.

"At least the bleeding slowed."


Hannibal leaned over to B.A. "Take an exit somewhere and stop at the first hospital you see." B.A. shook his head in agreement. Hannibal turned around and lifted Murdock's hat a little. "Soon, Murdock, real soon."


The next ten minutes were silent. Hannibal sat in deep thought and Murdock hovered over Face the entire ride. The silence was broken when B.A. yelled, " Hannibal! Look, man." B.A. was bouncing in his seat as he pointed to a hospital. Hannibal let out a sigh of relief and threw his cigar out the window.


B.A. pulled around to the E.R. exit and screeched to a halt. He jumped out of the van and grabbed the first person in scrubs he saw. "Hey, man, we need help. Now." The doctor shook off the shock and choked out an okay. The man ran into the doors, yelled a few words, and was followed out by a stretcher and team.


Hannibal and Murdock maneuvered Face to the sliding door. The stretcher was wheeled around and a few men lifted Face onto the white spread. The group of doctors and nurses ran Face into the building and out of sight.


Hannibal continued to stare after Face had disappeared. He could see the sheets already dappled with red. "God, I hope we're not too late." Hannibal spoke soft enough so only he could hear his words.


B.A. walked into the waiting room with two cups of coffee and a carton of milk. He handed the coffees to Hannibal and Murdock. They both thanked him as he sat down. "I tried to park the van where ya wouldn't find it easy."


Hannibal shook his head and directed his attention back on the door he knew Face was behind. "What's taking so damn long?" Hannibal tried to whisper to himself.


Murdock heard Hannibal and squeezed his eyes shut. "I think I'm gonna get some air. Tell me if anything happens." Murdock rose slowly and disappeared through the outside doors.


Murdock stood against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He stared at the ground and let the time pass.


Murdock jumped when he heard the automatic doors slide open. He watched anxiously for B.A. or Hannibal, but a young girl emerged from the lights. He watched the girl walk toward him and stop at the corner.


The girl looked no more than 15 or 16 years old. She leaned heavily against the brick building and pulled out a pack of Marlboros. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as her hand shook. She inhaled a few times before noticing the slender man standing just feet from her. "Hi." The girl smiled at him and looked away.


"Hey." Murdock pushed off the wall and moved closer to the young girl. "I'm Murdock."


The girl looked surprised as she responded, "Oh, I'm Kayla."


There was a long silence. Murdock watched the orange light brighten as Kayla took another draw. "Should you be smoking?" Murdock finally spoke up. "How old are you?"


The girl looked straight at Murdock. "How old are you?"


Murdock couldn't help but smile. "Why are you smoking?"


The teenager let out a cloud of smoke and looked at the ground. It calms my nerves."


Murdock looked at the girl's shaking hand; "Does it work?"


Kayla reached into her pocket and pulled out another cigarette. "Here, try one. It may make you feel better."


Murdock sucked on the white stick as Kayla held a small flame to it. As Murdock inhaled, the smoked burned his throat. He began to cough. He managed to choke out a few words, "Oh, yeah, good."


The girl smiled at him and said, "I doubt this is your first one. You do get over that."


The two stood against the tall building. Murdock watched as the smoke vanished into the sky. He tried to blow the swirls away from him as he exhaled. Just as Murdock stomped out the filter, he heard the doors open again. He and Kayla were quick to look for the intruder. B.A. rushed out and looked around. He looked over and made eye contact with Murdock.


"Hey, the doc's here." B.A. turned and jogged back in through the doors.


Murdock stood quickly and headed for the doors. He stopped half way to the doors and turned around. "Thanks, Kayla."


The girl yelled, "Wait. Here, take this. Just in case you need it later." She pulled out her last Marlboro and placed it into the man's hand. Murdock smiled, placed the cigarette in his jacket pocket, and ran through the doors.




Murdock ran into the waiting room. He entered to Hannibal and B.A., but no doctor. The pilot ran up to his colonel with a worried look on his face. "Where's the doctor?" Murdock glanced at B.A. "I thought the doc was here." Murdock was looking around franticly.


Hannibal walked to Murdock and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Murdock, calm down. The doctor just left."


Murdock looked with anxious eyes, "Well?" Hannibal smiled. "Face is gonna be okay." Murdock released the breath he had held since he saw B.A. outside. "Did he say anything else? Injuries? Anything?"


Hannibal let go of Murdock's shoulders. "The doc said he lost a lot of blood. He said he was lucky. The knife didn't get anything important. We got him here just in time."


Murdock sat down and put his head in his hands. Under his breath he mumbled, "Thank, you." Murdock was directing his statement upwards more than to anyone in the room.


Hannibal sat next to him and said, "We know how you feel."


Murdock looked up and smiled to his commander. "Well, Colonel, do we sit like birds in the wilderness or do we see Face?"


Hannibal smiled.


B.A. joined in; "Doc wants us to wait a little while. You know, to let the grogginess fade a little." Murdock removed his hat and threw his head back.


"Great, more waiting."


After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came back. He stopped in front of the men and said, "Room 118." All three men jumped up and smiled. Hannibal stopped beside the doctor and said, "Thank you."


Murdock reached room 118 and cracked the door open. He peaked in to see a sleeping Face. He looked back at B.A. "Ah, isn't he cute?"


B.A. gave an agitated look. "Shut up, fool. We didn't come down here to peek through a crack. Now, open the door." Murdock had a hurt look as he entered the quiet room.


Face was lying very still. He had two bags being fed into his arm. One was a clear liquid and the other thick red. Murdock shifted to the left side of the bed.


Hannibal entered the room and went straight to the right side of Face's bed. B.A. hung at the foot of the bed. Murdock pointed at the two bags and said,


"Blood and antibiotics make the world go round." Hannibal smiled.


The colonel grasped Face's hand and placed his other hand on his lieutenant's forehead. He leaned down beside Face's ear and whispered, "Face? We're all here. You're gonna make it." Murdock smiled and placed a hand on Hannibal's arm.


B.A. grinned from ear to ear and patted Face's foot. "Ya got that right, Sucka."




Kayla put her volunteer uniform back on. She thought to herself, 'Wow. I never thought I'd see a member of the A-Team being a candy-striper.' Kayla walked back to Admissions and sat behind her desk. She looked around the empty room and noticed a piece of bright pink paper. When she picked it up, she realized it was a note addressed to her. It read:



Call security office A.S.A.P.




Kayla picked up the phone and dialed the extension. A man answered on the other line, "Security." The girl paused a second. "Um, this is Kayla. I'm work in Admissions. I was left a note to call?" Kayla didn't receive a response. After a long pause the man remembered.


"Oh, yeah. We got a call from the military asking if we had taken any stab victims tonight. Anyway, we did. So, they're on their way to search the place. They'll probably start at the front, and since Admissions is the front office, we thought we should let you know. That way you can tell them where everything is. Is that okay?" There was a long pause. "Hello? Uh, Kayla? You there?" The man listened a minute longer and hung the phone up.


Kayla was running through the hospital. She had so many thoughts running through her head. She had read articles on the A-Team and saw many pictures. It wasn't hard for her to recognize B.A. She assumed the man she met outside was part of the group. Kayla felt their entire situation was ridiculous. How could a group of people that do so much good actually rob a bank? It didn't matter. Kayla had seen the concern in the two men's eyes.

She didn't want anything else to go wrong for them.


As Kayla ran past the E.R. desk she realized the men were gone. She went into the waiting room only to find it empty. She knew she had to find them, so she took a deep breath and walked up to the desk. "Excuse me. There was a man admitted not too long ago, and I kinda need to find him."


The girl behind the desk looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Do you realize how many men come through the E.R.? You're going to have to be more specific."


Kayla bit her lip and looked around. She made eye contact with the receptionist and said, "I think he was stabbed? I'm supposed to take something to his room."


The woman behind the desk relaxed her brow. "Well, we did have one of those just a few hours ago. I think it was room 118."


Kayla thanked the woman and took off towards the room.


Kayla stopped outside the door wondering what to say. She didn't know if they would believe her or not, but it was worth the effort if she could actually help someone. She knocked on the door and entered slowly. All eyes in the room darted toward her. She closed the door and leaned back against it. She could almost feel the eyes piercing through her.


Murdock squinted through the dark and smiled. "Hey, Kayla. That is right, isn't it?"


Hannibal and B.A. shot strange looks at Murdock. "It's okay guys, I met her outside." Murdock walked over to the nervous girl and stood beside her. "Well, Kayla, this is B.A., Hannibal, and the one in the bandages is Fa."


"Face, I know."


Murdock was surprised by the interruption.


Hannibal turned and faced the girl. "You know who we are?"


Kayla's eyes widened as she tried to step back. All she found was a door in her way.

Kayla opened her mouth and quietly said, "Yeah. You're the..uh.A-Team. That's not why I'm here. Well, sort of. I know who you are, but it's not a bad thing. It's actually good for you. Sorry, I'm babbling. I needed to tell you that the military is on the way."


The three men looked up in shock. Hannibal gestured with his hands as he spoke. "And, you know this how?"


Kayla shoved her hands in her pockets. "I volunteer here. Security called me so I could show 'em around when they got here. I didn't really want 'em to find you. So, I thought you might get away before they arrived."


Hannibal had a questioning look on his face. "Is there any particular reason?"


The girl looked deceived. "Can't I do a good deed every now and then?"


Murdock smiled and hugged the girl. "Thank you, again. You've helped a lot. You better get out of here before you're caught helping us."


Kayla smiled, nodded her head, and went out the door.


Hannibal leaned against the bed railing. "Well, do we trust her?"


Murdock looked his colonel in the eyes. "Do we have much of a choice? I doubt that's something she'd make up."


Hannibal hung his head and glanced at the still sleeping Face.


B.A. walked beside Hannibal. "What we gonna do now?"


Hannibal squeezed his eyes shut and cursed. "B.A., go get the van. Murdock, you better find us a wheelchair."


Both men ran out of the room leaving Hannibal alone with Face. "Well, kid, looks like we're back where we started."



What Luck by Waterlilth



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