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Body and Soul 1-2

Body & Soul
by Charlotte

Archive: Yes
Summary: Face isn't Faceman anymore
Warnings: One or two curse words, bit of masturbation, graphic sex later on.

Comments please - good or bad as long as they're constructive, this is
my first fic & I want to get better!

Part 1

"Murdock, go wake Sleeping Beauty & tell him he's got half an hour before Kay gets here."Hannibal ordered.

Murdock flung Face's door open. The curtains were still drawn, & all he could see of his friend was a heap of tousled blonde hair just above the duvet. He strode over to the bed, pulled at the covers.

"Wakey wakey, Facem-"He broke off, staring at the sleeper & hurriedly pulling the covers back up.

This wasn't Faceman.

This wasn't even a man.

She could be Peck's twin sister, though. Golden curls, a little longer than his. The same delicate beauty though more feminine, the same perfect Cupid's bow of a mouth. She was even wearing his turquoise silk pyjamas.

Only problem, as far as they knew Face didn't _have_ a twin sister.

The long lashes quivered & rose. Big blue-green eyes that were far too familiar.

"Murdock, what are you staring at me for?" Even the voice, a feminine version of his. Suddenly her face changed & she stared down at herself, looked back up at him with an expression he'd seen before on Faceman at seriously bad moments.


Murdock stared back, speechless. Part of his mind telling him something, most of it telling him that with thoughts like that it was time to go back to the VA. His body telling him how attractive she was.

She crossed to the mirror, her eyes fixed on her reflection.

"Murdock!" Hannibal shouted.

Get a grip, Murdock told himself.  He stepped over to the girl, who was slowly running her hand over her face, wide-eyed.

"Who are you?"

"I'm me." she whispered. "Aren't I?"

"Who is 'me'? Are you Face's sister or something? Where is he?"

"Captain -" Hannibal broke off, seeing the girl's back & Murdock's expression. "What's going on? Who -?"

She whirled to face him & he broke off, startled.

"I don't know what's going on Hannibal but I'm me! I'm Face!"

After years with the Army, then the A Team, Hannibal Smith thought he'd seen everything. That nothing could shock him any more. He prided himself on being able to deal with anything - & that included anything Peck decided to pull. He'd just never expected him to be cocky enough, or stupid enough, to pull this. Especially at the start of a case.

"Hannibal. Say something." The girl grabbed his shoulders. "Help me!"

Slowly & deliberately Hannibal grasped her wrists, held her at arms' length & glared down at her.

"Who are you, and where is Peck?"

"Hannibal, please!"

She was a brilliant actress, Hannibal had to admit. Must have taken Peck weeks to coach her.

"Look, young lady. That little pest has pulled some pranks in his time, but this is the worst yet. I don't know if you know how much trouble he's in right now, but it's increasing with every second you keep this act up. I want answers. Now."

Her voice shook with fear & anger, the tears building in her eyes. "I went to bed me. I woke up this. That's the only answer I have. Stop accusing me & help me!"

"Colonel -" Murdock interrupted hesitantly. "I know it sounds crazy but..."

"Quiet Captain. Well?"

"It's the truth. Even if you don't believe me. Do you seriously think I'd come up with something this wacko?"

"So you're Face."


"All right. Then you can be Face on this mission. Do everything you'd normally do & when we've finished, if you still claim to be Face, maybe I'll listen to you."

"But Han -" She started to whine, then saw his expression, stopped, straightened. "Yes sir."

He nodded. "Kay will be here in ten minutes. We'll tell her you're - Peck's twin,standing in for him." After all, he reasoned, however unlikely the story was, anyone would believe it to look at her. "Get dressed." he ordered, & left, just in time to miss the "Up Yours" sign she made at his back.

"Face?" Murdock said slowly, disbelievingly.

"Well thank God you believe me at least. Murdock what the fuck is happening to me?"

Before he could reply, Hannibal reappeared. "Murdock, out. You, get dressed."

Murdock followed Hannibal out, making a thumbs up sign behind his back. Face closed the door, leaned against it, trying to stop shaking.

Hannibal didn't trust him.

He couldn't blame him for not believing this, though. But he had to go through a whole mission in this body before getting help?

Briefly he considered running off now, but that was hardly an option. It wasn't as if he - she? had any idea where to start looking, & if she got his own body back alone Hannibal would never believe he'd been telling the truth. Besides, Murdock was on his / her side. God only knew what BA & Amy would say. She had to make them all believe him.

Face crossed to the mirror.

The reflection was still a shock, even though he - she? knew what to expect now. He'd be attracted to her. He'd want to see more of her... \But that's more of *me* I'm talking about\ Slowly he unbuttoned the pyjama top, looked at the high firm breasts, the large nipples. Ran her hands over the skin which felt even smoother than it had yesterday. Drew the pyjama bottoms down over the narrow hips, and stared down at the golden bush of hair. Tentatively she stroked it, moved her finger down further. He'd done this a thousand times but the cunt he stroked had never been her own. As she touched her labia, her nipples grew erect... Voices outside recalled him to reality & she dived for the wardrobe, thankful she was still the same height at least. None of the suits seemed appropriate. Finally she pulled on a pair of black jeans & a light red shirt, brushed her hair, took a deep breath & went out.    

Part 2

With no family background, & so many different names,  Face had been through more than one identity crisis. But at least he'd always known he was male. Now she felt confused, lonely, vulnerable, scared...

And suddenly, intensely, furious. Both at whoever did this, and at Hannibal for his reaction when she begged him for help. All right it was almost unbelievable but still...

They both wanted to break her, that was obvious. Hannibal so the "little pest" would confess to something he hadn't done, the other...  he had no idea what the other wanted.

But they weren't going to get it.

She'd get through the case. No, she'd _sail_ through it, including all the lousy jobs he knew Hannibal would give her.  She'd convince them, they'd be sorry, & then they'd help her get his body back.


Hannibal stalked into the lounge, Murdock following unhappily.

"What's going on?" Amy asked.

"There's a girl in Face's bedroom -" Hannibal started.

"So what's new?" Amy snorted.

"A girl in Face's bedroom, who claims she's Face in the wrong body."

"I believe her." Murdock added loudly over the laughter.

"Yo' crazy as she is then, fool." BA snapped.

"I'm not a fool & you haven't seen her! She's got Faceman's eyes -"

"She's also got several things he hasn't." Hannibal interrupted. "But I agree she's got his gall. And his stubbornness."

"What we gonna do Hannibal?" BA asked.

"She insists she's Face, so I've told her she can take his place for the next mission. If she still thinks she's Face after that, maybe we'll listen to her."

"Yo' lettin' some crazy girl on the team?"

"She's a good actress & he's obviously coached her. She just might be able to handle it but she won't enjoy it much. So she'll summon the Lieutenant back from whatever scam he's pulling, & when he miraculously gets his body back, then we'll decide what to do. Like put him in dresses for the next six years."

"But Hannibal, Face could come up with something much better than this!" Murdock pointed out. "Come on, it's so crazy it's gotta be true."

"I don't know what's going through his head, Murdock. But I'm not accepting -" He broke off as the door started to open.


Amy stared curiously at the stranger.

She might be crazy, she was very probably a liar, but yes, Face as a girl would look exactly like this.

Blonde curls, big, blue-green, long-lashed eyes, a figure to die for & a confident, charming smile. Amy felt a prick of envy.

BA couldn't help staring either. Under the confidence there was a fragile quality about her, like about Faceman. He wanted to be angry at the scam she & Face were pulling, but his innate chivalry stopped him being angry at her. He'd kill Peck though, for getting her into this.

As she met Hannibal's sceptical eyes, the confident mask wavered & then hardened. She looked round at the others.

"Hi guys. I seem to have lost my body."

"What do we call you?" Amy asked after the brief, awkward silence.

"Well, I know "Faceman" doesn't fit right now, but "Face" is still OK isn't it?"

"No." Hannibal answered coolly. "Kay's going to be confused enough to see you instead of Peck. Using his name will just make things worse."

Face bit her tongue, trying to hide the hurt, then nodded.

"It's _my_ name." she corrected softly. \As much as any name's mine\ "But all right. Can I still use Peck?"

"You're playing his sister."

"All right. I'll be - Samantha." She plucked the name out of the air.


"Sam. You know all about the case?"

"I did all the background checks."


Murdock patted the seat next to him. Peck sat, grateful suddenly for the support in his eyes.

And then the doorbell rang.


Body and Soul by Charlotte



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