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Thunder in the Sky 1-4

Thunder in the Sky
by Susan Owens

Rated: R maybe  NC-17 in later parts
Warning: Character Death
Summary: Plane goes down ,Hannibal is killed ,Face and BA blame Murdock. Murdock is devastated
Copyright: 2000


Thunder In The Sky Part One

Hannibal Smith sat next to HM Murdock in the two-seat small plane. Murdock smiled at his friend and commander of many years. Hannibal smiled back.

"Are you sure you are okay to fly, Murdock? Face said you had a fainting spell this morning."

Murdock nodded his head . "I'm fine, Hannibal. It was just a little dizzy spell. Are you ready  to  go?"

Hannibal smiled. "Murdock, I leave my  life in your hands."

"Okay then, hang on." Murdock replied as he guided the plane down the runway. Soon the plane was in  the air and Murdock was pointing out things to Hannibal. Hannibal  watched with interest and Murdock's eyes lit up as he was showing the colonel everything he could, from the trees to the mountains in the distance. This was Murdock's  element and he loved  it.

Suddenly Murdock began to feel dizzy agai . Everything was becoming a blur .He began to shake his head to try and clear his vision. Hannibal noticed something was wrong.

"Captain, are you all right ?" he asked  with  concern.

Murdock waved his hand and nodded his head "I 'm fine, Colonel; just a little dizzy spell.  I 'll be  fine."

No sooner had Murdock said that than he suddenly passed out . Hannibal, being the man he was, did not panic .He calmly took the controls to tried to  land the plane . He hoped he could remember what Murdock had  taught him in case of an emergency. Hannibal pulled back  on the yolk of the plane but the plane was  falling to fast and he had did not have enough experience.  The plane crashed to the ground and the only sound was the sound of birds and nothing more.


When Murdock woke up he was alone in the hospital . He looked around his room. He tried  to remember what had happened .Suddenly  it all came back  to him. He had passed out while flying with Hannibal. Hannibal? Where was Hannibal? At  that moment a nurse walked in the room  .Murdock grabbed her arm as she was checking him.

"The other man! Where is the other man ?" he asked.

The nurse stared into the dark brown eyes. "The doctor will be in to see you  soon."

Murdock would not let go. "Damn it, I asked  you  where's my friend?"

 "The doctor will see you  soon ." she then left the room. Murdock  watched her go and then Face slipped into the room.

"Face, where's Hannibal?" asked  Murdock.

"He's dead and you killed him." Replied Face  as he stood by  Murdock 's bed.

"I told you not to fly because of the dizzy spells! But no, you wouldn't listen to me. Now, because of you, Hannibal is dead. Do you hear me Murdock?! He's  dead and it's all your fault. "

Murdock was stung. "Face, I 'm sorry ."

"Sorry? You are sorry? That won't bring back Hannibal ... and I will never forgive you for taking him from me, Murdock. Never."  

Murdock stared at the  cold, unfeeling blue eyes. "Face, what are you  saying.?"

Face  grabbed Murdock  and held him to his face . "You are no longer my friend or BA's and don't you  dare come to Hannibal's funeral because you  are not welcome." at that Face let go and Murdock fell back down on the  bed. Face then left the room. Murdock laid on the  bed  and suddenly he felt all alone out he began to cry --  not  soft crying but uncontrollable sobs.

"Hey Captain, calm down, everything will be fine ."

Murdock looked up to see Hannibal standing there, puffing  on his cigar. "Face is just upset .He didn't mean anything he said."

Murdock cried as he looked at Hannibal ,"Oh Hannibal , Face  said you were dead. "

Hannibal looked at Murdock  "I am,  Murdock."


Thunder In The Sky Part  Two  


Murdock stared in  horror . He reached  out and tried to touch  Hannibal but his hand  went right though him.

Murdock  started screaming ."Oh  my God ! You  came back  to punish  me because  I killed you!"

Hannibal tried to calm his panicked friend but Murdock  was gone. He was now screaming and not making any  sense. The nurse and two orderlies came running  into his room. Murdock  was pointing to where Hannibal  stood . "He came ! He's going to punishing me! He hates me  because I killed him! Please help me!

The nurse looked to where Murdock  was pointing . "Please, Mr. Murdock,  calm down. There's  no one there."

Murdock was wide-eyed and frightened. "Don't you see him? He's  over there,  smoking his cigar."

The nurse shook her  head. "Mr. Murdock, you've  been though a lot today. I am going to give you something to make you sleep," she said in a quiet voice.

"No. Please don't; he's going to kill me."

Hannibal spoke quietly to Murdock. "Captain, I  am not here  to  punish you . I am here to help you."

Murdock stared at  Hannibal "Help me?"

"Yes,  Murdock, help you."

"Hannibal, I 'm scared. I'm all alone .What am I going to do?"

One of the orderlies looked  at  the  nurse. "Who's he talking to?"

She just shook her  head. "I don't know. Here,  hold him while I give him  a shot."

The nurse gave Murdock  a shot to make him sleep . Murdock was still staring at Hannibal  but he was no longer afraid . He  said sleepily as the drug took affect. "Stay with me, please, Hannibal. I don't want to be alone."

Hannibal walked over to the bed "I'll stay, Murdock."

Murdock smiled and closed his eyes .The nurse stood up and turned to one  of the orderlies. "Jack please stay with him till he goes to sleep."

Jack nodded his head.


Templeton Peck  and BA Baracus sat in the funeral parlor where Hannibal's body was laid so  friends could view it. Face thought about the last time Hannibal was in  a coffin. It was when they helped  this restaurant owner and his daughter, only this time it was real. A lonely tear ran down Face's cheek because he had  no  tears left. He  kept thinking of that horrible day.

Murdock had had dizzy spells that morning and Face begged him not to fly. But Murdock did not want to disappoint Hannibal and he told Face he was fine. Face was thinking when BA approached him.

"You all right, man?" he asked  with  concern.

Face shook his head, tears now coming back ."If only I had  stopped Murdock . Sit on him, tied him up, something. Why  didn't I stop him from flying? I knew he was in no condition to fly. Why  didn't I stop him?'

BA took  Face into his arms to comfort him. "It would have done you no  good, Face.  The fool wouldn't listen to you . It's not your fault."

"I know, it's Murdock's."

BA held Face close ."It was no one's fault, Face. It just happened."

Face  pulled away from BA ."It was Murdock's  fault and if I  ever see his ugly face again so  help me I will kill him!"

BA led Face into another room ."You  don't mean that. Templeton .You  are just upset about losing Hannibal."

"How do  you know  how I feel, BA? You  can't possibly know how I feel."

BA looked at  Face. "You  are wrong, man. I know how you fee . Hannibal was my  friend too, and  don't you ever forget it."

Face looked at  BA; he was hurting too. "I 'm sorry, BA, I don't know what came  over me." And then Face broke down and cried. BA held Face and let him  cry on his shoulder.

"It 's going to be all right, Face. Somehow it will be all right."


Thunder in the Sky Part Three.

Murdock  awoke finding only the orderly in his room. No Hannibal . It had just been a dream. Hannibal  was dead and Murdock  knew  it  was his fault. Tears of pain and anguish ran down his face. He swore to himself he would never fly  a plane again . The orderly noticed Murdock  was awake.

"Mr. Murdock  do you need anything?"

Murdock  wipe his tears. "Please, I could use  a glass of water."

Jack acknowledged Murdock  and left the room. Murdock climbed out of bed . He  knew  he had to leave . He knew he could not stay here in L.A. He was no longer loved by  his family .He  killed the only  father figure he ever had and Face and BA hated him. There was nothing left for  him. As Murdock  left he picked up  a newspaper; he wanted to  see where Hannibal  was laid out for  viewing.

He saw  that  the funeral parlor was in  Hollywood so Murdock hailed a taxi  and went there. When he arrived he noticed the place was closed but he wanted to  see Hannibal  so he  pound on the door. Soon it was answered by the funeral director.

"I am sorry, sir, we are closed for tonight."

Murdock place his hand in the doorway. "Please, I am leaving town tonight. I need to  see a friend of mind ..Hannibal Smith ..I mean John Smith. "

The funeral director took  a hard look at the  young man and opened the door ."All right, come with  me."

Murdock smiled  at him. "Thank you."

The man just nodded his head and turned on  the  lights . "Please turn  them  off when you  leave."

Murdock  acknowledgde him and walk  over to the coffin. Hannibal lay  there  as if he were  a sleep ..Murdock almost expected him to sit up  and say "I love it  when a plan comes  together." But Murdock knew Hannibal  would never say those words  again.. He touched Hannibal  face and began  to  speak.

"I dreamt about you yesterday, Hannibal. You  came to me and said everything would be all right. I know now that it won't . If I had listened to Face, you  would still be alive, Hannibal . I am so  sorry . If I could change  places with  you I would.  I love  you  so much,  Hannibal . "

Murdock  bent down and kissed Hannibal  goodbye. Then he turned out the  lights  and walked out and down the street .He had no idea  where  he was going but wherever it  would be, it would be by bus.


Face and BA had returned from the funeral  parlor. It had been so busy with friends  coming to see Hannibal and people they had  helped in the  past. Maggie had been unable to come but she said she would make the funeral. Face  sat down on  the couch with  a drink  in his hand . He knew  what  he had said to Murdock  had been out of pain .He knew deep down inside he didn't mean any of it. He was hurting and at the time wanted Murdock  to hurt too. But  Murdock probably did hurt . "Oh, God, I wish I haven't said those things to Murdock." he replied out loud .

"Then let's go tell Murdock ,Face . I think he needs us."

Face  shook his head. "I can't right now BA .I 'm sorry I  talked  to him  that way but I  just can't face him right now. It hurts too much. Please give me time."

BA nodded his head and placed a hand on Face's shoulder. "I understand lil bro. But I am going to see Murdock."

Face nodded his head and BA left .When  BA arrived  at  the  hospital, he walk to the front desk .

"Excuse me, could you  please tell me what room Mr. Murdock  is in?"

The nurse looked up at BA. "Mr. Murdock is gone .We have no idea where he is."

"What do  you mean, he's gone?"

"He  left. He's  not here and we still don't know what caused  his dizzy spells."

BA rushed out of the hospital andvjumped into  his van to call Face.

"Face , Murdock is gone. We got to find him."

Face was quiet for a moment. "Face, are you  there?" asked  BA.

"Yeah, BA. I 'm here . Are you still at the hospital ?"

"Yeah, man." Came  the reply .

"Okay, I'll meet you there," Face said with a  sigh.


In an old movie studio in east Hollywood , Hannibal  Smith was  waking up.


Thunder In The Sky Part Four

Hannibal was trying to focus. ,Hhis head was spinning . He  knew that he had been given something. The last thing he remembered was going to meet Murdock when someone had attacked him and gave him  a shot which knocked  him out..He had no idea how  long he had been out. Now he was chained to  a wall  of an old movie studio ,probably from some cheap prison  movie. He look up  when he heard a noise .Standing there  before him was a man Hannibal  thought  looked familiar but he could not place him. The  man bent down to look Hannibal  in  the eye.

"Hello, Colonel Smith," he said in a insane raspy voice that cut Hannibal cold ,but he didn't let it show.

'Who are you and what do  you want with me?"

The man got up  and walk away. Suddenly he turned back at Hannibal, screaming.

"How dare you  ask me who I am ! You should all ready know .!"

Hannibal  just looked at him."I 'm sorry, but I don't. "

The man ran over to  the colonel and grabbed him so  they were  eye to eye , blue eyes looking into  ebony eyes .

"I was supposed to  be your pilot in Vietnam ! Me, not that no-talent Murdock ! Me! Do  you  hear me ! It was supposed to  be me!"

Hannibal  suddenly recognized the man ."Miller. Davy Miller."

"Yeah, that's right, old man. Davy Miller. Morrison wanted me to  be the  A-Team pilot but you choose that no-talent Murdock!"

Hannibal stared at Miller. "He's is a thousand times the man you  are .Was in  Nam and still is."

Miller struck Hannibal  across the face, leaving a mark. "He is not. At least not anymore ."

Miller began to laugh . "Do you  understand, Smith? Not anymore! Murdock is not better then me . I broke him .."

Hannibal tried to grab Mille ."What did you  do  to Murdock!"

Miller was laughing so  hard he could hardly speak . "It was so  easy . I got a tramp off skid road and had a friend make him look  like  you. Trained him to  act  like you and then my friend an orderly at the VA gave Murdock a drug to make him dizzy  and he pass out in the  plane and it crash and poor Hannibal  died. It was perfect . But you know I didn't count on Peck blaming Murdock -- that was so  priceless . Peck  saying Murdock killed you and he would never forgive him."   Hannibal  was trying to  break his bonds and Miller just laughed.

" Struggle all you  want, Smith . It's over and I won .I got you and I destroyed Murdock."  


Face  pulled up to the hospital parking garage right beside  the van . He got out and BA was waiting.

"BA ,Hannibal 's funeral is tomorrow. After the funeral we will search  for Murdock."

BA got up and shook his head "I think we  should look for him now ."

Face  shook his head . "Not until after Hannibal 's funeral . That is more  important to  me right now." Face got into his car and left. BA followed .He thought  about Murdock . I hope you  are all right, fool.  

Murdock stared at the ugly old building. Someone had told him he could stay the night so  he entered. He saw a short bald headed man sitting at the desk .

"Excuse me, I was  told you  had a room."

The  man look up  from the paper he was reading. He thought  to himself .That the man Miller told me about.

"Yeah pal I got a room. It will cost you a hundred dollars."

Murdock did not think it was worth a hundred dollars but he was tired so  he paid the  man anyway. As he went up  to the  room the bald headed man made  a phone call.

"Miller, it's me, Tracy .Yeah he's here  Want me to turn on the  projector?"

Miller smiled this was going perfect "Wait till he's almost asleep then turn it on."

Tracy hung up the phone .He would wait for an  hour . Murdock woke up and saw Hannibal  staring at him but this time Hannibal  was not smiling. He spoke in  a cold hard voice. "I was wrong,  Captain, this  is your fault . You killed me  and all the running away is not going to change that. You  are a murderer, Murdock."

Murdock sat up, bringing his knees to  his chest. "No, Hannibal, I didn't mean to ."

"I trusted you,  Murdock, with my life and you took it away . Do  you  hear me, Captain ! You  took it away."

At that Hannibal  was  gone. Murdock fell onto the floor, curling himself into a ball and crying uncontrollably .Tracy  watched from the door and smiled. Miller would be pleasde.

Miller WAS pleased; he saw everything from  a hidden  camera. After recording it he took it to  show Smith.

"Hi, Colonel, thought you might like some entertainment. " He put the  tape into  the VCR and turned it  on ..Hannibal  watched  in horror. As he saw  his  pilot falling apart, tears were in  his eyes.


Thunder in the Sky by Susie Owens



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