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Lost Love - The Sequel

Lost Love Sequel
Author: Waffles

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The quick sequel to Lost Love. This part
is pure unabandoned sex... so please.. do not read on
if m/m is not your bag...
Warning: sex... all sex.... m/m sex.... yipee
Disclaimer: not mine.. I just like tormenting them
<and all of you>
Archive: yeeeeeeeees
Copyright: Waffles 2000


Murdock felt Face's erection pressing against his
face, long and hard. He flicked his tongue in and out
of the waistband of Face's trousers, making the
younger man whimper. Murdock slowly undid the button
on Face's pants and began to slide the zipper down
gently. As the zipper fell, Face's solid organ pushed
at the fabric of his boxers. Murdock slid Face's pants
down over his slim hips, down around his muscular
legs, and finally over his feet. Murdock straddled
Face, looking down at his practically naked body. So
tanned, so built, so handsome.

Face stared up at the older man, nothing but love in
his eyes. He knew this was the right thing, he knew he
had found his soul mate. Face reached up and quickly
undid the button and zipper on Murdock's khaki pants.
He urged Murdock to remove them, and Murdock obliged,
stripping off every last article of clothing, leaving
him nude, sitting on Face's legs. He blushed as Face
ran his eyes over every inch of his lanky body.

"You're beautiful, H.M."

Face murmured, soaking in the sight of the pilots'
soft creamy flesh.

"Well, I'm not going to be the only one in their
birthday suit here, so off with your boxers, Facey!"

Face wriggled out of his silk boxers and let Murdock
give him a good look over. Both men sat staring at
each other's bodies, getting more and more aroused as
they looked at each other. Finally Face could not take
just looking anymore, he pushed Murdock down onto his
back on the couch and lay on top of him. He began to
kiss and suck at the creamy flesh of Murdock's neck.
He made his way down Murdock's chest, paying special
attention to each rosy bud, then continuing down to
the little trail of hair that led to Murdock's

"Oohh aaahhh... Facee..."

Murdock made little moaning and whimpering noises as
Face's lips brushed against the very tip of his hard
organ. Face kissed his way around Murdock's groin,
kissing his hard penis, and kissing all around it too.
He made his way down to Murdock's inner thighs, and
began to kiss the sensitive flesh, making the pilot
moan louder. Face sucked and nibbled at Murdock's
inner thighs, his nose brushing up against Murdock's

"Uuuooo..... Faaaacccee...."

Face ran his tongue up Murdock's thighs, across his
sack, and up the long shaft that sat waiting for
Face's mouth. Murdock gasped as he felt Face's soft
lips surround his swollen cockhead. He whimpered as he
felt Face's tongue flick in and out of the tiny slit
at the top, drinking up the droplets of pre-cum that
formed there.

Face took Murdock's cock in his mouth and began to
suck and wrap his tongue around the hard shaft. He
licked and nibbled gently, making the pilot wriggle
beneath his body. Face wanted to pleasure Murdock like
he'd never been before. He relaxed his throat and
began to let Murdock's entire organ slide down. Before
long he had the entire cock in his mouth and was
sucking and licking and nibbling and making Murdock
howl with desire.

"Ooh god, Face, I'm gonna come soon..."

Murdock managed to gasp that out as he reached down
and grabbed the back of Face's head and began to
thrust his hips against the conman's mouth. Face felt
Murdock's cock begin to twitch and suddenly his throat
was filled with his lovers sweet cream. He swallowed
and sucked up every last drop. His cock ached, he
wanted nothing more than to make love to Murdock, make
him scream his name.

When Face was done sucking up all of Murdock's seed,
he slowly let the softening organ slide from his
throat. He crawled his way back up the long body and
kissed Murdock passionately. Face sucked at Murdock's
lips, nibbling gently on them, eliciting more quiet
moans from the pilot.


"Yeah, Facey?"

"I want to make love to you. I want you to be mine,
all mine. I want to show you how much I love you."

Murdock didn't answer for a minute. He wanted Face to
be in him, but he was scared. He'd never done this
before, and was afraid it would hurt.  Face saw the
panic in Murdock's eyes, and smiled sweetly.

"Don't worry about the pain, Murdock. It will go away.
I'll need to stretch you first, and we'll use plenty
of lube. You just stop me if I hurt you, or if you
don't want me to do something. OK?"

"OK, Face. I trust you. I know you would never hurt me

Face reached down to his pants and withdrew a small
tube of lube, and squeezed some onto his fingers.

"OK, this may hurt at first, but just try to relax.
I'm gonna push one finger in, and you let me know if
you want me to stop, or if you want more."

Face spread Murdock's legs enough to fit his fingers
in between his round cheeks. He began to rub and
massage Murdock's velvety hole, making the pilot
squirm at the new feelings. Face gently began to push
his finger into Murdock's hole, pushing past the tight
ring of muscle, feeling Murdock tighten up on his

"Just relax, love. It will be OK." He whispered.

Murdock closed his eyes and breathed deep. At first it
hurt when Face stuck his finger inside him, then a
little uncomfortable. He wiggled a bit to get used to
the foreign feeling, and soon was able to relax a
little bit. Face began to push his finger in a little
deeper, once again letting Murdock adjust to the
intrusion before going any deeper. As the muscles
relaxed, Face began to slowly slide his finger in and
out of Murdock's sweet pucker.

"MMmm.... That's good, Face..." moaned Murdock.

Face began to quicken his pace a little, and began to
push a little deeper with each inward stroke. Soon
Murdock had relaxed a bit and was whimpering for more.
Face obliged and began to push a second finger into
the tight opening. He waited once again for the
muscles to relax, then began to push his fingers in
and out, deeper and deeper. Murdock was moaning and
moaning, slowly beginning to push his hips down to
meet Face's fingers.

Face began to scissor his fingers, meaning to stretch
out his lovers sweet hole. He wiggled his fingers
inside his lover and began to stroke Murdock's

"Oohh god.. god... Face.... That's so goooodd...."

Murdock was panting and whimpering louder and louder
as Face's fingers brushed up against his prostate over
and over. Murdock never knew doing anything like this
could be so pleasurable. Soon he was begging for even
more.  Face was suprised Murdock was responding so
well to this, but was also quite happy. He finally
pushed a third finger into the velvety hole. He pushed
and twisted his fingers around, preparing Murdock for
Face's growing erection.

Face's cock ached so badly. He wanted to be inside his
new lover, feel the tight muscles gripping his shaft,
filling his lover with his manhood. Face reached down
and began to slather the lube all over his throbbing
erection, using a bit extra to make sure it went in as
easy as possible. He slowly withdrew his fingers from
Murdock's slightly looser hole.

"Oh Face.... Why'd you do that..." panted Murdock.

He had enjoyed being filled by his best friend, and
was beginning to miss the feeling as he felt Face's
swollen cockhead push up against his slightly sore
hole. Face pushed Murdock's legs up to his shoulders,
making it easier to position himself. He grabbed
Murdock's legs and began to push his cock past the
still somewhat tight muscle ring. Murdock suddenly
howled in pain as Face's cock pushed past the ring and
began to fill the pilot.

"You want me to stop, H.M.?"

"Noo... Face... Just gimme a minute...."

"Relax, love.... Relax... I love you..."

Murdock breathed deep and tried to clear his mind. He
breathed in and out, relaxing more and more with each
exhale. Face could feel Murdock's muscles unclenching
and he began to slowly push inwards again gently. He
pushed a little, then waited for Murdock to
accommodate the intrusion, then a little more. Soon
Face's groin was pressed up against Murdock's body.

"See. not that bad, is it?"

Murdock didn't answer. He reached up and pulled Face
down and began to kiss him hard. Face kissed back and
began to slowly slide his cock out of the tight hole.
He started a slow rhythm, being gentle with his new
lover, not wanting to hurt him. He pushed in and out,
feeling Murdock loosen with each inward push.

"Ffaacceee..... ooohhh yes.... Ooh...."

Murdock moaned Face's name and started to thrust his
hips up to meet Face's thrusts. Face pushed harder and
deeper as he heard Murdock's moans turn to howls of
pleasure. His orgasm was building and he wanted to
fill Murdock up with his seed.

"Muurrdoockkk... I'm gonnna come...."

Murdock tightened his muscles, gripping at Face's
stiff cock, making it oh so tight for Face.  Face
gripped Murdock's legs with enough force to leave red
marks where his fingers had been and let out a loud,
long guttural moan as Murdock felt his hole being
filled with hot come. The feeling of his lovers seed
filling him up was enough to push him over the edge
for a second time, and Face felt Murdock's hot come
spray against his stomach and coat the two men.

Face tipped his head back and closed his eyes as he
dumped his seed deep inside his lover, the tight
muscles pulsing, drawing every bit of the seed out.

"Oh H.M.... I love you... love you..."

Face managed to stutter that out before he collapsed
on top of the older man. Murdock lowered his legs and
wrapped them around Face's sweaty body. He wrapped his
arms around Face's back and held him closely.

"I loved that, Tem. I love you, Tem."

Face couldnĂt answer, his orgasm had left him limp and
unable to do much of anything except return Murdock's
hugs and light kisses. The two lay on the couch for
about half an hour, letting their bodies calm down
from the wonderful experience.

Murdock gently pushed Face's head up and stared into
his clear blue eyes. He knew he had made the right
decision. He felt so safe, so calm, so loved laying
here in younger man's arms. He searched for the right
words to tell Face how much he loved him, and loved
what they just did. He couldn't think of anything
right to say, so he just started into his lovers eyes.

"Cat got your tongue, H.M.?"

Murdock just smiled and kissed Face again. They lay on
the couch, the two bodies intertwined, forming one
jumble of limbs. He soon fell asleep, spent from the
passionate love making, and from the soft feeling of
Face's fingers running through his thinning hair. As
he slept, he dreamed of all the things the two of them
would do, could do... Finally happy, satisfied. He had
found his Lost Love.

The end... really... I swear... its over... no more.... End...

Lost Love by Waffles
Lost Love - The Sequel by Waffles



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