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Hiding The Past 1-2

Hiding the Past
By Dana

Disclaimer: Everyone in this fic that you've seen on A-Team belongs to Stephen J. Cannell.  I claim Patricia Roberts and Lindsey Decker Bowman though.  So no using without asking.

Time frame: Somewhere in fourth season.  I'm not sure when but it's definitely before fifth season.

Author's note: Before anyone asks, I am from Medford Oregon.  So that's why I know where things were in the 1980's.

Rating: This is rated PG by the fanfic standard rating system.

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Summary: Face has a secret that could either get the team their pardon, or get him killed.

Hiding the Past 1
By Dana

Templeton 'Faceman' Peck sat in his apartment staring at a note.  The note said 'You can't hide from it forever.  Meet me at Chez Albert's.  I can help you.'  It wasn't signed.  Who would send him a note like that?  Did the person know what also happened the day of the bank mission?  Impossible!  He was told the original papers were lost. Had they been found?

He looked at his watch.  He had a half-hour until he had to be there.  The others weren't expecting him to call until tomorrow morning. Who would he see when he got to Chez Albert's?  He wondered as he grabbed a sports jacket and tie and quickly put them on.  He grabbed the keys to the vette and left the apartment.

When he got to Chez Albert's, he looked around and noticed someone sitting on a bench outside reading a newspaper.  The man looked up and grinned.  Face knew who it was instantly.  It was Colonel Roderick Decker.

Face took a step backwards prepared to run to his corvette.

"Peck if I was going to arrest you here I would have other MP's with me."  Decker said setting down the newspaper.  "I see you got the note I sent you.  I found the papers that were 'lost.'"

"If you've got the papers then why don't you use them?"  Face asked.

"It's not that easy and you know it Lieutenant."  Decker said.  He paused watching Face nod.  "You want to go in and eat so we can discuss this matter further?  It's not safe standing out here.  No one knows I'm back in Los Angeles and I'd like to keep it that way. The people that see us in the restaurant will probably not recognize either of us."

"Sure."  Face said and followed him into the restaurant.  They were quickly seated at a table near the back of the restaurant and ordered their meals.

Decker placed the papers on the table so Face could look at them. "Are these all correct?"  He asked.  Face nodded.  "Then we have something to discuss.  I'm willing to help you.  But there is something that you have to do.  You have to go into hiding."  Face gave him a strange look.  "I mean away from the team.  There are going to be people that are going to try to kill you.  We can put on the charade that I captured you and get you somewhere safe until the trial."

"Like a military prison's going to be safe."  Face said sarcastically.

Decker grinned.  Peck had a point.  "I had something else in mind. How do you feel about Alberta?"

"As in Canada?"

"Yes as in Canada.  I've found a place where you can hide until the trial.  It's a small city in the southern part of the province." Decker said.

"And how are you planning to 'capture' me?"  Face asked.

"I'll surprise you."  Decker said.  "We don't want to make it look like it's been staged.   That would ruin any plans I have."

Face nodded.  He knew Decker was right.  But what if Decker was lying?  What if he had no intention of helping Face and the team? After all Decker did spend three years trying to capture him.  Why would now be any different?

*** Hannibal knocked on Face's door the next morning.  A minute later a ragged and tired looking Face answered.  "Morning Lieutenant."  He greeted stepping through the door.  Murdock and BA followed him.

Murdock quickly noticed that Face was wearing the same clothes that he had the previous day.  "Sleep any Muchacho?"  He asked.

Face shook his head and grabbed the cup of coffee that was sitting on the table.

Hannibal decided he'd better speak.  "We have been informed that Decker's back in Los Angeles."  He frowned when he saw Face nearly drop the cup.  "What's the matter Face?"

"Just surprised by the news.  Isn't he supposed to be in Maine or something?"  Face asked regaining his composure.

"A friend of mine from one of my movies said he saw Decker leaving a French restaurant last night.  Why he's here I don't know.  But we've got to be careful."  BA and Murdock nodded.  Face remained quiet. Hannibal stood there watching Face wondering what was bothering him. But decided to get back to it later.  "Come on.  We've still got a case to finish."

*** Decker silently cursed to himself when he opened his motel room door and saw General Bull Fulbright standing there.

"Well Rod isn't this a surprise?  I thought you had been transferred to Maine."  Fulbright said with a smirk.  "It's my job to bring in the A-team now.  Not yours.  So what are you doing here?"

"I'm on vacation.  Came to visit my daughter Lindsey and her family."  Decker improvised.  It was partly true.  His daughter, Lindsey Decker Bowman, did live in LA.

Fulbright nodded.  "I just came here to see if the rumors were true that you were back in town.  Have a nice visit."  Fulbright said and walked out the door.

'If Fulbright knew I was here the team would know too.'  Decker realized.  His plan was going down the drain.  'So much for catching them unexpectedly.'  He walked out of the motel room when he was sure Fulbright was gone.  He hopped into his rental car and drove in search of the black and red van.  While formulating a plan in his head.

He finally spotted it in front of Peck's apartment building.  He caught sight of Murdock, Baracas, Smith, and Peck jumping into the van.

He followed them at a safe distance, looking for any chance to enact the plan he had created.  He was going to have to capture them all. Not exactly, the best plan he ever had.  But it would have to do.

He watched: as they pulled up to, another apartment building and two people came running out and into the van.  He wondered who they were.  They must be the people the A-Team 'helped.'  He realized.  He still didn't believe that they helped the people.  He followed them again. They didn't seem to notice him.  This was good.  Course he wasn't in an MP car.  When they pulled up to another building Decker parked around the corner and got out of his car.  He looked behind him and realized there were MP's following him.  He had spent so much time watching where the A-Team was going; he didn't pay attention to see if he was being followed.

Another plan was quickly forming in his head.  He hurried over to Fulbright.  "Glad you could make it.  I was just going to phone you and let you know I found the A-Team."  Decker lied.

Fulbright nodded.  "You can leave now.  This is no longer your duty Colonel."

"I'd rather stay general.  They are tricky."  Decker said hoping that it would work.

"Sure why not?  The more men the better.  Let's go men."  Fulbright said leading the way into the building.

*** "Hannibal!  Fulbright and Decker are coming!"  Murdock called.

"Both?"  Hannibal asked surprised.  He glanced out the window and saw them.  "Murdock take the Fox's out the back door and go with them. BA and Face get ready for them."  Hannibal instructed.  The others quickly did as they were told.

"Looks like we've got you surrounded Smith."  Fulbright said as he, Decker, and MP's entered the building.

"Needed help Fulbright?"  Hannibal asked.

"I didn't need his help Smith.  He was already here."  Fulbright said glaring at Hannibal.  "But I won't refuse the help."

Face and BA watched the exchange silently waiting for their opportunity to do something.

"Cuff them."  Fulbright ordered his men.

When the MP's tried to arrest them, the A-Team hit them.  They weren't going to be arrested without a fight.  BA was throwing the MP's away from him while Hannibal and Face fought as well as they could.  But eventually the numbers were too much; the three of them were in handcuffs, and each placed into separate military cars.

Decker quickly got into the car that had Face and drove away before anyone could protest.  "Not exactly the way I planned it."  Decker said not turning around.  "But it'll do."

"For awhile there I thought it was a double cross."  Face admitted.

"Well it's not."  Decker said turning onto a side street.  He quickly looked in his rear view mirror and saw that no one was following him.  There were no cars on that street.  He pulled into an alley and got out.  He opened Face's door and unlocked his handcuffs.  "I've got another car right over there."  Decker said pointing to a beat up dodge.

"That doesn't look like it could go to San Francisco much less Canada."  Face said approaching the car.

"I hope this car can get to San Francisco because that's where we are going first.  Then we're trading cars."

Face nodded as he got into the car.  This was going to be a long drive.

*** Fulbright watched Decker leave and frowned.  Decker was the least of his worries right now.  He figured Decker knew what he was doing. "Let's go."  He called to his men.

Hannibal watched as Decker drove away also.  He didn't understand what was going on.  He understood them separating the team but Fulbright looked annoyed as he sat behind the wheel of the car Hannibal was.

When they got to the prison van Hannibal noticed Decker and Face weren't there.  He looked at Fulbright and noticed he looked angrier as he opened Hannibal's door.  He and another MP grabbed Hannibal's arms as he got out of the car.

Hannibal smiled when he heard the familiar sound of the van coming. He instinctively ducked as he saw Murdock approaching.

Fulbright was confused by the action, but let go of Hannibal when he saw the van coming straight towards him.  The van slowed long enough for BA and Hannibal to get in it.  Then it sped off again.

"Where's Face?"  Murdock asked not turning around.

"We don't know.  Decker took him somewhere."  Hannibal said worriedly.  "Murdock drive to the warehouse."

"What about Face?"  BA asked.

"We don't know where Decker took him and we need a plan."  Hannibal reminded him.  "Wherever Decker went I don't think Fulbright knew."

"That's not good Colonel."  BA said as Murdock pulled into the warehouse.      


Hiding The Past 2/?


Decker cast a look towards Face who was sound asleep.  He pulled into a driveway in southwest Oregon about fifteen miles from the California border.  He was changing drivers.  "Lieutenant wake up!" Decker said shaking Face's shoulder.

"What?"  Face asked in confusion.

"We're in Ashland Oregon.  I told you we were changing drivers here. Lieutenant Peck meet my sister Patricia.  She will take you to Canada and stay with you until the trial."

"Hi Patricia."  Face said giving her a friendly wave.

"Bye Peck."  Decker said before walking into the house.

Decker got out of the car and Pat got in. "Looks like we'll be together for awhile.  My brother didn't say too much so don't worry about me.  Do you go by Lieutenant or do you have another name you prefer?"  Pat asked driving the car towards I-5.

"My name's Templeton Peck.  My friends call me Face though.  You can call me either if you want."   "Okay.  You can call me Pat.  It's a long drive so I figure we can switch when we get to Walla Walla.  The town in Canada is Owendale which is in Alberta."

"Sounds good to me."  Face said not quite sure where Owendale was. He figured Pat knew though.

"Since I know where Owendale is, why don't you take the first shift?"  Pat asked seemingly reading his mind.

"Great idea."  Face said and they quickly changed seats.  "Why don't you catch some shut eye."  Face said.  Pat nodded and was soon asleep.  Decker drove the whole way up making a few pit stops but never changed drivers with Face.  He didn't trust him obviously.  It wasn't as if Face was going to call someone.  What was he going to say?  'Hi Hannibal.  I'm headed to Canada with the Deckers.  I'll be back soon.'  Yeah right.

His mind drifted to the long car trip from Los Angeles to Oregon.  He and Decker didn't say much to each other the whole trip.  He took a drink of his coffee that was in the cup holder.  He thought of turning on the radio but was afraid it would wake up Pat.  He looked at the sign that said Medford and saw a K-Mart off to the left.  He could see that there were no cars parked there.  This could be expected considering how late it was.  Other then that, there wasn't much to look at.

He saw a policeman behind him and looked at the speedometer.  He wasn't speeding and knew he'd be all right.  'As long as I'm not speeding I'll be all right.'  The police car passed him not giving him a second look.  He breathed a sigh of relief.  This was going just fine.

*** "Thanks Amy."  Hannibal said as he hung up with Amy Allen.  "Amy said she hasn't heard anything about where Face may have been taken."

"Hannibal it's been fourteen hours."  Murdock reminded him.  "He could already be at Fort Brag for all we know."

"We can only hope he's not Murdock."  Hannibal said.  "Amy said she'd call us when she found out anything.  Meanwhile I suggest we get some rest before we go looking for Face."

"But Hannibal shouldn't we be looking for him now?"  Murdock asked.

"The crazy fool's got a point Hannibal."  BA said.

"I know that he's right but we don't know where Decker took him and we'll find out in the morning."  Hannibal said with a sigh.

BA and Murdock reluctantly agreed.





Hiding The Past by Dana Snyder