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The Kidnapping of Allisson Andrews 1

The Kidnapping of Allisson Andrews
by Sara V.

(story idea birthed by Ratgirl)

Summary:A-team works with Macguyver on a mission.
Rating:PG for now (I don't think it will change)
Warnings:a little violence, a little mystery, and a case of mistaken

Comments:Sure, but be kind this is the first thing I've posted.

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Now that all the junk has been said, on with the insanity.

   The kidnapping of Allisson Andrews

The guard watched the four men walk into the lobby of the building that held the Pheonix Foundation.

They were an odd-looking bunch. One man was young and rather handsome in a well-tailored suit and another was an older man with silver hair, but it was the other two that really got the guards attention. It wasn't because of their looks which were strange enough, it was because the large, black man was in the middle of throttleing the tall, thin man.

"You crazy fool, I ain't gonna tell you again, there ain't no dog!"he was shouting.

"HA-NI-BAL"the tall man choked out.

"Let him go B.A."the silver-haired man said calmly, not bothering to look up.

The big man, B.A., released his hold and the other man fell to his knees coughing. The young man in the suit rushed over to help him up.

"Now, what have I told you about sneaking Billy into the van? You know how B.A. feels about invisible animals."

"I know, but Billy's been lonely. I couldn't leave him at the V.A.. Last time he chewed up my favorite pair of invisible slippers."

The big man just growled.

They fell silent as they approached the guards desk.

"May I help you gentlemen?"he asked hesitantly.

The tall man with the leather jacket stepped forward.

"Yes, could you tell Pete Thornton that Murdock is here to see him?"

"Certainly."he passed the message on to Thornton's secretary. "It'll be a few minutes, you can wait over there."he pointed to some chairs.

"No thanks, we'll stand."the silver-haired man said.


Macguyver and Pete were in Pete's office discussing Mac's most recently completed mission.

"... They were very pleased that they were able to help you take down the drug lord. He won't be going anywhere for a long time."Pete said.

Then someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."Pete called.

A young slender woman entered.

"What is it Denise?"he asked.

"There's a man here to see you. He says his name is Murdock."

"Murdoc, are you sure?"Pete asked with a touch of fear in his voice.

"Yes sir, that's what he said."

"Call security, seal off the building, surround him."he commanded.

She rushed off.

"What could he be up to?"Pete wondered out loud.

"Why don't we go find out?"

They ran and got into the elevator.


The team was starting to get nervous.

"What's taking so long?"Face whined,"I've got a date tonight."

"Hey, did anybody else notice that they just locked us in?"Hanibal asked calmly.

Suddenly, more than twenty armed guards rushed out.

"Freeze! Nobody move! We've got you surrounded!"one guard yelled.

"We can see that."Hanibal replied raising his hands, the other three did the same.

"Murdock, I thought this guy was your friend."Face said.

"I thought so too."Murdock cried out.

Just then Pete and Macguyver pushed their way through to the front.

Pete stood stiil as he looked at the four captured men. His gaze locked on Murdock and he lowered his gun.

"Allright everybody, false alarm. Back to your posts."he let out a sigh of relief.

The four men lowered their hands.

"Murdock, H.M. Murdock. It's good to see you."he smiled.

"You got a real funny way of showing it, muchacho."

"Oh, sorry about that, I thought you were someone else."

"Well as you can see, I'm still me. I've tried being other people and it just didn't work out."Murdock smied.

"So where have you been? I haven't seen you since you left the thunderbirds."

"I went to 'Nam."he shrugged.

"Yes, but the Vietnam war has been over for years, what have you done since then?"

"Well, I live in a real nice place, it's mostly other vets there, and I have my own room. I've been living there since the war."he glanced at his friends to keep them quiet.

"Oh, so what brings you here?"

"Well, my friends and I are sort of...uh... detectives, and we're working on this case. We heard you had an operative working on the same case, so we decided it would be mutually beneficial to pool our resources."

"You're still reading the dictionary I see."Pete joked (Murdock could use very technical language when he wanted to, he was, afterall a genius) "What case?"

"The kidnapping of Allisson Andrews."



The Kidnapping of Allisson Andrews by Sara V.