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By Magikspides

Rated :R

Summary: The team help an animal sanctuary when it becomes the victim of a large corporation.





Face lay on his back staring up at the stars deep in thought. This job hadn't exactly been conventional but hey they were no strangers to nonconformity. This little oasis in the middle of New York was amazing. It seemed to be a Noah's ark for all the waif and strays in the area which kind of appealed to Face who sometimes felt he was stray and if it hadn't been for the Colonel adopting him, well the thought didn't settle well in his mind. They'd only been there a few days and already Face could feel the magic of the place, Murdock was in his element chattering away to the animals introducing them to Billy and scolding him for chasing the cats.


Terri and Scott were the unlikely pair who ran the rescue centre. Both kids really but they never turned an animal away. Scott had contacted them when the letters had started, and the petrol bomb, which had gutted the office, had been the last straw. Terri his sister had Face spellbound from the start. She was polite enough but didn't seem to even be concerned with fraternising, he'd watched her tend to the dogs and general menagerie the animals responded to her like she was one of them. To her they were her family, Scott was her big brother, but even he knew he came second when it came to the animals in the centre.


Face smiled as he sat up looked ahead at the cat's enclosure. Bilbo a streetwise tabby was playing with one of the many kittens, Face watched mesmerised at the gentle ness of the adult cat towards the kitten. He sighed as he got to his feet,


"See ya in the morning guys," he muttered as he walked back to the living quarters. The quietness of the June night was unceremoniously shattered by the explosion in the stores to Face's right the force flinging him in the air like a rag doll and flinging him through the plate glass window of the newly refurbished office window. He remained still on the floor surrounded by shards and speckles of glass.



Part 2

Murdock knelt down by Face, so much blood, everywhere, face's eyes were wide with shock, pain, pain white hot pain. "Hannibal!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled unsure of where to start, crimson sweat stuck to Face's clammy skin.


"Mur Mur...." Face stammered.


Murdock anxiously looked up, as Hannibal appeared closely followed by BA. When he looked down again Face's eyes were closed his skin sickly pale, he was loosing too much blood .He was quite literally bleeding to death. Hannibal shook his head as tried to stem the seemingly endless flow, each white piece of padding becoming crimson rapidly.


"We gotta get him to a hospital, NOW!" Hannibal seethed. BA had already gone to get the van.


Murdock cradled Face in his arms as they sped to the nearest hospital, his breathing was raspy and his pulse thready. Murdock blinked through his tears, this wasn't good, and this was very very very bad. Face was bleeding to death on his lap and he could do nothing to stop it.


"C'mon Facey guy you can't quit on me now, not now I got Billy house trained...." he trailed off as he felt Face go limp, "Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" he screamed as they screeched to a halt outside the hospital.


The van door flew open and BA grabbed Face's body and ran into the E.R. Leaving a shocked and frightened Murdock sat on the back seat his trousers soaked in blood, Face's blood .He couldn't move, he was frozen to the spot, Hannibal appeared in front of him, and noted the glazed look on Murdock's face.


"C'mon Murdock you gotta stay with him, me and BA are going back to the sanctuary, it's the safest way." Murdock slowly nodded as he got up and walked slowly towards the E R doors .BA looked at Hannibal as he got in the van.


"This stinks man! We should be in there too!!!!" he growled as he sped away.


"Exactly what use would we be in hands of the MP's BA? To Face or the sanctuary?" he retorted, himself bristling at the thought of leaving Face.


"It still stinks whatever way u wish to sugar coat it man!!!!" BA snapped back.


Hannibal didn't reply his thoughts were with Murdock, he just hoped he could keep it together; deep down he knew he had no cause for concern. Neither man spoke again till they reached the sanctuary. Both oblivious to the drama unfolding behind them in the Emergency room.





Murdock sat quietly in the corner of the E R room; no one had noticed him slip in. Medics surrounded face, the furor of activity was mesmerizing, and Face was breathing again his heart rate erratic. He looked so pale so drawn, so old, Murdock thought as he watched the circus in front of him. The cuts were clean but all were deep, all over his body, the sheet he lay on was already crimson.


"O.R now!" barked one of the men in his now bloodied white coat.


Murdock followed them and watched them wheel his best friend in the world through theatre doors. Been here too many times, thought Murdock to himself as wandered dazed over to the coffee machine, too many damn times! Sullenly he slumped down in the chair next to the machine and began the oh so familiar vigil outside the theatre doors.




Face stood in the corner of the operating room, very confused .He could see his body on the table, and he watched the doctors scurrying around the table. What was happpenin? He moved slowly over towards the door, he shrugged, "It worked in ghost?" he muttered as he took a deep breath and ran towards the door. He stumbled out and then found himself in the corridor, he saw Murdock and smiled to himself walking forward he knelt down in front of him. Murdock was crying, that hurt like hell, tears welled in Face's eyes as he brought his hand up and cradled Murdock' s tear stained cheek in one hand. If only you could see me Face thought, this was breaking his heart.


"Murdock I'm here in front of yaw, what the bloody hell is going on?" Face asked.



Hannibal stormed round the sanctuary in no mood for any more crap, Terri handed him the letter that had been delivered shortly after the explosion .It read,




That was it, Hannibal crumpled the letter in his hand .If this is how they wanted it a completely pissed off nemesis, so be it, "Time for plan b BA!" He seethed; BA hadn't seen that ruthless glint in Hannibal's eyes for a very long time. At this point he

really didn't give a shit.