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Halftime Halftime
By: Tee

Rating NC17/Slash

Summary: PWP, sex, plain and simple.

The characters don't belong to me. No copy write infringement intended. I don't think I even wrote this, it just appeared on my
computer one night.  

It was warm in the little apartment. The afternoon sun was coming through the windows.

BA had decided to run out and get a bucket of chicken during the half time break, so Face leaned his head back against the arm of the sofa. He had one leg on the coffee table the other bent at the knee was on the cushion of the couch. His eyes closed, he dozed off in the warmth.


He felt more then saw as the blinds were pulled closed to help block out the heat. He barely noticed when the mute button was pushed on the remote to dampen the cola commercial, but he certainly noticed the heat of another body as it stopped between his legs.

A hand came down on the arm of the couch; one on the back and one knee rested on the cushion between his legs. A whisper soft kiss brushed his mouth. He sighed, a put his tongue out to moisten his lips. Another brush, so soft it almost wasn't there. He kept his eyes closed, afraid it was just an erotic dream.

The knee shifted minutely and pressed closer to his crotch. Face licked his lips again and gave a breathless moan of pleasure. The kiss came again, more insistent this time, but still soft. Just as Face opened his lips the kiss disappeared. Face's breath was increasing, ragged.

The kiss returned, this time along his jaw, down his neck, it sucked on his collarbone, a particularly erotic spot and Face arched, trying to get closer. He ground his crotch against the knee. The lips retreated only to be replaced by a hand, working the buttons of his white dress shirt. He lifted his hips to allow the shirt to be untucked and then a hand, so warm caressed his chest.

The knee left the couch and Face arched up, longingly. But now the hand was brushing against a nipple, softly, brushing, then pinching, then flicking it ever so gently. Then the kiss returned to brush against the nipple so sweetly brought to attention.

An inarticulate sound was pulled from behind Face's lips. His hips bucked against the body between his thighs. The kisses dipped lower, caressing the area right above his jeans, then back up the soft furry trail to his navel. The tongue dipped in, circled around, back in then hot kisses trailed back up to the other nipple, now at attention due to it's neglect.

Face arched up into the warm mouth, then squirmed back against the corner of the couch as teeth found the nub and bit and pulled. His mouth opened, he released a ragged breath and sucked in another lung full of air.

The kisses went up his chest to his collarbone again, on the other side, and up the other side of his neck. The body above his was so close; yet not quite touching him. He tried to arch up, but it pulled away at just the same moment. Face's moan was of disappointment, this time. But not for long, the kisses returned to his earlobe, a hot tongue along his jaw then back up to his lips.

This time the kiss was insistent, his mouth open, the tongue in, tasting, thrusting, claiming. At the same time the hands were at the button of his jeans, opening them. He squirmed, feeling the hands so close to him, making him swell and grown.

Once the hands had his fly open, one hands came down directly on top, causing a gasp to escape Face's mouth. Then fingers gently, softly, slowly traced the outline of his straining member incased in it soft cotton prison. The kisses stopped, the body moved away only to push his knees together long enough to roughly jerk down his jeans and underwear in one quick tug. They were pulled off together over his sock-clad feet and left in a puddle on the floor. The body returned kneeling between his now naked legs, the hands slipped inside his open shirt and cupped the shoulder blades, the kisses returned to his jaw and neck. Soft, yet demanding, possessively.

The hands trailed down the back, feeling each vertebra, easing tight muscles and creating new tensions. They trailed all the way down, until they slipped between the cushions of the couch and gripped his buttocks. Softly, yet demanding, possessively.

Face felt himself being turned and pulled. His body was stretched the length of the oversized sofa. The body above him, kneeling between his legs, the lips never leaving his skin, but going down his chest, leaving wet spots on each erect nipple, dipping into the navel again, then kissing lower.

Fingers trailed along his thighs, up and down, across the tops then the outsides and down to his knees, then back up the insides. He squirmed, the touch was too soft, too gentle, it was distracting. The kisses dipped lower, but not where he wanted he brought his hands down, to linger in the hair, but the kisses stopped, his hands were gripped and pulled up over his head, both pinned and held by one strong hand between his head and the arm of the couch.

The kisses started again at his mouth, his jaw, down his neck to his collarbone. Face moaned as the path taken before was repeated, softly, slowly, and possessively. He bucked his hips again, trying to increase the pace, only to have it slowed. So he stopped moving and the kisses continued.

One hand returned to its position on his thigh, the fingers gently rubbing, touching, caressing. The mouth got closer to his staining manhood while the fingers got closer to his balls. In one agonizing moment they met. Face arched up into the mouth above him, while the fingers caressed the soft sack between his legs.

Up and down the mouth went, kissing, nipping, sucking. The fingers touched, caressed, squeezed. One finger dipped lower, rubbing the sensitive skin between the sack and the anus. It was torture. Face moaned and bucked, trying to get closer and away from that over soft teasing hand.

The mouth descended over the sensitive tip of his cock, licking, kissing, sucking, it kept descending until it held all of him in it's warm wet confines. The mouth swallowed just as the finger pushed it's way into his back passage. It was too much, Face spasamed, his muscles gripping the finger, his cock releasing all the seed in his body. The mouth swallowed again, drinking it all down.

Then slowly Face's cock was released. Licked clean, and gently placed against his thigh. The kisses made their way back up his chest, his nipples lapped, his neck sucked. Finally the mouth stopped just at his lips, Face reached up, opening his mouth to return the impassioned kiss. He could taste himself on those lips, that tongue and something more.

"Who do you belong to?" A voice whispered so softly it seemed to be in his head.

"You." He whispered back. The mouth plunged over his once again. The hands released him, the body slipped away. Face lay with his eyes still closed, his breath ragged, his blood pounding in his ears.

Suddenly a weight dropped on his belly.

"You better get dressed, BA will be right back."

The illusion shattered, Face sat up, looked around the darkened room. He was alone, but he heard BA coming up the stairs. He leapt to his feet, shoving his legs into his pants and underwear in a reverse of the motion they were removed. As the key jangled against the lock, he buttoned his shirt and tucked it in and buttoned his fly. As the door opened he flopped back down on the sofa, his head leaned back against the corner, one leg on the coffee table, one knee bent on the cushion beside him. His eyes closed.

BA noticed the darkened room, but didn't try to be quiet, after all, they were here to watch football. "Food's here" he growled.

Face lifted his head, and stood up from the couch and into the kitchen. BA pulled the food from the bags and set them on the counter as Face got plates and silverware from the drawer. "You okay, you're flushed?"

"Yeah, it's just warm in here."

At that moment Hannibal came in from the other room. "Want me to turn on the air conditioner?" He asked as he went ahead and did.

"Thanks, man." BA said as he took his full plate of food and dropped himself on the couch and pushed off the mute button, the overloud sound of the sports announcer filling the air.

Face picked up a plate and handed it to Hannibal. "Hungry?"

Hannibal smiled, "Sure. Thanks."

"No, thank you." Face returned softly.    


Halftime by Tee



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