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“Come on Face, get out

Missing a Date

By Jullian Gray


Rating NC-17

Warning: Slash, H/F, Language

Summary: Hannibal misses a very important date.



Los Angeles CA: 7:30 pm


Templeton Peck looked at himself in the mirror as he made sure that his hair was exactly where it needed to be, before running his hand down his tie, smoothing it into place.  He'd been planning this evening for weeks now, making sure that he had the reservations in place for his favorite restaurant, the one that Hannibal also enjoyed.  Face made sure that they had gotten a private table in the very back so that they didn't have to worry about prying eyes.  And while their apartment was more than comfortable he had booked a suite at the Four Seasons for the entire weekend; tonight was going to be perfect.


When the phone rang Face's smile widened, he knew it would be Hannibal telling him that he was on his way home from the movie studio and to ask if he needed anything.




"Look, kid, I'm really sorry, I only have a second before I have to be back on set."


"John, we have a reservation in an hour."


"I know Face, but if we can get this shot, then we're finished. I won't have to be back on set for another couple of weeks, and we can do whatever you want."


"But tonight is…"


"Face, I'm sorry, I have to go they're calling for me, I promise I'll make it up to you." with that Hannibal hung up the phone.


Face looked at the now dead phone in his hands wondering where it all went wrong.



Washington State:  One Hotel of Many after a Mission


"I really can't wait to get home tomorrow," BA grumbled as he climbed out of the hot tub.  He still wasn't sure how Murdock had talked him into getting into the oversized stew pot.


"What's wrong with this place?" Face looked at him with those beautiful eyes of his and BA remembered exactly why he had agreed to get into the hot tub with everyone else. There was nothing like Face in a pair of skin-tight swim trunks to convince anyone to do anything he wanted.  


"Aint nothing wrong with it, I just want to get home where I can relax."


"And this isn't relaxing?" Face frowned as he stretched his arms across the back of the hot tub deck giving everyone a great view of his chest.


"I need to do some work on my van."


"You mean to tell me you would rather work on that greasy van than spend time with me?"


Hannibal watched as Face flashed BA a seductive smile and he could only shake his head.  Over the last few weeks the kid had constantly been flirting with just about everyone they ran into, and while it was cute at first, it was starting to get aggravating.  Twice during their last mission, he'd had to physically pull some love struck woman off Face.  Then bust the jaw of the crime boss who thought he could lay his hands on his boy.  He'd told Face to put a damper on his libido twice, but as he watched his lover flirt with BA, it looked as though his orders had gone unheeded.


"Alright gentleman," Hannibal stood up and climbed out of the tub. "I think enough is enough, let's head for the rooms and try to get some sleep before we head out tomorrow we have a long drive home."


BA quickly climbed out of the tub happy to escape before he lost his dignity to Face's smoldering gaze and his teeth to Hannibal's jealous nature.


Sensing the tension rising around them Murdock quickly hopped out and grabbed his towel. "First one to the room gets to pick what we watch."


Hannibal laughed as Murdock started to shove past BA only to have the big man grab him by the arms and pull him back.


"I ain't watching no Woody Wood Pecker."


"Come on Face, get out," Hannibal called back over his shoulder as he wrapped the towel around his waist. "We need to get some sleep before we head out in the morning."




Hannibal stopped, looked at the other two members of his team who were standing a few feet in front of him, before slowly turning to face the blonde in the hotel's hot tub.




"No." Face reaffirmed as he leaned back and closed his eyes allowing the hot water to swirl around his slim body.


"I'm still not sure I heard you correctly Lieutenant, but from where I'm standing I believe I heard, Yes Sir. Yet you're still not moving as you were told to do and affirmed you would."


"Then I guess you need a hearing aid to go along with that white hair of yours because I said no!" Face crossed his arms over his chest as he glared at Hannibal.  "Nor did I stutter when I said it."


"Tell me he just didn't say that," Murdock whispered to BA.


"No, he said it." BA shook his head as he looked over at his now red-faced commander.


He didn't know what was going on between Face and Hannibal lately, but it wasn't good. The two had constantly been at each other's throats for the last week, and their last mission had almost been a complete disaster because of their constant fighting.  Granted Face's flirting with other people had not helped things one bit, but then again Hannibal could be blamed for a lot of that since they relied so heavily on the younger man's sex appeal to get just about everything they needed or wanted.


"Lieutenant, I'm going to give you thirty seconds to haul your ass out of that hot tub before…"


"Before what?" Face challenged.


"One, two, thr.."


"Whatever Colonel Decker," Face waved his hand in the air as if dismissing the older man.


"He didn't." Murdock groaned.


"He did," BA affirmed as he watched Hannibal's face turn an even darker shade of red.

'This is going be ugly.' He thought as he grabbed Murdock by the shoulder. "Come on fool, I believe that we need to be getting back to our room."


"Yeah, not a bad idea," Murdock quickly agreed. "See you two in the morning." He glanced over at the two men glaring at each other. "I hope."


Hannibal continued to glare down at Face who was now looking up at him with pure contempt.


"What the hell is your problem?" he hissed as a young couple walked by hand in hand on their way to the pool.


"My problem," Face laughed. "I don't have a problem, you're the one who can't seem to be bothered to do one little thing I ask."


Hannibal looked at Face in complete and total disbelief "I told you I was sorry I couldn't make it to the restaurant, but we had to get the last scene shot before the light…"


"Look Colonel if your movie means more to you than me then…" Face stopped then waved his hand as if dismissing the older man. "You know whatever, you just go do your thing and I'll do mine."


Hannibal closed his eyes, took a long deep breath and prayed for patience before he spoke again.  


"No Face, not whatever, I've missed dinners with you before, why all the hostility this time."


Face looked up at Hannibal for a moment considering his reply then shook his head before looking away.


"You know if you don't even remember then it's not that important."


Despite his prayer, Hannibal's patience was just about at its end, and he was only a second from letting Face have a piece of his mind when he saw the pained look in the other man's eyes. Taking his towel off Hannibal climbed back into the hot tub; then moved across from Face.


"Talk to me Face,"


"It's nothing,"


"No, I'm not letting this go, what is bothering you."


"That dinner that you so conveniently brushed off was to celebrate the day you saved my life." Face snapped before turning to look away.  


"Saved your life?" Hannibal looked at Face questioningly then realized what Face was saying. "The day I brought you onto the team,"


Face's only response was to refuse to look at him.  


"I'm sorry Templeton, I wasn't thinking about the date …"


"Hey don't worry about it," Face threw his hands up. "If you don't give a damn, why the hell should I, right? It's not like it was anything important." Face started to get out of the hot tub but was grabbed by a pair of strong hands and pulled back down into his lover's lap.


"No, you're wrong, you mean everything to me."


"Let me go!"




"Damn it, Hannibal, leave me alone," Face shoved back against the colonel's chest.


"No," Hannibal pulled Face tight to him not allowing the younger man to move.


"I said let me go." Face growled as he continued to struggle against Hannibal.


"Never," Hannibal grabbed the back of Face's head his fingers intertwining with the thick blonde hair forcing the younger man to look at him.


"I'm sorry that I didn't remember what the day was but I still love you and nothing is ever going to change that; even if you hate me."


"I could never hate you." Face whispered as he stared at his lover.


"Are you sure about that?" Hannibal loosened his grip slightly but didn't let completely go of Face's golden mane.


"Yes," Face sighed. "It's just that every time I plan for us to do something as a couple you always have something that comes up."


"I admit that I'm bad sometimes…"


"Sometimes?" Face huffed.


"I know I should be a lot more attentive to your needs than I am.  But damn it Face I'm new to this relationship thing…"


"And you think I have years of experience in that department?"


"I'm an old man kid and I'm pretty well set in my ways but for you, I will do my best to change, but you're going to have to teach me."


"Just how am I supposed to do that kick you in the nuts every time you screw up?"


"If that what it takes then so be it." Hannibal tightened his grip in Face's hair again. "I won't lose you, kid, to anyone, and especially to my own stupidity."


"So what do you plan on doing to make things up to me?" Face leaned forward so that his mouth was just a breath away from Hannibal's.

"What would you have me do?"


"Dinner at the Polo Lounge,"




"A week's stay at the Four Seasons,"




"I get to top tonight." Face smiled as he pressed his lips to Hannibal's.


"When don't you top," Hannibal captured Face's mouth with his own in a deep passionate kiss, then added as they broke apart. "You're the pushiest fucking bottom I know."


"What can I say, I know what I like." Face smiled his most seductive smile as his hands moved up and down Hannibal's chest.


"And what would you like from me right now my beautiful boy?"


"For us to make love,"


"Done," Hannibal smiled as he rested his forehead against Faces.




Missing A Date by Jullian Gray



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