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Confrontations (part 1)  CONFRONTATIONS   
by: Kara Kirk  ( Murdocks_Chicka )

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Lt. Elizabeth Monroe joins the Team not knowing what's in store for her. Upon her arrival, things seem to go well, until she meets up with Gale Sumter. After Elizabeth's first 'confrontation' with Gale, all hell breaks loose.

Warnings: OK you guys this is the very first story that I have ever written. I wrote this when I was 13. So please go easy on me. But anyway, there is mild swearing, fight scenes, and kissing scenes. Sorry guys no sex scenes in this one. HEY, I was only 13 I didn't think about anything like that. But watch for my next story. (Evil Grin) I'd love to hear you comments. I can take the heat. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys I just write about them.

Copyright: Lt. Elizabeth Monroe, Gale Sumter, Lucille Brumbaugh, Tommy Wilson, Dan Thomas, Heather Sanford, Lisa Cumberland, and Pedro Martinez are characters made up by yours truly.

(c) Kara "Murdy" Kirk  (Murdocks_Chicka)


Elizabeth Monroe stepped off the plane into the balmy air of Vietnam. She took a deep breath, and started to walk towards a figure that was coming nearer to her. When they met up, she noticed he bared the marks of a Colonel. She saluted and smiled.

"Ah.. You must be Lt. Elizabeth Monroe. Welcome to good ol' Vietnam. I'm Colonel Samuel Morrison".

" It's a pleasure to meet you sir. I am to report to a Special Forces unit from what I have been briefed".

"You are correct Lt. Monroe. This unit you have been assigned to, is the best damn unit in 'Nam.

 The Colonel motioned for Elizabeth to start walking toward a chopper that was waiting to take her to her unit.

" They need your skills and talents".  Elizabeth smiled at Colonel Morrison's comment. She knew she had graduated at the top of her class in Military Nursing. She earned the rank of a lieutenant at home base for her excellence.

" Well Colonel, I hope to do my best for the unit". Colonel Morrison let out a sigh and said " Lt. Monroe, I can tell you as we stand here, being in the jungles of Vietnam is no picnic."  As they approached the chopper, she gave the Colonel a confused look. " Colonel, what do you mean?"  Before he could answer her question, he introduced the chopper pilot to Elizabeth.

" Lt. Elizabeth Monroe, this is Captain H.M. Murdock."

"Pleasure to meet you Captain Murdock."

She saluted the Captain and smiled.  " The pleasure is all mine Lt."

He flashed Elizabeth a smile that made her blush. She was lost in the pilot's soft, brown eyes. As he was breath taken by her ice blue eyes. Elizabeth had shaken out of her thoughts.

" Colonel, you mentioned something about the jungles of Vietnam, what exactly did you mean by that?"

 " Lt., you are here to carry out missions with the Special Forces team in the jungle. As well as treat the wounded after firefights.

" Whoa, Whoa Whoa...So what you're telling me is, I have been brought here to this hell hole, to ground fight as well as treat the men that have been wounded?"  The pilot chuckled at her rising attitude towards the Colonel. She glared at the pilot. He looked away and blushed.

" Lt. I know what they told you in the states was illegitament but....." She cut the Colonel off in mid sentence.

" With all due respect Colonel, I was told I would be with a MASH unit during my first tour. They never said anything about ground fighting. For God's sakes Colonel I'm a woman. And women don't ground fight where I come from."  Elizabeth's face was flushed with a crimson color.

" Lt. Monroe, your skills and talents will be useful to this unit. You graduated at the top of your class for Military Nursing, you aced basic training, weaponry, piloting...not mention hand to hand combat."  There are other women like yourself in this unit. Although their skills are nothing compared to yours.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. " Oh, that's comforting Colonel! Nice way to exploit us women."

She got into the chopper and sat down with a sigh. She looked out the window to see other planes coming into the airfield. She wondered how many more women like herself were in this unit. She heard the rotors of the chopper start up.

" Oh Lt., one more thing! I would tone down the attitude a notch if I were you. You'll be dealing with Lt. Colonel John Smith."

"Attitude. What attitude?" She muttered.

Morrison turned and walked away from the chopper.  Captain Murdock got the bird off the ground once the Colonel was out of the rotors way. Elizabeth looked out the window. Tears fell as she started to think about her reason for being in this country. What made her more upset, was her commanding officer back in the states lied to her. She hated liars.  And she hated this country. " Lt. are you OK?" Elizabeth was startled by the loudness of the pilot's voice.

" You can sit up here with me if you like. Its kinda lonely up here."  She hesitated, but thought to herself, What the hell. She crawled up to the bird's nose and sat next to the Captain. He gave Elizabeth a big smile as she put on the headset and strapped herself in.

" So where ya from Lt.?"

" Texas. You?"

" No way. I'll be darn. I'm from Texas too!"

" Well, its nice to know a fellow Texan here." She flashed a smile that almost melted him.

" Lt., ......"

" Please call me Liz."

" Liz, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Colonel Morrison. I have to agree with you. It's not right for them to exploit women the way they are.  And trust me,  'Nam is not the best place for women. I have seen women lose their lives, because of this damned war. It's just not right."

Liz could see the anger and sadness wash across his face. She smiled at him tenderly.

" Don't worry, I won't go down without a fight. Uh, Captain Murdock.."

" Call me H.M or just Murdock." He looked at her with gentle eyes, and smiled.

" Murdock, I hear that my unit is stationed in Da Nang."

" Correction, our unit. And yes, we are headed from Da Nang."

" You mean you're stationed in the same unit?"  Liz had a comforting feeling about the handsome pilot who was stationed within the same unit. She couldn't help but smile.

" Sure am! Is that a bad thing? I mean, I don't have cooties or anything like that.

Liz couldn't help to laugh. " No, No, I didn't mean it like that.

Murdock had a big grin on his face. " Oh ok, so that means I don't have to transfer out?

" No! You don't have to transfer out. But I would like to ask you a question."

" Well ask away. I might just have an answer for ya!"

Liz giggled. " What's this Lt. Colonel John Smith like?"

" He's a great man. He has never let one of his men or women behind. His philosophy is, we go in as a unit, and come out as a unit. No matter what the consequences. He's a man of honor, courage and wits.  Oh and the JAZZ."

" He sounds like a hell of a man. One question, what is the jazz?"

" Welp Liz, the jazz is all the Twinkies you can eat, and Woody Wood Pecker cartoons 24 hours a day."

Liz was in hysterics. "  I don't think I ever heard an explanation like that before.

Murdock started to laugh. " You know Lt., you are quite the English rose. He said in his finest British accent.

" Well thank you kind sir. I am deeply flattered by your compliment. Liz replied as she continued with the accent.

" I can see we're going to get along just fine."

" I hope so Captain. Say, If you're not too busy, maybe you can show me 'round campus so to speak."

" Liz, I can't. I just remembered! I have a test in Vietnam 101."  Liz punched Murdocks shoulder.

" OW!! Hey lady I'm flyin' here". He said in a New Yorker's accent. " Yeah, I could show ya 'round.

" Good! Then it's a date."


Liz was almost asleep when she felt Murdock nudge her. " Hey Liz, we're here."

"It's about time". She thought. She remembered her flight with Captain Murdock. She realized that she was quite fond of him for a first encounter. Murdock set the bird on the ground, and turned her off.  He jumped out the chopper, opened Elizabeth's door, and said in a French accent "Allow me Madame" He offered his hand to her. She took it and exited the helicopter. " Thank you Misueir Murdock." She returned in the French accent.

Murdock and Liz were laughing so hard they didn't notice Colonel Smith approach them.

" AHEM." Smith gave a fake cough and chuckled to himself. " It's nice to see Murdock smile." He thought.

The two looked up in embarrassment at the Colonel. They saluted as he introduced Liz.

' Colonel John Smith, this is Lt., Elizabeth Monroe. And I'm Captain H.M. Murdock."

" Murdock! I know who you are, and I know who she is."

" Oh right Colonel. Sorry!"

" Dismissed Captain."

Murdock saluted and ran after a big black man. Liz couldn't stop herself from giggling, when she saw Murdock jump on the big guys' back.

" Git off my back, fool." He screamed

She saw Colonel Smith shaking his head.

" Colonel Smith," she extended her hand out toward him. He graciously took hold of her hand,

" Welcome aboard Lt." He was intrigued by her ice blue eyes. " I'm sure you want to get settled in. So go shake down your gear, freshen up, and we'll meet at the mess hall in an hour. You can then meet the rest of the team."

" Yes sir."

 He had a feeling she would be good for the team. " Hey kid," he took a cigar out of his pocket and lit it. " You can call me Hannibal." He said as he threw her a smile.

She flashed back a gratuitous smile, grabbed her bags and headed for the Nurses Barracks.

Hannibal watched her leave, and though as he chomped on his cigar, " NICE "

Elizabeth headed into the barracks that said Nurses Quarters. She came upon a young girl sitting at a desk. She rose to her feet and saluted her.

" I'm Lt. Elizabeth Monroe. I'm taking over for Lt. Sanderson."

" Ah yes, if you could just sign these papers Lt. Monroe, I'll get them to Colonel Smith."

" Thank you, ah..."

The woman blushed. " I'm sorry Lt. I'm Teresa McClure. Most people call me Teri. She smiled at Liz, letting her know that she was truly sorry. She signed the papers and handed them back to the young girl. " I'll show you to your living quarters." Teri took Liz to a small quarters which had her name on the door.

" Here you are Lt. If you need anything, please let me know." She handed Liz the keys.

" Thanks Teri."

The girl smiled and went back to her desk. "What a sweet girl," Liz thought. She unzipped her bags and began unpacking her belongings.

" Well, well Lucille, look who took over Sandersons spot. Fresh meat."

" Holy hell Gale, she's just a baby."

" Well looks like we'll have to teach the baby a couple of things, won't we?"

" For God's sake Gale, just let her go. At least for a couple of days until she gets broken in."

" I don't want that little girl telling us what to do. Did you see her marks? She's a Lt. We are more qualified for her rank than she is. And she needs to know who the Real Boss is."

" Ummmmm Gale, let me remind you that Colonel Smith IS the real boss around here. If he finds out that..."

Gale interrupted Lucille. " Damn him to hell Lucy. I really don't care about Colonel Smith right now. I want that baby out of here. At least knock her off her high horse. Or whatever comes first. That way, she will be begging Smith to transfer her out."

Lucille sighed. " Alright Gale, but I am telling you know, Smith is going to put her on a pedestal. He brought her here for a reason."

" Lucy what the hell are you talking about?"  There was confusion in her voice.

" I'm telling you Gale, that so called baby in there, is going to be part of Smith's little clique."

" Oh come now, I don't think he would choose someone like her to be in his so-called clique. Do you?"

" Well it wouldn't surprise me. Look at Lt. Peck. He's a prime example. Smith got him out of the brig like it was no chore at all. He gave him the rank of a 1st Lt. You know Dan Thomas was up for that rank. Then there is that crazy ass pilot... Captain Murdock. Oh, and not forgetting that Sgt. ....What's his name ... Baracus."

" Lucy, I think you're crazy. Just like that pilot."

" OK Gale, but I'm telling you now. MARK MY WORDS."

Elizabeth finished unpacking her belongings. She realized she had to meet Hannibal in the mess tent in 10 minutes. She grabbed the keys to her room and headed for the barracks door. Just before she reached the door, Lucille and Gale were blocking her way.

" Well Lt., aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Liz didn't like this confrontation but introduced herself anyway. " I'm Lt. Elizabeth Monroe." She smiled and extended her hand towards the two women. Both just stood there. She uneasily withdrew her hand.

" I'm Gale and this is Lucille."

" It's a pleasure I'm sure." Liz said flatly.

" Oh no little girl, the pleasure is gonna be all mine."

Liz brushed past the two women avoiding the comment. And went out the door.

" See Lucy, Piece of cake."

Liz was rattled by the confrontation of the women. She knew they obviously meant business. Liz kept thinking about Gales comment "Oh no little girl, the pleasure is gonna be all mine." She shook it out of her head. " It's probably because I'm the new girl and a lot younger than they are." She finally reached the mess hall. She took a deep breath and walked in. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Liz.
She saw Hannibal and a group of men sitting at the back table in the corner. He motioned for her to come back. As she was walking past the men, they started yelling and whistling at her. She reached Hannibal's table, and smiled when she saw Murdock was pointing to a seat he had saved for her. She sat in the middle of Murdock and another man. Hannibal looked at Liz. She looked as though something had drained her face of all the color.

" Lt., is there something wrong?"

" Oh no." She lied. I'm just hungry. I haven't eaten anything since early this morning."

" FACE, go grab her some food."

" Right." The man said, as he knew that he was going to be volunteered for the job.

" Did you get settled in alright kid?"

She saw Gale and Lucille walk through the door. They both had evil grins on their faces. She was so shaken by the looks that the women gave her, she didn't hear Hannibal ask the question. Murdock saw the look on Liz's face.

" Liz, you alright?'

Gales comment kept running through her mind. She wanted to curl up in a ball and escape the looks. She trembled as the two women stared back at her. Hannibal looked at the big black man and Murdock. He was concerned when he saw Liz trembling. He had a funny feeling that Gale and Lucille were up to no good.

" Lt. Monroe, is there something wrong?"

She finally snapped out of her little world. " Oh no Colonel, I'm.....I'm fine.

She was startled when the handsome blonde haired man they called Face, placed her tray down in front of her.

" Thank you." She managed to choke out.

" You're very......welcome." He stammered. As he saw her beautiful ice blue eyes and the soft golden curls around her face when she looked up to thank him.

" Lt., I want to introduce you to the rest of the team. This is Sergeant Bosco "BA" Baracus.. He goes by BA. The man next to you is Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck. And you already know me and the Capt'n."

" Awwww... Hannibal! She already met that crazy fool?"

"BA, how do you think she got here?"

BA just gave a loud growl. Liz turned her attention to Hannibal as he yelled, " OK guys, listen up. I want you all to meet Lt. Elizabeth Monroe. She will be taking over Lt. Sanderson's position." They all saluted to her but Gale.

" When I do your intros, I want you to stand." They all nodded at Hannibal.

" Tommy Wilson.....Dan Thomas.....Gale Sumter.......Lucille Brumbaugh.......Pedro Martinez.......Heather Sanford.....Lisa Cumberland...."

As Hannibal introduced his men and women, he noticed that Gale Sumter remained seated. After about 10 minutes of introductions, Hannibal glared at Gale.

" You have a problem Sgt. Sumter"

" Oh no Colonel, No problem here. Except I don't take orders from a baby."

" Is that a fact?" Well Sumter, consider yourself on KP duty."

" Yes sir." She said sarcastically.

Hannibal looked at Liz as her face went white.

" Lt. Monroe, are you sure you're alright?"

" Yeah you look like you've just a seen a ghost."

She snapped out of it. " Yes Lt. Peck......

" Call me Face. He smiled at her with his handsome smile.

" Yes Face I'm fine. She smiled at the men. " Well since I can call you by your nicknames..... You guys can call me Liz.

After finishing their meals, they walked outside.

" I think BA and I are gonna go back to the barracks and get some rest. Face, Murdock, you coming?"

"Murodck and I will be there shortly Colonel. We're going for a walk with Liz."

Hannibal took out a cigar from his pocket and bit off the end. Face reached in his pocket for his lighter, and lit the Colonels cigar.

" Thanks Kid. And guys...don't be late."

" Yes father." Face and Murdock said in unison.

After Murdock, Face and Liz, were out of ear shot.....Hannibal looked at BA.

" BA... Something is going on with Lt. Monroe."

" What you mean man?"

" What I mean is, something's wrong with Liz. And I bet this cigar, that Gale Sumter has something to do with it."

" Awww Hannibal...It's the Lieutenants first day here man. How can you be so sure?"

" BA, didn't you notice when Gale and Lucille came into the mess hall, Liz had looked like she'd seen a ghost. Or when Gale didn't stand up during the introductions. Hannibal took a puff of his cigar. That means she must have said something to the Lt. before supper."

" Hannibal, if that's the case, then Liz needs protected."

" Exactly Sergeant."

" I thought that she mastered hand to hand combat Colonel."

" She has. But Gale Sumter has been around the block in more ways than one. She is a vicious woman. And she will do anything she can to get her own way. I don't want anything to happen to Lt. Monroe. I want her to go on squadron runs with the 4 of us."

" Hannibal, is that such a good idea?"

" BA I have heard and seen both audio and video tapes. I think she would tie the loose ends with us."

" But, she's a woman Hannibal. And going on missions is dangerous."

" I don't think she had her rank handed to her on a silver platter Sgt. She had to earn it. And I don't think that they would have given her the rank of a 2nd Lt., if she didn't deserve it.  And besides I have seen her with Murdock. I think that she could do his mind some good. Today was the first time in weeks that I have seen him smile and laugh out loud."

BA growled. " He's a crazy fool Colonel."

" Maybe. But I'm telling you BA, We have ourselves a closed circle. He put the cigar between his teeth and gave the big guy a mischievous smile.

" Awwww... Hannibal .... You're on the jazz again."

" Neat huh?"

Murdock, Face and Liz walked in silence for the 1st 5 minutes of their walk. Face decided to break the silence by asking Liz a question.

" So, ah....Liz..Tell us a little more about yourself."

Murdock looked at Face. " If she wanted us to know more about her Muchacho, don't ya think she would have told us already?"

" Well...I.....Ah.." Face stammered.

" No, no. It's fine. Liz laughed. " Well I'm 21, from Texas, graduated at the top of my Military Nursing School, aced basic training, hand to hand combat, weaponry, have my pilots license,......"

" OK OK , Muchacha, we get the point. You're making us look bad. No wonder the Colonel snatched you up."

" I don't believe it. She is going to take over our positions Murdock." Face nudged the Captain's arm. " She could be a one woman army." Face pretended to pout.

Liz laughed. " Will you guys listen to yourselves? You act as if I'm a threat to you."

" Welllllllllllll....."

Liz punched Face in his arm. " OW!!!"

" Don't worry Faceman, I got the old puncheroo in the arm too, while I was flying Bessie."

Face and Liz giggled at Murdock at his charade for flying. As they turned the corner, Gale came out of the shadows.

" Well, if it isn't Lt. Monroe and her bodyguards."

"How are ya Gale?" Liz managed to squeak out.

" I'll tell ya how I am little girl."

 Face and Murdock exchanged worried glances as Gale was making her way closer to Liz.

" I am none the less happy that you got me into trouble with Colonel Smith this evening."

" I didn't get you into Gale, You did that all by yourself. Oh and if you haven't noticed, I am your commanding officer until Major Beckett gets back from the states. So I'd appreciate a salute every now and again."

"I'd watch your tone with me Lieutenant."  Gale said as she stepped up to Elizabeth's face.

" Or what Sumter. Do you really think that I am afraid of you? Because if you do, you are mistaken."

Gale acted as if she was turning to walk away. Instead, she lunged at Liz. Both women falling to the ground with a winding force. Liz pulled Gale to her feet and punched her in the stomach. She fell to her knees gasping for air. Liz looked at Gale and shook her head. Just as she started to walk away, Gale grabbed her leg and pulled it out from underneath her. She crashed to the ground with a thud. Gale saw she knocked the wind out of Liz. She grabbed her and started to pound blows to Elizabeth's stomach, which after came blows to her sides and her face.

" LIZ!!!!!" Murdock and Face yelled. They could see that Gale was not going ease up on the beating Liz was taking. Just as the men were approaching the women, Tommy Wilson and Dan Thomas grabbed them from behind, knocking them to the ground both pinned beneath Tommy and Dan.

" This is between Gale and the Lieutenant boys. No need to interfere."

" You bastards!" Face yelled.

Dan punched Face with blasting force. " SHUT UP PECK."

" Let us go! That's an order!!"

" Oh come now Captain Murdock, you can't expect Dan and I to take orders from a metal case like yourself." Tommy punched Murdock in his side. " Now SHUT UP and watch the Lieutenant get her baby ass kicked."

Gale took a breather to regain more strength. " She will be nothing but a pulp when I am done with her." Gale thought.

Liz got up and regained her composure. " Come on Sergeant, is that ALL you got?"
" My, my Lt.!! Begging for more would not have been my choice."

" Well I'm not you. Why you ask? Because you're looney tunes and I'm not."

" You're gonna wish you hadn't said that Lt."

" Oh yeah? And why's that?"

Gale screamed and charged after her. Liz spun around in a backspin kick. Gale fell to the ground gasping for all the air she could.

"'re out ...of the picture." She panted.

Meanwhile, Murdock broke free from Tommy and knocked him out. Which gave the right opportunity for Face to throw Dan to the ground. Knocking him out as well. They ran over to the women who were still at each other's throats. Murdock grabbed Gale as she wildly tried to free herself.

" LET ME GO CAPTAIN!" she screamed.

" I don't think so Gale."

She struggled until she realized that Murdock was not going to let her go. Face went over to Liz.

" Oh God!! Liz, are you alright?"

She smiled. " Never.... Better.." She said breathlessly.

She fell against Face's chest. He lowered himself to the ground so he could hold Liz. He saw Teri McClure coming out of the REC hall.

" TERI!!!"

She ran over to Templeton when she saw he was holding Elizabeth's unconscious body. "Oh my gosh! Lt. Peck, what happened?"

" It's a long story Teri. But I need you to go get Colonel Smith."

" Yes sir." Teri dashed off into the night as fast as she could.

Hannibal and BA were having a conversation about engines when they heard a woman yelling for Colonel Smith.

"Colonel Smith, please come quickly."

"What is it kid?'

" A fight I think sir. At least that's what it looked like to me."

" Teri, a lot of fights erupt around here. You know that."

"Yes but Colonel, Lt. Peck told me to come get you."

"Lt. Peck? Who was involved in the fight?"

" It looked like Sergeant Sumter and Lt. Monroe."

"Let's go BA!"

"We goin' to find out what happened?"

"Yeah. And we're gonna clean up someone's attitude problem."

" Liz.....Liz....come on Lt. wake up." Face pleaded

He pushed her tangled curls out of her face. He noticed how remarkably beautiful she was. He had to look away from her. He knew that his best friend was interested in her also. Face kept cursing himself for not being more cautious.  He was jolted out of his thoughts when he heard Hannibal loudly chastising Gale for her insubordination.  Murdock ran over to Face and Liz to get out of Hannibal's wrath.

" She looks pretty banged up Faceman."

"Yeah I know. I hope she is going be all right. This is all my fault Murdock. I should have been more cautious. It was my idea to take this walk."

"Listen Face, It would have happened either way. I think you know that. Don't fuss yourself up over something that was not your fault."

They could still hear Hannibal yelling at Gale. They glanced over to see her head down.

"Hey Murdock, I'm worried about the lieutenant here. Don't you think she should have waken up by now.?"

" Yeah. But she could be exhausted from all the fighting."

"Where's BA?"

"Faceman you should have seen it.  He was so mad at Sumter for going after Liz, that he took it out on Wilson and Thomas."

They both chuckled at the vision of seeing BA taking care of the two men. Hannibal was walking towards them chewing on a cigar.

"Corporal McClure, could you bring some of Lt. Monroe's belongings to our quarters?"

" Yes sir. Right away Colonel."

" Ok guys. Let's get her out of here."

Liz woke up to find Face and Murdock hovering over her.  Her body felt like she had been in a car accident. Not to mention her head throbbed to the beat of her heart.

"Wh...where am I?"

"It's ok Lt. you're in our quarters." She heard Hannibal say. She could smell the scent of his cigar from across the room.

" GALE!" She choked out.

"Hopefully she won't be bothering you again Lt. I am transferring her out to Colonel Decker's unit. That oughtta be a trip." Hannibal smiled with his cigar clenched in his teeth.

" Colonel! You know transfers take awhile to go through. Gale could try something else in that amount of time."

" Tell me something I don't already know Face."

"I'm sorry Hannibal. I just don't think it's smart to let Gale walk around this camp. Especially, after the stunt she pulled tonight."

Face got off the side of the bed where Liz was laying, and stormed out the door.

" FACE!" Liz called.

"He'll be ok Muchacha. He just needs time to blow off some steam."

" Everything aches."

"I know babe. Just sit tight and I'll go get you some pain killers."

" Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Before Murdock left, she grabbed his hand. "Thanks H.M."

"No problemo kiddo."

Hannibal waited until Murdock left the room to talk to Liz.

"Where's Sgt. Baracus?

"He is taking care of the two men, who jumped Murdock and Face."

Liz could only imagine what he was doing to those men.

"Lieutenant, I wanna know what happened out there tonight. Starting when Gale first threatened you."

"She didn't threaten....Ok...She did threaten me in a way Colonel."

"I want you to tell me everything from the first time, that you encountered Gale."

Liz moaned in pain as she tried to sit up. "I went to shake down my gear at the barracks. I realized that I had 10 minutes before meeting you in the mess tent. I was heading for the door when Gale and Lucille stopped me. I was uncomfortable from the beginning. Just by the looks on their faces. The comment she made, was what rattled me.

"What was the comment?"

"Oh no little girl, the pleasure is gonna be all mine."

Hannibal saw Liz was getting upset.

"Lieutenant? If this is upsetting you..."

"No, Hannibal....I am upset at myself for letting Gale intimidate me. I feel I didn't handle myself the way I should have."

"It's ok Kid. We'll protect you." Hannibal looked into the pain stricken eyes of Lt. Monroe. "You took some cheap shots from Sumter Lieutenant."

"Yeah tell me about it !! She fights dirty."

Hannibal puffed on his cigar and was going to comment on Gale when BA came through the door.

"How you doin' Liz?"

"Well BA, I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck."

"Don't worry bout nothin' no more lil mama. We here for ya."

Liz threw BA a melting smile. He turned away to smile. He was hoping that they didn't see him blush.

"Lt. Monroe, you stood up to Gale tonight. Which proves that you have guts. AND from what I heard, you handled yourself your pretty good."

"If you say so Colonel. All I know is, I'm gonna be payin' for this tomorrow morning. Liz laughed. The best part was, I could tell she was getting more frustrated by the looks she was giving me. I know she earlier rattled me, but you could tell she was intimidated by me. Especially when she charged after me screamin' like a banshee."

Hannibal stubbed out his cigar and let out a laugh.

"Great wasn't?"

"Oh yeah!" Liz said sarcastically. She saw the twinkle in his sparkling blue eyes.

"Well kid, you had a hell of a first day."

Face sat on the ground and sighed. He started thinking about the fight between Liz and Gale.

"This is only her first day, yet it seems like I've known her for years." He thought.

He remembered holding her exhausted body after the confrontation. How beautiful and peaceful she looked. Almost like an angel. As Templeton got up from the ground, he heard someone walking towards him. He heard the man call out.

"Faceman, is that you?"

"Murdock?, What are you doing out here?"

"I needed to get some painkillers for Liz."

"How's she doing?"

"She's doin' alright considering."

Face ran his hand through his blonde hair.

"What's up Facial One?" What's goin' on in that mind of yours.?"

Face sighed. He knew that his best friend could see right through him.

"H.M. , this is going to sound strange, but I feel as though I have known Liz for years."

"Facey, it's ok to feel like that. I felt that way, when I was bringing her back to HQ. She's not afraid to let her hair down and have fun. I started doing some of my accents and she replied back to me with the accent. It was almost like we clicked." Murdock snapped his fingers.

"Don't tell BA that. We all know what he would say."

"I don't care what that big, mean, ugly, mudsucker thinks. What I do care about Temp, is you. And I know that's not all that's on your mind."

"Ahhh...Murdock. You know me too well I suppose"

Murdock was worried about his friend. He could see that he was distressed about something. "Face, you know you can tell me anything. What is it good buddy?"

He sighed, and gave into his friend. " Alright.. thing that has me worried, is the confrontation between Liz and Gale. You know perfectly well, that Gale isn't going to just drop this whole ordeal. Look how it was when she was demoted down from to Sergeant. Gale lost it. And by the way she acted tonight, she's lost it again."

"I know she has. But because I didn't want anything to do with her she took it out on me Face. Telling people LIES. That is something I wish not to remember, but I'm sure its gonna come up again, sooner than later. But don't worry Muchacho, we're here for her. Maybe nothing else will happen. But if it does, we'll be ready."

"You're right Murdock. Maybe I am just being paranoid."

Face couldn't bring himself to tell H.M. his feelings for a woman, who just came into their lives several hours ago.

"Well I hate to cut this short Lieutenant, but I have to get these painkillers to Liz."

"Alright. See you in a bit Captain."

Murdock saluted, and turned to walk to the barracks. Face could hear him singing what appeared to be opera. He smiled and shook his head. Then he remembered Elizabeth's pain stricken face before he left abruptly. He sighed and started heading back to the barracks.

                 ONE WEEK LATER...............

Liz was exhausted after she had finished her last victim of an ambush that occurred in Nah Trang. She sighed and took off her scrubs. She felt sick to her stomach as she remembered a young, wounded solider by the name of Ryan. He was 17 and fresh out of Senior High School that year. He had been IN-Country for half a year. She remembered what he had said to her before he went into surgery.

"Help me! I wanna go home."

She looked into his eyes and saw the pain and horror he must be going through.

"We are gonna go do the best we can sweetie. You just hang in there."

He looked at her and smiled. "If I don't.....don't make it," he said breathlessly, "I know you've done....done everything that you could. And at least I KNOW I'll be going home, knowing I died for my country."

Ryan died an hour later during surgery.  His injuries were extensive and his blood loss was inevitable. As Liz remembered Ryan's words, tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't refrain from sobbing. She caught a glimpse of Gale and Lucille staring at her. She didn't care. She was angry at her country, and angry at this war, for the many young lives that were lost. She ran out the door of the mobile hospital, and kept running until she came upon the chopper pad. She hoped to see Murdock. She felt as though she could tell him anything. They had been doing things together for the past week. She was hoping he'd be working on ol' Bessie.  When she didn't see him, she crumpled against the building and wept. She drew her knees into her chest and cried harder.

Murdock came out of the building whistling a happy tune. He saw someone sitting against the wall of the utility building. As he walked closer to the figure, he could hear faint sobs. He knew it was Liz. He jogged over to her and knelt in front of her.

"Hey.....Hey! what's the matter?"

Liz never heard Murdock jog up to her. He startled her when he spoke.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her to a standing position.  She threw her arms around Murdock. He caressed her hair as she sobbed into his green army jacket.

" Liz, I need you to tell me what happened. I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong."

"You can't help me H.M. She said in a whispery voice.

"Ut oh, did something happen between you and Gale?"

Liz shook her head no.

"Then what is it babe?'

Liz finally calmed down, and looked into H.M.'s eyes.

"We had soldiers come through the MASH unit today. They were in an ambush in Nah Trang. There was so much blood. I have never seen this kind of trauma before." Liz sniffed and wiped her eyes with her sleeve. "There was a young soldier named Ryan. He told me he wanted to go home. Right before surgery, he told me if he didn't make it, he knew we did our best, and he knew he was goin' home." Her voiced cracked with emotion.

Murdock pulled her to his chest, and held her tightly.

"All those young soldiers, what a complete waste of life." She sobbed. "To fight this damned war, and for what?"

"I dunno Muchacha. I just don't know."

"What a pathetic sight." Gale said to Lucille.   If she can't handle the heat, she needs to get out of the fire."

"Gale, come on, you know how this war has people hyped up lately. Stop being such a hard ass."

Gale glared at Lucille. "Since when did you become sympathetic to the Lieutenant's feelings.?"

"Since I can relate to seeing how many lives have been lost during this damned war. Doesn't it bother you to see the soldiers and the loss of life that comes through this camp? It makes me ill Gale."

"Lucy, I am here to do a job, not to be sympathetic to every solider that comes through here. Besides, I have very little time before they transfer me out to another unit. I want to torment the hell out of Lt. Elizabeth Monroe."

" GALE! Will you listen to yourself? You sound like a crazed psychopath."

She grabbed Lucille by the collar. "I didn't ask for your opinion Lucy."

Lucy pulled away from Gale. " FINE! When you decide to grow up and let by gone be by gones, then come and talk to me. She turned around and walked away.

"I don't need you anyway, Lucy." She said aloud. I'll get rid of her myself."

Murdock's heart ached to see Liz upset. He forced back the tears that were welling up in his own eyes. He wanted to be strong for Liz. He held her tighter against his chest.  Murdock wanted to stay like this forever. The way he felt for Liz was nothing he ever felt before. It was almost a high feeling. Like a high he never wanted to come down from. He liked how she made him feel when they were together.

"One week ago I was miserable, and grumpy, NOW I am happier than I have ever been." He thought.

Liz looked up at Murdock. His soft brown eyes gazing into hers. He wiped the tears from her face. She smiled at his gesture to let him know that it was appreciated. He cupped her face and brushed his lips against hers. Liz shuddered, as a tingling sensation climbed up her spine. She never felt such warmth and security. Still cupping her face, he brought her lips to his and engulfed them in a tender kiss. He could taste the sweetness of her breath. He felt her gentleness as she ran her fingers through his hair. Teri screaming for Liz interrupted them.

"Lt. Monroe!! Come to the MASH unit quickly. It's Colonel Smith and a couple of his men."

" Oh God Murdock!"

Liz darted off towards the MASH building with Murdock sprinting behind her.

She reached the building and bolted through the door with Murdock. They were horrified to see BA and Tommy Wilson laying on the gurneys while Hannibal sat on the other one.

"What the hell happened Colonel?"

"Hey kid, thought we'd drop by and crash your party."

"Hannibal, this is no time for jokes. What happened?"

"We were on watch point and ran into a VC sniper. I got grazed on my arm, and BA took a bullet to the leg."

"Ok..and what about Tommy? This is obviously NOT from a bullet." Liz felt sick as she cut away what was left of his shirt.

"What happened Muchachos?"

"Murdock, I am gonna have to ask you to leave. I know you want to be with the Colonel and BA.. But I need the room. I'm sorry."

"I..I'm gonna go for a walk."

She looked at the Captain with reassuring eyes. He smiled and went out the door.

"Teri! I need you to go get Lisa, Heather Gale and Lucille."

"Right away Lt. Monroe."

"Ok Colonel one more time.. What happened to Tommy?"

"We started running from the sniper. Tommy was way ahead of us. He tripped, then fell on a mine."

She sighed and worked as fast as she could to pack the hole in Tommy's stomach with saline compresses. Lisa, Heather, Gale, Lucille and Teri came through the door.

"Stats?" Gale asked professionally.

"The Colonel has a bullet grazed right arm. Just a scratch. Could use a few sutures though. Sergeant Baracus has a bullet wound to the left leg. Clean exit. Pressure bandages and sutures. And Tommy Wilson..."She looked at the women with sad eyes.. "Evisceration of the stomach, abdomen wall blown away, exposing end trails and organs. Started IV D 5 1/2. Liz felt something tug on her arm. It was Tommy trying to hold her hand. She grasped his hand and he spoke to her in a whispery voice.

"Lt. I'm sorry. I' She felt his body go limp and the tears stung her eyes again. Lisa came over and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Lt. Monroe, should I chart his death?"

"Yes please Lisa. Also make sure that his belongings go to Colonel Smith and he'll make sure that they are sent to his next of kin."

Lisa charted Tommy's time of death, just as Gale finished with BA. She noticed that Heather and Liz were covering up his body. Gale had hatred in her eyes. Liz knew that Gale was glaring at her. She tried not to act like it bothered her. Hannibal had suspicions that she might make another try for Lt. Monroe. So he watched her body language cautiously. Gale stomped over to Liz with tears in her eyes.

"He is DEAD because of you. I was his lover. And now we can never be together again. He's dead because of you. You wouldn't help him. You self righteous bitch."

Gale drew her hand back to hit Liz. She caught her hand. "I think you better take a walk to pull yourself together Sergeant."

"You killed him."

"I did everything that I could Gale."

She continued to glare the lieutenant. Almost as though she was hypnotized.

"You heard what Lt. Monroe said Sgt. Sumter. Take a walk."

Sumter looked at Hannibal and retreated. She flung the door open with such force, one of the hinges popped off. Shortly after, two Corporals came in to remove Tommy's body. Liz decided to go over to BA to see how he had been taken care of. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How are you doing BA?"

"Better now that I'm back at HQ. Hannibal was on the jazz again. That's how we got into this mess."

She smiled at the big guy, and turned to Hannibal.

"And YOU Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, are very lucky."

"Comforting isn't it?" He chuckled and saw Liz turn white.


She suddenly felt a slight wave a nausea wash over her body. She started to shake with the feeling that something happened to Lieutenant Templeton Peck.

"Han...Hannibal..Where's Face?" She stammered.

"It's ok lieutenant, He's fine. He went back to the barracks to get some rest."

Liz felt the color coming back to her cheeks.

"Can we get outta here Colonel?" BA growled.

"Yeah as long as it's ok with our care giver."

Liz gave a motherly smile.

"Yes... you guys run along and try not to go looking for trouble." She winked.

"Why Lt. I'm shocked. We don't go looking for trouble, trouble always looks for us."

"Yeah right. Man's always on the jazz."

Liz laughed and waved her hand to the two men.

"Go on! Get!"

Hannibal helped BA off the table, and quietly left the MASH unit. Liz sighed and began to clean up. Lucille and Heather popped their heads through the door.

"You need any help in here Lt.?" Heather said.

"No thanks."

They nodded and left the building.  Murdock came in without her hearing him. He saw Liz leaning against the counter. She couldn't stop the tears from protruding down her face.  He could hear soft sobs coming from her. He knew she was crying again. The Captain walked over to her and put his arms around her waste. She jumped when he grabbed her from behind.

"Liz, what happened? I saw Hannibal, BA, and Tommy.. they all had wounds of some kind. And from what I saw, Tommy was the worst. I was going to ask them myself, but I didn't catch up to them in time. And I wanted to see how you were holding up."

She turned and faced Murdock with a tear stained face. "I'm fine. Once this war is over, I'll be even much better. Oh...sorry.. you asked me what happened... Well....the guys ran into a VC sniper. Hannibal got grazed in his arm, BA took a hit to the leg which had a clean exit, and ......." Liz gulped. "Tommy tripped and fell on a mine. He.... He didn't make it Murdock.

He pulled her close. "I'm sorry. I know how hard it must be for you to see something so horrible."

"It was not a good day."

"I can see that. And I can also see that somethin' else is eatin' at ya."

She sighed. "Did you know that Gale and Tommy were lovers?"

"I heard rumors about it. But I never asked ...never got involved because it was none of my business."

"Well Gale blames me for Tommy's death. I did everything I could for him. He even apologized to me.  I'm assuming for what happened last week."

Everything started to makes sense. Except for one thing. FACE. "where is he" Murdock thought. His head started to ache at the thought of something happening to his best friend.

"Liz.... Where's Faceman?"

She could here the concern in his voice. Liz put her hand on his face.

"H.M. Face is fine. He went back to the barracks to get some rest. There's not a scratch on him. I'll be heading in that direction after I'm finished here.

"I'll help ya Muchacha."

Before Liz walked away, he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. He kissed her gently. She melted like ice in his arms. She tugged away from him and smiled.

"You're crazy, ya know that Captain?"

"Naw, I'm not crazy....just different.

She swatted his rear end and started cleaning the MASH unit.

After 2 hours of scrubbing and sterilizing, they came out of the MASH unit.

"Man I'm glad I didn't go into the medical field. Too many things you need to remember."

"H.M., it's not that bad." She laughed.

Then she remembered that she was in Vietnam. Murdock put his arm around her as they started walking towards the barracks.

"Liz, it's ok to lose it after the ordeal is over. I'm amazed you can keep your cool in situations like that."

"It's my job H.M. I save lives. I ca do whatever I want... after the fact. But I can't let my feelings and emotions keep getting in the way, while I am doing my job."

"You're just a sensitive person Liz. You can't help the way you feel."

"Murdock! It scared me to death seeing the Colonel and BA in the MASH unit."

"I know. When I saw Hannibal and the Big Guy in there, I didn't know what to think."

"Murdock, I have only been here a short while, and I consider you guys my family. You give me the respect I need. And you treat me as I want to be treated."

"Well, I am glad that you think that way." Murdock glanced at his watch.  Hey, it's almost chow time."

"Well captain, I suggest you try and keep up with me then."

Liz started sprinting towards the barracks. Murdock was side by side with her. But she ran slightly ahead of him. She looked over her shoulder to see how far she had pulled ahead of the lagging Captain, then took an unexpected tumble. Liz yelled in pain as she grabbed her knee. Murdock came to a sliding stop.

"Liz!!! Are you alright?"

"Yeah.... I think I just....."

Gale cut in before She could finish her sentence.

"Have a nice trip... Lt.??" She laughed maniacally.

Murdock walked over to Gale with fire in his eyes.

"Did you trip her Sumter?"

She could see that Murdock was not happy. And the way to upset him, was to intimidate Liz.


"I don't think you are hearing me correctly Sgt. DID YOU TRIP HER?"

"Yeah, I tripped her Captain." She sneered.

Murdock grabbed Gale with a Death Grip.

"Captain, what are you gonna do, hit me? Come on Murdock, you know I like it rough."

He pushed Gale away and went to help Liz stand up.


"Because you owe me lieutenant. You killed Tommy, and stole my rank."

"Gale, you really are looney toons. Tommy's death was not my fault. He died because of this war. I did everything I could to save his life. It was too late. And as far as your rank, I earned my rank back home."

"You are weak Monroe. You don't deserve the rank of a Lieutenant."

Gale turned around and stormed away. Liz blinked back the tears while Murdock helped her up.

"Can ya walk Liz?"

"Yeah, nothing is broken. I think it's just bruised. I fell pretty hard. Uh Murdock. Can I ask ya something?"

They started walking towards the barracks.

"Sure Muchacha, you can ask me anything."

"What did Gale mean when she said, "you know I like it rough?"

He sighed and put his head down.

"You weren't involved with her...were you?"

" HECK NO! That's why she said it. When I was stationed here during my first tour, she took a liking to me. For what reason, that's not known. Her and I didn't click. So I declined to be her lover. She had someone beat the hell outta her and blamed it on me. She finally broke down and confessed she had someone beat her up. For that she was demoted down to sergeant."

"My God! Why wasn't she transferred then?"

"I dunno. But there is word, that Lt. Sanderson might not be coming back from the states?"


"Gale did a number on her too. She messed with her head. And the reason why she left was she had an emotional breakdown."

They stood outside before going into the barracks. Murdock jammed his hands in his pockets and put his head down.

"Hey I wanna see those eyes of yours Captain."

He lifted his head and met her ice blue eyes.

"I will settle this ordeal with Gale. And as long as I have you and the guys, I will be able to get through anything."

She put her arms around Murdock.

"Liz, you have only been here a week. How can you say that whole heartedly?"

"H.M. I get along so well with the 4 of you. It's almost like we were destined to be a team. Now kiss me Captain. That's and order."

"And who is supposed to have the higher rank?"

Murdock looked into her eyes and kissed her lips softly.

Gale knocked on Dan Thomas' door, She had tears in her eyes.

"Gale, what's the matter?"

"It's Tommy."

He took her by the hand and sat with her on the cot.

"What about him?"

"He's dead Dan. Tommy is dead."

Dan felt his heart sink into his stomach.

"What happened?"

"He was on watch point with Colonel Smith. There was a VC sniper, which wounded the Colonel and Sgt. Baracus. But Tommy was trying to run away. He tripped and fell on a mine." Gale sobbed.

Dan gathered Gale up in his arms, fighting back his own tears.

"He is dead because of that poor excuse for a lieutenant."

"Who Peck?"

Dan was beginning to lose the battle for being calm.

" NO!! Lt. Monroe. She wouldn't help him. She told me he was a lost cause."  Gale lied. "She said she was going to let him die for what he did to Captain Murdock."

Dan erupted into a fury of rage.

"That BITCH!!! How could she let my best friend die!!!!!"

"That's why you need to take your anger out on her. SHE is the reason why he is gone. SHE wouldn't help him. And she said....oh nevermind."

" GALE! What else did she say?"

"Nothing it is too..too upsetting."

Dan got up from the cot and grabbed Gale by the shoulders. " DAMN IT GALE TELL ME!!!!"

She started to sob. "When he was dying, he reached up and asked her to help him. She took his hand and told him that he deserved to die. And that it would be a snowball's chance in hell, that she would help him."

Gale saw that Dan was enraged. He paced the room clenching his fists, pondering the pain he would inflict upon Lt. Monroe.

"Any suggestions Gale? How can I get back at her? I need a time and place when no one will be around."

She goes for walk just before she turns in for the night. She checks the stats on the wounded and the sick in the infirmary. Ohhhh.. And she takes a shower right after dinner."

"Shower huh?" Dan said with an evil tone in his voice. "I know exactly what do. Is there anyone with her or in the shower room, or when she leaves for the shower room.?"

"No! She is usually by herself."

"Good! This is gonna be something Lt. Monroe will never forget. See you in the mess hall Gale."

He kissed her forehead and headed out the door. She wiped her tear stained face, and smiled.

"Strike three Lt. You're out.!!

Liz opened the door to find BA lying on the cot, with his leg elevated. Hannibal chewing on a cigar and Face cleaning his gun.

" FACE!" She yelled as if she hadn't seen him in years.  Liz jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly. She pulled away and punched him in the arm.

"OW! What was that for??"

" THAT is for having me worried sick about you!"

Murdock laughed.  "She's a killer with that fist of hers."

"Shut up fool. Or you'll see my killer fists." BA growled.

"Easy big guy, I was just telling Faceman....."

"I don't care what you sayin. I'm tired of your crazy jibber jabber.'

"Easy BA. The Captain didn't say one word to you." Hannibal said as he puffed on his cigar.

"Hannibal you really need to get more chairs or something in here."

"Oh? And why might that be Lt. Monroe.?"

"Because I have no place to sit."

Liz looked around and had an idea. She went over to Face and sat on his lap.

"Nevermind Colonel. THIS seat is nice and comfy."

Face put his gun down and put his arm around her.

"Nice indeed." He tickled her side.

" HEY!! She giggled.

"Hey Muchachos!! It's grub time."

Hannibal took another drag of his cigar. "You're absolutely right Capt'n."
"Just as I get nice and comfy." Liz said as she looked into Templeton's eyes.

"Yeah I was beginning to like being your chair."

"Come on guys."

"OK Colonel." Face and Liz said in unison.

They helped BA off of the cot and headed for the mess hall.

An hour later the five of them came strolling out of the mess hall.

"Gee, nothing like home cooking." Liz said flatly. "I never knew that mashed potatoes were supposed to be runny."

"You'll get used to it Liz. Face, gimme a cigar."

"Sorry Hannibal! I forgot to grab one before we left."

He gave a pouty look to Face. "Oh! Too bad!"

Face sighed. "Alright Colonel, I'll go get you a couple.

Hannibal clasped his hand on his shoulder. Thanks Face, you're a pal."


Templeton started to walk to the barracks when he heard Liz call out to him.

"Wait Temp! I'll go with you. I need to grab some things for my shower."

"See you guys in the Rec. Hall for some poker." Face called over his shoulder.

"Sounds good Lt."

"Which one Colonel?" Murdock chimed in.

"Shut up fool!"

"He's right BA! They're both Lieutenants."

Murdock stuck his tongue out at BA, who just just growled.

"Alright guys, Let's go."

"Awwww Hannibal do we have to play poker? Faceman always cheats."

Hannibal put a hand on the pilot's shoulder. "Captain, its time we beat Face at his own game."

Murdock let out and evil laugh and pretended to pull a cape over his face.

"To the Rec. hall"

BA shook his head at his commanding officer. " Man's crazy!"

"You like poker Liz?"

Liz laughed at Face's question. "Yeah I like poker. As long as people don't cheat."

"What are you insinuating Lt. Monroe?"

"Oh nothing. Just a little feeling I get when I'm around you. Liz intertwined her arm with Face's. " I know that you are a con-man."

"Does that bother you?"

"Nope! Unless the con-man doesn't live up to my expectations."


Liz saw the quizzical look on his face, and laughed. "I was only teasing Face."

"Oh! Right."

" Here's a question for ya. I want you to explain to me how to be a good con-man or woman so to speak."

"Well it's quite simple Elizabeth. The key to any con is placing the mark in a position where he thinks reward will come or harm will be avoided. If he does EXACTLY as he is told by the character assumed by the con-man."

" WOW! What a good analysis of a very complex issue Face."

"Oh thanks. Ya know I should a write a book."

Liz was in hysterics. "No Face, I think a pamphlet will suffice."

"Well here we are." Face announced in a flat voice.

She was about to go through the door when she felt Face gently grab her arm.

"Temp, are you ok?"

"'s nothing we can go in now."

" NO! I'm not going through that door until you tell me what's on your mind."

He sighed and put his head down. "Liz there is so much I'd like to tell you. But I can't risk my friendship with the two people that I care a lot about. Come on let's go in and talk about this. Too many eyes and ears."

They go into the quarters and sit on the cot face to face.

"Now. Lt. Peck, tell me everything! That's an order."

Face ran a hand through his blonde hair. Liz could see the nervousness in Templeton's eyes.

"You've got to promise you won't say anything to the others. Including Murdock."

"I promise."

He let out a sigh and continued. "Liz I don't know where to start. Ever since day one, I have been thinking about you. You are such a beautiful woman. Everything about you is amazing." He got off the cot and paced the room. "It's driving me crazy! I can't sleep at night. All I think about is you. And the worst part about it is...I know I can't have you."

Liz jumped off the cot and stepped in front of Face. He put his head down.

"Templeton, if you mean everything you say, why can't you look at me?"

Face raised his head and met her ice blue eyes. "It's those damned eyes of yours. They are the most intriguing color. Everytime I look into them I get lost."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because, Lt. Monroe, I would like to keep my friendship with the two people that I care deeply about."

"Meaning me and H.M.!"


"Well Lt. Peck, you shared your little secret with me, so I will share mine also."

"You have a secret?"


"Do tell."

"Well I must say that it hasn't been easy for me either. I have feelings for both you and H.M. but I can't have you both. So you think you are going crazy. Try being in my shoes for a day."

"Have you kissed him yet?"

"Yes I have."

Face turned around in defeat. "Well I guess that settles it then." He thought. He grabbed a couple of cigars off the table for Hannibal and put them in his pocket.

"We better get going. You have to get a shower and I have to get these cigars to the Colonel before he goes through withdraw."

Before he started towards the door, Liz put her hand on his shoulder. He turned around and smiled. She walked up and stood in front of him. He put one arm around her waist and drew her close. Elizabeth's heart was racing. He took his free hand and touched the soft skin of her face. He brought his lips to hers ever so gently, and engulfed them in a passionate kiss. Her body was like a blazing fire. She kissed him with raging passion. Liz started unbuttoning his shirt, and untucked it out of his pants.  He let his shirt fall to the floor. As Face kissed her neck, she gasped in pleasure. He started unbuttoning her blouse. And kissed her harder. She stopped and pulled away. He picked his shirt off the floor and put it back on. He looked up at Liz as she was buttoning her shirt. He went over to her and grabbed her hand.

"Liz, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get out of line."

"Templeton, I wanted it as bad as you did. And I still do. But I can't help to think about Murdock."

She looked into his blue eyes. Liz knew they could have gone further if she hadn't restrain herself.

"Some other time.. Not here and not like this. You never know what the future will have in store."

She nodded in agreement.

"Liz what about Murdock?"

She went over to the other cot and reached underneath it for her bathing bag. "What about him.?"

"Are you going to tell him about thin incident?"

"No! Not in this point in time. Things just got too hot. And he doesn't need to know right now."

"Liz made sure she had everything for her shower.

"Well, I'm heading to the Rec. hall."

"Ah.. Face...come here."

She unbuttoned his shirt and rebuttoned it. 'Who taught you how to dress?" She laughed.

"Long story for another time." He gave her a quick kiss on her lips and smiled. "See ya after your shower."

"You can count on it."

He went out and stopped outside the door. "What the hell are you doing Face? He said out loud and started walking to the rec. hall.

Liz grabbed the rest of her things. "How could I let this happen?" she thought. "I am playing with fire." She zipped her bag and headed out the door.

Liz reached the shower room and as always it was vacant. She liked the idea of having a peaceful and relaxing shower.  Lt. Monroe couldn't stop thinking about the events of that evening. She unzipped her bag and retrieved her towel.

"Damn you Templeton Peck for being so irresistible." She said out loud.

She started unbuttoning her shirt. She took off her pants and shirt and laid them on the counter. Thoughts of his touch made her shiver. "Damn it Lt." She thought. She realized nothing was covering her body. "No wonder I was shivering."  She knew the REAL reason but pushed it to the back of her mind. Liz went over to the window and opened it. She turned on the shower and waited for the water to reach her desired temperature. Liz heard the door open. Something's not right." She thought.

" anyone there? She called. " that you?"  "What if it's Charlie?"She thought. This is supposed to be a safe zone. They wouldn't try to over run HQ. Would they? She went for her gun. "Damn I left it back at the barracks. Real slick Lt. she said to herself. Wait a minute! I'm being paranoid. She went back to her shower and felt the water. "Just right." She said out loud. Suddenly without warning, Liz was pinned against the wall. She tried to get out of the attackers grip... but it was too strong.

"Just right indeed lieutenant."

"What do you want?"

"Oh my dear Lt. Monroe, there is so much I want. But one thing I can't have is my best friend back.

He forcefully turned Liz to face him.

"Dan? Dan Thomas?"

"So you remember me?"

"How could I forget! You and Tommy jumped my friends the night Gale attempted to kick my ass."


He pushed her against the wall again.

"What do you want Dan?"

She saw the rage in his eyes. Almost like an animal.

"I told you, I want a lot of things, one of which I can't have. Because you killed him."

Dan pulled Elizabeth forward and pushed her head against the wall with tremendous force. She screamed as the pain shot through her whole body.

"Dan..." She sobbed. " I didn't kill Tommy. He tripped and fell on a mine. I did everything I could. Why can't you and Gale see that,"

He punched her in the stomach and Liz fell to her knees.

" I heard what happened. You wouldn't help him. He begged you. You said he deserved to die."

"That's not true. She said, as she still gasped for air. " Oh my God! Is that what Gale told you? She lied to you Dan. That's not what happened."

He grabbed Liz by her hair and stood her up.

"Gale wouldn't lie to me. I know her better than you do. She would never lie to me."

"Dan listen to me, there are witnesses. I did everything I could for him."

"I told you to shut up." He backhanded her across the face.

"Well if that's the way you wanna play be my guest." She brought her knee into his stomach.

He fell to the ground, and grabbed her foot as she tried to get away. "Not again!" She thought. Liz howled in pain as she landed on her already bruised knee. He dragged her over towards the running water, and got on top of her. She screamed for help.

"Go ahead and scream all you want lieutenant. No one is gonna hear you. They're all in the rec. hall or busy with other things."

"Please Dan, don't do this."

He backhanded her across the face, only this time with much greater force. Liz could taste the blood from her opened lip.

"If you think that was painful Lt., wait till you see what I'm gonna do to you now."

Liz screamed as he started to unbutton his pants.

I don't believe this! Hannibal! You guys have been cheating the whole time."

Hannibal put the cigar in his mouth. "Lt.! I'm shocked. Blaming your commanding officer and his teammates for being cheaters. That's an insult."

"And Murdock, My best friend, of all people."

"Sorry Faceguy. We just decided to beat you at your own game."

BA giggled as Face shook his head.

"Come on Kid, you can't tell me you never cheat."

Face looked at his watch.

"Time for me to check the perimeter. Don't want Charlie to sneak up on us."

Face turned around to walk away.

"Lt. take the radio."

"Yeah man, just in case you see any cheater....I mean Charlie."

Face shot a look at BA, shocked that he would say something to that effect. He lifted his finger and shook his head. He turned and headed for the door.

"Nice BA, Nice!" Hannibal said as he put the cigar between his teeth.

As Face was walking the perimeter, He thought about Liz. He was surprised at himself for not acting uncomfortably around Murdock.

"I'm a con.....I'm supposed to act calm, cool and collective." He thought

He remembered the kiss that led to the past events with Lt. Monroe.

"Why do I have to fall for a woman that my best friend fell for."

Face was nearing the shower room and thought he heard a scream. He paused and listened. He heard it again. He jogged closer to the building. He heard a woman scream.


Face then heard a man reply "Shut up Lt."

" LIZ!!!"

He ran to the building as he was radioing to the Colonel.

"Hannibal it's Face. Get up to the shower room. Liz is in trouble."

"On our way Face."

Confrontations by Kara Kirk