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Triple Decker

Triple Decker
by Val Thomas

Warnings:  This is a slash PWP.  If such is not your cuppa, please do not read further.  It only looks innocuous at the beginning.

Rating: NC-17, slash

Summary:  When Decker, Face and Murdock are caught by the rednecks du jour, they have to find *some* way to break the tension...

Copyright July 2000, Val Thomas





Hannibal gave his traditional smirk and reached for a celebratory cigar from Face's breast pocket.  Face gave him an exasperated look.

"You could've just asked for one, Hannibal," the blond pouted.

Hannibal bit off the tip & spat it on the ground. "More fun this way, Face.  Ahh, I *love* it when a plan..."

"FREEZE!!"  Decker's voice boomed right behind Face, his voice trained to carry in a battle.

"Geez, Decker, a simple hello would suffice!" Face complained, wincing from the sudden loud noise.

"Quiet, Peck!  All of you, hands in the air!  Crane, I want these men cuffed immediately!"

"Uh, sir, we only brought three sets of handcuffs. With Capt. Murdock, we're one set short," Crane explained.

"Then cuff him to one of the others, I don't care, just do it!"

Crane decided to cuff Murdock to Peck.  They were the two smallest so they would likely prove less of a problem cuffed together.  He put the cuff on Peck's right wrist and prepared to cuff Murdock when he turned suddenly and managed to get *his* right hand cuffed as well.  The two men stood awkwardly, right wrists now bound together.

Murdock grinned his trademark goofy grin and laughed. "Hey, look Facey!  We match!"

Face grimaced at his friend.  "Yeah, lovely."

"Leave it!" Decker roared again, drawing another complaint from Face, as Crane started to unlock the handcuffs.  "They want to play cute, let ╬em.  Let's get outta here."  Decker pushed Crane over toward the other two prisoners.

As the men started to move toward the door, the rednecks the Team had thought were vanquished showed back up at the door, guns blazing.  The MP's and the A-Team hit the ground to protect themselves from the random fire.  Since Face, Murdock and Decker were closest to the door, the not-so-defeated rednecks grabbed the three of them and dragged them out the door.

The three men were bundled into the back of a pickup truck, which took off as soon as Decker was cuffed too.  Face smiled at Murdock and produced his ubiquitous lock picks.  He held them up triumphantly...just as the pickup hit a huge hole and bounced.  Face's face fell as he watched his precious lock picks land in the middle of the dirt road.

"Damn!" he shouted.  "That was a new set!"

"Aw, Facey, not the ones Hannibal gave you for Christmas?" Murdock commiserated with his friend.

Face nodded sadly.  "Great, now we're stuck in these things."

Decker exploded.  "What do you mean ╬we're stuck??' You're the great A-Team; you're supposed to get out of anything!"

Murdock grinned over at Face who returned the look. The taller man winked at his partner.

"Oh no!  What will the A-Team do?  Will Faceman and Murdock be able to escape the clutches of the evil Col. Decker, just to fall prey to the bad guys? Stayed tuned for the next episode of..."

"Be quiet, Captain!"  Decker was getting worried.  He had no idea who had kidnapped him and the other two.

The truck came to a stop and four burly men hustled them out of the truck and into a barn of some sort.

"You can put something together like you always do," Decker exclaimed hopefully.

"Nope, that's BA, not us," Murdock said with a grin.

"Damn it!  You have to do something!"

"Personally, I'd settle for getting a little more comfortable," Face muttered.

"C'mon, Faceyguy, let me put my arm around you," Murdock said, matching action to words.  He put his right arm around Face's shoulder and pulled him close.

Decker watched, part fascinated, part horrified.  This was obviously not the first time the two men had sat like that!  They seemed to fit together,

"Ham and eggs?" Murdock asked, reading Decker's mind.

"More like Abbott and Costello," Face teased.

"Or Burns and Allen?"  Murdock snuggled closer to his friend.

"Or Romeo and Juliet?"

Decker looked horrified to see the two men cuddling on the floor of the barn.

They saw his reaction and decided to put on a show for the man.  Face settled back against Murdock's shoulder and smiled up at his taller friend.  Murdock took his cue and kissed his friend squarely on the mouth. Their tongues enjoyed the exercise they had missed for so long.  Between cases for the Team and his own private affairs, Face had been too busy to be able to scam Murdock out of the VA for weeks.

The kiss rapidly deepened until both men were breathing heavily.  Face licked Murdock's lips delicately, making sure Decker saw what he was doing.

Decker couldn't take his eyes off the two men kissing in front of him.  Part of him rebelled against the sight, but part of him was fascinated and intrigued.

Murdock naturally couldn't keep his hands still.  His right was still handcuffed to Face's right but he was equally adept with his left.  His hand moved down to Face's crotch, making the younger man moan right into his mouth.  Face thrust his hips up, trying to maximize the contact.  His cock leapt up at the feel of Murdock's hand.  Brown eyes smiled into blue as Murdock felt Face's reaction to the touch.

With an impish grin over at Decker, he unzipped Face's pants and toyed with the growing erection he found there.  Face moaned again and pulled Murdock's head down closer to his own, kissing him for all he was worth and massaging his head gently.  It was Murdock's turn to moan when Face moved their other hands down to the zipper of the khaki trousers.  Both their hands caressed Murdock's growing erection.  Murdock almost forgot what he was doing as Face's fingers worked their usual magic.

Suddenly Murdock pushed Face away, panting.

"Not unless you brought the lube with you, lover," Murdock panted softly.

Face smiled and reached into his jacket pocket.

"Did you used to be a Boy Scout, Facey?" Murdock asked, delighted.

Face just laughed and brought out a small tube of lubricant.

"Travel size!  It's so small!"

"Not exactly what a man wants to hear from his lover," Face laughed.

Decker still stared at the blatant display, his own arousal growing.  He had never considered another man before, but these two were enjoying themselves so much it was contagious.

Murdock quickly helped Face slip out of his shoes, socks and pants, leaving just the shirt and silk boxers.  When he tried to remove the shirt, he realized he couldn't because of the handcuffs.  He licked Face's chest, rubbing his face in the fair hair so light you almost couldn't see it.  It was there, though.  Murdock loved snuggling Face's chest hair. Face was practically purring when Murdock pulled away to remove his own clothes.  For once he wasn't wearing one of his usual goofy tee shirts, just a casual button down shirt.  They stretched out on the dirt floor of the barn, legs intertwining, mouths pressing together.

Seeing the two nearly naked men was almost more than Rod could stand.  His hand moved of its own free will down to his crotch and began to stroke his own swelling erection.

Face took Murdock's face tenderly between his hands and kissed it from cheek to cheek, forehead to chin. It was awkward, since Murdock's hand was right there too, but Face even managed to kiss his hand too.  He sucked a fingertip into his mouth and played with it with his tongue.  Murdock sighed happily at the sensation and the tenderness with which it was done. One by one Face treated each of Murdock's fingers to the same luxurious attention.  When he finished with the fingers, he worked his way over to his lover's chest.

As much as Murdock loved Face's chest light peppering of chest hair, Face loved Murdock's heavier thatch. The differences between the two men continued to delight them, despite having been lovers for quite some time.  First he just nuzzled the taller man's chest, delighting in the feel of the soft curly hair against his face.  Then he began to lick Murdock's chest, slowly, oh so slowly, letting both of them enjoy the sensations.  He finally settled in on one nipple and proceeded to lick, suck and nip it to full arousal.  By the time he finished with one, Murdock was panting for more.

He grinned and dove for the other one, giving the second nipple as much loving attention as the first. He stared up at Murdock's smiling face as he lavished the hard bud with ardor.

"Awww, Facey, I love it when you do that," Murdock panted.

Face's smile was dazzling.  "I know.  And you love *this* even more," he said as he moved down to his lover's groin.

"Ohhh, Faaaaacccccceeeeee!" the taller man groaned. Face was nuzzling his pubic hair, just breathing in the scent of his lover and tickling him slightly. Murdock wriggled, trying to get Face closer to the part that was standing up for attention.  With the skill born of practice, Face managed to frustrate his lover, teasing him ever more.  He circled the object of his desire, just skirting it.  Murdock's cock was rock hard by this time.  He moaned his frustration softly, which let Face know it was time to stop playing.

After giving Decker a smirk, and his lover a tender smile, Face settled in to enjoy his treat.

Decker watched in fascination as Peck took Murdock's erect cock into his mouth after licking it from base to tip like a kid with a lollipop.  All of a sudden, Peck bit the other man's cock gently, then kissed tenderly where he had bitten.  He alternated licks, nips and kisses until the lanky pilot was pleading desperately for relief.

"God!  Face, please make love to me!  I don't think I can stand much more of this.  Please..."

The con man silenced his lover with a kiss on the mouth, left hand still working on his erection.  "Shh, love.  I haven't even stretched you yet.  It's been so long.  I don't want to hurt you."

He picked up the lube from where Murdock had dropped it and squeezed out a bit onto his fingers.  To Decker's shock, when Peck returned his mouth to the pilot's erection, he stuck one finger up into the man's anus.  Murdock moaned.


The con man just smiled around the other man's cock and wiggled the finger inside his lover.  After a minute, he withdrew the finger, added lube to a second finger and inserted both fingers.

Decker stared open-mouthed as the pilot began to thrust back on the fingers, begging for more.  Without releasing any of the suction he was applying to Murdock's erection, Face grinned over at Decker, who was sporting a bulge of his own just watching the two men.  He continued stroking his lover's prostate in a way calculated to drive him wild within moments.

He finally pulled away from his lover's cock.  "Ready, love?" he asked gently.

"Oh, yeaaaah, Facey, now!" the pilot moaned, positioning himself on his hands & knees.

Decker couldn't stand it any longer.  "'re not going to..."

Face smiled up at the older man.  "Why not?  Do you have any better ideas for how to pass the time?"

"Faaaacccceeeeee!" Murdock moaned again.

The blond man positioned himself behind the pilot and began to thrust into him gently.  Both men appeared to be in heaven, especially when Peck reached around and found his lover's rock hard cock and began stroking it in a rhythm with his thrusts.  They picked up speed as their moans grew louder, Murdock thrusting back as Peck pushed forward.

Peck came first with a loud yelp.  Feeling his lover's juices fill him drove Murdock over the edge and he came almost silently, too close to heaven to make a loud sound.

Decker moaned as he witnessed their combined orgasms. He watched Peck remove his now-spent cock from the other man's ass, panting with the force of his climax.

Murdock smiled up at Decker from his position on the floor.  He nodded at Decker's own bulge and said, "We could help you with that, Colonel."

As Decker tried to demur, the blond raised his head and gave Decker one of *those* smiles...the ones that could get anyone going, man or woman.

"Why don't we do just that, Howlin' Mad?" he murmured, moving toward the Colonel, still with that smile.

Murdock had to follow him closely since they were still cuffed together, grinning ear to ear.

"I don't..." Decker tried to begin, but he was silenced by a pair of soft lips pressing against his own.  He could still taste the pilot on the conman's mouth.

"Shh, Colonel.  Just let us do all the work.  We can manage that little, uh, problem for you," Murdock said with a grin.  "Um, maybe it's not so little after all," he amended as he unzipped the olive trousers. "Face, this looks to be a pretty large problem.  I may need some help."

"Aw, Murdock, I've got my own problem to deal with up here."

Decker absently brought a hand up to caress Peck's face.  Blue eyes stared into lust-filled blue.  Face pulled Decker close again, mouths seeking each other.

As they kissed again, Murdock began working on Decker's penis with his mouth.  Decker moaned into Peck's mouth.  He had never felt anything quite like this before!  One mouth pressed up against his own, another sucking lustily on his erection...  He started to thrust up into the pilot's mouth.  Damn!  The man was talented!  Murdock concentrated first on the thick head, tasting the precum that oozed from the tiny slit.  His tongue teased the minute opening, causing Decker's cock to jump in his mouth.

"Calm down, Decker-bug," Murdock murmured teasingly. "I ain't ready for you to come yet."

Rod groaned his frustration into Peck's mouth.

"Shh, just let us do the work," Face said as he pulled his lips away from Decker's inviting mouth.  He moved to join his lover at the colonel's crotch, finding Murdock's mouth with his own.  For another moment, their lips blended into one, until Decker wiggled impatiently.  The two smiled coyly at each other and moved as one to share the colonel's treasures.

Decker's eyes opened wide as he felt not one, but two tongues licking his genitals.  God, but Smith was a lucky man to have two such talented soldiers under his command!

While the two were pleasuring Decker, Murdock began to stretch his companion by thrusting a well-lubed finger into his asshole.  Face purred as he tried to concentrate on the job before him.  He was successful until Murdock added another finger and began to tease his prostate while stretching him.

After a few more minutes of this pleasure/torment, Peck pulled away and asked, "Ready, Decker?"

Coherent words came with difficulty for the colonel. "Ready?  For what?"

For answer, Face got on his hands and knees and wiggled his butt suggestively.

Decker's mouth dropped open.

"You know you want it," Face purred.

"Uh, I've never..." Decker began.

"Don't worry," Murdock said softly.  "We have."  He guided Decker into position behind Face, putting his bound arms up over the conman's head, so he could support his own weight somewhat.  He winked at his lover as he settled back as far away from the other two as the handcuffs would permit.

Face threw his head back wantonly as Decker began to thrust tentatively into him.  He smiled at the thought of seducing the hitherto straight colonel into action.

Suddenly Decker froze.  He felt something against his own backside.  When he turned to look, he saw Murdock grinning up at him.  Knowing what Murdock was up to, Face squeezed Decker's erection to get his attention. In spite of his trepidation, Decker resumed his action, thrusting nervously up into the warm hole in front of him.

Murdock licked Decker's ass again, a long, slow, wet process.  He pulled the tight globes apart with one hand and licked again, sighing happily as his did so. He paused for a moment when he arrived at the tight pucker that was his true goal, licking around it delicately.

Decker didn't know what to make of the sensations he was feeling.  It was unacceptable in the US Army for two men to have intercourse but this felt...incredible!  Peck's ass was so tight it was better than taking a virgin.  And what Murdock was doing from behind...!  The pilot's tongue was working its way slowly up and down his cleft, pausing each time at his anus, teasing it gently.

Murdock started to push his tongue into Decker's asshole, letting the moist heat from his mouth loosen the muscle gently.  Decker sighed as he began to relax his anus deliberately, loving the feelings he was receiving.  As Murdock began to tongue-fuck his superior officer, Decker changed his rhythmic thrusting to match the tempo the pilot was setting. When the tongue-fucking stopped, Decker looked up, lost.  Now that the anal muscle was relaxing somewhat, Murdock swapped a well-lubed finger for his tongue. Decker gave a start as he felt that first finger enter him, wriggling inside his ass, sending chills up inside him.  He continued to thrust blindly into the willing ass in front of him.

The pilot continued to stretch the colonel, preparing him to accept more than just fingers.  Murdock's cock was pulsing again, anxious to join in the fun before him.  With an impish grin, Murdock began to massage Decker's pleasure center for the first time in his life.  Decker let out a yelp, making Murdock's grin even bigger.

Finally judging the man to be ready, Murdock withdrew his fingers carefully from the now-stretched anus. He'd managed to get three long fingers inside, but now it was time for Decker to lose his virginity.  When Decker whimpered at the loss of the fingers, Murdock patted him on the behind, soothing him.

After smearing the last of the lubricant on his weeping erection, Murdock positioned himself behind their antagonist.  With only the use of one hand because of the cuffs, he couldn't pull the tight buttocks apart *and* guide his cock to Decker's waiting hole so he just aimed and began to push inside the panting colonel.  He aimed straight for the virgin prostate, thrusting up against it delicately at first, then a bit harder as the man moaned loudly.

The three men found a rhythm they could all enjoy, their moans and sighs punctuated by the slapping on balls on ass.  Face, as the one on the bottom, was holding up the weight as best he could, his slender frame hiding more muscle than one would expect.

Peck's little cries and moans of pleasure were stimulating Decker more than he would have imagined possible.  Both of them were trembling, on the verge of orgasm.  Face found himself wishing he had some way of reaching his own penis, to bring himself to completion.  He couldn't use one of his own hands without losing his balance.  It was awkward enough with his and Murdock's wrists bound together.  That put Murdock slightly off balance, having one hand on the floor while he was topping someone else.

"Decker," Peck panted in frustration.  "Please?  I can't reach... Please?"

Without even realizing what he was doing, the colonel began to pleasure Face with both hands.  The conman cried out as he felt the rough hands encircle his throbbing erection and begin to fondle him.  The sensations were almost too much.

They were too much for Decker.  The combination of feelings he was getting from pleasuring and being pleasured, thrusting and being thrust into overwhelmed him.  He came with a loud roar of bliss.

Face winced as he heard the cry of ecstasy.  The man was just so loud!  Then he felt Decker's cum spurt into him, filling him with warmth, causing him to react in a similar manner.  His hot juices spurted out on Decker's hands as he climaxed for a second time with a sound close to a purr.

Within about a minute, Murdock climaxed himself, the contractions of Decker's tight ass milking his cock of all its seed.

The three men collapsed into a heap on the barn floor.  Just as they were sorting themselves out, the door burst open.

Hannibal stared at the sight that met his eyes.  His captain and lieutenant lay mostly nude, tangled in a mound of flesh with their worst enemy, all three sweaty and sated.

"Talk about a ╬triple Decker' sandwich!" he quipped with a smirk.

BA just giggled.


Triple Decker by Val Thomas



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