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by Diana

(copyright Diana, 3rd of June 2000)

Rated: G

Archive : yes please

Summary: Something has come over the team... Something BAD...

THREE somethings.. each 15 years old........

Warnings: This is all ment to be humourous. This story is not ment to

hurt people. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Warning 2: If you can't help yourself and you

HAVE to laugh: don't choke.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the A-team. But the
characters Cassandra (Cas), Jennifer (Jen),and Angela (Angel), were
created by me. They are based on myself, Giesje and Elske who are also on
the list.

Enjoy my story. This is the my first try at fanfic. Any comment is


All was settled then..... All?

"Why me? I hate high heals!"

Three young ladies stood in front of a mirror. One was trying to keep herself standing on the high heals. "You two are much better at walking on high heals. I don't wanna go...."

"It's your turn. Here, put on some lipstick."

The one on high heals looked in the mirror nervously.

*sigh* "How do I look?"

"You look great. Nobody will recognize you."

"Let's just hope Nobody isn't anywhere around then." she smiled.

She took a few steps.

"Whoa! I'm not good at this..."

"You'll get the hang of it... eventually.."

"Well, that's comforting. So, I have to contact someone at a hotdog stand. Bet he'll give me a hotdog with a message on the napkin."

"You don't think they have changed either, do you?"

"Nope. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Yipe!"

"Try to keep your balance. And... Good luck."

"Thanks. I'll need it."

She walked away clumsy on the high heals, got on her scooter and drove away.. The two other girls walked back into the small house.

"You think he'll see her through?"

"Let's hope not. I think she can manage it."

It took her a few minutes to find the hotdog stand. She walked towards the man standing behind it.

"Hello? I'm supposed to meet someone here.. Have you seen anyone?"

"Lady, I run a hotdog stand. Don't ask me. But IF you ask me: It's too cold out here for anyone to show up. I think you'll be waiting a long time. Here, have a hotdog. It's on the house." Hannibal handed over the hotdog. She took it.

"Thank you for the note, John." she thought.

But she only said "Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Hey, is that the guy you're supposed to meet?"

She turned around. Nobody was there. When she turned back to the stand, the man was gone. Well, there WAS someone behind the stand. But it was someone completely different.... She smiled and looked in the napkin. Then she drove away.

Back at the house she showed the napkin to her friends.

"He hasn't changed. Still the same trick with the napkin and the disappearing-trick. Such guys don't easily give up their habits."

She smiled.

"When will you meet him again, Cas?" Angela asked.

"Tomorrow. Then he'll probably hear me out about our 'problem'. I'll have to make something up." She started thinking. "I think I'll stick to the extortion story. Let's hope they buy it..."

Jennifer took her notebook. "There should be no surprises. I contacted that journaliste. It was very hard to find her, but I succeeded. She told me enough. Here. I wrote some things down."

"If we didn't have you and our eyes, we couldn't see a thing....."

"I still don't get the joke..."

Hannibal sat down in the van and took off the fake mustache.

"How did it go?" Murdock asked.

"No problem. Nice lady. I think she's okay, but first I want to know why she contacted us. Mr Lee will hear her out tomorrow... It's nice to have some jobs between Stockwell's missions. He won't see it through, and we earn some money at the same time." Hannibals thoughts went to some other missions they had done behind Stockwell' back. Then his thoughts went to the girl who contacted him. Was it a girl or a young lady? Hannibal grinned. "That girl will be nice for Face. A bit young though..." His eyes moved to the 'Vette driving behind them. To the blondhead in it... "Nice."

"Cas, Jenny, this is the most recently taken picture we've received. HM Murdock, BA Baracus, Templeton Peck, John Smith." Angela showed them the picture. As she said the names, she pointed on the picture.

"Think it'll work, Jenny?" She asked.

"I'm sure everything will work out just fine. We have enough information." Cassandra interrupted their little conversation.

"Jen, Angel, I think we have taken enough preparations. I'm gonna practice some more. I you need me, I'll be in the backyard." She walked towards the backdoor and pulled her gun.    


Half past ten. The street-lights were already on. People were going home. It was getting dark outside as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon. "It's time for Mr Lee's appointment with the fair lady... BA, can you drop me off at the next corner?" The van stopped and Hannibal got out. He walked towards the meeting place, stood against the wall and waved at the van. BA started the engine and drove away.

A few minutes later Cassandra got on her scooter and left. "Well, let's see if our scheme will work. Bye." She waved at Jennifer and Angela standing in the doorway. She was already late. Ignoring all traffic signes she hit the gas and raced between the cars towards the place described on the napkin.

When she finally arrived there she parked her scooter against the wall and walked towards a man standing against it.

"Hello? Are you Mr Lee?"

Hannibal looked up. He saw the same young lady from the hotdog stand.

"Yes that's me. Who's asking?" he replied.

"I got a note. It said I had to see you..." He started hearing her out and she told him the 'problem'. Extortion in the neighbourhood...

Again the disappearing-trick and a note. The warehouse at the corner of fifth and main. Perfect. Enough space, lots of barrels. And still a whole day left for preparations... Satisfied she drove home.

"We have enough time, but remember, Angel, Jenny, we have to be cautious. They have a reason for being wanted, you know. I'm getting some sleep. Angel, I think for once I will get up as early as you always do. Could you wake me? I hate the noise of the alarm-clock.."

"Okay. See ya tomorrow."

Murdock looked at Hannibal. "When?"

"They'll meet us at the warehouse tomorrow evening at eleven. We need a place to stay til then. Face?" Hannibal turned to Face.

"Aw Hannibal! That needs time and delicate preparation. I can't just find us a place in five minutes. C'mon!" Face pulled out every excuse to get himself out of that job. He always had to find a place within a few minutes. What was Hannibal thinking? That he could just pull out his charmes and have a hotel-room in no time? No way!

"You'll figure something out, won't you Face?" Hannibal smiled.

The next morning, a quarter past ten in the warehouse "Don't worry. We've practiced enough. And they WILL show up. Nothing to worry about."

Hannibal openned the door. "Sorry to have kept you wai....?! There's no-one here! I'm sure I gave her the note!" He started to doubt himself. He looked around searching for the young lady. He took a few steps to let the other ones enter. Everybody entered. But Face hadn't taken two steps or he hit the floor "Oww!"

"What the... Face!!" Murdock yelled.

"He's out." BA concluded "What hit him?"

And the answer hit Murdock like a ton of bricks. It WAS a ton of bricks.. Murdock went down too. He fell on top of Face.

"BA, stay with them." Hannibal pulled his gun and walked carefully into the large warehouse.

Whispering: "Let's split up. Cas, you go for Baracus. He's unarmed.

We'll take Smith."

Their footsteps trained to be silent. Their aim trained to kill...


When Hannibal woke up, the light hurt his eyes. "He's awake."

Hannibal looked up. His eyes only asking one question: "What happened?" Before him, Hannibal saw a young woman in training suit.

He looked around and saw two other women. Also young and in training suit. One looked farmilliar. It was Cassandra. She looked at him. "You don't recognize me, do you?"

Hannibal nodded yes. "You're the lady who contacted us. Who are you?"

"That's not important. First I'll take care of Peck. He got quite a bang out of our little stunt." She walked away to a sofa against the wall. On the sofa lay Face. Still unconscious.

In the middle of the room there were three chairs with Hannibal, BA and Murdock on them. All three handcuffed at hands and feet. BA and Murdock had heared the little conversation. BA still frustrated by what happened. He got knocked down by someone who was smaller than him, less stronger. And what made it worse: It was a woman!

"Jen, how is he?" Cassandra bended over Face's head.

"I think he's okay. But he'll have a major headache when he wakes up." Jennifer replied.

"What went wrong? He should have woken up by now."

"I guess I made a slight miscalculation. Maybe I made a mistake by calculating the weight for both Murdock and Peck. Or it had more speed the first time."

Face moaned.

"He'll be fine. Let him rest."

Cas turned back to Hannibal. "I'm Cassandra. This is Jennifer and that is Angela." Hannibal looked at her.

"Why have you captured us?" he asked.

"Because that's what we're trained for." Jen said. Hannibal's eyes went to Jennifer and back to Cassandra standing in front of him. "Trained for?"

"Yes, trained. We followed several trainings." Cassandra explained "We can handle almost every weapon and we turned out to be the best in our group at militairy.."

"You are MP!"

"Not exactly." Cassandra took her camera and started making pictures of Hannibal, Murdock, BA and unconscious Face. She continued explaining. "You could say we're also soldiers of fortune. But we don't do it to get a pardon as you do."

"How do you know that?" Hannibal asked surprised.

"That must remain secret." She smiled.    

Face openned his eyes. "So, you finally woke up too. How is your head?" He looked around to see where the words came from. The room was still spinning around. And his head was ringing like a church on Sunday morning. His eyes saw two young women sitting on chairs next to the sofa he was laying on. And one standing. All in training suits. And he saw his fellow team members all being tied up in chairs. With a shock he realized they were being held hostage. He wanted to jump up and free his friends, but as he tried to get up, he got dizzy and fell back on the sofa. "He's still weak. Give him some food to strengthen up."

"I think we can call him now. Angel, will you call him? I'm going to develop the pictures."

Angela walked into the other room and took the phone. She dialled a number "Hello? ... Yes, this is Angela. We've got them. What's next? ... Say what?!! After all the trouble we've been through? ... Very well then.." She hung up. "Jen, Cas!! Come in here, will ya. We've got a slight problem.

"You've proven yourselves. I will let you know when it is time." Stockwell sat down in his chair. Finally. He had found just the right team...

Hannibal saw the two young women walk into the room. What were they up to? And how did three young women manage to concur the team?

He tried to remember. He had walked into the warehouse. Listening for every sound. Holding his gun. He had heared something at his right side. Carefully he walked around the barrels that stood there. There was nothing. When suddenly it felt like there was someone behind him. He turned around. He stood eye in eye with a young lady. In a training suit and with blond hair. She pointed a 9 mm revolver at him. "Boo."

As he kicked the gun out of her hands he got hit by something from behind. Then everything had turned black. The blond lady. That was the one called Angela. He had to admit it: They had planned this all very well and very professional. He looked at BA and Murdock. Murdock was quite overwelmed by the young ladies. They earned his respect alright. But what about BA? Well, BA was still very unhappy. He got knocked down by a woman! When Face and Murdock got hit he stayed with them like Hannibal said. It didn't take long for him to feel that something was wrong. As soon as he had turned around he got hit with a pipe by the one named Cassandra. Only thinking of it made him mad.

A woman!!!

Cassandra, Angela and Jennifer came walking out of the room.

Face tried to stand up. Although the room was still spinning before his eyes he succeeded. He looked at Hannibal. "Could someone tell me what happened here?" Hannibal easily explained. "They captured us.."

"What are you going to do with us?" Face asked Jennifer.

"Nothing. Things have changed suddenly. You can go." They started to unleache their handcuffs. "I'm gonna hang Stockwell for this." Jennifer cursed quietly. "Stockwell?!" sounded from four different directions. "You know Stockwell?"

"I'm sorry you had to go through all this."

"You're sorry?!! We went through hell!!" Four angry faces looked at Stockwell. "I know. And I am truly sorry. But I couldn't let you in on it. They had to prove themselves first." Stockwell apolagized.

"Prove themselves?!!" BA shouted. "I got beaten by one lowzy girl, damned!!"

"Don't be angry. They are trained for such things. They volunteered for the next mission, but first I had to test them."

"Just tell me one thing." Face started "Did you help them?"

"No I didn't. I only gave them the assignment and some information about you. I didn't think they would need any more help. I know how well trained they are. You see, I payed for their training..." The team was startled. "Meet me tomorrow in the warehouse. They'll be there too. Oh, and may I advise you NOT to take any more jobs behind my back..."

BA, still pissed off, sat down in the warehouse. The others were walking around nervously. Why did Stockwell send for them? What was the next mission? And what did those ladies have to do with it? Cassandra and Angela went to BA.

"Are you still angry?" Cassandra asked. No answer.

"Aw, c'mon Baracus. Don't feel too bad about it. You were unprepared to get beaten up by three teenagers." Angela tried to cheer him up.

"Yeah." Cassandra agreed. "I don't think we would have defeated you if you knew what we were up to or how we work."

BA looked up at them. They could see a little smile forming on his face. And his eyes were shining like little stars...

Meanwhile Face sat down near Jennifer. He tried to start a conversation.

"So, you're the one that hit me."

"Yes I am. So don't try anything on me of I'll hit you again." she joked. "How is your head."

"It's okay. You know you're a very special woman."

"And I'm also fifteen years old.." Face looked at her in full disbelief. It was quite a shock.

"How old are you all?" Murdock asked.

"We're ALL fifteen years old."

"How did you get us at your house then..?" Hannibal couldn't believe it. But the answer came as if it was nothing.

"That was easy. We drove you."

"You... drove us?"

"Yes we did. We put you in the back of that van along with my scooter. I watched over you, Angel drove the van and Jenny drove that white Corvette."

"My Van!!!" BA shouted.

"My 'Vette!!" Face shouted.

"I see you're already getting along." Stockwell interrupted the 'conversation'. "Members of the A-Team, I'd like to introduce you to The Fire-Eagles: Cassandra, Angela and Jennifer. Cas, Angel and Jenny for short. They will work with you on you next mission... To test their capabilities I gave them the assignment of capturing you. This way I now am sure they will be able to keep up with you." Everybody turned to Stockwell. "Cas, can I have the pictures? Just to be sure you succeeded."

Cassandra gave him the pictures. As Stockwell looked at them he started to laugh. "I think I'm gonna keep these for my photo album."

"Your mission will be very dangerous this time.." Stockwell continued.

"Isn't it always?"

"Ahem. May I continue please, Mr Peck? As I was saying, your mission will be very dangerous. That is why you will coöperate with The Fire-Eagles."

"Maybe you didn't get it, Stockwell. We work alone." Hannibal objected.

"This time you don't. I have already sent twenty of my best men. Only two came back. You're NOT working alone. It is much too dangerous."

"And what would you care?!"

"I do care. There are about 120 people being held hostage. Because they discovered my men, they also killed some hostagers.

They have already killed 25 people, my men included. Can I finish my story now?!! Thank you. In Durham there are 120 people being held hostage in a small Theme Park. The hostage takers have sealed it hermetically. There's no way of getting in or out. Almost. The two men that escaped gave us information how to get in. But after getting in they got in trouble, so the rest will be up to you from then on."

"Why would anyone take hostagers in a Theme Park?" Hannibal wondered.

"We don't know. There's no way of negotiating. We have no demands, nothing."

"Never mind. First let's get there. Where is Durham?" Hannibal asked.

"North-Carolina." Jennifer knew.

"In that case we'll have to... fly."

BA was sleeping, Hannibal was reading and Face was getting pretty bored. Suddenly Murdock's voice sounded through the intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen. We're about to land. Thank you for... What?!! Face!!!!!"

Face rushed to the cockpit. "What's wrong?"

"Where did you scam this plane?!!"

"Erm.. I'm not so sure you want to know.."

"Tell me!!"

"It was standing somewhere... Next to some other planes that... needed fixing.."

"Jesus, Face!! The landing-gear doesn't work!!"

The plane hit the runway. About five hundred meters further than they should have landed, it stopped.

"Everybody okay back there?" Murdock yelled.

"We're fine.. Nobody's hurt." Angel replied.

"In that case: Thank you for flying with Howlin' Mad Air.. "

That was the moment BA woke up:



"Three days? That's quite long."

"I know Angel, but I can't give you your orders any sooner."

Angela was on the phone with Stockwell.

"Okay then. We'll wait. But please hurry up."

"I'll do my best. See you in three days... Bye"

"Bye." Angela hung up and walked towards the others. "We'll have to find a place to stay. Stockwell needs three days. Then we'll get our orders."

"Very well. We'll have no choice, do we?"

"Face?" Hannibal grinned.

Face sighed and drove away. Why did Hannibal tease him so much? It wasn't his fault he had a 'feeling' for scamming things... He'd get Hannibal for this. And with that thought his eyes started to shine like little stars. He smiled. As he drove to the nearest phone cell he started working out his little 'surprise' for Hannibal.

"Well everybody, we'll have to wait till Face returns.." Hannibal looked at a few seats in the main hall of the airport. "Let's sit over there."

Five hours later...

Hannibal looked at his watch. Everybody was getting inpatient. He tried to cheer them up. "Hey, Face must have found a pretty good hotel if he's staying away that long."

No reaction.

A white corvette stopped in front of the main hallway. They all stood up.

"Hiya Face." Hannibal smiled. "And? Did you get us a nice hotel?"

Face smiled back "One of the best in town... but I did have to make up a little story."

"Well Face.. what did you 'arrange'?" Hannibal asked curiously.

"Well, Hannibal.... what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking of a miljardair with three nice young ladies and a body guard." Hannibal pointed at the girls and BA. Face nodded yes. "You know me so wel." Hannibal smiled "A limousine driver" He pointed at Murdock. Again Face nodded yes. "and an accountmanager." He wanted to point at Face but then suddenly noticed Face having a big smile on his face and that he was pointing at HIM. "You are the accountmanager. This one's for last time. You just expected me to find a hotel in five minutes... No way you can be the miljardair."

"Oh, and why can't I?"

"I already arranged everything..." Face smiled again.

They entered the hotel. BA was walking next to Face, looking like a real bodyguard with his black suit and sunglasses. Jessica, Angela and Cassandra seemed to have fun playing Face's girlfriends. So did Face. Murdock parked the limousine and then joined them. Hannibal was walking behind Face, but he wasn't looking so happy with the clipboard in his hands and his glasses, through which he couldn't see a thing. Face seemed to enjoy himself, though.

They walked towards a lady behind a counter.

"May I help you?" She asked.

"Yes, I have booked a large suite." Face replied.

Angela got a very mean idea seeing Face standing there, acting like the spoiled miljardair. "Oh, Jimmy, can we go to the swimming pool?"

Face looked surprised but realized he had no choise but playing along. "Now, now, girls. There's no time for that." He tried to stop the conversation. "C'mon, Jimmy, you have to take good care of your wives." The woman behind the counter looked up. "Three wives?" She asked. "Why yes." Angela replied cheekily. "Never heard of a harem before?"

"And what is your name?" The lady quickly turned to a computer.

"Erm..Mr. Doyle." Face started blushing "I..I have booked suite 783."

"Oh THE Mr. Doyle." The woman shook up.

Hannibal was looking unhappier and unhappier as the conversation continued. That could have been him standing there. Looking like a miljardair. Being served like a miljardair. Receiving the keys to a large a miljardair. It's not fair, it's not fair.

They entered the suite. Their suitcases were brought in by a young man. "Well hello Mr Doyle." He walked towards Face. "Do you like the suite?"

"It's very nice." Face replied.

"Well, It's one of the largest suites we have." The boy told them.

"Here's a minibar, there the kitchen. Here are bedrooms, and some closets for cloths. I hope you will enjoy your stay."

"Thank you."

Then Jennifer suddenly got a mean idea. "Ah, Jimmy." she giggled. "Won't you give him a tip?"

Face sighed. "Here you go." he murmeled as he pushed the boy 10$ in his hands.

"Thank you mister." The boy replied happily and he left the room.

The next three days would be full of waiting.. and waiting.. and even more waiting....

They all sat on the couch. Hannibal looked at his watch. "Stockwell, why did you have to come banging our door at 2 'o clock at night?"

"I'm sorry, but this can't wait. The hostage keepers claim they have bombs placed in and around the theme park. But I still don't have any vital information about them."

"Oh great! And you have to wake us up so you can tell us you have no information?! That's just prime!"

"Lieutanant Peck.. WILL YOU SHUT UP!! I haven't slept in three days, so you have nothing to complain about!

Now.. you will have to try and enter the theme park tomorrow evening, when you have darkness, and free as many people as possible before they set off the bombs.. that is, if there ARE any bombs."

" *sigh* We'll have to get some sleep then. Where shall we meet tomorrow?" Cassandra asked.

"I will see you in front of the church in the centre of town." Stockwell replied. "I will guide you behind the park, but then you're on your own." And without saying another word, Stockwell left to get some sleep himself.

"Here is where my men entered the building. From there I can't tell you what might happen..." Stockwell turned around.

"Thanks... I think." Jennifer said.

Stockwell turned his head. "Don't thank me.. Just survive." Then he left.

"Let's see what we've got.." Cassandra picked up her gym-bag and pulled out: "A lot of grenades, some small pistols and also large rivals."

"I think that's all the ammo we can carry and still be able of moving." Jennifer concluded.

"I think we'd better split up." Hannibal suggested.

"Face, Murdock, you go with Angela."

"Hannibal, everyone calls me Angel. Remember?"

"Sorry.. okay then.. you two go with ANGEL."

"BA, you're with Jennifer."


".... Jen."

"And I'll go with Cassan.... CAS."

The girls smiled.      

They entered the theme park through the sewers. Face, Murdock and Angela then went above ground and started in the East Corner of the park, where they immediately ran into trouble...

They walked towards the rollercoaster.

"Do you hear that sound?" Face asked.

"Yes, It's the rollercoaster. Look!" Murdock pointed at it.

They saw the wagons moving really fast. And then, Angel noticed silhouettes...

"There are people in that thing!" She shouted.

They pulled their guns and the rest of the time the only thing they did was shooting and running. They finally reached the control room of the rollercoaster, from where they managed to shut down several other attractions.

But the shooting continued, making it impossible to reach the people inside the wagons, which hadn't stopped at the exit.

"We'll have to get them later. First, let's try to clear the area and get out of this alive!" They moved on to the next part of the East Corner.

Meanwhile, BA and Jennifer went North, finding nothing but... trouble. They stumbled upon the ferris wheel.. which also started to lead a life of its own. With people in it. But their attackers kept firing as if they were living for it. And they also had no choice but to fire with everything they had and try to shut down as many things as possible. That is how all three teams were working. Trying to shut down every part of the theme park, so they would finally find the place from where the hostage keepers worked. They would meet again in the center of the park, as they agreed. Face, Murdock and Angel were walking towards the center, when suddenly they spotted two people. They immediately pulled their guns and got out of plain sight, and when they were close enough they jumped out, pointing their guns at.. Hannibal and Cas. "Face, I know we sometimes disagree, but don't you think you're overdoing it this time?"

Hannibal and Cas had went South so there was one corner left. "You've shut down as much as possible from the East and North?" Hannibal informed. They nodded yes. When BA and Jen arrived and had confirmed the same, Hannibal continued. "Okay, So did we, but we haven't met the hostage keepers, so they must be in the West Corner."

"Figures." Face complained. "We're going through every corner and they have to be in the last one..."

"No complaining Face. We have to do this. C'mon. We'll keep the same teams and approach from different directions. Be sure to take out as many things AND people as possible."

They slowly moved though the entire West Corner, shutting down machines and people. Then they stumbled upon a watchtower, hidden from plain sight from visitors, and a perfect spot to watch intruders. But how to get there? The way in was either by climbing up over the metal construction or bringing down the entire tower..      


"I have an idea." Angela started. "We can also try to bring the elevator down."

"And how are you planning to do that then?" Murdock asked.

The girls didn't reply, but they started to work on the elevator.

"We were kinda prepared for this, so we brought some stuff." Jennifer openned a little suitcase she brought.

"You see," Cassandra explained, "Jennifer is our BA.. sorta."

BA looked over Jennifer's shoulder as she professionally connected several wires and attached a large battery to it. As soon as she connected the last wires, the elevator started coming down.

"Get ready." Cassandra pulled her gun.

As soon as the elevator openned, two armed men came out, but they didn't get far..

The elevator went up slowly with the weight of four men and three girls. When the elevator openned.. there was nobody there.. they searched the entire tower, but found nobody.

"Then, where are they?" Face wondered.

As they went down again with the elevator, Face got his answer..

They had a clear sight of the three other corners they had visited earlier... and saw four main attractions getting blown up. Two of them were the rollercoaster and the ferris wheel. It wasn't hard to see there wouldn't be any survivors.

Everybody was shocked. Nobody could say a thing.. They COULD say that they should have freed the hostagers first, but that wasn't true. They all would have been shot down one by one. But it wasn't comforting..

"Now what?" Someone finally broke the silence.

Cas looked up. It didn't matter who asked it. Nothing mattered anymore. They failed their mission.

"Let's blow this place sky high..... I assume you placed them too?"

Angel and Jen nodded. "We brought plastic explosives. We agreed to attach them to as many attractions as possible. You must have noticed we were always a bit behind.."

As they ran for the exit of the park, shooting, falling, jumping,

Cas, Angel and Jen pulled out self made 'remotes' and activated them.

"Now you'll see why we got our name... We call this one the 'Fire Eagle'." After these words were spoken that Cas, Angel and Jen stopped and looked around. The A-team followed their gaze. Then there was silence.. and a large explosion. As the fire rose went up to the sky, it looked like a bird, heading for the sky...

"And we didn't even find out why they did this.."

"I have an announcement to make.." Stockwell started.

"Don't you think you've caused us enough trouble?" BA looked at him in anger. They were all sitting at the hotel Face scammed.

"Let me finish. First of all, there are no survivors."

"Great! Did you come all the way here to rub it in .. or?"

"Second of all, there WERE no hostagers.." Stockwell stopped talking to see the reactions.


"What do you mean?!?"


"There were no hostagers!! The park was closed when they took over te park. The manager of the park somehow wanted to 'promote' his park. As we found out this morning he had followed several therapy sessions some years ago. To make it short, he is a sick man... There never were any hostagers.."

"And what about the people in the rollercoaser?"

"And the ferris wheel?"

"Puppets.. The theme park also had a wax statues gallery that was about to be openned next summer. It was on the other side of the watchtower in the West corner. The puppets were used to create the illusion of hostagers."

"Thank you for telling us Stockwell. It is nice to know we didn't really cause the death of those people."

Everybody nodded in agreement.

"I just wanted to share this information with you."

"Thank you, but please.. give me this information BEFORE I start getting nightmares of the victims.."

"I will." Stockwell left.

"I still can hardly believe it.."

"Me neither.. but let's not think too much about it.. We'll have to leave in a few hours, so let's enjoy. The three girls jumped on the couch and started to fight about the remote control. Finally, the TV flashed on. The four grown men were staring at them.

Jen looked up. "Oh, what do YOU want to see?"

No answer.

"Guys?" Angel asked worried.

The men approached.

"Hey! Wait a minute! What are you doing?"

The team picked the three ladies of the couch and dragged them towards... the closet..

"No! Don't do that! Hannibal! Face!"

"Murdock let me go!"

"C'mon BA!"

The door closed.

"Guys?! Let us out!"

"This ain't funny!"

"You're kidding right? Let us out!"


Followed by the 'Vette, the Van disappeared around the corner. It had a really happy BA behind the wheel.

"We got them.. " He giggled.    

THE END      

Fire-Eagles by DianaK