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The Obvious is Never Obvious 1-6

The Obvious is Never Obvious
© Kill Joy Writer 2000

Rated: R

Summary: The team is on a seemingly normal case, but don't judge a book
by its cover
Warning: This story contains: violence (little blood), a small bit of
bad language,  and mental illness

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Part I

Miss Rachel Hayden was waiting for her boyfriend.  He had called and said that it was urgent.  She was worried because he would never make an imperative call to her, unless he was in deep-deep trouble.  She heard a door open fast and then slam just as quick.

"Rachel, are you here?!" A voice yelled.

"Yes, Floyd. What's wrong?"  She asked.

Floyd grabbed both her arms and stated. "Look, Rachel, I don't have much, so just listen. Okay?"

Rachel looked into his deep blue eyes and slowly nodded.

"You see," Floyd began, "I got into a crowd, I should not have joined, and now I am in a lot trouble with them.  So, if I don't come back tomorrow, I just want you to know that I love you."

"But, wh..." Rachel started to comment, but Floyd cut her words off, kissed her, and then left her alone in the empty room.  She looked out the window and watched as he pulled away.

Later that evening

Floyd entered a dark apartment.  He was about to turn on the lights when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps.  He stopped and drew out a gun  and a flashlight from his jacket pocket.

"Whose there?" Floyd yelled into the darkness.

A figure stepped into the light of the flashlight.  Floyd saw who it was and lowered the gun.

"Oh, I'm sorry.  I did not realize who it was," He explained to the person.

The next sound to be heard from the apartment was a bullet going straight into Floyd's brain.

Part II

Two young women, standing in front of a bank, were angrily arguing at one another.

"Rachel, what are we doing here in LA.?  We should be try looking for the killers.  Not trying to find this A-Team, Which, personally, I don't think exists,"  One of the ladies furiously remarked.

"Look, Maddie, the police listed it as a suicide, but I heard Floyd say he was in trouble, and now he is dead.  From what I've heard, the A-Team is the best team to hire in these types of cases," Rachel explained.

"But what does that have to do with withdrawing money from this bank," Maddie asked.

"I'm not sure, but when I am, you will be the first one I explain it to." stated Rachel.

"Ha, ha," Maddie sarcastically retorted.

The two went inside.  Rachel quickly looked around, and then hesitantly went up to one of the bank tellers.

"Excuse me sir, but I would like to withdraw $300," Rachel said to the man..

" I'm sorry, my dear, but in me old age sometmes I can't hear what oter people say," The old man replied.

"I SAID, I need to withdraw $300!!"

"Thank you, hon.  Okay, account number?" He inquired.

"2-4-5-8-3-3-4-8," She whispered to him.

"Juth a moment, my dear," He stated.

In a black with red trim van a few feet away from the bank, two men were diligently working on a computer.  They were looking at a blue screen, and one of them was typing in Rachel's account number.  After a few minutes, the other reported, "She's clean Hannibal.  No military connections."

Meanwhile back in the bank, Rachel impatiently waited for her money or the old man to come back.  She was about to leave when suddenly the man came back.  He did not have her money.  This made her really mad. "Where is my money?" She furiously yelled.

The old man said, "Right tis way 'oney."

"I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE, UNTIL I GET MY MONEY!" Rachel gritted through her teeth.

"But I thought you wanted to see the A-Team?" He whispered under his breath.   That last comment made her eyebrow raise.

"Yes, I do," She murmured to him.

"Then follow me, The man stated.

The three walked outside and to the black van.  The door of the van was opened to reveal a young man with blond hair and deep blue eyes smiling at them, and a huge black man sitting in the driver's seat.  He was also grinning.

The old man pulled off his beard and a wig that had been placed on his head and unveiled the head of the A-Team.

"Hello Miss Hayden.  My name is Hannibal Smith.  This Templeton Peck and B..A. Baracus, and you have just found the A-Team," He announced and started laughing as he lite a cigar. Part III

As the van sped through the streets of LA, Hannibal started talking to the two girls.  "So if Mr. Lee explained this correctly to me, Miss Hayden, Your boyfriend, Floyd, had come to you a few hours before his demise.  He told you that he was involved in something bad, and that now he was in big trouble and probably would not survive."

Rachel's eyes started to tear as she answered him, "Yes, then he told me he loved me and left.  The next thing I know he's dead.  The police listed it as a suicide, but I know that someone killed him.  Floyd would never commit suicide."

"You do know that if we take this case some bad things about your boyfriend could be exposed," Lt. Templeton Peck remarked.

"If that means we can bring his killers to justice, I don't care. Now, Maddie and I did a little researching. We found out that besides his regular job he worked at a place called Tarent Industries, but we don't know if that has anything to do with his demise," Rachel explained.

"Well, Miss Hayden, if there is a connection, We will find it," Hannibal assured her.

"Thank you so much." Rachel meekly muttered.

"Now Miss Hayden, or can I call you Rachel?" Face started and seeing her nod he continued, "We don't work cheap...

"Yes, I know.  Floyd left me fifty thousand dollars when he died.  I could not think of a better use than to help find his killer.  Besides, I don't need the money."

"Well, Miss Hayden, all we need is ten thousand.  So keep the rest," Hannibal stated.

"We must be going now, Rachel.  You see Floyd's family is coming over to Rachel's tonight."  Madee said.

"Can they go to your house, Miss Adams," Hannibal queried.

"I guess, why?" Madee asked.

"I'm thinking that if these people know where Mr. Sanderson lived, I'm pretty sure they would know where Miss Hayden lives.  In fact, Miss Hayden, you should stay with us until we nab the killer or killers" Hannibal answered.

"C-c-can I get my stuff?"  Rachel asked while sniffling.

"I guess so.  Face, you, go with her. B.A. and I will go spring Murdock,"  Hannibal commented out loud.

"Aw, Do we have to get that foo' Murdock?  I mean we ain't flyin anywhere, are we?"  B.A. whined.

"Of course not, B.A.," Hannibal said but created a grin that made B.A. raise an eyebrow. Part IV

"So, how long did you and Floyd go out?" Face asked making conversation while in his car: a white with red-trimmed corvette.

"Three years," Rachel said gazing at her feet.

"oh," Face replied noticing tears dropping down from Rachel's face, "Well don't worry we'll get his killers."

Rachel mumbled something incoherently under her breath.

"What did you say?" Face inquired.

"Oh I was just thinkin that you remind of cowboys.  The elaborate plans, and the "we'll get them. I'ts really sweet," Rachel replied while lifting her head a little.

Face could see a small smile spread across Rachel's puffy red cheeks. Face studied her physical features while he was driving.  She was thin and petite.  Her eyes were dark emeralds and her hair was shaded with a light chocolate color.  Face smiled.  He would have to go out with her when the case was over.

The two arrived at her apartment, and Rachel started packing her clothes.  While she was, Face sat on the couch in the living room.  Face's eyes wandered around the apartment.  The living room was pretty spacious.  It had beautiful beige wallpaper, a small chandelier, one couch, one chair, and a small coffee table.  On the table, a beautiful portrait picture of Rachel and Floyd stood. Face gently picked up the fragile frame.  He studied the two persons in the scene. Floyd was an average sized man with broad shoulders, bright blue eyes, and pepper gray hair.  Face thought of how it was strange how early someone's hair could turn gray. Ah well he thought while running his fingers through his hair I don't think mine is gonna grow gray anytime soon.

Then Face turned his eyes over to Rachel.  In the picture, she looked nothing like she did in the car.  Her green eyes were sparkling and were light as day.  A beautiful, warm smile covered her now saddened face. And the saddest part was her cheeks that in the photo were rosy and pink, were now puffy red, gloomy cheeks.  Face placed the picture back on the table, and a look of determination spread on his face.  I am gonna find his killer or killers no matter what.

Part V

As The A-Team and Rachel reached the small town in Nevada, Rachel let out a whistle.  "I never even knew he lived here."

"Well ma'am," Hannibal said while spitting out a piece of his cigar onto the floor in B.A.'s black van, "We had a friend do a complete run on Tarent Industries and it seems that this is a big warehousing industry in Toverton.  She told me"….  "HANNIBAL!!"  B.A. shouted interrupting Hannibal as he spoke.

"What is it, B.A.?" Hannibal  asked innocently.


"You know, colonel, The Baracan one is right.  It is rather as Billy would put it  Grrrr-oss," The young brown-haired man, that had earlier been introduced as Captain H.M. Murdock , commented.

"Come on, guys.  I'm sorry, but I like my cigars," Hannibal responded.

"Well at least don't spit  the pieces da cigar into ma van" B.A. said.

Rachel chuckled, "Are they always like this?"

"Yeah," Face replied, "they always are."

When the five of them reached Toverton, they dropped their stuff off in three hotel rooms (Face had scammed), and also dropped off Rachel. Who told the other four that she would be okay by herself.  then they drove the car over to Tarent industries.

The industry itself was not that big just a couple of buildings to be exact, and it wasn't heavily guarded.

"What do you think, guys?" Hannibal asked.

"Oh no, not the front door again," Face whined

"I shoulda stayed at the VA. Right Billy?"  Murdock  asked his invisible dog.

"You Foo there is no dog and Hannibal is right cause they ain't no heavy guarding of the place, B. A.  yelled at the resident psycho.

"So is it agreed that we go through the front door?"  Hannibal inquired to the other three members.

"Yeah," the three all groaned in union. About three minutes later, there was a crash inside the main complex of Tarent industries.  A guard who was sitting at the front looked at a black van  with a shock.  As the people in the van got out, he recognized who they were.

"Y-y-you're the A-Team," He queried nervously.

"That's right," Hannibal responded while pointing a gun in the young guard's face, "Now you have three seconds to tell me where your boss is, or he is going to have to look for a new guard.

"S-second floor, o-one door to your left," The guard stuttered.

"Good boy," Hannibal replied, "Now If you want to stay breathing I suggest you go home."

The guard didn't need to be told twice, as soon as  Hannibal lowered his gun a little, the man ran straight out of the building and straight for his car.

The four laughed and then ran to the stairs to get to the second floor.

When the four reached the second floor it was obvious who the head guys office was.  Murdock would be on lookout for anyone who should happen to come, while the other three would irk the boss.

Carl Tarent was sitting in his office sipping at some coffee, and looking at note.

‘Damn,' He thought, ‘First the whole Sanderson incident, and now this'

He heard a knock at the door and called out loud, "Doris, I really don't have time to be disturbed right now.  Could you please tell whoever's there to come back at a later date?"

The instant he finished the sentence there was a loud shot fired through the door, and before he knew it he was staring right into the mouth of a gun..

"Are you Carl Tarent?"  The owner of the gun that was now presently in his face yelled to him.

"Yeah, What do you want?" The man replied.

"We just want to let you know that we know all about what happened with Mr. Sanderson, and we intend to expose you."  The leader said.

"I don't suppose I can pay for your silence?" Carl inquired.

"Sorry," The leader answered but I don't think you have enough money to buy our silence.  You have three days to go to the police and confess yourself or we are going to have friend of ours put the evidence on the front page of the newspaper."

Then the three left as quickly as they entered.  Carl could only gape in disbelief.  Then after a few moments he whispered angrily to himself, "No one threatens Carl Tarent  and gets away with it."


The Phone Call

Decker:  Hello

The Person on The other line:  Is this Colonel Roderick Decker?

Decker:  Yes, Who may I say is calling?

The Person on The other line:  Listen up, Decker.  Three hours ago, I saw the A-Team in come into town.

Decker:  How do I know this isn't a prank phone call?

The Person on The other line:  They had a fourth man with them.

Decker:  A fourth man!  Were you able to catch a glimpse?  What did he look like?

The Person on The other line:  I will only give you this information. They are in a town called: Toverton it is in Nevada.   I trust you will know how to get there.

Decker:  Is there a place that I can meet if I have to ask you a question?

The Person on The other line: Come to the Baskin's hotel at 5o'clock pm each day. Go into  room 384 and leave the do not disturb sign on the door.  I will see it and come into the room exactly 20 minutes after you get there.  If I see anyone besides you, I will leave.  I will only come one of those days so make sure you have your questions ready.   Also, if I see one weapon on you, I will not show, and I'll call the A-Team and tell them that you are in town.

Decker:  What do you want?

The Person on The other line:  I think you should make that question your first one (hangs up)

Decker dialed a now familiar number in his phone.

Crane: Hello

Decker: Sorry to disrupt your R and R, Capt., but we have a new tip on where the A-Team is located, and guess what.

Crane: Sir, I don't know, sir.

Decker: They have their fourth man with them.  We know for sure now, Capt. We may have just received the tip that is going to catch us the A-Team.



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