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Love the World Away

Love the World Away

by HF Slasher

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: F/M
Category: Plot? What Plot?
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, alas!
Notes: An answer to the vacation challenge. The cabin is based on a real place where we used to go every summer.
Warnings: SLASH!!
Summary: Murdock takes Face away for a week in the sun.

"Murdock, I *can't* go away right now. I have too much going on to just up and go all the way across the country..."

"Facey, when's the last time we made love? I mean *really* made love, not just a quickie for release. All your business deals are coming between us," the tall pilot said unhappily.

That made the blond pause. "I'm sorry, Murdock. I guess I haven't been much of a lover lately, have I? It's just so hard sometimes when the world gets in the way."

"Then we have to get away from the rest of the world. I know the perfect place! One of my buddies told me about this cabin he has on..."

"Cabin? *Cabin*?? What do you expect me to do at a *cabin*?" The word might have been an obscenity the way he pronounced it.

"...on the banks of the Neuse River in North Carolina. It sounds swell!"

"North Carolina? As in Fort Bragg? Thank you, but I prefer to stay away from that place for the rest of my life!"

"Aw, Facey, please? It really sounds like just what we need. Quiet beaches, a little fishing, no crowds, no *work*... Just for a week? Please?"

Peck sighed. He could seldom refuse Murdock when he begged. "Okay, I'll take a week off and we'll fly across the country and go to this *cabin*," he relented.

"Thank you, Facey! You won't regret it, I promise!"


Two weeks later...

"So what you're telling me is that after all that time on the plane, now we have two more hours in a car to get to this place?" Face complained, knowing his objections were futile.

"It'll be worth it once we get there, I promise! And I'll drive," Murdock wheedled. "You can sleep. I got us a nice, big van so you can get comfortable."

"We've come this far," Face sighed. "Guess there's no turning back now."

"Let's get the luggage and get going!"

Face gave a small smile at his lover's enthusiasm. If he thought about it, he was really looking forward to getting away from everyone and everything just as much as Murdock was. Ever since they'd gotten their pardons, life had gotten even more complicated, if possible. Maybe a week away from everything else would help. He hadn't been paying as much attention to Murdock as his demanding lover usually needed. Come to think of it, Murdock hadn't been paying *him* as much attention as usual either.

"Let's go, Facey!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming."


Face whined without opening his eyes as he felt the van come to a stop. "Are we there yet?"

"Not yet. I have to go to the bathroom and we need some gas."

"Where are we?" the blond asked sleepily.

"Kinston, I think. The Neuse Sport Shop," he read from the sign in front of the large building.

"Murdock, it's built from aluminum siding. What made you stop here?"

"Look around, Facey, there ain't much other choice."

The two men climbed down from the van and stretched muscles tired from sitting for too long. Murdock did a couple of deep knee bends while the gas tank was filling. Face went in to use the facilities.

He came back out while Murdock was still filling the tank. "Got us a couple of hot dogs. They smelled good. Bathroom's in the very back."

"Thanks, Facey. Tank's about full. I'll go in and pay, and we'll be back on the road again."

"Oh goodie," Face said as he took a bite of the hot dog. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"


"We're here!" Murdock hollered gleefully as the van came to a stop in the driveway of a nice looking house.

"Where? I thought you said this was a cabin?" Face blinked a few times to clear the sleep from his eyes.

"That's what my friend called it."


"Yeah, Face?"

"There's a cornfield across the street."

"Yeah, that's part of its charm." The pilot grinned.

"Where exactly *are* we?"

"I dunno. It's not in a town or anything..."

"This is the middle of nowhere!"

"Yeah, the perfect place to get away from it all."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

Suddenly serious, Murdock turned to his lover. "We need to be away from everything and everybody for a few days, Face."

Peck didn't say a word, just reached out a hand to his partner and gave it a squeeze. As they approached the "cabin", he commented, "This doesn't look like a cabin to me. Looks more like a house."

"According to my friend, it's got three bedrooms, two full baths..."

"It has a garage, Murdock. Cabins don't have garages."

"You ought to like it then, Facey."

"I must admit, it looks better than I thought it would."

"Let's see what the inside looks like."

Both men were pleased with what they saw as they entered the back door. A small but well appointed kitchen lay to the right, with a full-sized stove and refrigerator. To the left were two of the bedrooms, both large enough for two twin-sized beds, plus nightstands and dressers. A small full bathroom linked the two bedrooms. The living room was large and well-furnished, complete with a fully stocked wet bar. The large master bedroom was off the living room. Open, airy and with a slight touch of elegance, the room was enough to make both of them smile.

"Oh Facey! You gotta see this bathroom!" Murdock called from the next room.

"What? Oh, *nice*!"

"Hot tub! And a separate shower!" Murdock crowed.

"We'll have to give it some use while we're here," his blond lover whispered behind him.

"Oh yeah!"

"Why don't we start right now?" Face wrapped his arms around Murdock's chest, pulling him in close, stroking his torso through his t-shirt.

"Yeah, we could start right..." A warm mouth on his own stopped his words.

Before Murdock knew what was happening, they back were in the master bedroom, lying on the king sized bed, their clothes on the floor somewhere between the bathroom door and the bed. Almost hungrily, they kissed each other, loving the tastes they found in the other's mouth.

"Wait, Facey," Murdock said when he was allowed to pull back far enough for words.


"I want to take it slow, like we used to. I want this to be special."

Smiling tenderly, Face pulled back a little. "One special lovemaking session coming right up." He caressed Murdock's face gently. "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"You can always tell me again, Facey," Murdock replied teasingly.

"You are... my best friend, my protector when I need one, my greatest critic and my greatest supporter. When I'm depressed, you go out of your way to cheer me up. Without you, I would have given up long before we got our pardons. You are the epitome of the word 'partner'."

The pilot blinked back a tear at the sincere words from his partner. "You mean it, Facey?"

"Yes, I do, HM. I guess I don't say it often enough. And now I'm going to show you." Thus saying, he kissed Murdock tenderly once more, then slid down, caressing the lean body as he went down. He nuzzled the pilot's erection, smiling and purring with delight. The moans he elicited from his partner made his smile grow ever larger. He licked all around the base of Murdock's penis, then up the length of it. When he got to the swollen head, he first licked all around, the tongued the tiny piss slit, making Murdock's slim hips buck up to get closer to the sensation.

"Awww, Face," Murdock panted.

Face smiled up at him and fondled his balls gently. "Is that a good 'awww' or a bad 'awww'?"

"Good," was all the other man could get out.

The blond returned to his previous activity, bringing Murdock almost to the point of completion, then pulling back, until the pilot begged him to have mercy. Face smiled and got up to get the tube of lube they had brought with them.

"Hurry," Murdock begged.

Face returned within moments, smiling lovingly at his partner. Before he got back on the bed, he smoothed a generous amount of lube on his already hard member, stroking it provocatively.

"Ready for me, lover?" he asked as he lay back down on the bed.

In answer Murdock pulled him close and kissed him deeply.

"I'll take that as a yes," Face replied as he caught his breath.

Gently he lifted the long legs and set them on his shoulders, positioning himself to enter his lover's channel. He whispered, "I love you," as he pushed his cock past the tight ring of muscle. Murdock's moan of pleasure was music to his ears. He alternated between kissing Murdock on the lips and looking into his eyes as they made love.

"Oh Face... oh that's so good... I'm close... I'm close..." Murdock came with a shout.

Face moaned as he felt his lover's climax. His own was close. He stroked Murdock's hair as he continued to thrust in and out, looking lovingly into the brown eyes. The look he saw there was full of love. In a matter of minutes, he spurted his own climax into his lover's body.

"I love you, Templeton Peck."

"Is that what you had in mind?" Face asked, out of breath.

"That's exactly what I had in mind."

"A whole week of nothing but walking on the beach, fishing and making love, huh?"


"Sounds like heaven."

Love the World Away by HF Slasher



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