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Joyeux Noël

By Jullian Gray



Summary: It is the night before Christmas and Hannibal needs to find a way to distract Face.

Warning:  Slash, H/F, and, of course, sex.

Special Thanks to HannibalFan'52



Hannibal smiled as he watched Face straighten up the living room.  His young lover had already gone over the room five times before, dusting, rearranging, vacuuming.  Shaking his head, Hannibal decided it was time to calm his partner down.

"Face, Come here and sit down."

Not paying any attention to him, Face continued to straighten the photos on their mantel.

"Earth to Tem."

Still Face continued to move around his back to Hannibal, oblivious to everything.

"Face, I'm talking to you."

When he still didn't get a response, he tried a more direct approach.

"I said front and center, Lieutenant!" Hannibal barked out.

Almost instantly, Face's back went ramrod straight, his hands automatically dropping to his side as he spun around to face his Colonel.

When Peck saw Hannibal grinning back at him, a blush rose up into his tanned face.

"Not funny, Colonel!"

"Hey, you ignored me three times before…"

"I didn't hear you before."

"I rest my case."

"Is there something you wanted?" Face frowned.

"Yes, I want you to come here, sit down on the couch, and relax with me."

"I can't. B.A. and Murdock will be over early in the morning, and the house needs to ready."

"And everything is perfect right now." Hannibal held out his hand as he gestured for Face to come to him. "All you are doing is wearing yourself out."

"Hannibal, I still have to…"

"No." Hannibal shook his head. "You need to come over here and sit with me."



Face sighed as he moved over to sit next to Hannibal on the couch. The second he sat down, he found himself wrapped in a strong pair of arms.

"Everything looks great. You've done a terrific job, just like you always do."  Hannibal pulled Face closer to him so he could give him a gentle kiss. "Now it's time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the work you've done."

"Do you think the guys will like everything?"

Hannibal surveyed the room.  The Christmas tree was done in simple white lights, with silver and gold balls.  The packages under the tree were wrapped in silver paper with gold bows, except for Murdock's, which were an odd mix of the Santa, Frosty, and Rudolf, with a few Smurfs thrown in for the extra color. Turning his gaze to the right of the tree, he came to the fireplace.  Hanging from the mantel were four red stockings, each with a team member's name embroidered on it, and a small fire was currently burning in the fireplace. As Hannibal continued his sweep of the room, he noticed all of the other festive holiday decorations. Wreaths hung from both sets of French doors that led to the pool area, and candles in the all the holiday colors were scattered throughout the room.

"It's beautiful, kid, and if anyone has a complaint, he can take it up with me." Hannibal leaned in to kiss Face again.

"I just want everything…"

"Hush, not another word." Hannibal captured Face's lips again while he shifted his body so he could push Face down onto the oversized sofa; when the younger man was flat on his back, he deepened the kiss. Face willingly opened his mouth so that Hannibal could explore it with his tongue.

Face moaned as his lover ran his hands over his body, squeezing his buttocks with one hand while caressing his chest with the other. Leaving Face's mouth, Hannibal moved lower to suck and lick on Face's neck, his tongue making small circles at the base of his throat.  As Hannibal worked his way lower, he moved his hands back up to unbutton his lover's shirt, giving him better access to the younger man's chest.  Hannibal deliberately ran his tongue slowly down the now exposed chest.  With practiced skill, he lightly bit and sucked on the smooth flesh, teasing his young lover as he made his way to Face's left nipple. When he lightly bit the taut flesh, Face hissed and arched his back, giving Hannibal better access to his chest. Knowing that he was driving the young man insane with need, he made his way over to the other side of Face's chest and began to give the brown nub the same treatment.

Hannibal waited until Face was moaning and wriggling under him before he moved lower. He paused at Face's navel, dipping his tongue in and out of the small hole while his hands moved to unfasten Face's pants.  With great care, he slid them down over his lover's narrow hips until the younger man's sex was exposed. Sitting up, Hannibal pulled the pants off in one smooth movement, leaving Face in nothing but his unbuttoned shirt.

"You are so beautiful," Hannibal whispered as he looked down at the man he loved. The well-toned, lean body with tan skin, the only flaws were the scars from injuries suffered in Vietnam and the many cases they had taken over the years. A smile spread across his lips when he watched the blush creep up into Face's cheeks. It never ceased to amaze him how easily the young man blushed when he focused his attention on him.  


"Shhh," Hannibal placed his fingers over Face's lips. "I told you - not a word."

Leaning forward, Hannibal captured his lover's mouth again, effectively silencing him. Once again, he slowly began to work his way down Face's body, licking and sucking, and lightly biting him, leaving small marks that would be gone in a day or so, but would reminder Face of who had put them there.

When he took Face into his mouth, the younger man threw his head back and gasped, his body arching under him as he took his lover deeper. Face started to squirm, wriggling around to the point that he used his hands to pin the blond's hips to the couch. When Face buried his fingers in his hair, Hannibal knew it wouldn't be long before Face came.

Knowing how close Face was, he increased his pace, driving Face over the edge, causing the young man to scream his name as the blond's seed spilled out of him. Hannibal continued his ministrations until Face was nothing but a quivering, boneless mess. When he was sure his lover was completely spent, he allowed the now-soft flesh to slip from his mouth.

Slowly, he worked his way back up Face's body, laying gentle kisses as he went. After giving and receiving one last tender kiss, he lay down beside Face, pulling his exhausted lover to him. Once Face was cradled in his arms, he pulled down the decorative throw from the back of the couch, covering both of them.

"Hannibal?" a sleepy voice called out to him.

Looking down, he found a pair of glassy blue-green eyes staring up at him.

"Hmm?" he answered, a smile forming as he watched Face try to focus.

"What about you?"

"I'm fine."


"Shhh, go to sleep."


"That's an order, kid."

"Kay." Without another word, Face closed his eyes.  Within second, he was sound asleep.

Looking around the room, Hannibal once again surveyed all of Face's work. The kid had really put forth an effort to make everything perfect for them all. He couldn't help but wonder if Face would be so anxious about Christmas if he had grown up in a family environment.  How different would Face be if he'd had a family?  Reaching out, he began to stroke Face's hair.

"Doesn't matter you have a family now."


"Merry Christmas!" Murdock yelled as he bounded into the living room, startling both men. Hannibal just managed to grab Face around the waist before he fell off the couch.

"I guess you guys were still sleeping." Murdock looked at Face's unbuttoned shirt, the decorative throw pooling in his lap, and the pair of jeans and underwear on the floor beside the couch.

"You could say that." Hannibal pulled the blanket more securely around Face's waist. "What time is it?"

"Too dang early," BA grumbled as he carried in an armful of packages.

Face looked down at his wristwatch. "5:00 am," he announced, then did a double-take as what he said sank in. "5:00 am!  Murdock, I thought we agreed that you guys weren't coming over until 7:00."

"Face, it's Christmas Day!" Murdock bounced up and down on the balls of his feet. "Don't you want to see what Santa brought you last night while you were sleeping?"

"I would have preferred another hour's sleep," the blond mumbled as he rubbed his face with his hands.

"I'll get the coffee started." Hannibal moved so he was sitting beside Face instead of behind him. Leaning over, he kissed Face on the gently on the lips. "Don't forget your jeans," he smiled as he watched the blush creep up his lover's face.

"Thanks," Face sighed as he reached for the discarded clothing.

"Tem?" Hannibal called out softly as he reached out and touched the younger man's arm.

"Yeah?" Face turned to look at him.

"Merry Christmas."

Face smiled and nodded his head.

"Merry Christmas, John."



Joyeux Noel by Jullian Gray



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