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A Little Boy Called Alvin.

Author: OnewholovesDB


Rating: G

Summary: A little boy called Alvin (we all know that's Face) has been orphaned.

(By the way I'm just dutch, so my English isn't great. Do you see some faults in this mini-story? Please let me know.


Warnings: Not even one :D

Disclaimer: I don't own those characters. I just like to write about it. That's all.

They still belong to Stephen J. Cannell. Rest in peace, Steven.



When Sheryl, one of the nuns of the orphanage, opened the door she found a boy right in front of her. A woman was running away in the cold dark streets.

She knows who that has to be. His mother.

"Do you want to go inside, sweetheart?"

The boy has got his doubts for a couple of seconds, but at the last moment he just walks in.

It's really amazing in there. Everywhere are children playing. There's also a huge Christmas tree with presents underneath it.

Suddenly there's a girl in front of him. She's got two tails in her hair.

"This is Lesley. And what's your name?" Sheryl asks.

"Alvin." the boy answers softly.


When a bell rings all the children are running to the dining room.

Alvin doesn't know what to do. That makes Lesley grabbing Alvin's hand and taking him to the dining room too.

Noa puts Lesley on a chair.

"And who do we have here?"

Sheryl is now standing next to Noa.

"This is Alvin."

"Well does this handsome boy wants to sit next to Lesley?"

Alvin just nods while he has a little smile on his face.

Little Alvin was so scared that he just crawled upon the chair himself. After that he grabs Lesley's hand.

Alvin's head falls forward on the table. The boy's so tired.

Noa just smiles and decides it's bedtime for the young boy.

She carries him to his new bed and also gives him a teddy bear.

Alvin opens his eyes for a moment and when he's seeing the teddy he smiles.

He immediately grabs the teddy and holds it to him.

"Sleep well, Alvin."


The endů


A Little Boy Called Alvin by OnewholovesDB



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