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They're Making a MOVIE?!

Author:  H.M. Murdock


Rating:  G

Summary:  For a brief glimpse in history, Murdock had an account on a website and wrote periodic journal entries.  This is the fifth, set up in the general format in which it originally appeared.  In this installment, Murdock has just found out about the adaptation of the A-Team into movie, which had not yet been released when this piece was written, and shares his first reactions candidly. 

Warnings:  While this segment does not describe any mental health disorders in any way, shape or form, it does take place in the VA and has a falsified blood donation ongoing for the duration of the narration.

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters, nor am I making any profit writing about us them.



They're Making a MOVIE?!

January 13

Mood: Apprehensive

Listening to: Hannibal, approaching from the hallway

Reading: A copy of today's "L.A. Courier"

Watching: The newspaper and blank beige wall in front of me

Playing: Skeptical


:Hannibal enters bedecked in nursing attire with an IV and begins talking in his loud and annoyingly nasal nurse's voice:
Time for a blood sample, Mr. Murdock.


:looking up from newspaper and blank wall:
I think I might need a transfusion, Doc.


:in quieter, normal tone:
What's the matter, Captain?


Well, Colonel, they're making a movie about us. I'm in it and everything.


:doesn't even bother looking up from hooking up fake IV:
Figures. It was bound to happen sometime.


Think Decker's behind it?


:starts replacing empty IV bag with one containing fake blood sample:
Could be. What's the gist of it?


Well, they're "modernizing" it to appeal to a younger audience. BA's got a pretty bad haircut. :puts on stilted British accent: Could be a decent film, really. Hard to tell at this point, ol' chap. I s'pose the general idear is, in fact, to paint a semi-realistic reinterpretation of our team. I'm just not jolly well attuned to the idear of having a likeness of myself on the silver screen, even if it is—well, especially if it is—Hollywood. :lapsing out of British: I dunno, it just seems too iffy at this point to make a big deal out of it or worry about it. It could be fine. I just don't want any more people knocking at my door here. Y'know, I really like it here. I mean, it was a bit tough when they moved me—or "relocated", as they put it—from 104 to 204 and from elsewhere before that, but seriously if I have my own personal paparazzi clamoring at my door, there's no way I'm going to be able to get out of here. Ever!  :gets distant look in eyes and grabs Hannibal's white nursing jacket that Face probably scammed earlier:  I mean, really, Doc, how do you think I feel having a bunch of tiny grape people running and screaming around my lunch tray? It's a scary ordeal! How long do you think I'm going to have to put up with this?—  :starts to say something else, but is interrupted:


:another nurse comes in with an empty IV bag:
How are we today, Mr. Murdock?
:a very confused look spreads across her face as she assesses the scene and Hannibal quickly explains in his grating nurse voice:


:looks up and fakes being a little startled:
Just how much blood do they need from this fellow here? I'd be happy to share, but any more and he's gonna need a transfusion or something.


Wha—? I don't understand. I was scheduled to perform this procedure at exactly three o' clock—


Which it is—three o' clock—right now.


Yes. Was there a schedule change? I wasn't notified.


Are you new around here, missy? 'cause I haven't seen you before.


No. :starts becoming suspicious: Do you have the paperwork authorization for this? Because I have mine right here. :holds up paper:


:pulls out crinkled paper from pocket and hands to nurse who seems satisifed:


Oh, you're the new guy who was transferred from night crew—


:crabby and incredulously:
Yeah, and I wish they'd just put me right back. You know this is the second incident like this I've had just today?


I'm really sorry, Mr. ...


Gordon.  Harold Gordon.
:holds hand out in semi-cordial greeting:


Claire Ross. Sorry for the intrusion.
:takes IV and wheels out of room.


:looking up as Hannibal is un-taping the fake IV:
Claire Ross. The most punctual nurse in the entire VA.


Nice cover, Murdock.


Back at ya, Colonel. :lapsing back into British: But back to the present and the bit of a sticky wicket at hand...


Well, there isn't too much point in worrying about it yet, Captain. We'll just have to wait it out. Or come up with something. I'll talk to Face and BA about it. The publicity could be a problem, and I see your point of the military's being involved. It seems like an odd strategy for Decker, but I wouldn't put it past him. If he can make your character big enough, the fans who come to meet the real you could keep an eye on you for him, making it almost impossible to get you out of here with all those eyes on your room.


:putting the accent back on a hanger in the closet:
Almost seems a little too well-planned for Decker. I wonder who else could be behind it... Or they could have just gotten lucky without realizing it yet, that extra bonus in making it.


Or they could not be behind it at all. But, keep your eyes open for more news and start thinking, Captain.
:winds up IV, etc., and starts rolling it back toward door:
I think we've got another client coming in soon. They've seen Mr. Lee and Face's "Harvey the travelling salesman" character and seem to be checking out as safe so far. We'll talk about it with BA and Face next time. Look for the signal sometime soon, and when it comes, Face will need you to be PacMan that day. Until then, enjoy obscurity for the little of it you've got left. :winks with an amused twinkle in eye:


Thanks, Colonel. Especially for getting me out of the IV. :shuddering ever so slightly: Regularly twice a month. You'd think I'd be nothing but Silly Putty by now.


So long, Captain!
:closes door, but voice travels from desk down the hall:
Here's the paper for Murdock's file. Uh huh...
:fades into other hallway traffic:


They're Making A Movie?! by H.M. Murdock



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