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Author:  H.M. Murdock


Rating:  G

Summary:  For a brief glimpse in history, Murdock had an account on a website and wrote periodic journal entries.  This is the fourth, set up in the general format in which it originally appeared.  In this episode, which was a belated Christmas and Happy New Year entry, Murdock pays a tribute to Mr. Dickens, much to BA’s chagrin.

Warnings:  This piece contains a ghost, which does not, by any stretch of the imagination, resemble a potato.

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters, nor am I making any profit writing about us them.




January 1

Listening to: BA's snoring

Reading: Nothing. It's too dark.

Watching: Nothing. The sheet is too thick.

Playing: Howlin' Murdock Marley

Eating: Nothing. Ghosts don't eat.

Drinking: Nothing. Ghosts don't drink, either.


:sneaks floats into BA's room, clad in clever ghostly attire, clinking lots of gold chains around neck; in eerie voice:

Shake, rattle, and roooOOoooll!
Shake, rattle, and roooOOoooll!


:awakens, somewhat startled, but recovers quickly enough:
Hey man, what're you doing in my room?


I am the gho----st of New Years d-A-y-s to Co--me!


What're you talking about, Murdock? If you came in here to wake me up for nothing—!


:raises a phantom hand:
Shhhhhhh! I was once your pal Murdock, but no lo-o--nger! I have come from bey-ond the Christmas gr-A-vy to warn you of what is to-oo come if you don't resolve to change your wa---ys in the upcoming ye-A-r.
:shakes, rattles, and rolls chains around neck for emphasis:
If you don't change your poOOor disposition and make others around you know that you-oo-oo are a kind-hearted, genial individual, and take a fish-oil pill with every gl-A-ss of milk—


Listen, Murdock!, I was asleep here, and you came in and woke me up for this?!
:throws blankets to other side of bed and grabs phantasmagoric figure by the face:
You ain't no phantom! You're just a crazy-headed fool with a sheet over your head! Now get outta here, sucker, or you will be a ghost!


:slinks back to the door:
R-r-reeemember, if you--oo don't change, you--oo will be dooOOoomed to wear these chains for all eternity! ... Oh... Wait... You--oo--oo will be dooOOoomed to wearing sterling s-i-lver chains for all eternity. OooooOOOOoooooo!
:clinks chains again and goes out into the well-illuminated living room area, walking back past Face toward own room:


Rats.  He ain’t afraid of no ghosts.


:goes back to bed and forgets the whole ordeal:


:walking the other direction toward the kitchen, points in usual manner as the Faceman always does:
The peacock earrings poked into the sheet are a nice touch, Murdock.


:bows, because that is what a ghost with no arm holes usually does when acknowledging another being:
Thanks, Face.
:heads back to room and returns sheet to bed:


:from back out in the kitchen attached to the living room:
You'll probably want to put those chains back in BA's room, Murdock.


:goes to do just that, sticking a hand mysteriously into BA's open door and dropping the chains unceremoniously on the floor:
Thank you, Colonel, and Happy New--oo--oo Year!


oooooOOOOOooooo by H.M. Murdock



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