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Bye Bye Bluebird

Author:  H.M. Murdock


Rating:  G

Summary:  For a brief glimpse in history, Murdock had an account on a website and wrote periodic journal entries.  This is the third, set up in the general format in which it originally appeared.  In this segment, Murdock has just finished an artistic endeavor and has set up an art gallery in the team's recent warehouse hideout.

Warnings:  Fantastic and whimsical (but entirely decent) outbursts of a German art director.

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters, nor am I making any profit writing about us them.



Bye Bye Bluebird

November 20

Mood: Relief

Listening to: Nussing--zees eez a silent ahrt gallery!

Reading: Zee ahrt plaques on zee vall

Watching: Zee arht!

Playing: Intense Deutsch Ahrt Director

Eating: Zaihr eez no eating een zee ahrt gallery!

Drinking: And absosmurfly NO drinking eezher!


:the Faceman walks into studio gallery; meanwhile, Hannibal is sitting on a stool, inspired by the artwork hanging around:


:indicating to the general blueness:
Uh, Murdock, what's with all the blue lately?


It's his interpretive take on Picasso's blue period. I'm still trying to figure out this one:points to picture with Picasso's "Don Quixote" in a mountainous, Western background, complete with a cactus:it has a certain depth to it, but I'm not sure what to make of it yet.
:bites down on cigar:


Uh, huh.


:comes over, dressed in a cream suit with a 'collared shirt-and-tie' print t-shirt underneath, hair slicked back:
Ah, Meester Peck, vat a pleasant soorprise!
:shakes Faceman's hand:


Uh, yeah, Murdock, I was just asking Hannibal what the idea is behind all the blue in your recent works. Any particular reason this time?


Vun qvestion at a time, muchacho. Feerst, zee blue vas an exspeehriment, eef yoo veell. Yoo see, I vould lahke to conseeder myself an oopen-minded eendeevidual


:ugly mudsucker's voice from somewhere outside the gallery:
I think you mean "empty-minded", fool!


:ignores interjection and continues, breaking from pseudo-German accent temporarily to make a point:
As I was saying... I would like to consider myself a somewhat open-minded individual in some respects, particularly when it comes to art as it covers such a broad spectrum of human expression. I mean, I've said it before and don't mind repeating myself, that the choices of these so-called "artists" and their paintings seem so limited with the full color spectrum right at their fingertips. I think their works are bogged down with an over-abundance of primary shades. I mean, there's no subtlety to the hue; don't you agree?


Uh, yeah. What's that got to do with all this blue?


Vell, yoo see, I vas open to feeguring out—delving eento, eef yoo take mei meaning—zee minds of zeez ahrtists to see eef I vas missing somesing in zeir—how you say eet?—monochromatic pursuits. I sought zat somevone lahk zee great Picasso moost have known vat he vas doing, so followed soo-it and chose blue as mei medium as vell.


I see.
:rolls eyes and begins walking away:


NO! Yoo do naucht see!
:stares intently at Mr. Peck:


:stares back in bewilderment:


Eet vas a BEEG meestake! Zee vorst in mei life! ... Vell, maybe naucht qvite zat bad. BUT!--eet made me realize vun eemportant sing!


:looks up from painting:
What's that, Murdock?


Zat Ich steell do naucht agree vis zee so-called "ahrtistic" commyooneety. I mean, zaihr ahr so many great colors out een zee vorld and zei choose to yooz mooltiple hues of just VUN! Vat ees zee beeg idea, I ask?
Michaelangelo vould naucht aproove!

DaVinci vould nacht aproove!
Yogi Bear vould naucht APPROOVE!


:raises hand to make a statement of his own:


Shh! Dumkoff! Ich am naucht feeneeshed!
:loses accent again, briefly:
Please hold all of your questions and baggage 'til the end of the tour—we are not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or otherwise mistreated, especially audio cassettes. Thank you.
:resumes as formerly, a little more relaxed:
Now. Vehr wheer whee? Ah, rigcht. Zees lahk oov color een zees ahrtist's vork, I have prooven after zees venture, eez joost plain seelly. I vas naucht moore enspired ven I painted anysing een joost vun color. I vas naucht reaching some deeper plane of mei existence by reaching into zee blue realm ohf mei braihns.  Eet took ahll of mei patience just to feeneesh zee project! Vat do yoo sink of Picasso now, Meester Peck? Hmmm?


Uh, yeah, Murdock, I think I'm just going to finish browsing on my own, okay?
:walks off to explore an exhibit at the far end of the room:


:moves to another exhibit (that features a very blue Eiffel Tower) to examine the figures near the bottom:
Smart choice, Lieutenant.


Bye Bye Bluebird by H.M. Murdock



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