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Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie

By: Mlpsunflower


Rated: G

Summary:  The Team reminiscing about baseball.



"Face, did you ever play baseball as a kid?"

Not exactly sure where this line of questioning was leading, Face leaned his back against a wall and responded, "Of course I did. I grew up in an orphanage, not Africa."

"What kind of crazy question is that? We all did, fool," BA added, sitting down next to Hannibal.

"I was just wondern'." Murdock paced the floor a few times and then joined the others.

Face thought for a bit. "Our equipment was always worn out and beaten up, although that never stopped us. Seemed we always had a problem when Tommy Kingfisher was pitching. There was never anybody who wanted to volunteer to catch, as his curveball was too unpredictable. So most to the time we just ended up throwing the ball around."

"Did you ever get a chance to go see the Dodgers play?" Hannibal asked.

Face smiled in remembrance. That had been a great day. "Skipped afternoon classes on opening day one year. Somehow I managed to slip in without being seen by the authorities. Bought a hot dog and watched Duke Snider and Gil Hodges bring the game home when it looked like all was lost. The first and only time I got to see them play, but it was worth it."

Face was feeling considerably relaxed with this topic of conversation and a genuine smile appeared. Baseball, hotdogs and apple pie. He may have missed out on a lot during his childhood, but not the important stuff.

"What about you, BA?" Murdock asked.

BA replied, "Mainly we played in the street. Always had to be careful where we hit the ball, too many windows."

"Did you ever break any?" Murdock goaded.

"Of course I didn't!" Face could have sworn he saw BA cross his fingers as he said it.

Now curious, Face asked, "What childhood memories do you have, Murdock?"

Face noticed a small grin in Murdock face. "I remember playing catch with my dad a few times when he'd bother to show up, but mainly Granddad and I would throw the ball around. After the dinner dishes were done, Gran would volunteer to be our outfielder while we hit a few balls. In the summer the three of us would play until it got too dark to see the ball anymore."

"Nothing like playing ball with the June bugs and the fireflies at dusk," Hannibal said.

"I remember laying on the floor in the middle of the living room, listening to Harry Caray on the radio, filling my head with big dreams of helping out with a triple play."

"Triple play, Hannibal? Why a triple play?" Face asked. "I don't know about the rest of you but I always wanted to hit a grand slam to win the game." He looked over to BA and Murdock, both nodding their approval.

"Oh, a grand slam is fun and all, but it's over too fast. The rush and excitement of a triple play lasts a lot longer after it's over, because you never know how it's going to turn out."

The room had an air of peace and serenity around it now. Four guys sitting talking about childhood memories, each one connected with a simple staple that was America, baseball.

Face relished the quietness of his friends. Softly, Face broke the silence. "Do you think Decker ever played baseball as a kid?"

"Of course he did, Lieutenant," Hannibal stated. "How else did he learn to strike out so much? It's the bottom of ninth the bases are loaded and the count is 3-2. I could throw him a fastball, slider, curve ball or any combination of pitches in between, but he's never going to hit it."

Face chuckled along with everyone else in the room at that comment. Noticing a hint of jazz starting to appear across his commander's face, he surveyed the room they had been hiding in for the past hour. They were all out of ammo, Decker had already seized the van and he had his MPs searching for the team. It was only a matter of time before they found them. "So what pitch are you going to throw him?"

"A change-up, what else?" Hannibal beamed as he always did when he's on the jazz.

Face smiled. Hannibal was going for the triple play. Decker didn't have a chance.


Baseball, Hotdogs and Apple Pie by mlpsunflower



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