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Lucky Coincidence

By: Mlpsunflower


Rated: G

Summary: Father Magill teaches an adult Face an important lesson.



"Templeton." Father Magill strolled over and sat beside him as he ripped the petals off a dandelion. "A weed is one of God's creations, you know."

"Sorry, Father." The petals whipped away with the breeze.

"With all the hustle and bustle these past few weeks, I haven't had the chance to thank you for your help with the bazaar. Everyone's having a grand time."

"You're welcome, Father. It wasn't really that big of a problem. Just a few calls and everything was set." It was a half-truth. Murdock's enthusiasm had been a hindrance in his preparations.

"Templeton, why is it that I always find you out here, away from the festivities? I've always wondered."

Face sat there wondering how best to describe it. His hand raked through a patch of clover in the grass.

"Disconnected. I never connected with anyone, except you. Happy times should be with the ones you care for."

"I understand that back then, but now? You have the team. Surely you can have happy times with them?"

"I can, Father. It's just ...old habits die hard." He smiled and held up a four-leaf clover.

"Never have I seen a boy find so many four-leaf clovers in my life. You used to bring them to me in droves."

"Do you remember the first time?"

"The day you first came here. As I recall."

Face twisted the tiny stem in his hands. The four club shapes rotated in perfect unison. "I never told you. I found one before I enlisted. Do you think it's a coincidence that I found the team?"

"There are never coincidences, just perfect timing."

"And this?" He placed the clover in hands that had aged considerably since he'd first done this all those years ago.

"Could mean any number of things. Freedom, love, friendship a family. Of course, it could bring you luck in rescuing Murdock from the dunk tank before BA drowns him."

Face chuckled, the man in question was approaching. "Speaking of Murdock."

"Oh, man am I drenched. BA had those kids pounding balls at the target faster than I could get back up there. I wish I had brought an extra set of clothes with me."

"Don't worry Murdock. I brought your bag, it's in the van. I'll go get it." Face started to get up, but he was stopped short as a hand touched his arm.

"Of course it could also mean providing necessities to a man in need, Templeton."

"That's a coincidence Father. I just happened to pick up his bag before we left this morning. That's all."

The four-leaf clover was handed back to him. "Did you bring any of the others bags?" Silence lingered between them. "I think not. Perfect timing, as always."

Face thought about it more as he approached the van. Father Magill was right, his whole life was perfectly timed in a crazy way. Luck was on his side. Maybe he didn't need this clover anymore.

But he would keep it just in case. One never knows.


Lucky Coincidence by mlpsunflower



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