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Author : mlpsunflower


Rating: G

Warnings : None

Disclaimer: I bet you think you know what’s coming... I don’t own any part of The A-team, I didn’t invent it, blah blah blah.




How could his head possibly hurt worse? Pouring over hundreds of numbers shouldn’t hurt worse than getting hit over the head with the butt of a gun. Should it?  One of his eyes felt like it was going to detach from his head soon.


He had to find it. There had to be something he missed.  Even legitimate companies had occasional short falls from posting things in the wrong places, he couldn’t even find a debit that had accidentally been posted as a credit.  Flipping another page, he mentally calculated as he searched for anything suspicious.  So far, the only thing he found suspicious was that he didn’t find anything wrong.

The pounding in his head was getting worse and his eyes were starting to blur over the print. The whistling sound of Murdock’s yo-yo seemed louder than usual.

“Are you planning on spending all night looking at papers?” Murdock asked.  “Not that I mind or anything, but Hannibal wants to put dinner on the table soon.”

“I can’t find it, Murdock.”  A frustrated Face looked up and gestured to towards the pile of papers, receipts, and ledgers scattered in front of him on the table.  “There is not one thing out of ordinary, not one penny unaccounted for.  No one has books this clean.”

Murdock’s face showed confusion. “Face, they’re your books.”

“I know!”


Reconciliation by mlpsunflower



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