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That's My Job

That's My Job
by Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys or the title. I do own Jasmine Irene Smith-Peck and William George Smith-Peck. I do this for the jazz!

Rating: Strong PG-13

Warnings: Language and major character death

Summary: Told from George's P.O.V. about his father, Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck

Copyright: Jan. 2010


My name is William George Smith-Peck and I'm 7 ½ years old. My daddy, grandpa and uncles are the A-Team. They go out and help people who are in trouble. When I grow up, I want to be just like them! The only part that I don't like is having to leave my mommy and Jasmine.

Jasmine is my baby sister. She's 4 years old. When my daddy leaves, I can look in my mommy's eyes and I can tell she's sad. But she doesn't show it to us kids. After mommy puts us to bed, she turns on the radio that grandpa won. I fall asleep listening to the music. Mommy said that I'm just like her when she was a little girl.

I don't know the name of the song or who sings it but I feel sleepy when I hear it.

I woke up cryin' late at night when I was very young
I had dreamed my father had passed away and gone
my world revolved around him I couldn't lie there anymore
so I made my way down the mirrored hall tapped on the door.

I knock on the big door. 'Come in.' I slowly open the door to my parent's room. 'George, what are you still doing up?'

And I said daddy I'm so afraid how will I go on with you gone that way
don't wanna cry anymore so may I stay with you and he said

'Daddy, I had a bad dream.' I say to him as I cry. My daddy gets out of the bed and walks over to me. He kneels in front of me and wipes my tears away.

That's my job
that's what I do
everything I do is because of you to keep you safe with me
that's my job you see

'Dreams come about when our brain doesn't go to sleep when our body wants to sleep.' Daddy says to me. 'Do you want to talk about it?' I bury my head in his shoulder. 'It was really bad!' I feel daddy pick me up in his arms and rub my back. Mommy wakes up.
'George?' I hear my mommy call my name. Daddy turns to face mommy holding me in his arms. 'It's alright son. Daddy's right here.'

Later we barely got along this teenage boy and me
most of the fights it seems were over different dreams we each held for me
he wanted knowledge and learning
I wanted to fly out west

Now I'm 18 years old. I have just graduated from Langley High, number three in my class. Dad is wanting me to go to college, 'to further educate myself' as he would say. But my heart is in my writing. Mom says that I have inherited the love of writing from her. I guess I have.

said I could make it out there if I just had the fare
I got half will you loan me the rest

I'm in my room figuring out how much fare for the plane ride I have. I go to dad with a proposal. 'Dad, the total fare is $450.00. I have $225.00. Could you loan me the rest?'

and I said daddy I'm so afraid there's no guarantee in the plans I've made
and if I should fail who will pay for my way back home
and he said

At the airport, Mom, Dad and Jasmine are seeing me off. 'Be good Jas.' I say to her. 'Don't do anything stupid!' she tells me. 'Same to you nerd!' I say hugging my sister. Mom smiles as her eyes well up with tears. 'I love you George.' She whispers into my ear. I hug her.

Dad smiles as he shakes my hand. He pulls me into a hug. 'Don't ever think you're too big to give your old man hug.' he says patting my back.

That's my job
that's what I do
everything I do is because of you to keep you safe with me
that's my job you see

I'm settling into my apartment and adjusting to the quiet. I grab a notepad and pen and begin to write.

Every person carves his spot and fills the hole with light
and I pray someday I might light as bright as he.

Over the past 15 years, I have kept in touch with Mom and Dad. Jas got married about three years ago.

I woke up early one bright fall day to spread the tragic news

Mom and Dad were at Uncle Murdock's job, the Villa Cuchina. Uncle Murdock thought the guys in the suits were going to rob the place. They weren't robbers but hit men. They were there to kill the Attorney General.

I run in D. C. General and find my sister and brother-in-law in the hallway. 'Jas, what happened?' I ask. 'Daddy has been shot in the stomach. Momma is in with him now.' I notice Jasmine bite her bottom lip. 'The EMT's brought Daddy back 3 times.' she tells me. Later that evening, Mom comes out, her eyes red from crying. 'He's gone.' she says barely in a whisper. 'Those bastards killed my husband!'

after all my travels I settled down within a mile or two
I make my living with words and rhyme and all this tragedy
should go into my head and out instead as bits of poetry

I look at my sad family. My mother has lost her best friend. Jas and I have lost our father. Grandpa lost a son; Uncle Murdock, BA and Frankie has lost a brother and friend.

but I say Daddy I'm so afraid how will I go on with you gone this way
how can I come up with a song to say I love you.

Later that night, I find myself unable to sleep. I walk in the living room and grab one of the family albums and begin to look within the pages. I look at a picture of my father when he and my mother were married. 'I look just like daddy.' I say aloud.

That's my job
that's what I do
everything I do is because of you to keep you safe with me
that's my job you see

All of a sudden, I remember something that my father once told me. "I will always keep you, your mommy and sister safe and proud." The last line of the song comes on the radio. I softly sing with it. 'Everything I do is because of you to keep you safe with me.'

I love you Daddy!

~The End~

That's My Job by Emerald Princess 20



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