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Hidden Talent

By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: PG

Summary: Murdock reveals an unsuspected skill. Triple drabble. 300 words

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team. I don't make any money from this.



Hidden Talent


"Guys, do these pants make me look fat?" Tawnia asked, coming into the living room. Face and Murdock had been waiting there for fifteen minutes after arriving to pick her up.


"Of course not!" Face barely looked up from his newspaper. Barely engaged his brain. A man of his experience knew the answer to that question.


"Actually," Murdock said, "they kind of do."


Face jaw dropped. Good lord! He knew Murdock wasn't too smooth with the ladies, despite all Face had tried to teach him, but he surely wasn't that stupid.


"Honey," Face said. "Don't take fashion advice from a man who hasn't bought new pants in ten years."


"They really do, Murdock?" Tawnia sounded dismayed.


"Yes," he said, frowning. "That's so strange." He walked around her, studying her pants well, no, Face thought. Actually studying her ass.


"You aren't any larger than you were yesterday, and yet somehow those pants create a visual illusion that you put on about five pounds overnight."

"Five pounds! I'm going to change! Thank you, Murdock. It's good to get an honest opinion." She glared at Face. "As opposed to being allowed to walk out of here looking like the Goodyear blimp!" Tossing her hair, she strode from the room.


Face couldn't keep the awe from his voice when he spoke. "You just told a woman her ass looked big, and then blatantly ogled her - and she thanked you. You're either the world's smartest man, or the luckiest."


"Speaking as a pilot, I'd prefer luckiest," Murdock said, insufferably smug and temporarily English. "But let me caution you if you're thinking of trying that same line. Such advanced techniques should only be undertaken after intensive training by an experienced professional." He winked. "Ask nicely and I'd be happy to give you some pointers, kid."




Hidden Talent by Junkfoodmonkey



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