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Murdock and Kelly’s Wedding

By:  Emerald Princess 20


Rating:  G (sweetness)

Disclaimer:  Do not own the guys.  I just do this for the jazz!

Summary:  Murdock and Kelly get married!

Copyright:  December, 2009




            The nervous bride to be smiles as she takes the man’s hands into her own.  Kelly Stevens smiles as she looks deeply into Murdock’s brown eyes.  “H. M, when we first met, I thought you were crazy.” Everyone gathered laughs.  “But as we got to know each other, I began to understand that your “madness” has sanity mixed in with it.  Though we have faced challenges, we have grown stronger as individuals and as a couple.”  Everyone in the wedding party has tears in their eyes.


            “We are more than likely going to face challenges again, one thing will never change.  Our love for each other will increase over time.”  Tears fall from Kelly’s blue eyes.  H. M, please accept this ring as a token of my love for you.  I love you so much!” Kelly says as she slides the ring on Murdock’s finger.  Murdock looks at Kelly with tears in his eyes.  The justice of the peace looks at Murdock, Kelly and everyone gathered together.  “H. M, your vows, son.” He says with a mild Irish accent.  Murdock takes a deep breath.


            Murdock takes a deep breath.  “Kelly, when I look into your eyes, I become instantly lost, never wanting to be rescued.  My life has changed for the better since the day that we met and will continue to do so that we wake up together in each other’s arms.  I don’t feel complete unless you’re with me.  Kelly, please accept this ring as a token of my love for you.  We were once two separate people and now we are a complete couple.  I love you so much!” he says as tears fall from his brown eyes.


            Justice Michael Sorbo wipes the tears from his eyes.  “If no one objects to this union, then I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss your bride son.”  Murdock and Kelly move closer together.  The newlyweds kiss tenderly.  Justice Sorbo steps down behind the couple and announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Murdock.”  Everyone claps as Murdock howl and picks up Kelly up in his arms.  Kelly laughs as Murdock runs down the aisle with his lovely new wife in his arms.


~ The End ~

Murdock And Kelly's Wedding by Emerald Princess 20



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