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BA and Murdock's 4th

B.A. and Murdock's 4th
by "stompy" sara

(copyright estee 07/04/00 yeah i wrote it just now!)

Rated: G

Summary: B.A. and Murdock spend the Fourth of July together?!?!

Warnings: beware of B.A.'s soft side! ^_~

Disclaimer: Written after one screwdriver and two margaritas. . .. gotta get my kicks somehow!  It was fun actually. . .hey my man is sleeping in the other room, he had to work today!  I don't own the A-Team, just having a bit of fun with them. Steven J. Cannell owns 'em.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! ~_^ (I'm off to light fireworks now!)

A little story with Murdock and B.A. during the holidays. . . ^_~  happy fourth everyone!  -stompy    

        B.A. Baracus grumbled as he pulled onto the wide road leading to the V.A. Hospital.  The last thing he had thought he would be doing with his Fourth of July weekend was picking up Murdock.  But Face had (of course) a date, Hannibal was off with Maggie Sullivan somewhere, and B.A., although he would never admit it out loud, really didn't like the thought of his friend spending the holiday with a bunch of loonies.  B.A. had planned an outing with some of the kids from the Children's Center where he volunteered, and as a last-minute thing had called up Murdock to come along.  He can't do that much harm, the big guy thought as he nervously descended from the driver's seat.  He adjusted the cap hiding his mandinka haircut, squared his shoulders and made his way towards the main doors.

        The scam Face had given B.A. worked like a charm.  Be simple but subtle, Face had advised him the night before.  Just say you're a friend who flew with him in 'Nam, who wants to spend a little time with him on the Fourth.  The nurse manning the front desk was gracious as she led B.A. down the hall to Murdock's room.

"He's been feeling a little down," the nurse confessed to him as she knocked on the door.

"Murdock's depressed?" B.A. said, disbelieving.  He had never seen Murdock except in the throes of lunatic delight, jumping around without a care in the world.  He drew a deep breath as the nurse opened the door.

H.M. Murdock sat on his small bed, mesmerized by the video game on the small television screen in front of him.  The tiny t.v.'s volume was up full blast, the explosions coming from the screen almost lifelike in quality.  B.A. winced as imitation machine-gun noises emanated from the straining speaker.

"Turn that thing down, fool!" B.A. barked without thinking. Inwardly he winced as he thought of the nurse's words.  Murdock turned with a happy grin.

"Hey B.A.!  Thought you'd never make it," Murdock said, jumping up from the bed enthusiastically.  Donning his trademark leather bomber, he flipped the television and game system off, just one of many in the small but comfortable room he called his own. B.A. glanced around, curious.  He had only been inside Murdock's room a handful of times over the years, as Face was usually the one who managed to bust the pilot out for missions.  Pictures and posters covered the walls, mostly of aircraft and helicopters, although one of the team in the late sixties surprised him.  The four of them mugged for the camara, just back from one of their latest missions.  A Huey dominated the background, Murdock still wearing his headset and leaning out of the chopper, giving the camaraman the thumbs up.  Face, B.A. and Hannibal stood in front of the large transport, brandishing their M-16s and pretending to look threatening.  The big man stood face to face with his clean-shaven self from over ten years before.  He shook off the memories and turned to his companion, who was turning his cap forward, then back while staring into the mirror over his sink.

"You ready?" he asked gruffly, unsure of how to act.  Murdock opened his door with a flourish, bowing low and gesturing for B.A. to exit first.  B.A. rolled his eyes and stalked out into the corridor.  Murdock slouched after him, hands in the pockets of his khacki pants.  The nurse guided them back towards the main entrance.  Within seconds they were strolling towards the parking lot.

"Damn, B.A., maybe you should be the one to scam me out from now on," Murdock said approvingly.

"Yeah, worked pretty well, didn't it," B.A. commented as they got into the van.  "It was Face's plan though."

"You're the one that pulled it off, big guy," Murdock said, leaning back in the passenger's seat.  The nurse was right, B.A. thought, looking at his friend.  Murdock was quieter than usual, didn't try to annoy the hell out of him like he usually did, no imaginary friends, no talking socks or stuffed animals.

"The kids are waitin' for us," he said finally as they pulled into traffic.  It was late afternoon, the cars thick on the L.A. freeway as they tried to maneuver into the left-most lane. Murdock seemed quiet but mellow, turning on the radio and bobbing his head to a Stones tune, one of his favorites.  B.A. concentrated on the traffic, growing more concerned with the passing minutes.

Most of the time, he tried not to let Murdock annoy the hell out of him.  The man had a way of getting under his skin, always gibing him for being afraid of flying, concentrating his imaginary friends and scenarios on him as well.  The guys knew how he really felt about the skinny pilot, but he couldn't translate his friendship into more recognizable gestures.  Their tenuous friendship over the years relied on the tradition of pretending to barely tolerate each other, and that's how it had stayed.

Still, B.A. had a soft spot for the Captain that only his mother really knew about.  Of all of the team, Murdock was the one who really had no family to fall back on in the times when none of the members could contact each other due to heat from the military.  Face now had Ellen, and had always had the Sisters and other friends from his orphanage, whom he still kept in touch with.  Hannibal had several old friends and cousins he corresponded with, and B.A. had most of his family, although he seldom got to see them.  Murdock always acted as though he didn't care about holidays and vacations spent alone, although Amy and several other friends he had made over the years often came to see him.  Both his parents were dead and he was an only child.  As far as B.A. knew, none of his relatives had visited him at the V.A. except when he had first been admitted ten years ago.  The thought of this made him clench the steering wheel in anger and scowl at the holiday traffic.

"Calm down, big guy," Murdock said, bouncing in his seat to the music, rolling the window up, then down, then up, then down -

"Can't you sit still?" B.A. said in exasperation.

"I've been sitting still all day, B.A.," Murdock said quietly. B.A. glanced over at him.  The pilot was staring out the window, silent for once.  He shook his head.

"What's wrong with you, Murdock?"

"What?  Oh, nuthin'.  Hey B.A., did you get sparklers?  I love sparklers!  Dad used to get them every year when I was a kid. You got some, right B.A.?  Huh?"

"Yeah, we got some for the kids."  B.A. grinned despite his darker thoughts.  "There's plenty to last the night.  We're gonna barbecue, then light some small fireworks, and the kids are gonna roast marshmallows over the barbecue pits.  All the volunteers from the center will be there.  It'll be food, and beer, and a fireworks display we can see from the street.  The city set it up last month."

"Alright!  Now that's the way to celebrate the Fourth of July!" Murdock shouted.  B.A. smiled.  This smile didn't last as Murdock started to sing a song that never failed to get on B.A.'s nerves.

"De de de de de yes it's the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends, some people, started singing it not knowing what it was, and now they go on singing it forever just because yes it's the song that never ends, da da de dee, it just goes on and on my friends. . ."

"Murdock," B.A. started, his voice low.  Murdock grinned manically and kept right on singing.  For once, B.A. let him.


It was almost nine o'clock, and the party was in full swing. Many of the volunteers were unabashedly drunk, the kegs half-gone, and someone had broken out the liquer and was mixing harder drinks on a small folding table set up near the entrance to the gym.  To Murdock's evident delight, Amy Allen had shown up to spend the rest of the evening with them.  She had appeared out of sorts at first, and Murdock did not wait before asking what was wrong.

"Bad date," she said, making a face.  Murdock shrugged and put an arm around her, the other one holding one of his many sparklers of the night.

"There'll never be a date as happy and fun as me," he quipped, making circles in the air with the little stick of flame.  The three friends watched contentedly as children ran up and down the blocked street, waiving their sparklers or setting off more dangerous bottle rockets.  The adults watched with hawk eyes but let the kids have their fun.  At nine-thirty the bigger fireworks display began.  Huge, dazzling crescendos of pyrotechnic artistry lit up the night.  B.A. folded his arms and surveyed the happy scene, glancing from time to time at Murdock and Amy.  Amy was concentrating on the fireworks display. Murdock had managed to get involved in the setting off of the bottle rockets, rigging one so it spiraled through the air crazily as though it were a fighter with the psychotic pilot at the helm.  A lot of years between us, the big guy thought, watching his friend cavort with the children and howl maniacally at the night sky.  He brought his arms up suddenly in a warding gesture as Murdock skidded to a stop in front of him, both hands full of about a dozen sparklers.

"Look B.A.!  Remind you of any crashes we had recently?"  he asked innocently, his hands moving fluidly through the air to make intricate designs with the lights.

"You better watch it fool, 'fore I crash you right here and now,"  B.A. said without thinking.  The pilot pouted and danced away to show his latest creation to one of the teenagers.  Soon a large group was gathered around him.  B.A. smiled.  Guess some things will never change, he thought.  And that's the way it was supposed to be.



BA and Murdock's 4th by Stompy Sara



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