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Today My World Slipped Away

By:  Emerald Princess 20


Rating:  Strong R

Disclaimer:  Do not own the guys or title.  George Strait has title.  SJC and Frank Lupo have the guys.  I do this for the jazz!

Warnings:  Character death, language and pain

Summary:  Told from Amy's POV about her forbidden love, General Stockwell.

Copyright:  Jan. 2010




            I'm standing over my forbidden love's cold and empty grave.  The guys have all shown up to lend me their support.  I appreciate them and their wives for doing this.  Hunt wasn't the easiest man to get along with, I know.  But he was still a human being.  The way he was taken away from me was just vicious and animalistic.  But that was his job, his way of life.


            I knew that about him when we first met.  I feel Tawnia and Frankie holding my arms in theirs as my heart slowly breaks.  I slowly walk to the head of my beloved husband's coffin; strangely, I can feel his arms around me.  I take out the paper and clear my throat.  As I begin to read, I blink back the tears that are forming in my eyes.  'Control Amy!' I remind myself.


We made it final today.

I gave you all I had, you made your getaway.

All the love we once made, turned to memories today

I left the courtroom and went straight to the church

I hit my knees and told God how much I hurt

Nothin' left of my heart;

It's gonna be hard so hard to make a new start


            My mind drifts back to the day that my beloved husband died.  Chely and I are standing in the ER treatment area as the heart monitor flat lines.    My memories threaten to overwhelm me as I feel the warm, salty tears travel from my eyes down my face.


'Cause today my world slipped away

We buried the plans that we made

And tonight, I'm alone and afraid

'Cause today my world slipped away


            I swallow the lump I feel forming in my throat.  I take a deep breath as I get my emotions back in check.  'What can you say about Hunt Stockwell?  Was he the easiest person to work for?  No.  Was he the most pleasant person to get to know?  No.' I look at the sky and close my eyes for a minute.  As if I heard my beloved voice tell me, 'It's alright Amy.' I bravely continue. 


            'I knew a different side to Hunt.  For 8 wonderful months, I was married to the most kind, passionate and caring man.' I look at his coffin and place my hand on it.  'And now, your name will live on in the form on our child.'


All my friends say I'll make it alright

I'll recover and start a new life

But that'll be so hard to do

'Cause livin' ain't worth livin' without you


            'Even though you're no longer here with us in a physical sense, you will always be with us in our hearts.


'Cause today my world slipped away.

We buried the plans that we made.

And tonight, I'm alone and afraid.

'Cause today my world slipped away.


            'I love you Hunt Stockwell.' I say as I touch his coffin for the last time.  I slowly walk back over to Face and Chely.  I block everything and everyone out of my mind and heart as my beloved is slowly being lowered into the ground. 


            Everyone leaves the graveside but Chely.  In a way, I wish all of the wives could deal with this!  Losing their beloved husband.  Chely walks over to me and says that she'll wait for me at the car.  She leaves me at Hunt's grave.  I lean down and place a kiss on his coffin.  I stand up and place a single red rose showing my love for this incredible man.  I slowly walk over to Chely.  She gets into the limo.  As the wind blows softly, I swear I hear Hunt say, "We did it my way."


~The End~



Today My World Slipped Away by Emerald Princess 20



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