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A Dream I've Had

By:  Emerald Princess 20


Rating:  G

Disclaimer:  Do not own the guys.  The dream, grandparents, friends, and children all belong to me.  I do this for the jazz!

Summary:  Just retelling a dream I've had

Copyright:  January, 2010




            The dream is not a terrible one; more of a peaceful or pleasant one.  Face, myself, the guys and my kids are sitting in front of the house.  The men are fussing standing over the grill discussing the pros versus cons of stacking the charcoal briquettes or laying them out.  I can't help but to smile as I watch my kids play.  All of a sudden I see a white Cadillac pulling into my yard.  The doors open and I see Mr. George and my mother's parents get out of the car.  I had been standing over my kids.  I slowly walk over to the three people.


            Jasmine and George both look at me as tears begin to fall from my eyes.  'Am I dreaming?' I ask aloud.  Mr. George pulls me into his arms and gives me a big hug as he says to me, 'No Susana, you're not dreaming.'  And what do I do?  I pass out.  Face quickly runs over to me.  I begin to wake up when I feel something wet on my face. 


            'Susan, are you okay?'  Face asks holding my head in his lap.  'I think so.' I say as I try to sit up.  'Take it easy.' Face says to me as he helps me sit on the grass by him.  'I had the most unusual dream.' I say to him.  'Unusual how?' he asks.  'My grandparents and Mr. George were alive!  They actually showed up here!' I say to my husband.


            I look around for Jasmine and George.  I see them talking to my grandparents.  My grandmother asks, 'And what is your name?' My daughter proudly answers, 'Jasmine Irene Kirksey-Peck.' Jasmine leans over and gives her great-grandmother a big hug.  My daughter and her great-grandmother are bonding.  I look to the right as I fight back tears of joy.  My son and his great-grandfathers are testing out the waters.


            Another Cadillac pulls up into the yard.  Albert, Mike, Georgette and the entire Fadalla family gets out of the car.  Two joyous reunions are taking place.  Mrs. Fadalla and the family all walk over to Face and myself.  She hugs and kisses me.  The sun gently shines on us as the birds sing softly.  I introduce everyone to Face, my kids and my family.  Wonderful dream, huh?


~The End~

A Dream I've Had by Emerald Princess 20



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