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by Jenn

Warnings: None, can you believe it?

Summary: The team hasn't had a case in over a month, and Murdock is feeling lonely

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, and the lyrics to Hello Again exclusively belong to Neil Diamond (((((NEIL))))))

Note: Short and sweet  

It wasn't often that no one was in need of the A-team, but on these rare occasions, BA, Hannibal and Face, would make the most of it. Getting wrapped up in something resembling a normal life, it was easy to forget responsibilities, the army, and just how lonely these lulls between jobs could be for Murdock.

Murdock slumped down onto his bed and held his pillow close. It was the same routine for the past four weeks. He tried to call Face many times, but there was never an answer. He had changed his number again, and must have forgotten to send it along to the VA for him.

He stared at the phone, wondering when it would ring. Wondering if Face would realize the oversight, and give him a call. Wondering when they would remember him.

Hello again hello
I just called to say hello
I couldn't sleep
At all tonight
And I know its late
I just couldn't wait

Hello my friend hello
I just called to let you know
I think about you every night
When I'm here alone
And your there at home

Just as the tears began to stream down his cheeks, there was a knock at his door. The new night nurse made her way into the dark room, and whispered quietly, not knowing if the Captain was still awake.

"Captain, this was left at the desk for you a while ago. I guess the previous nurse had stuck it in your file, and forgot about it." She set the small slip of paper on Murdock's night stand. "Are you all right, Mr. Murdock?" she asked, noticing his attempt to hide his face. He nodded, but didn't look up. "Okay, I'll be at the front desk if you need anything..." She smiled sympathetically at the gentle man, and quietly left the room.

Murdock picked up the slip of paper, and rubbed the tears out of his eyes. It was Face's phone number, along with a short note.

-If there is something is bothering you, or if you need to talk, you know you can call me. I'm sharing an apartment with BA at the moment, so don't call after 11:00. You know how he can get.

He glanced at his watch, 12:30am. He couldn't wait. It had been far too long. He needed to hear his friend's voice. The phone started to ring. Face heard BA grumbling in his sleep, dove for the receiver, grabbed the cradle, and took it into the living room.

"Hello?" he answered in a sleepy voice. "Murdock? Is everything okay?"

Murdock felt terrible for waking him, "y-yeah Faceguy, ëahm okay," he answered quietly. "I got worried is all. I haven't heard from you guys."

He paused, waiting to see if Face was angry. "You mad?"

Lately it's been crazy Maybe I'm to blame Wont you put your heart above your head We've been thru it all and you love me just the same And when your not there I still need to hear

Hello again hello Its good to need you so Its good to want you like I do I feel this way when I hear you say Hello

It suddenly dawned on Face that he hadn't visited his friend in over a month, and here he was asking if *he* was mad! "Oh god Murdock, n-no, no I'm not mad, not at all." What could he possibly say, he had no excuse for not visiting. He forgot, he had forgotten his best friend. "Murdock, I'm so sorry. I got busy..." His voice dropped off, and his words cracked. "I forgot," he repeated in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay Face. I understand, I just wanted to be sure you were all right. I miss not talking to you." Murdock was silent, for a minute. "You still there?"

Now Face was wiping the tears from his eyes. He looked over at the bear he had bought for Murdock, at the carnival when out with his new girlfriend Liz. The minute he saw the bear, he had thought of Murdock, and explained to Liz that he had a friend in the hospital, that would love it. "I have something for you, I picked it up last week. I'll

come by tomorrow and give it to you if you'd like. We could get something to eat, maybe see if the fair is still in town. Sound like a plan?"

Hello my friend hello
Its good to need you so
Its good to want you like I do
I feel this way when I hear you say

Murdock smiled. "Sounds great Facey, I'll be waiting with bells on. Goodnight." Murdock hung up the phone and drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.

Face took a deep breath and realized how badly he treated Murdock. It was too easy to get settled into a normal life and forget all of the things that really mattered. He would definitely be making this one up to Murdock though. It wasn't going to happen again. Before hanging up the phone, Face stared at the receiver and briefly wondered if when he showed up in the morning, the eccentric pilot really would be wearing bells.

The End

Hello by Jenn



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