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A Choice to Make

By Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer:  Do not own the guys.  I do own Chely Smith-Peck.  Bruce Michaels is a combination of Bruce Campbell and Shawn Michaels.  Just couldn't make Bruce Campbell the bad guy!  I do this for the jazz!

Rating:  Strong PG-13

Warning:  Mention of infidelity

Summary:  Chely Smith-Peck has a co-worker that is hitting on her.  Will she stay with her husband or go to another's arms?

Copyright:  December, 2009


Chely Smith-Peck sits at her desk with her head in her hands and her glasses on the desk.  She gently presses the heels of her hands into her throbbing head.  As her headache begins to ease, Chely feels someone beginning to massage her shoulders and neck.  She closes her eyes and leans her head back.  Chely gently smiles.

The firm hands move up and down her neck and shoulders.  Chely reaches up and touches the hands expecting to feel the softness but firmness of Templeton's hands.  Chely touches the hands but doesn't feel the softness in them.  She immediately tenses her body.  As she begins to stand up, she slowly turns around and sees her co-worker, Bruce Michaels standing before her.  Chely jumps to her feet.

"Bruce!?!?  What do you think you're doing?" Chely stands up leering at him.  "Just helping you to relax, Chely." Bruce says smiling at her.  He moves closer.  "And if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were enjoying the massage." Bruce says resting himself on Chely's desk.  Chely rolls her eyes and sighs, saying, "If it seemed like I was enjoying the massage, I was dreaming of my husband!" 

Bruce ruefully chuckles.  "Sure you were, Chely." He says moving closer to her.  He moves some hair out of her face.  Chely swats at Bruce's hand.  Narrowing her eyes at him, she asks, "What do you want?"  Bruce looks at the picture of her and Face.   "I could make you so much happier, Chely.  You deserve to be happy, Chely." Bruce whispers into Chely's ear.  "What makes you think that I'm not happy?" Chely asks crossing her arms over her chest.

Bruce wraps his arms around Chely's body, pulling her closer to him.  "If you were happy, you wouldn't be working." Bruce coos in her ear.  Chely places her hands on Bruce's shoulders and pushes him away from her.  "I don't know what your angle is Bruce, but it won't work with me. She says firmly looking into Bruce's eyes.  "Templeton Peck is my husband and I love him more than words can say."  Bruce looks at Chely as she looks at a picture of her and the handsome lieutenant.  Bruce touches Chely's arm as he says, "If you gave us half a chance, I know I can make you very happy." Bruce says as he touches her face.

"No." Chely says firmly.  Bruce sighs as he leans against the file cabinet in Chely's office. "Just answer me a question." He pleads with Chely.  "What is it?" Chely asks resting on her desk.  "Your husband is sick.  Why not be someone who can love and appreciate you like a woman should be?" Chely looks at Bruce and says, "Templeton Peck loves, appreciates and understands me in a way that you never could.  Like my husband, I take my vows seriously.  'In sickness and in health' was part of our vows.  Right now, Templeton is ill, but that does not change the fact that he's my husband and that we love and respect each other."

Bruce looks down at the floor.  "I just hope that I can find a woman like you one day, Chely." He says as he lightly touches her face.  Bruce turns and leaves Chely's office.  She sits back down in her chair and looks at Face's picture.  She smiles.  "I love you Lieutenant Peck." Chely Smith-Peck says as she begins to type on her computer once again.

~The End~

A Choice To Make by Emerald Princess 20



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