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Happy Birthday, Chely!

Happy Birthday, Chely!

By Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys. I do own Chely Smith-Peck. I do this for the jazz!
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: male/female consensual sex
Summary: Face and Chely celebrate her birthday adult style! ;)
Copyright: October, 2009


After a beautiful day of relaxing and shopping with her favorite person, Chely Smith-Peck and her husband, Templeton Peck walksinto their house. Chely walks over to the couch and gently falls on it. She lays down on it. "Thank you Face." Chely says as she watches her husband smile his most charming smile as he sits down on the couch and places her legs into his lap. He eases her shoes off.

Chely adjusts the pillow behind her head and smiles as she closes her eyes. Facebegins to slowly massage her aching feet. Chely softly moans. Face smiles. "How did you enjoy your birthday lunch?" he asks increasing pressure on his wife's feet. Chely slowly shifts as she looks at her husband.

"If you mean our entire family getting together and into a food fight, then I had a great time!" Chely says smiling at Face. As he slowly moves up to Chely's calves and thighs, he notices Chely keeping a watchful eye on him. With his most innocentlook, Lieutenant Peck asks his wife, "What?" "If I didn't know you any better, I'd say that you were up to something." Chely says eyeballing her husband. Face's magical hands travel up his wife's legs and unsnapher garter belt strap. With that done, he slowly lowers her thigh high stockings from her right leg.

"What; can't a husband do something nice for his wife on her birthday?" he asks winking at Chely. Chely smiles at Face and decides to play along with him. She closes her eyes as she feels Face unsnap the other strap and slowly lowers the other stocking from her left leg. Face seeks his wife close her eyes. He gently slides up her body and kisses her lips. Chely lightly moans as she feels his spider light kisses on her lips and face.

All of a sudden, Face gets up from the couch. As Chely begins to open her eyes, she feels her husband pick her up in his arms. She wraps her arms around his neck as they kiss passionately. They walk slowly to the bedroom, lips stilllocked together. The couple reaches the bedroom and smiles as Face places Chely on her feet. She opens the bedroom door and smiles as she takes off her jacket and drops it to the floor. She eases Face's jacket off of his broad shoulders as they enter into the bedroom. Face takes Chely in his arms and they spin around. As he knees hit the side of the bed, he takes the hem of her blouse and pulls it over her head, momentarily breaking the kiss.

Chely groans but as soon as she does, she willfully succumbs to Face's dominating kiss. He carefully sits her down on the bed and gently pushes her back so she can get comfortable. Face hovers over her. As he stares into her emerald green eyes, Templeton Peck realizes that he has his soul mate in his life and his arms. Chely looks into Face's baby blue eyes as she wraps her arms around his neck. "What's wrong?" she asks. Face tenderly caresses Chely's face as he says to her, "Nothing darling. I'm just taking in the breathtaking beauty in front me." Chely's eyes well up with tears as she pulls her husband down on her. They kiss passionately.

Chely feels Face's fingers on her back near her bra. She feels his kisses on her neck and shoulder. Chely feels Face slowly take her bra off as his smile grows wider and wider. Chely pulls off his shirt and tie as she kisses his neck and his shoulder. Face gently pushes Chely back on the bed and smiles devilishly at her. "No ma'am. This evening is all about you, my love." Chely raises her eyebrows up intrigued. "Oh, really?" she asks as she feels him slide beside her neck. Face softly smells Chely's skin and moans very lightly.

Chely wraps her legs around Face's waist. His fingers slowly travel to the zipper on Chely's skirt. As Face kisses and slowly nibbles on her skin, he lowers the zipper on her skirt. Face carefully slides it down her long legs and throws it on the plush carpet. He slides up Chely's body and tenderly kisses each area of skin being exposed to him and his magical lips.

Chely reaches down to Face's belt and unbuckles it. As she pulls the belt from its loops, Face moves to his side and kisses her lips. Freeing the belt from the loops, Chely smiles as Face rolls on his back, pulling her on top of him. She squeals with delight as he pulls her head down to him. Chely nibbles on his bottom lip as they kiss. This earns a long, moan from Face.

All of a sudden, Face flips Chely on her back and pins her hands over her head. She giggles as her fingers slowly trace her husband's muscular back. In one fluid motion, Face enters her, slow and easy. Using all the restraint he can muster in a brief moment, Face holds still inside of his beautiful wife. He leans down and gently inserts his tongue as he begins to move within Chely. Her moans are swallowed by her husband's mouth. Chely wraps her legs around his waist as Face begins to move a little faster.

With candles gently blowing from the air conditioning, Face moans as he places Chely's legs on his shoulders. "Nnnnhhhhhh…" Chely moans. Face makes a noise-half groan, half sigh. He kisses and licks her breasts. Face nurses hard just using a little bit of teeth. Chely clenches her muscles around Face's throbbing shaft as he burieshimself to the hilt in her. "Put your hands behind your head." Face orders, whispering her ear. Chely places her hands behind her head and smiles. Face smiles in return and leans down to kiss her lips tenderly.

He places his right hand on her hands with his left hand; Face gently caresses Chely's face and body. He closes his eyes as he arches his body in tune with Chely's. Face rolls over on his backand brings Chely up with the roll. She leans down and kisses Face's lips. She sits up and begins to bounce on her husband's throbbing shaft. "Mmmmm…." Chely and Face moan together. Face reaches up and caresses his wife's breasts with his hands. As Face sits up, Chely wiggles back and forth on him.

"Oh yeah! That's the right spot!!" Face moans in pleasure. Chely runs her hands over his chest. Her muscles tighten around him. Chely's body freezes and shakes. She calls his name. "Faaaceeee! A few thrusts later, Face calls Chely's name. "Chelyyyyyy!!!" Chely falls on her husband's chest, her breathing labored. Her right hand slowly draws a heart in the fine sheen of sweat that covers her husband's shoulder. Chely eases off of Face and settles in his arms.

Both smile like cats thatjust ate the canaries. As the sleep endorphins are released, Face kisses his wife's forehead and whispers in her ear, "Happy birthday Chely." Chely yawns and says, "Thank you." She kisses his shoulder. "Now, what can I do for your birthday?" she asks cuddling closer to her husband. Face wraps his arms around Chely and rests his head on top of hers. He chuckles. "You've got time to figure something out." He says smiling. "We've got all the time in the world, Chely." Face says as he kisses her head.

Both fall asleep together, safe, happy and very much in love!

The End

Happy Birthday Faceman! by Emerald Princess 20
Happy Birthday, Chely! by Emerald Princess 20



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