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Sequel to Shuai-jan Sprouts Wings: Murdock falls for a woman, but is she who she says she is

Falling In Love With A Lie

By KennaC


Rated M for explicit (but tasteful) heterosexual content. No warnings other than that for this installment of the series.

Summary: Sequel to Shuai-jan Sprouts Wings: Murdock falls for a woman, but is she who she says she is? And in the end, does it really matter?

A/N: The A-Team does not belong to me, and I make no money from this. I do it for the fun of spinning a tale about my favorite soldiers.






"We're in luck, Murdock. Viola's with this group."

Captain HM 'Howlin' Mad' Murdock shook out of his semi-comatose state as his best friend, Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck grabbed his arm and pointed up to the stage.

Murdock followed Face's gaze to where several pretty, young, female members of the USO tour that had arrived this morning stood. Unfortunately, he had no clue which young woman he was supposed to be looking at. The truth was he didn't even really remember walking from the airfield to the stage at Nha Trang Military Base in Vietnam. He yawned.

Face gave his arm an exasperated thump. "Jesus, Murdock, wake up. You know how it is when these girls come on base. If we don't lay claim now, we're going to become part of the rabble. Of course, with Vi here, that gives us a leg up. Am I happy to see her."

Murdock grunted in response. He was too tired to plot Face's next sexual conquest. Colonel Vickers, his Aviation CO, had him running night ops last night; then this morning, as he was dropping into bed, Colonel Smith, his Special Forces CO, had called an impromptu briefing, and they had run a recon sweep for their next mission.

It was late afternoon when he finally had everything wrapped up with the bird. Then Face showed up and dragged him to the stage. His friend didn't even give him a chance to change out of his flight suit.

"Vi is the woman of my dreams, Murdock. I'm telling you, buddy, Viola is like the embodiment of the free love movement."

Murdock stifled another yawn. "Free love, huh? Seems to me you ain't ever short on free love, Faceman."

Face's smile was a strange combination of dreamy and lewd. "Vi is all about the sexual act as a natural part of human interaction . . . and man, is she a natural."

Face jogged toward the stage and Murdock dragged himself after, shaking his head at the kid-at-Christmas excitement of his friend. A shapely young woman with dark brown curls wearing a brightly colored, low-cut shirt and white short shorts screeched when she caught sight of him. She leapt off the stage, and ran to Face, wrapping herself around the handsome Lieutenant. Murdock smirked; he supposed if he was guaranteed a greeting like that he would be excited, too.

Face's grin was broad as he swung her around. "Hey, Vi! What a great surprise."

"My favorite soldier." She gave him a warm, open-mouthed kiss before releasing him. "It's been awhile since I saw you. I figured for sure you'd have scammed your way state-side by now."

"You know, Face, she's right, why haven't you scammed yourself a ticket home?" Murdock asked.

"Well, hello there." Viola stepped past Face, her head tilted to the side, her gaze blatantly appraising. "You gonna introduce me to your tall, handsome friend, here, Templeton?"

"Viola Greene, meet Captain HM Murdock. Murdock, Vi."

She took Murdock's right hand in both of hers. "Nice to meet you." She ran her thumbs over the back of his hand. "Large, strong very nice. What do you do with these hands, HM?"

Murdock shifter under her gaze. "I fly."

She took a step closer, her smile suggestive. "I'd love to have you take me up sometime."

Face inserted himself between Murdock and Vi, taking her hands. "Down girl, he's not your type. I've been working on him, but he's still kind of an old-fashioned guy."

"Old fashioned, huh? Pity." Vi smiled at Murdock coyly and winked, then turned her attention back to Face. "So, how much longer are you in country?"

Face shrugged. "Who knows? I lose track."

Murdock's amused snort was interrupted by another yawn. Face knew how much time, he had they all did. In fact, Face had signed on for another year in this hell-hole just last month. He shook his head to clear the gathering cobwebs. It bothered him that he understood why; after extending his first tour, he had signed up for a voluntary second tour himself. He liked working with Smith's Team. It had been a long while since he felt like he belonged anywhere.

"Hey, Murdock."

He had zoned out and when he looked up, Face was motioning to him from up on stage. He jumped up to join him. Vi took the arm of the woman sitting at the piano and pulled her to her feet.

"Captain HM Murdock, old-fashioned guy meet Sheila Downey, old-fashioned gal. She just joined us in Saigon. She's new in country. Originally from the great state of Texas, just like you."

The woman next to Vi was petite, over a foot shorter than him, with a mop of honey-gold hair that framed a broad, expressive face. Her full lips were curved up in a smile that could light a night sky. But what really caught his attention were the large, wide-set eyes, the color of the sky he loved so much.

Sheila held out a hand, and he took it, admiring the firm, confident grip. "It's nice to meet you, Captain Murdock."

He hoped like hell the smile on his face wasn't as goofy as it felt. "Murdock, um, you can just call me Murdock."

"Murdock, please, call me Sheila."

He nodded, and couldn't seem to stop grinning at her like an idiot. Then he realized he was still holding her hand and released it abruptly. "S-sorry about that."

Face sniggered. "Don't mind him, Sheila. Murdock's just captivated by the scenery."

Murdock's eyes widened. "I'm kind of out of it. I was in the air all night." He considered Sheila's inscrutable expression, and added repentantly, "Really, I'm not usually this slow."

"Man, that's the truth. Usually he's totally manic. You just aren't catching him at his best," Face said.

A warm smile appeared on her face, accompanied by a low chuckle. "Well, I guess maybe we should try this again after you've gotten some sleep."

Murdock felt himself relax. "We'll definitely have to do that."

"Man, there goes my hopes for a new conquest this evening. Guess I'll just have to make do with you, Temp." Vi sighed and took hold of Face's arm possessively.

Face was obviously happy to have Vi hanging off his arm, but he didn't seem sure what to make of what she said. Murdock couldn't help but laugh. "Face as the booby prize - now there's a switch for ya."

Face gave him a withering look, then turned his most dazzling smile on Vi. "So, are you girls busy tonight?"

Sheila opened her mouth, but Vi cut her off. "Absolutely not. What did you have in mind?"




Vi practically had to drag her reluctant roomy to dinner with the guys. Viola sat next to Face and staked her claim. Sheila sat next to the pilot, though she seemed a bit stand-offish, especially at first. She also kept pretty quiet. Vi blamed that on herself she had not given Sheila a chance to back out of the date, or she probably would have. Sheila had refused every double dating opportunity Vi had offered over the last month.

As it ended up, Vi didn't talk a whole lot either. The two men were obviously good friends, and they played off each other like a practiced comedy team. They took turns telling amusing stories, each one more fantastic then the last. Murdock had a zany sense of humor that seemed to drive Face kind of nuts, and the interaction between them was entertaining. Sheila even loosened up, and by the end of dinner, they were all cracking up. They parted ways at the mess hall entrance, promising to meet later at a nearby bar.

Vi grabbed Sheila by the arm as they walked toward their tent. "Those two are hilarious."

Sheila chuckled. "Yeah. It was like watching two of the stooges, only without the eye-poking and head-slapping."

"I think they came pretty close a couple times." Vi laughed, then patted Sheila's arm. "I'm glad you came. I know you were nervous, but Murdock seems like a really nice guy."

Sheila's smile was thoughtful. "Yeah, he does seem really nice. I'm glad I came, too."

Vi grinned in triumph. She was finally making progress with her tight-laced roomy.




Murdock dropped onto his bunk and closed his eyes. Coffee had helped him make it through dinner, but the buzz had worn off pretty fast. He really wanted to sleep for at least a little while before they met the girls at the bar. Unfortunately, Face was in the mood to talk.

"So, what do you think? Vi is hot, with a capital 'H.' I'm sorry you drew the short straw, bud. Maybe Sheila will liven up with a couple drinks in her."

Rolling on his side, Murdock opened his eyes, and looked at his friend. "First of all, I believe Vi indicated she was the one who drew the short straw. And secondly, I think Sheila is nice, just a little . . . shy. I mean she just got in-country and you know what a culture shock that can be."

"Vi did not draw the short straw."

Murdock grinned. "Neither did I."

Face shrugged. "Hopefully. I'm sure Sheila will be fine once she loosens up. I mean, she's Vi's roomy, she's gotta be an easy lay "

"You know, Face, it's not all about getting laid."

"Yeah, yeah I know, you're looking for what your grandparents had."

Murdock groaned, he got tired of having this conversation with Face. "I'm not saying that Sheila is the one. But she's someone's daughter, and she deserves a certain amount of respect. You treat every woman like a walking vagina. They do have brains, Face."

"Whatever. I keep telling you, that you should take what you can get. Sheila's only here for a few days, anyway. It's not like you're gonna forge a life-long relationship with her. Screw her and move on. You can look for undying happiness once you're state-side."

Murdock only half-listened to Face. He was imagining Sheila's eyes. Wide and sky-blue, they were probably her best feature. If eyes were the windows to the soul, then what he saw in Sheila's told him she was worth getting to know. Face's final sentence registered, and he shrugged as he rolled to his back. Sometimes, it was kind of fun to get Face spun up. "Then again, who knows, maybe Shelia could be the one. I'm certainly not one to ignore the possibility. I'm looking forward to getting to know her."

"I do hope you mean in the biblical sense. I really don't want a repeat of the Nurse Jensen incident . . ."

Murdock closed his eyes and tuned out the ensuing lecture. He'd heard it before anyway.


Face stopped mid-sentence when Murdock snored. He looked over at his sleeping friend in disgust. The pilot's romantic bent was a little hard for him to fathom. Murdock actually wanted to find a woman he could spend the next 60 years with. The thought made Face feel claustrophobic. Who in their right mind would voluntarily sign up for that?

He appreciated the irony of that thought. A lot of people would wonder the same thing about his choice to voluntarily re-up last month. He knew Murdock understood the why; he had made the same choice just a few months ago, himself. Maybe Face should stop wondering why Murdock wasn't riding his shirt tails through the nursing corps, and try to understand why he was so hell-bent on finding the woman of his dreams.

Face lay back on his bunk and snickered to himself, no way.




Back at their quarters, Vi stripped down to nothing, then spent several minutes picking what to wear, and almost as importantly what not to wear. By the time she had decided, she turned to find Sheila dressed and reading a book.

"You are not wearing that?"

Sheila looked up. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

Vi shook her head. The girl was so Midwest it wasn't funny. For a big city girl, she certainly didn't have much style; blue jeans and an unremarkable blue shirt with tennis shoes. Other then the color of the shirt, which complemented Sheila's eyes, the outfit was decidedly pedestrian. Sheila obviously needed help.

Holding up a very short and stylish go-go dress, Vi said, "Sweety, if you want to turn Murdock's head, you are going to have to get with the times and wear something like this. What you have on might be ok if you were headed to the barn to milk cows, but not for a night out on the town with a tall, handsome pilot."

She tossed the dress aside and turned to look in her closet again, certain that Sheila didn't have anything appropriate. "You know, Sheila, you have great legs, you need to show 'em off in a mini, and though you don't have a whole lot up top, that shirt really ain't doin' a whole lot for ya. We're about the same waist size, I'm sure I have something in here that will fit you."

"I don't know, Vi. I've never really been into the whole fashion scene."

Vi pulled out a blue jean mini skirt and nodded. "You just let Viola fix you up, Sheila. I know what men like."




For at least the fourth time since they left their quarters, Sheila tugged down on the mini-skirt and Vi sighed in exasperation. She was glad she had decided against the red sleeveless shirt with plunging neckline and opted for the more conservative electric blue spandex top. The color made Sheila's eyes pop, and the snug fitting fabric hugged the few curves she had.

Sheila's fingers trailed along the hem of the mini, and tugged on it again. "Vi, it feels like my ass is hanging out of this thing. I'd really rather go back and put on my own clothes."

"If you do that, we'll be late. The guys are probably already waiting for us. C'mon, Sheila, trust me. Murdock is going to love it."

They walked into the bar a few minutes later, and Vi waved at Face with a big smile. She sighed as Sheila tugged at the skirt again. "Would you stop fidgeting with the damn skirt, Sheila. It's fine. Your ass is not hanging out." Any more than it's supposed to, she thought with a wry smile. She put her hands on the shorter woman's shoulders and pushed her ahead toward the table in the corner where Face and Murdock both stood waiting for them.

"Hi boys, hope we didn't keep you waiting." Vi sidled up to Face and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Murdock held out a chair for Sheila, and Vi shot her a warning glare as she started tugging on the skirt again. She shrugged apologetically and sat down.

"What do you girls want to drink?" Face asked.

"I'll take a gin and tonic," Vi said. Worried that Sheila would ask for something embarrassing like a Shirley Temple, she added hastily, "So will Sheila."

Sheila flashed Vi an irritated glare, and Murdock chuckled. "Stop putting words in her mouth, Vi. Whatcha want to drink, Sheila?"

She smiled gratefully at him. "I'd like whiskey, please."

Murdock pushed back from the table. "I'll go get 'em."

Vi had to stifle a laugh as Sheila's eyes followed Murdock up to the bar. She strayed a look herself and nodded appreciatively. At least the girl wasn't blind. She felt Face's arm slip around her, and his breath tickled her ear as he leaned in close. "C'mon, Vi, quit playing me like that. No need to make me jealous by drooling over my best friend."

Vi chuckled. "I didn't think it was possible to make you jealous, Templeton." She looked into his blue eyes and sighed. Templeton Peck was one of the best-looking men she had ever met, no doubt. As much as the Captain's hands fascinated her, she knew she'd enjoy her night with the Lieutenant. Sheila could have the pilot.


The bar was fairly quiet, but more people were coming in steadily and Sheila knew it would soon get loud. Personally, she preferred quiet bars, where you could sit in the corner and drink without anyone bothering you.

Murdock came back and set her drink in front of her with a friendly smile. He seemed like a nice guy, attentive, and very much a gentleman. Face, on the other hand, was already groping Vi. Sheila took a deep breath and decided she shouldn't judge the Lieutenant based on how he was with Vi they apparently knew each other, and anyone that knew Vi, knew she was a sex-addict.

She felt a breeze between her legs, and shivered. What had possessed her to allow Viola to dress her up like a Barbie doll? She should have stuck with her own clothes at least then she would have been dressed comfortably. As it was, everything about the situation was uncomfortable. Sheila picked up the whiskey and shot it.

Murdock's expression was amused as she set down the empty glass. "Want another?"

She smiled ruefully. "If you don't mind, I think I would . . . maybe a double."

"You're the boss. I'll be right back." He picked up her glass and headed back to the bar.

She found herself watching as he made his way through the gathering crowd. He was tall and wiry, and moved with an awkward grace that she found fascinating. Actually, after reviewing his file in preparation for this assignment, she found pretty much everything about him fascinating, from his education at the Air Force Academy to his recruitment by the CIA to his apparent fearlessness in the air.

He came back in short order, carrying another whiskey for her and a couple beers for himself and Face.

She smiled her thanks, this time taking just a sip before setting the drink back down. "So, HM, um, can I call you HM? Murdock just seems kind of . . . impersonal."

"HM's what my granddad always called me, feel free."

"Where are you from in Texas?"

"Born in Abilene, ended up just outside of Spur. How 'bout you?"

"Well, I was born in Houston. But I only lived there a few years before Mom moved us to Chicago."

"Chicago, huh? That would explain the Midwest accent or rather lack of accent."

"Yeah, I don't even really remember Texas. I was only five when we moved."

"So you're from Chi-town, huh? Big city girl. Shy from Chi-town."

He grinned at her and Sheila couldn't help but respond in kind. His smile was infectious, and he had an easiness about him that helped settle her nerves. Unfortunately, Face and Vi had the exact opposite effect. They had already moved close, kissing and fondling, and she felt herself growing nervous again, wondering what HM might expect. Her resolve to nurse her second drink disappeared and she picked it up and emptied it.

"You better slow down, Shy, or I'm gonna be carrying you outta here."

A heat wave flashed through her at the thought. "I guess I'm just a little nervous."

"About what?"

Her gaze strayed to Vi and Face, before meeting HM's warm, brown eyes. "I haven't really dated much."

At least that was the truth. Unlike her name, or even her birthplace. She wasn't sure she had been fully prepared for her first undercover assignment. She couldn't help feeling guilty for lying to a guy that seemed as nice as HM. She shook herself mentally and resolved to follow through. It was her first job, and she couldn't afford to screw it up. Her supervisors were just looking for an excuse to send her packing, and she would be damned if she was going to give them one.


Murdock rubbed the back of his neck, glad he had gotten at least a couple hours of sleep before meeting the girls at the bar. He was definitely more alert now.

He gazed at Sheila curiously. She had a smile that could light up a room, and blue eyes that he knew he could get lost in. But he didn't know what to make of her. He could sense an underlying confidence that he admired, but outwardly, she was definitely nervous.

Maybe it was just lack of experience with dating, like she said. He didn't want her to think he expected anything, but Vi and Face making out like a couple of horny toads next to him probably wasn't helping her unease.

He jabbed an elbow into Face's rib cage and smiled in satisfaction at the grunt he elicited. "Don't pay attention to them, Shy. They just don't have any manners, that's all."

Face came up for air and cast an annoyed glance at him. "What?"

Murdock looked at his friend meaningfully. "We came here to get to know each other, right, Faceman?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Get to know each other." He grinned suggestively at Vi, who giggled. Then he turned and mouthed, 'biblically' to Murdock.

Murdock rolled his eyes, and latched onto the first topic he could think of that might get Shy to relax. "Hey, Shy said she grew up in Chicago. Maybe she knows the big guy?"

"There's gotta be a hundred thousand people in Chicago, Murdock. Chances that she knows BA are pretty slim."

"Who's BA?" Shy asked.

"He's a big, angry, mudsucking Chi-town boy with a bad attitude," Murdock said.

"Only when you call him a big, angry mudsucker," Face said. "Sergeant BA Baracus is our slightly acrophobic communications specialist. I think he's from east Chicago. What part did you say you come from, Sheila?"

"Here and there. Mom and I never stayed anywhere more than a couple years." Shy's smile seemed self-conscious as she added, "To be honest, I'm mostly familiar with the rougher parts of Chicago."

Murdock grunted in amusement. "Rough would describe BA."

"He is a little rough around the edges." Face chuckled.

"And in between." Murdock grinned. "BA's really just a big ol' pussycat . . . in angry mudsucker clothing."

Shy looked at Murdock curiously. "I thought you were in Aviation, but it sounds like you're in Face's Special Forces unit. I'm confused."

Murdock shrugged in answer. Though he felt comfortable with the Team, he wasn't really a part of the unit. It was a reality that was wearing on him right now.

Face clapped him on the shoulder. "Technically-speaking, Murdock is in Aviation, but we all consider him part of the Team."

Face's explanation put a smile on Murdock's face. "'Cept maybe the great Baracan one."

"BA just associates you with flying, and you know how much he likes that." Face chuckled, and Murdock joined him.

Sheila shook her head. "Sounds like you guys spend a lot of time together."

"Well, he may not be an official part of the Team, but he gets to bunk with us so Colonel Smith always knows where to find him."

Murdock smirked. "Somehow I don't think it would matter where I bunked, Hannibal could find me. I do feel pretty lucky to have bunkmates like Face, BA, Gravy and Ray. Couldn't ask for a more dysfunctional group of roomies."

Face snorted. "We resemble that remark. No denying you fit right in, Howlin' Mad."

Shy's eyebrows hovered over dancing blue eyes. "Howlin' Mad, huh? Any wonder Sergeant Baracus is slightly acrophobic?"

"Yeah, well, I might contribute to that phobia just a little bit." Murdock held his index finger and thumb about an inch apart, then squeezed them closed and was elated when Sheila laughed with him.

Face glanced across Murdock to Sheila. "So, Sheila, how'd a nice girl like you end up in a cesspool like Vietnam?"

Sheila shrugged, then flashed a teasing smile at him. "The scenery?"

"Oh, ha ha. You spend 24/7 with a bunch of sweaty guys and see if you don't consider a couple of beautiful women nice scenery."

Vi raised an eyebrow. "I don't know, 24/7 with a bunch or sweaty guys sounds pretty damn good to me. What do you think, Sheila?"

"More your scene, Vi." Murdock swore she glanced at him, and he smiled as her cheeks colored slightly. "I prefer limiting myself to one guy."

He wasn't sure if it was the two drinks, or the easy banter, but he was glad to find that the ice seemed to be broken with Shy. She had a quick, cutting wit that he enjoyed. However, as the light conversation continued it became increasingly apparent that Vi was growing impatient with the small talk.

Vi leaned in and whispered in Face's ear. Face tensed, and turned to Murdock, who knew he was sending some kind of message with the look he threw at him. He just wasn't catching the drift. Maybe he hadn't gotten enough sleep, after all.

Obviously exasperated, Face stood up and held a hand out to Sheila. "Would you like to dance, Sheila?"

The surprised look on her face was hardly a 'yes' but Face didn't seem to care. He grabbed her hand and dragged her on to the dance floor. Had Face wanted him to ask Sheila to dance? Why the hell didn't he just say so?

Murdock's eyes traveled up from Face's fondling hands on his date's nicely-shaped ass, to find Face gazing directly at him with a challenging smile. Murdock pressed his lips into a thin, disapproving line. But a few seconds later, he had to bite back a guffaw when the smug look on his friend's face turned to shock. Shy had taken his hands off her butt and placed them back on her waist. She tugged down on the skirt before putting her hands back on Face's shoulders.

He had just decided to go cut in, when Vi's fingers closed around his arm. "C'mon, flyboy, let's show them how to do it right."

Like Face, Vi didn't wait for a response, but dragged him onto the dance floor. Once there, she moved close, snaking her arms around his shoulders. He put his hands at her waist, and Vi shook her head. "I said we should show them how to do it right, Murdock."

He looked at her in confusion. She gave an amused snort, and then moved his hands deliberately to her ass. She then slid hers around his waist and into his back pockets, kneading his butt as she pulled him hard against her.

She stretched up and placed her cheek against his, her voice a seductive whisper. "Feel free to roam lower, Murdock. I'm not wearing any panties, so it's easy access."

He felt her tongue slide along his jaw line, as comprehension dawned

Murdock was relieved to feel a hand on his shoulder and see Face lean between him and Vi. "You made your point. Trade?"

Murdock couldn't tell if Face was talking to him or Viola and wasn't sure he cared. He was eternally grateful that Face took Viola and left him with Shy.

He heaved a sigh and smiled at the petite woman standing in front of him. Her relief at having been abandoned by his groping friend was almost palpable. "Do you still want to dance?"

She glanced over at Face and Vi, already heavily engaged on the dance floor. She took a bracing breath and offered him a thin smile in return. "Sure, why not?"

She moved closer to him, her hands sliding up to his shoulders. Murdock caught one of her hands in his, and placed his other hand carefully at her waist, moving slowly to the music. "I promise to keep my hands where you can see them."

Sheila looked up from watching her feet and the teasing smile caught him off-guard. "Like you did with Vi?"

He wasn't prepared for the dig, and found himself sputtering, "I didn't . . . it was not . . . Vi put my hands "

"I know, I saw. You should have seen your expression." Her smile broadened.

Murdock felt his face get hot. She seemed to be enjoying his discomfort a little too much. He was not accustomed to being teased, particularly by a girl he thought was quiet and shy. "For your information, that expression was not from having my hands placed on Vi's butt."

"Really? Then tell me Captain, what was it?" The teasing glint still shone in her eyes, and he was finding it amazingly provocative.

He leaned down so his lips brushed her ear, catching a pleasant scent of lavender. He smiled when he felt her shiver as he admitted, "I was a little shocked when she told me she wasn't wearing any panties."

He pulled back as laughter bubbled out of Shy's lips, which she had pressed together in a hopeless attempt to contain her amusement.

He joined her, both of them dissolving in hilarity to curious glances from nearby couples.

He shrugged as the laughter subsided. "I imagine it was pretty funny. And truth be told, I was more than a little shocked." He cocked an eyebrow at her, and leaned in to ask quietly, "You are wearing underwear, right?"

She chuckled and shook her head, 'no' but said, "I never leave home without them."

He straightened. "I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that."

"Truth is, I think Vi kind of gets off on shocking people. She shocks me every chance she gets. Maybe that's why I recognized the expression."

They slipped into a comfortable silence, moving across the slowly-filling dance floor easily. But after less then a minute of effortless dancing, her feet began to get tangled with his, and her gaze dropped to the floor, again. When she was talking to him, and not thinking about it, she did fine, but when she started to concentrate it seemed to throw her off.

He pulled in their joined hands and put a finger under her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Relax, and let me lead you."

She pressed her lips together. "I've never been very good at that."

"Relaxing or allowing yourself to be led?"

Sheila tensed as she stepped on his foot again. "I'm sorry. I suck at slow dancing. Mom tried to teach me, but even she gave up, and she was one of the most patient people in the world."

"I only use the bottoms of my feet, your welcome to the tops. Really, it's ok. I hardly notice."

A rueful smile spread across her face. "You really are a nice guy, aren't you?"

He wasn't sure how to respond to that, and it didn't help that he could swear she sounded almost disappointed. He shook off the discordant impression as the tempo of the music picked up. They laughed their way through several faster songs in series before the music slowed again, and he drew her back into his arms.

She sighed. "Are you prepared for another foot-trampling?"

"Your problem is that you think about it too much. You need to lighten up, and just move to the music." He pulled her closer, pleasantly surprised by how well she fit against him, even with the difference in their height. Letting go of her hand, he laced his fingers together at the small of her back.

She tensed, and he looked down at her. "I promise, no lower."

"I hope you don't think I'm a prude. I'm just "

"Don't worry about it, Shy. All I want is to get to know you, have a little fun you know, the clean kind. I'm not expecting anything else." Hoping, maybe, but not expecting.

She relaxed, her hands resting on his shoulders. He pulled her closer, nestling her head into the curve of his neck. Her mop of honey-colored hair tickled his nose with the scent of lavender, overwhelming the stale-beer odor of the bar. He let his eyes close. "Just relax."

He smiled as he felt her head rest against him. He could stay right here the rest of the evening and be content.




Viola slipped her hand between Face's legs, and smiled against his lips at the rock-hard erection she found there. "Oh, baby, I want that between my legs in the worst kind of way."

Face pulled back and smiled at her. "Eventually." Vi felt a shiver slip up her spine at the seductive look in his eyes. She could feel wetness between her legs in anticipation of the night to come. They had returned to their table in the rear corner of the bar, where the light was dim, and they had a wall at their back. Murdock and Sheila were still out on the dance floor, and their empty chairs shielded the antics under the table, not that anyone was looking. There were other couples similarly engaged at other tables, and for the most part, they were just ignored.

She licked her lips and leaned in to kiss him, again, pushing her tongue into his mouth and savoring the taste of him, a pleasant combination of beer and mint. With her hand she deftly unbuttoned his pants, and slipped her hand inside allowing her fingers to glide along his hard shaft to its base. She fondled his balls lightly, then traced a throbbing vein up to the tip of his penis. There she slid a finger along the slit that would pulse his juices into her, then traced the edge of the head. His only response was to bruise her lips, his tongue probing deep into her mouth, pushing in and out in a steady rhythm. She wrapped her hand around him, matching his rhythm with her own.

He pulled back and stilled her hand, his voice husky. "Alright, we need to slow down a little."

"I don't want to slow down." Vi slipped her hand along the hard planes of his stomach. She was horny enough to mount him right here in the bar. Wasn't that why she hadn't worn any underwear? "Indulge me, Temp."

His eyebrows went up. "Here?"

She moved closer to him, and freed his penis from his underwear. She glanced down and smiled at his readiness, then leaned in and put her lips against his ear. "Just slouch down and lean back, I'll do the rest."

He complied. She shifted to his lap and locked lips on his again, stroking him until his cock was bucking in her hands. His hand slid between her legs and his fingers found the most sensitive part of her, sliding along her clitoris, into her vagina in a rhythm that made her want to scream.

In a deft movement, she turned her back to him slightly, and shifted so she could lower herself over him. She bit back a groan as she felt the length of his hardness enter her she was so close her breath was coming in little gasps that she heard echoed from him. She turned her head so she could look into his blue eyes, and the smoldering fire she saw there only served to take her closer to the edge. A smile curved his lips, and she felt him move inside of her, though there was no outward evidence of it. She gasped in pleasure. His smile widened, and she felt it again, and again.

Her lips parted as the pace of the movement increased, and Face's fingers once again found her clit. One stroke of his finger was all it took to send her over the edge, and each additional stroke only served to heighten the orgasm. She felt his lips against her ear, "shhhhh," even as she felt his own release pulsing into her. She clamped down on her lip to keep from crying out in the middle of the bar.

The orgasm faded to a pleasant tingling feeling throughout her body. She felt his spent member slip out of her, and turned to wrap her arms around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder. "How was that for dangerous sex?" She cooed into his ear.

"Incredible, Vi. But then you always were. We're gonna have to spill a beer in my lap to hide the evidence, though." An amused smile lit the handsome Lieutenant's face.

She leaned in and kissed him again. "Think you might be up for an encore in a little bit?"

Face grinned at her, and glanced down. "What do you think?"

She followed his gaze, and smiled appreciatively at his already hardening cock. It was definitely going to be a good night.




Murdock and Shy stayed out on the dance floor for a long time, even though, or maybe because, Vi and Face were back at the table. It was getting crowded, and Murdock really wanted to leave. A glance over at the table, and he could see that the other couple was engaged in some heavy petting.

Shy finally seemed at ease, and he hated to put her back on edge by going to the table. He doubted Face or Vi would care if they left, anyway. He motioned toward the door. "I don't know about you, but I don't feel like interrupting those two, and it's getting loud in here. What do you say to a walk on the beach?"

She nodded and he took her hand and led her out of the bar. Once outside they both sighed in relief.

Sheila rubbed her temples. "The noise in there was starting to give me a headache."

"Yeah, hard to hold a conversation over the roar. Kinda hard to breath for all the smoke, too." He watched as she tugged at the bottom of her skirt, yet again. "Would you like to change into something more comfortable?"

She looked at him in surprise. "You wouldn't mind?"

"Why would I mind?"

He fell into step beside her as she made a bee-line for her quarters. She shrugged. "I had on jeans and a shirt, but Vi said you'd like this better."

Murdock glanced down at her legs and smiled. "I'm not complaining. I mean, you look real nice. But it's just the wrapping."

They had arrived at her quarters and she smiled gratefully at him. "I'll just be a minute."

When Shy came back out, it was his turn to smile appreciatively. The jeans fit her snuggly, and she had on a light blue tank top that hugged her curves nicely. If anything, he liked it better than what she had on before.

He took her hand and drew her in the direction of the Nha Trang beach near base. "Well, Shy, now that you're comfy, why don't you tell me about Chi-town. I've never been there before . . ."


They spent the next couple hours wandering up and down the beach and talking about everything and nothing. It was overcast and humid, but the breeze blowing in off the bay was pleasant.

He asked if it was ok that he called her 'Shy' and she nearly laughed. It was far closer to her real name than Sheila, and she actually kind of liked it. It certainly made it easier to pretend that this was just what it appeared to be, a pleasant evening with a nice guy.

He talked about his childhood in Abilene, with his mother and usually-absent father, who at some point decided to leave for good. He didn't seem terribly broken up by his father's abandonment, but the loss of his mother to cancer was another story. It hit Sheila especially hard, and she found herself opening up to him about her own mother's lengthy battle with cancer, ending just a few months ago with her death. She was glad that her cover story was close enough to real life that her honesty didn't blow it.

She was embarrassed when her control slipped and she started to cry. He wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders, which only served to make it worse. She hadn't really allowed herself the time to grieve, and his understanding behavior made it difficult to get herself back under control.

She brushed angrily at her wet cheeks, and chanced at look up at him. He wasn't looking at her, and she was glad. His face reflected a profound sadness as he gazed out toward the ocean. The mournful sound of the waves seemed to suit his mood; and hers.

She put a hand on his arm. "HM, are you ok?"

He looked down at her, and pasted a smile on his face, but it didn't reach his eyes. "I'm fine, sugar. How 'bout you?"

The endearment 'sugar' caught her off guard, and she felt a little thrill at it, then scolded herself. This wasn't real, none of it. She shouldn't let herself get so comfortable. Maybe now would be a good time to steer the conversation where she needed it to go.

"I think it kind of helped talking about Mom. For the most part I've just tried to numb myself to the pain of losing her. Vi doesn't understand why I go to the bar alone to drink. For her it's a social event, to me, it's . . . I don't know, I guess it's kind of self-medication."

He nodded, thoughtful. "Yeah, sometimes it seems easier to drown your sorrows than face them. Been there, done that."

"Yeah. Only after awhile it stops working."

"Been there, too."

"I thought about giving weed a try seems to be pretty easy to come by around here."

Murdock's jaw clenched. "Don't go there, Shy. In the end, none of it works, and eventually you're forced to face it anyway. Best to get it over and done with and move on."

"Speaking from experience, again?"

He snorted, his look self-loathing. "Experienced, that's me. Booze, weed, drugs . . . none of it works forever." He stopped and turned to face her. "Trust me, Shy. It's best to steer clear of the whole scene and just deal. It'll save you a lot of grief later."

"I guess that's good advice."

He grinned. "It's excellent advice, though not entirely unselfish. I offer my shoulder for you to cry on any time you need it. A good cry on a friend's shoulder is worth all the weed in 'Nam and there's one hell of a lot of weed around here."

"Where?" Sheila asked innocently.

"I told you, not my scene, anymore." He took her hand and started walking again. "C'mon, let's see if we can find a more upbeat topic to discuss. You know, like prostitution or something."

Sheila snorted. "You have a warped sense of humor, you know that?"

"Does that bother you?"

"Actually, I kind of like it."

For the first time in several minutes a sincere smile lit his face. "I kind of like you."

Sheila felt her cheeks flame, and she decided it was safest to start a whole new, unrelated topic. "How about you tell me about your grandparent's farm. Sounded like a cool place to grow up . . ."


It was late when Murdock finally walked her back to quarters. He turned to look at her when they reached the door. His smile was warm. "I had a great time, tonight, Shy. I hate like hell to cut the evening short, but I got an early flight tomorrow."

She shook her head. "You don't need to apologize. It's past my bed time, anyway. And honestly, HM, you really look like you could use some sleep."

He hesitated, and she found herself anticipating the kiss goodnight. She was almost disappointed when he spoke, instead. "What are you doing tomorrow afternoon, Shy?"

She looked up at him in surprise, and shrugged. "The show, but once it's over, I should be done probably around mid-afternoon."

"It's supposed to be pretty nice tomorrow. How'd you like to go for a swim with me?"

"That sounds like fun."

His face broke into a broad smile. "Great! I'll, uh, I'll see ya after the show, then. Meet you here, at your quarters?"


He leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He smiled into her eyes as he pulled away. "See ya tomorrow, sugar."

He turned and walked away, hands dug deep in his pockets, whistling. She recognized Steve Lawrence's 'Pretty Blue Eyes' and her heart threatened to gallop straight out of her chest.

She stared after him, consciously regulating her breathing and kicking herself for allowing a whistled tune to affect her like that. Once he turned the corner out of sight, she hurried into the tent and dropped onto her bed disconsolately.

Getting close to him had been much easier then she anticipated. Unfortunately, going into this, she hadn't realized that getting too close could become a problem. Based on her involuntarily reactions to him, that was definitely going to be an issue she would need to be cautious of. In fact, worrying about it kept her up for some time.




The door to their quarters opened, and Sheila watched Vi slip in, dress hanging off one shoulder and boots slung over her arm. Sheila glanced at the clock: 4:12 am.

"Did you have fun?" She asked.

Vi jumped and dropped her boots. "Jesus H. Christ, Sheila. You scared the shit outta me." She flipped on the light. "When did you get back?"

"A lot earlier than you."

Vi let her dress drop to the floor, and stood there buck naked with her hands on her hips. "Well, I can see that. Already home and in bed. Was the pilot that much of a dud? I thought for sure you'd have a great time with him . . ."

"I did have a nice time with him. But he has a flight in the early morning, and hasn't gotten a lot of sleep for the last couple days, so he wanted to turn in."

Vi skirted the bed and sat down on the edge of her bunk facing Sheila. "So, how was he?"

"He's a really nice guy, sweet, intelligent, considerate."

"And . . ."

"And . . ." Sheila shrugged. "We had a good time. We took a long walk on the beach and got to know each other. Did you know he graduated first in his class from the Air Force Academy, and was offered a commission in the Thunderbirds as a first lieutenant would have been the youngest member ever in the group if he'd taken it . . ." Sheila let her account trail off at the bemused look on Vi's face. "That's not what you mean, is it?"

"Fascinating as it is, no, sweetheart, I was kind of hoping for some details on his talents, you know, sexually. I'm sure he has talent."

"Well, we didn't . . ."

Vi gaped at her. "You didn't have sex with him? Long, romantic walk on the beach, and you didn't jump his bone? Oh, and I'm betting he had a lovely boner. What is wrong with you?"

Sheila hesitated. "It was our first date."

"Honey, in this place your first date could be your last. You don't waste opportunities like that. Hell, if I'd known you were gonna turn him down, I would have taken him on myself. Heaven knows he worked me up enough on the dance floor."

"Huh?" Sheila was stuck on Vi's initial statement, trying to wrap her head around what it meant. She had been in country for over a month, and she was still adjusting to the constant threat that the war presented. In the USO, all she had seen so far was the results of that war, but as her mind wandered back through the infirmary visits for the last few weeks it dawned on her that Vi was right. All it took was one artillery hit in the right place, and Murdock could be lying next to his already wounded comrades. Or worse, he could not come back at all.

Vi's voice shook her out of her grim thoughts. "Oh, I could just imagine him slipping those long fingers between my legs. Heavens but he has nice hands. I just can't imagine turning that down."

"I didn't turn anything down," Sheila said defensively though she wasn't sure why she was feeling defensive.

"Oh, you mean he didn't . . ."

Sheila shook her head.

"Well, I'll be damned." Vi's brows knitted. "Maybe he's gay? No, no way he's gay. Hm . . . Oh, that's alright, sweety, we'll find you another guy tomorrow "

"What? No, Vi. Murdock asked me to go swimming with him after the show tomorrow."

Vi's eyebrows catapulted into her hairline. "He asked you on another date? When you didn't put out on the first? Maybe Face is right. Murdock must be one of those throw-back men that likes to court a woman before boinking her."

Sheila took a deep breath and held her tongue. She had only known Viola for a few weeks, and she liked the woman, but her nymphomaniac bent was a little hard to get used to.

"I guess maybe you and Murdock are suited for one another. Probably also means he's an old-fashioned guy, like Face said. And I'm getting the distinct impression you're an old-fashioned gal. Guess that means a foursome is out of the question."

It was Sheila's turn to gape, and Vi's tinkling laughter answered her expression. "Oh pick your jaw up off the floor, sweety. Maybe if we ever get those panties of yours unbunched we'll just have to give it a try. You might find you like it." Vi slipped under the sheet on her bed and turned the lights out. "Let me give you a little teaser of what you might expect from our handsome Lieutenant . . ."

Sheila rolled over and closed her eyes. Another night of being regaled with Vi's sexual escapades. She'd never be able to look at Face the same way, again.




To be continued


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