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A Child's Wish

A Child's Wish
By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys. I do own Chely Smith-Peck, Jasmine Irene Smith Peck and William Alexander Smith Peck. I do this for the jazz!

Rating: G (sweetness)

Summary: Chely Smith-Peck and her kids go shopping at the mall. Jasmine throws a penny into the fountain makes a wish.

Copyright: August, 2009


Chely Smith-Peck stands with her two children in front of a big fountain. Chely leans down in between her son and daughter and whispers in Jasmine's ear, “I've always been told that if you make a wish and throw a penny into the fountain, that your wish will come true.” She says. Jasmine looks into her mother's eyes and asks, “Mommy, do you have a penny?” Chely digs into her purse and fishes out a penny for Jasmine and William. “Close your eyes and make a wish.” Chely watches her kids do this. “On three, throw your pennies into the fountain. One, two, three!”

Jasmine and William throw their pennies into the fountain. “We did it mommy!” they say. “Good job!” she says. “William, take Jasmine's hand and let's hurry up and go home.” Chely says taking William's other hand. They walk out of the mall and into the parking lot. As they drive off from the mall, Jasmine closes her eyes and concentrates on her wish. Chely looks in the rear view mirror and finds William sound asleep in his booster seat.

Chely reaches to the locket she's wearing and touches the heart. “Come home soon, guys.” She says low enough so as to the kids won't hear her. Jasmine smiles as she sees her mother kiss her locket. Chely looks at her daughter and asks, “What are you smiling at?” Jasmine has a mischievous gleam in her eye. “We all can tell that you are Hannibal's granddaughter. You've even got his smile!” Jasmine and her mother laugh.

In Hong Kong…..

Lieutenant Templeton Peck places his gun on his shoulder and smiles as he walks to his Colonel. Hannibal Smith opens his lieutenant's suit jacket and pulls out a cigar. “I love it when a plan comes together!” he says smiling as he places the cigar into his mouth. Face lights the cigar. “I don't know about you guys, but I would love nothing better than to go home.” Face says. Murdock walks up to his lieutenant's side. “We all know why you want to get home so bad!” he says smiling.

All right wise guy, why do I want to get home so badly?” he asks smiling as they turn to walk away from the dock. “Who wouldn't want to hurry back to a wife like Chely and our two wonderful kids?” Face asks smiling as he thinks of his wife and two kids. Hannibal walks over to him and places his arms around Face's shoulders. “Yeah, home is looking real good right now!”

In Langely….

Chely is unloading the car of the packages and of her children. Jasmine looks at her mother and asks, “When are Daddy and grandpa coming home?” Chely sets the packages on the counter and squats down in front of her daughter. “They should be coming home within the week.” She says standing up. She sets her keys on the counter and sees the answering machine blink. “It looks like we have a message!” she says to her kids. William runs into the living room and begins to play with his toys. Jasmine climbs into a barstool and says to her mother, “Is it from Daddy and Grandpa?” “I don't know! Let's play it and see!” she says silently hoping that the recorded message is from her husband or father.

Chely, hey babe! It's Face. We finished the mission and we should be leaving Hong Kong within the next hour or two. Leave me alone fool! BA, would you cut it out! Knock it off you guys! I'm trying to leave a message for Chely and the kids! Colonel says we should be home in two days. I love you all!” the machine beeps. Jasmine claps her hands and says, “Daddy and grandpa are coming home! Daddy and grandpa are coming home!!” Chely closes her eyes and says a quick prayer. “That means we have to get the house in tip top shape for Daddy, grandpa and your uncles.” Chely says getting the attention of her cleaning group.

Somewhere between Hong Kong and USA……

Hannibal Smith and Templeton Peck finish buckling B. A. Baracus into the seat. Before Face sits down, he fishes out his wallet and opens it. The first picture he sees is of him and his family. Chely's holding Jasmine and he is holding William. Face finds himself tracing the outline of his wife's beautiful face. “I'm on the way home, babe.” He says to himself. Hannibal sits down by his lieutenant. He sees Face staring at his daughter's picture. “You know something kid?” Face looks at him. “You and Chely are very lucky to have each other.” Hannibal sits back and chuckles.

Even those two knuckleheads, you call kids.” He says relaxing and smiling. Face smiles as he hears Hannibal talk about his kids and his grandkids. The colonel finally sits down and relaxes. “Admit it colonel! You love those two just like Chely and I do.” Face says smiling. “You're right lieutenant. I do love my grandkids.” He says.

Back in Langely…..

Chely and her kids pick up the toys from the living room. Jasmine sits on the couch with her blanket. “Mommy, when are Daddy, Grandpa and my uncles coming home?” asks the little girl setting back on the couch. “Daddy said in two days. So about this time tomorrow, Daddy, Grandpa and your uncles will be home with us.” Chely says to her daughter. “Mommy…” Jasmine says fighting a yawn. Chely covers her daughter with a throw blanket. “Yes?” Chely asks. “How did you and Daddy meet?” the little asks as her blue eyes fight closing.

Chely smiles as she opens her locket. Jasmine falls asleep in her mother's arms. “It was a long time ago when Daddy and I met.” Chely says as she looks in her arms and finds her daughter sound asleep. She closes the locket and gently kisses her daughter. She gets up from the couch and picks up Jasmine and carries her to her bedroom. She places the little girl in her bed and quietly checks on her brother. “Daddy will be home as soon as he can.” Chely quietly whispers in the room. “He has to come back to us.” She says opening her locket again. “They all have to.” Chely says kissing the back of her locket as she closes it.

Two days later…..

At the airport, the group of men walk off of the airplane. The silver haired man looks like he is carrying something or someone. The blonde haired man walks behind the silvered haired man with the duffle bags. One of the members drives up in a black van with the red stripe down the side. Everyone piles into it and heads for the place they long for; home.

Face looks at his watch. “I think Chely is in bed by now.” Face says. Hannibal looks at the stars as they light up the sky. “She maybe asleep, but she probably hasn't slept that well since we left.” He says to his lieutenant. Face nods his head in agreement. “I know that feeling. I've gotten so used to having Chely next to me, that if she's not, then I don't sleep well.”

The black van and its occupants arrive at their destination. The men open the doors and get out shutting the doors. “We'll get our stuff out in the morning.” Hannibal Smith says to his men. Face smiles as he approaches the front door. He opens it and steps inside. Face takes a deep breath and slowly exhales it. “It's SO good to be home!” he says as he walks inside waiting for the rest of his team to join him. Each member carries their own duffle bag. Face glances his attention to the clock. “Three o'clock in the morning.” The handsome lieutenant says as he sleepily says. “Guys, I'm going off to bed.”

Face walks his way down to his bedroom. He gently opens the doors to his children's room. He steps inside and sees Jasmine with the covers half off of her tiny body. Jasmine snuggles back under the blanket and drifts back to sleep. She drops a picture of her daddy and grandfather. Face bends down and picks it up. He looks at the picture and then at his daughter. He smiles. Face gently kisses his daughter's forehead and walks out of her room. He walks next to William's room. He gently opens the door and steps inside. He sweeps the hair out of William's eyes. He leans down and kisses his son's forehead. “Daddy's home son.” He says straightening up and walking out of the room.

After making sure that the lights are out and the doors are secure, Face walks into his bedroom. As he stands in the doorway, he sees his beautiful wife's figure laying in the bed in a curled up position. 'She never sleeps well without me. I'm not surprised.' Face says to himself as he gently sits on the bed to take off his shoes. He takes off his jacket and throws it in the chair. Chely wakes up and says, “Jasmine…” She sees her husband looking at her with concern filled eyes. “Welcome home, Lieutenant.” Chely says as she scoots behind her husband and gently kisses his shoulder.

“It's good to be home, Mrs. Peck.” He says as he turns around and tenderly kisses Chely's lips. Face gets undressed and under the covers. Chely lays on his shoulder and sighs as she feels him wrap his arms around her. “I checked on the kids.” He says letting his body get adjusted to the bed and the feeling of his wife in his arms. “They're okay?” Chely asks fighting a yawn. “Yeah. Everyone is fine.” Face says kissing Chely's forehead. Fighting a yawn, he asks, “Where did Jasmine get a picture of us from?” Chely places her right hand on her husband's chest. “We were looking at pictures and asked if she could have a picture to keep in her room, till you guys got back home.” Chely says falling asleep.

Face picks up her hand and gently kisses it as he places her hand back on his chest. “I love you to, Chely Smith-Peck.” The handsome lieutenant says as he turns on his side towards his wife. They fall asleep together in each other's arms.

The End

A Child's Wish by Emerald Princess 20



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