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I Wanna Make You Cry

I Wanna Make You Cry
By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys or the title. Jeff Bates has the song. Cannell and Lupo have the guys. I have Chely Lynn Duke. I do this for the jazz!

Warning: Male/female kissing

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Templeton Peck and Chely Lynn Duke meet

Copyright: August, 2009

Amid the crowded dance floor, the blonde haired man could see the lonely but lovely woman sitting at a table by herself. He runs his fingers through his hair and gets a drink in his hand. He walks over to her.

Templeton Arthur Peck smiles his most handsome smile as he makes eye contact with the woman. He notices that she's not like most other women. She looks up and locks her eyes with the handsome walking across the dance floor towards her. "Hello." he says 'Probably sounding corny!' he says to himself. Chely looks into his eyes. "Hello." She says.

"Would you care to sit down?" Chely asks noticing the handsome stranger leaning the doorway nearest to the table where she's sitting. "I'd love to. Thank you." Face says smiling as he sits down in the chair next to her. Home Ain't Where His Heart Is (Anymore) by Shania Twain is finishing playing on the jukebox. "My name is Templeton Peck but my friends call me Face." He says taking Chely's hand in his and very lightly kisses it.

Chely at this character. "I can see why your friends call you Face." She says allowing him to kiss her hand. "And why do you think my friends call me Face?" he asks giving her the hairy eyebrow. "Because you have a cute face." She answers returning the hairy eyebrow. Face laughs. "You know my name but I have no idea of your name." Chely smiles. "My name is Chely Duke."

"That's a beautiful name." Face says smiling his most charming smile at her. Chely blushes. The next song that is being played is Jeff Bates' I Wanna Make You Cry. Face sees Chely close her eyes to the song. "Chely, would you care to dance?" he asks. Chely opens her eyes and looks at him. "Yes, I would Templeton." She answers. He smiles as he gets up and holds his hand out to her. Chely smiles as she accepts his hand.

They walk out on the dance floor. As the words float around them, Chely and Face look into each other's eyes. They instantly become the only two people on the dance floor. Face slowly turns Chely. As she begins to turn, Face steps up and takes her back into his arms. 'I wanna be the one who turns you on, makes love till the lonely's gone, be the man you dreamed of all your life, I swear I'll make it last until tears of joy come pouring from your eyes. I wanna make you cry.'

'She's just like me, lonely and searching for something that she's probably had little of. Love!' Face says to himself as he maintains eye contact with Chely. The song finishes. The two people are still embraced in each other's arms. "You're a very accomplished dancer, Face." Chely says as she and Face walk back to the table. He pulls out her chair. Chely sits down. "Thank you for the compliment, Chely. You're very light on your feet." The waiter walks over to them. Face orders some food for them.

The couple eats and enjoys each others company. Face and Chely watch as the dance floor fills with people again. "Would you care for dessert?" Face asks looking at her. Chely places her hand on her stomach. "Oh, no thank you. I don't think I could eat anything else even if I wanted to." She says looking into his eyes. "Are you sure?" he asks. "I'm positively sure. Thank you, though." Chely says. "Are you just visiting or are you living here?" Face asks drinking his soda. Chely sips her water. "I have just recently moved to LA. Actually, this is my first night that I have had to get out and really do something fun." Chely says.

Face smiles. "Are you from here or elsewhere?" Chely asks. "Born and raised here." Face answers. 'He's probably like me, lonely and searching for someone who's going to love him for who he really is.' Chely glances at her watch. "I hate to leave such wonderful company, but I really must head home." She says getting up from the table. Face gets up and asks, "Why don't you let me walk you out to your car?" he asks hoping to spend just a few more minutes with her.

"I would like that very much." She says. Face and Chely walk outside to her car. Chely opens her door and throws her purse and shoes in. "I thank you for a wonderful evening." She says. Face smiles as he leans on the door. "I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. Myself, personally, I always enjoy having such a beautiful woman as my dinner companion." Chely giggles and blushes. Face runs his fingers through his hair. "I hope that I'll see you again, Chely." Face says as he starts to let go of the car door and walk away. Chely reaches out and takes his hand.

Face walks back to her. Chely grabs a pen and writes her phone number in his hand. Face smiles his most charming smile. "Call me!" she says getting in her car. "I'll do that!" he says. Face leans into the window and tenderly kisses Chely's lips. She drives away, still thinking about the handsome stranger. Face stares as her tail lights disappear into the darkened LA scenery. "I'll definitely call you Chely Duke."

The End

I Wanna Make You Cry by Emerald Princess 20



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