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It Started With A Kiss pt. 1 It Started With a Kiss
by witchbaby

Rating: NC-17 ( patient!)

Archive: yes

Disclaimers: The A-Team and its characters do not belong to me and I make no profit off of them.

Summary: PWP M/F, with some true love thrown in!        


Face found himself once again restraining the impulse to run his hand along Murdock's cheek. This was so hard. He didn't know if he was going to be able to do it. He was good, he thought, at hiding his feelings. Tell someone how you really felt about them, and all it did was give them ammunition to hurt you. But last night, with Murdock, he left himself open; he let his true feelings out. He refused to think, he just felt, and he gave Murdock everything: his love, his soul, his trust.

It all started with a kiss.

Face refused to admit anything for the longest time, even to himself. Face was good at denial, practiced at denial; he wrapped himself in it. If you didn't betray your emotions, you didn't get hurt. Scam, trick, lie: all of these were things you could walk away from. Love, trust, feel and, well, you left yourself open and you got hurt. That's the way it worked. Face was a soldier; he wasn't about to leave a flank unguarded.

But then last night. He had woken from a nap, sprawled on the couch, all defenses relaxed. Woke to find Murdock perched on the arm of the couch at his feet, gazing at him with those enormously deep brown eyes. Disarmed, Face smiled sleepily at waking to the same person he had been dreaming about. Without warning, Murdock had slid to the floor beside the couch, and was suddenly beside him. Face's heart sped up, his mouth was dry, and suddenly it was happening. He was still unsure as to who had made the first move, but all at once they were kissing, as though life itself depended upon it.

All Face had been aware of at that moment was how right it felt.

They finally broke apart, gasping, and Murdock looking terrified at how Face might react to what had just occurred. He stayed kneeling beside Face, refusing to break eye contact. Face was frozen, silent, unable to move, unable to think, just trying to process what had just occurred. Murdock, a scared look on his face, had said, "Face.", his voice breaking at the end. And it hit Face; he finally realized what he suspected he should have known all along. What he had been searching for, unknowing, was right there in front of him all the time. If only he had not been so blind, for so long..

Murdock finally pulled away, curling in upon himself, wrapping his arms around his legs. Face realized that Murdock had been as afraid to try as Face himself had, but had garnered the courage, and now thought that he had made a bad decision. The feelings garnered by the kiss had assured Face that it was an altogether good decision, and Face reached toward Murdock, trying to relay this information to him. His hand caressed Murdock's cheek, and Murdock looked up, startled, not yet altogether ready to believe.    


It Started With a Kiss by witchbaby



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