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He risked a cautious peek


Author: Willie the plaid Jacket


Rating: G

Summary: Face and Murdock are in a spot of bother. A response to an old ATSB challenge in which either "He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place but it would have to do for the moment." or "He smiled and said, 'You wanna bet?'" had to be the first line and the other had to be used at a later point in the story.

Warnings: none

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He risked a cautious peek. Not the best hiding place, but it would have to do for the moment. The dumpster from which he peered around provided a large shadow, cast from the light of a street lamp further down the road. In the distance, a large Vietnamese man rounded the corner hurriedly, grinding to a halt in the center of the empty, open space. He looked around frantically, his hands balled into fists by his side. The rapid movement of his head was too fast for his intoxicated body, causing him to stumble sideways momentarily.


In the shadows, Murdock silently laughed. He turned his body so that he was facing away from the man, his back resting against the dumpster.


"Well?" Face whispered anxiously, still trying to catch his breath.


Despite the cloudless sky, the night was warm and the two men were sweating profusely from their sprint through the city. Face disliked sweat; it was irritating, it smelt and it did nothing for his appearance. Exasperated he wiped beads off his forehead and focused his gaze once more on Murdock.


"He's at the end of the road," Murdock answered in as quiet a voice as he could manage. The smile had not left his lips as he spoke.


Face glared at the Captain, not empathizing with the amusement that the other man found in the situation.


"What's so funny? That guy wants our heads! Just what did you say to get him so worked up in the first place?"


"Nothing", Murdock said defensively. "I merely implied that he was the result of some… inner-family relations."


Face's eyes narrowed, "You called a 250 lb guy inbred?" The sheepish grin Murdock threw in Face's direction only lessened the Lieutenant's sympathy for his friend. "I knew I shouldn't have stuck up for you."


"Don't worry, Face. The guy's too drunk to even find us, let alone do any serious damage." As the words left his mouth, Face's eyes wandered up and then back down to lock with the pilot's.


He smiled and said, "You wanna bet?"


Murdock turned slowly to be greeted by the round belly of the Vietnamese man. He looked up into a furious face and watched as a large fist was drawn back. Behind, Face let out a resigned moan.


With the most convincing apologetic smile he could muster, Murdock held out a hand and said in a small, childish voice "Friends?"


Hiding by Willie The Plaid Jacket



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