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Somebody’s Falling

Somebody's Falling
Written By:  Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer:  Do not own the title or the guys.  Got idea from the song by Jeff Bates and reading A Covered Lie

Rating:  PG-13

Summary:  Amy and Face get ready for their date in their apartments when a song comes on the radio that speaks to both of them.

Copyright:  Jan. 2009



Templeton Peck is shaving getting ready for his date with his main squeeze, Amy Allen.  Walking out of his bathroom, towel slung low on hips, Face walks into his bedroom to pick out a suit to wear.  He turns on the radio by his bed.  The soft sound of Jeff Bates fills the room. 

Somebody's picking up flowers
Got a real nice bottle of wine
Somebody's counting down the hours
Can't hardly wait till it's time

Face looks at his watch for the hundredth time.  "Still got two hours to get ready." he says to himself.  "I wonder if Amy is thinking about me."

Somebody, somebody's falling
Somebody's falling in love
Two lucky lovers
Finding each other
Somebody's falling in love

Amy Allen picks out a dress from her closet and looks at it.  She sighs.  "Who would have ever thought that I could ever fall in love with Face!" she says excitedly to herself.  She walks to the bathroom in her apartment.  Amy takes her robe off and climbs into her bath.

Somebody's taking a hot bath
Making sure her makeup's just right
She's about to slip on that hot dress, yeah
Making sure tonight's the night

       Amy climbs out the bath and quickly towels herself off.  She slips on her dress as she applies her makeup.  As she applies her rogue, her cell phone rings.  She answers it.  "Allen."  The male's voice on the other line answers her.  "Is that how you always answer your phone, Ms. Allen?" Face asks smiling into the phone.  "Yes it is, Mr. Peck." she says smiling into her phone. 

"Are you on the way?" she asks.  "I got to make a couple of quick stops and I'm there Amy." he says.  They hang up the phone. 

Somebody, somebody's falling
Somebody's falling in love
The flames of the fire
Getting hotter and higher
Somebody's falling in love

       Face pulls up the apartment building.  He climbs out of the car with a bouquet of pink, white and red roses.  He walks up to Amy's apartment door.  He knocks at the door.  Amy walks over to the door and answers it.  She is wearing a sapphire blue dress with silver stiletto shoes.  As the full beauty of Amy Allen is made clear to Face, the words of the song is heard from her radio.

He feels like a man when she comes around
She feels like a woman when he lays her down

"Words can not describe how beautiful you are at this moment." Face says.  Amy blushes.  "Do you want to come inside?" she asks.  "I just have to grab my purse." she walks away from the door long enough to grab her clutch purse and returns to Face.  "I got these for you." Face says offering the roses.  Amy takes the roses and smells them.  "Roses!  My absolute favorite!"  she places them in the refrigerator.  Face looks at her.

"I read in a book that if you put flowers in the refrigerator, they'll last longer." she says. 

Somebody, somebody's falling
Somebody's falling in love

Face offers his arm.  "Shall we?" he asks.  Amy hooks her arm in his as they walk down to the corvette. 

Somebody, somebody's falling
somebody's falling in love
Anyone can see it
Girl, it ain't no secret
Somebody's falling in love

Face and Amy stand at the car and tenderly kiss.  Both of them finally realize that they are "falling in love".

The End

Somebody's Falling by Emerald Princess 20



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