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by  SherryGabs 

RATED:  PG-13         

WARNINGS:  Alcoholism, anguish, h/c, language, etc., etc.

This story is set around 1975. The Team had started helping people
with their problems 2 years earlier, after having escaped from
military prison and ending up in Los Angeles. Face is dating a woman
who loves to party. This kind of life is new to him, and he loves it.
But all the drinking and partying starts interfering with his job,
and the Team. Alcohol is taking over his life, but he doesn't see it.
How long will the Team let him stay in his role with them? Who will
get hurt before he can gain control of himself again?

(copyright 2000, Sherry Newell)



24 Parts:


TREMORS by SherryGabs



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