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They ran towards the helicopter quickly

Saving Face

By Willie The Plaid Jacket


Rated: G

Response to Challenge Week Challenge 6





They ran towards the helicopter quickly.


Murdock was in a state of shock and in the confusion he didn't hear what Hannibal said.


He just stared at Face and kept moving.


Behind, BA pulled the van out of the warehouse.


"Murdock, I said start her up and get this bird in the air" Hannibal ordered.


He almost didn't hear it.


His body turned but he continued to stare at Face and think about how he couldn't deal with losing his best friend in such a simple fight.


Hannibal stood in front of him and sternly said "this is the last time I'm going to tell you, Murdock."


This time, he got the message.


He glanced at the colonel and climbed in the pilot's seat, turning to look in the back again.


BA signalled to Hannibal and drove off as the older man settled in.


"I'm gonna get us out Face."


He whispered to himself as the faint sirens drew closer.


But the panic set in as thoughts of 'nam returned and that one terrifying day.


Saving Face by Willie The Plaid Jacket



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