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The Great Library Adventure

By:  Lindi Hamlin                                                                    


Rated:  G

Summary:  The A-team helps save a library from being destroyed.

Warnings:  None.

Disclaimer:  I do not make money on this. I do it for fun.



The A-Team in "The Great Library Adventure"


                                                                                                   CHAPTER 1

      "Face! What do you think you are doing?" Amy demanded.

     "Nothing." Face replied.

     "You are checking those women out all over."

     "And liking every bit of it." Face smiled.

     "Face is that all you think about?"

     "What else is there to think about? I just can't decide which one of them would be better in bed."

     "Face you are sick! There is more to women than the bedroom."

     "Do you think that I want to take Murdock to bed with me?"

     "Face doesn't bring me into this little argument." Murdock said. They were sitting outside on the grass at the library waiting for Hannibal and BA to show up.

     "Heads up Face I see Decker." Murdock said.

     Face saw Decker heading their way but he hadn't seen them yet. "I have to go." Face said and took off walking towards the library.

     "While if it isn't Amy Allen and HM Murdock." Decker said as he noticed them.

      "Fancy meeting you here colonel. I didn't know that you could read." Murdock said.

     "What are you two doing here?"

     "I am a reporter. I do spend a lot of my time in the library doing research." Amy replied.

     "What is he doing here?" Decker pointed at Murdock.

     "She is doing a report on nuts so she thought that she needed to interview me. I am a nut case so I agreed to the interview. We had to come here to do research to figure out what kind of a nut I am. I do not know what kind I am. I thought that I might be a peanut but I hear rumors that peanuts are actually fruit so I am so confused. Am I a nut or am I a fruit?"

     "Where is Peck?"

     "I have no idea. I am only a nut or I am only a fruit. You tell me what I am because I haven't a clue!" Murdock screamed.

     Murdock didn't faze Decker instead he said. "You and Peck are friends so I thought since you are here that he might also be here."

     "We are no longer friends. He has become a fugitive so I do not want to hang around with a man like that. It is bad for my image." Murdock replied coolly.

     "I only came here to return a book but if I see Peck or any of the others I will take them in along with you two because I will find it hard to believe that you two didn't know that they were here." Decker walked into the library.

    "It would be just our luck that Decker likes to read and is visiting the library the same day that we are here." Murdock said.

     Decker handed the book to the librarian then he looked around. "Can I help you dearry?" The old woman asked who ran the library.

     "No. I thought that somebody that I know would be in here but as I can see he isn't here." Decker walked out.

     Murdock and Amy walked in after Decker had left. "Can I help you dearry?" The librarian asked Murdock.

    "No maam I was just looking for a friend."

     "What is this? No one comes to the library to read any more." The woman complained.

     Face stuck his head out from under the counter where the librarian was at. "Face you have the old woman eating from your hand?" Murdock whispered to him.

     "I heard you! He doesn't have me eating out of his hand." The old woman said. Then she said but in Hannibal's voice. "I fooled you and Decker." He pulled off the mask.

     "Colonel you look so good as a librarian." Murdock committed.

      "I am so glad that you think so because we all are going to work at a library."

     Murdock jumped across the counter and yelled "I love books!"

    "Murdock! You fool! Get off of me!" BA yelled.

     "Sorry big guy didn't see you down there."


                                                                                  CHAPTER 2

      "Face you and Amy will help maintain the library." Hannibal instructed. They had arrived at the small town library.

     "Just who are we protecting the library from?" Face asked.

     "Brad Gunn. He wants to get rid of the library so he is doing everything he can to get the librarian to close. He has sent his goons over and threatened Mrs. Knight who happens to be an old lady." Hannibal answered.

    "We can't let this man threaten a little old lady!" BA said.

    "That is why we are here." Hannibal said.

     "Why does Face and Amy get the library? I think that I would be the perfect librarian." Murdock said.

     "You probably would make a better librarian Murdock because Face probably can't read." Amy joked.

    "I have you know that I was the top of my class!" Face said.

     "You probably conned your way." Amy said.

     "I resent that! I worked hard in school!" Face sounded upset.

     "You two kids knock it off!" Hannibal said.

      "I am sorry Hannibal but nobody implies that I didn't work to get through school because I did." Face stomped off.

     "I didn't mean to upset him." Amy said. She sounded like she was going to cry.

     "I know that kid but there are things that you can't joke about. Face takes pride in the fact that he graduated high school early and that he went to college. He didn't graduate college though because of the war." Hannibal said.

    "That man is very smart. He is almost as smart as me." Murdock bragged.

     "That isn't saying much!" BA said.


     "I am so glad that you all have finally made it. Mr. Gunn came back this morning. He busted up the place." Mrs. Knight informed them.

     "We will clean this place up and salvage what can be salvaged." Hannibal said.

     "Look BA I found a great book!" Murdock exclaimed.

    "Murdock that is a comic book!" Ba said.

    "It is the best comic book ever!" Murdock said.

    "You can have it." Mrs. Knight told him.

    "Thank you." Murdock said.

    Face and Amy were having trouble with lifting a shelf back in place. Murdock ran over to help them all of a sudden he felled to the floor and appeared to be having a seizure. "Murdock are you okay?" Amy asked.

    "Yes. I feel like my super hero identity is trying to come out."

    "Fool! You do not have a super hero identity!" Ba growled.

     Murdock jumped up and said. "I am Captain Book. Defender of all people who likes to read after all reading is important."

     Ba grabbed Murdock by the shirt collar and balled up his fist. "Read this sucka!"

    "I can't your fist is all blurry."

     "Ba releases Murdock so we can finish cleaning." Hannibal said.


                                                                                            CHAPTER 3

     "The only thing that we need is a copier. I think I can swing that." Face told Hannibal.

     "Take Amy with you." Hannibal said.

    "Hannibal I was going to take Murdock." Face said.

    "I need Murdock here. We still have some heavy work to do."

    "Hannibal." Face whined.

    "Face take Amy with you." Hannibal said firmly.



    "Hi there I am Rick Brown and this is my sister Susan Brown. We are from the Brown Fix It Uppers. You know we fix anything." Face introduces themselves to the receptionist.

    "Yes sir I have heard of you but who called you?"

    "Someone from the office called at least that is what my sister said. She could be wrong. She can't keep her facts straight. Your copier is down."

    "No it isn't. I just used it." The receptionist said.

     "I need to see it any way I do not want someone to call me and tell me it isn't fix."

     "Who called you?"

     "Susan what was the name?" Face asked Amy.

    "I don't know." Amy blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing.

    "Mom and dad messed up when they had you. You are so dumb and lazy. You can't be kin to me." Face said.

     "I can't think of who it was to call me. All I know is that someone called from this office."

    "Are you sure that someone called from this office! This would not be the first time that you have messed up! If mom and dad didn't own our store then you wouldn't have a job."

    "I can't think of who it is because you are always yelling at me!" Amy started to cry.

    "Sir you shouldn't yell at your sister like that you are making her cry.' The receptionist said.

    "Who cares? Just point me to your copier machine." Face said irritable. He turned to Amy and said. "Susan if you are going to cry then just stay out here. I don't need you getting tears all over the equipment."

     The receptionists came back after showing Face the copier machine. She offered Amy some coffee Amy thanked her. Face came out pushing the copier machine. "I have to replace the whole thing the motor is shot." Amy followed Face out of the office.

        "Face I don't think that you should have called me dumb and lazy because I am not."

      "I didn't call you dumb or lazy. I called Susan those things."

     "Susan and I are the same person."

    "No you are not. Susan is only a character that you played."

     "I am sorry that I hurt your feelings." Amy apologized.

     "How did you hurt my feelings?"

     "When I said that you probably conned your way to the top of your class."

     "I worked hard to graduate." Face pulled off to the side of the road where a river was at. He got out of the car to look at the water.

    "Face don't you think that we need to get back to the library?"

     "Yes but I had to look at the water."


    "How many times did you go to the beach when you were a kid?"

     "We went often." Amy admitted.

     "I never got to do those things. Water has a calming effect on me. It helps me to relax."

    Amy did not say anything. She knew that Face didn't talk about himself often and when he finally open up to say something the team listens. "We do have to get back." Face said.


                                                                                                      CHAPTER 4

     "Face you really came through for us and got us a good copier." Hannibal said. "Where did you get it?"

    "I will never tell my resources.

     "Have you had time to think?" A red hair man with a beard asked Mrs. Knight as he entered followed by nine big goons.

     "Mr. Gunn don't you think you did enough already?" Mrs. Knight asked.

     "Who are you?" Gunn asked as he saw the Ateam.

     "Mrs. Knight hired us to help her." Hannibal answered.

     He looked around and saw Face standing by a copier machine. "That is Mine Company's copier machine!" Gunn yelled.

     Hannibal looked at Face. Face grinned and said. "I thought since Gunn destroyed the library's machine it would only be fair to take his." Hannibal laughed. Gunn walked over to Face and pushed him out of the way but before he could take the machine a big black hand grabbed a hold of his hand.

     "Don't take that machine sucka!"

     Gunn gulped as he backed away. "Gunn you and your slimeballs have twenty seconds to leave." Hannibal said.

    One of the men started to pull a gun out but Murdock pushed a shelf of books down on top of him. The fight was on. Face punched one of the men but another grabbed him from behind. Amy came over and whacked the man over the head with a heavy book. The man slumped to the floor. "Thanks." Face said.

    "You know what they say reading is knowledgeable." Amy said. Face grabbed Amy and jumped over the counter with her as a shot rang out. Ba grabbed the man with a gun and threw him against the wall.

    Hannibal looked around Gunn and his men were all lying on the floor. "I suggest that you all get out of here if you all want to stay in one piece." They left.

      Gunn hollered. "This isn't over yet!"

     "I am counting on it." Hannibal grinned.

    "Hannibal is on the jazz." Face groaned to Amy from behind the counter.


                                                                                     CHAPTER 5

     "You like books?" Face asked a pretty woman.

     "Yes I do."

    "Would you like to get together and discuss a book?" Face asked.

    "Yes. Have you read Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities?'

     "Yes I have."

     "We can discuss that." She walked away.

     Face quickly ran over to the card catalog. "What are you doing?" Amy asked.

     "I am looking up A Tale of Two Cities."


    "So I can read it." Face answered.

     "You really take the cake. You said that you have read that book just so you can sleep with that woman."

     "Nobody said anything about me sleeping with her. This is a way we can have a nice discussion."

      "It was the worst of times." Amy started to say but Face cut her off by saying.

     "And it was the best of times."

    "Face you have really read that book." Amy said.

     "Yes but it has been a long time since I have read it. I also have read his David Copperfield. I do like Shakespeare."

     "Face you amaze me." Amy said.

    "Why? Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette have helped me with scams."


    "All I have to do is be Romeo and usually I can find a Juliette. The scam works all of the time. Would you like to be my Juliette?"

     "Never." Amy said but she just couldn't help picturing herself as Juliette and Face as Romeo.


     "Hannibal I have movement over here." Murdock informed Hannibal over the radio. He BA and Hannibal had divided up and were observing Gunn.

     "Just keep watching." Hannibal instructed.

     "Hannibal why is Gunn trying to take over the library? It doesn't make sense. The library doesn't bring any money in." Ba said.

     "I don't know but we are going to find out."

     Murdock heard someone knocking on the window of the car he was in. He looked and saw a gun pointing at him. He slowly got out. "Come with me." The man said.

    "Can I bring my dog Billy? I really shouldn't leave him alone in the car."

     The man looked and said. "I don't see a dog."

     "Billy is a special dog. He is an invisible dog." The man stared at Murdock. "Come on boy." Murdock started to bend down but the man stuck the gun in his face. "I was only going to put his leash on. The man pushed Murdock. "Billy stay with me."

     "Oh no that fool has gotten himself captured." Ba said.

     "Who are you?" Gunn asked Murdock.

     "Here Billy." Murdock said. Gunn glared at Murdock. Murdock was pretending to pet Billy.

     "Who are you?" Gunn demanded again.

     "My dog name is Billy and I am Captain Book."

     Gunn hit Murdock in the stomach. Murdock doubled over. "Stop being a wise guy and answer me."

     "If you don't back away then my dog will bite you."

     "Do you want me to go ahead and kill him?" A man asked Gunn.

     "No. I think we can use him. His people will want him back. Tie him up."

     Murdock was dragged to a closet. "Run Billy! Get me help!" Murdock was pushed inside of the closet. His hands were tied together. He yelled from the inside. "Billy got away!" The door opened up and then Murdock was gagged.


                                                                                                                  CHAPTER 6

      "We have a problem. Gunn has Murdock." Hannibal told Face and Amy.

      "Oh great now I am not going to be able to finish this book." Face said.

     "Since when did you read Charles Dickens?' Hanibal asked.

     "I always liked him. I especially like Oliver Twist."

     "Face I don't think that seeing the movie falls in the category of reading the book." Hannibal said.

    "It was a good movie. How did Charles Dickens write the music into his book?" Face asked.

     "Face you saw the musical Oliver Twist you have never seen the movie." Hannibal informed him.

     "There is a movie without music?" Face asked.

     "Face I thought you was smart." Amy said.

     "I am smart. I am like Dodger."

    "You would be Dodger." Amy remarked.

     "You kids let's not get into an argument. We have to come up with a plan to rescue Murdock." Hannibal said.

     "We could be Dodger." Face said.

     "Face we are trying to rescue Murdock. How can you think of a movie now when your best friend is in the hand of the enemy?" Amy asked.

     "I mean Dodger picked pockets all we have to do is to pick pocket Gunn."

     "I like the way you think Face." Hannibal said.


                                                                                                        CHAPTER 7

     "Have that maniac said anything?" Gunn asked.

     "No. All he talks about is that dog Billy."

     Gunn was at his business office. A service man came walking in the hall where Gunn and his man were at. The service man accidentally bumped into Gunn. "I am sorry." The service man apologized.

     "That is okay." Gunn said.

     The service man walked out of the office building and over to a black van with red stripes. "I have Gunn's house keys and his wallet."

     "Nice going Face and now get us to the house Ba." Hannibal said.


     "I don't see anyone." Face said as he unlocked the door to Gunn's house. "With this key we do not have to worry about the alarm system."

     "Start searching for Murdock." Hannibal said.

     Ba found a lock closet. "This closet is locked."

     Face went over with his lock pick and unlocked the door. Murdock sat in the closet. Ba pushed Face out of the way to get Murdock out. "I knew that Billy would get help." Murdock said when Ba took the gag off of him.

     "Are you okay Murdock?" Hannibal asked.

    "Yes I am I have a faithful dog and I am Captain Book." Ba placed the gag back on Murdock's mouth.

     "Don't take that gag off." Ba told Murdock.

     "Look at what I found." Face said. He had opened up a safe with the right key. "It is papers to the library and according to this there is a buried treasure hidden at the library. There was a bank robbery in 1952 and the money was stashed at a house which was torn down in 1972 where the library is now at."

"I think that it is time for us to go on a treasure hunt." Hannibal said.

"I always wanted to go on a treasure hunt." Murdock clapped his hands. Ba glared at him. Murdock quickly put the gag back on his mouth.


                                                                                                   CHAPTER 8

     "Murdock you can take the gag off now." Amy said. Murdock mumbled something. "What did he say?" Amy asked Face.

     "He said that Ba said for him not to remove the gag."

     "Hannibal." Amy said.

     "Murdock I out rank Ba so I say that you can take the gag off." Hannibal said.

     "Thank you colonel. I was getting dry mouth."

     "How do you suggest that we find the treasure?" Amy asked Hannibal.

     "Easy." Hannibal handed her an ax. "We start by taking the walls out."

     Hannibal handed Face an ax. "Hannibal I do not think that we should tear this place apart."

     "Face you are always scared to do a little hard work." Amy accused him.

    "Amy will you get off of my back! Every time I say something you have to come back at me with a smart comeback. What is your problem?"

    "Face you think of nothing but yourself. You think that a woman is only good for one thing and you are always afraid to do a little hard work."

     "That isn't true on all three statements." Face said.

     "Please we are in a library so be quiet!" Murdock yelled.

     "Hannibal look around you all of these fixtures look the same because they are part of the same thing except this wall here. It is a little discolored from the other walls."

     "Which means this wall probably was replaced for the money to be hidden?" Hannibal said.

     "It will save us from having to tear down the entire library. Amy if you will move out of my way I will show how hard I can work." Face said. Amy stepped out of his way and Face swung the ax. Ba came over to help Face tear down the wall. In no time the wall was down and behind it was a bag full of money.

      "Great going kid we found the money." Hannibal told Face.

     "I say it is we let you all do all of the hard work and we will take the money." Gunn said as he and his men held guns on them.

                                                                                        CHAPTER 9

     "Hannibal what are we going to do? Gunn is taking the money and we are locked up in here." Amy complained.

    "We could read." Face said as he picked up a book.

     "Face this is no time for jokes." Amy said frustrated.

     Face was going to reply but Hannibal stopped him by laying a hand on his shoulder. He said. "Brilliant Face that is exactly what we are going to do."

     "We have the money now we can leave but first we have to take care of our friends." Gunn laughed. He opened the door that the A-team was being held in a book came flying out with force striking him down.

    The A-team was able to dismantle a shelf and make it into a propel gun. The ammo was books. The men tried to run but the books were coming out fast and hitting the targets with force. Face and Murdock ran out as Ba covered them. They were able to jump several men. Amy was giving Ba books to use in the gun. Gunn tried to run but Hannibal jumped him. In no time Gunn and his men were tied up and placed in the storage shed.

     Hannibal called the police they left just as the police drove up. "Hannibal this library adventure would make a great book." Murdock said.

     "Yes it would." Hannibal agreed.

      "I think that I will write it." Murdock said.

       "What will you call it? The Great Library Adventure." Amy suggested.

     "No. I will call it I Love It When A Plan Comes Together." Murdock said.

     "I like that title." Hannibal grinned as he took a puff of his cigar.   


The Great Library Adventure by Lindi



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