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Hot Pursuit
Author: Nukegirl
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Face seeks refuge.
Notes: ATSB Quick Pick: Late.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, nor do I make any money off these characters or situations, which I do not own.



"Face! What in the world are you doing here? It's late," Amy said blearily.
She had just opened the door in the middle of the night to find Templeton Peck on her doorstep. When the cool night air hit her and wakened her synapses, she noticed that her friend was looking terrible—unusually mussed, with his shirt torn, bruises on his revealed chest and exhaustion around his eyes. She realized how exposed he was standing there.
Glancing out furtively to see if she could discover signs of pursuit, Amy hustled him inside before he could even answer. "Are you okay?" she asked breathlessly as she quickly supported him to the couch.
Face sank into the seat, looking glad for the respite. "I'm okay," he said finally, wincing. "I could use some water and some rest—and I need to use your phone."

Amy looked him over briefly to make sure he didn't need emergency aid. Then she tossed him the handset and hurried away to the kitchen to get him a glass, pulling her flimsy silk robe about her. Fear, concern and curiosity gripped her. Was the A-Team all right? She wondered. What had happened? Was it Decker? Did she need to be prepared for a rescue? Would she need to pack up and leave before daylight? It took her a few seconds and several deep breaths to compose herself enough to think clearly, but it was necessary.
When she returned, Face seemed more together. He'd replaced the phone and was combing his hair in the small mirror that hung by the front door. "Thanks, Amy," he said when she handed him the drink. His eyes still radiated weariness, but relief was clear in every feature.
"Now tell me what happened," she said, her heart in her throat. "Where's Hannibal? Is everyone all right?"
"Look, everything's fine," he soothed. For some reason, Amy thought, he was starting to seem a bit embarrassed. "Nothing really. I just got into a spot of trouble, and happened to be in your neighborhood. Could I, er, stay the night?"

A dawning realization started to form in Amy's brain, and his sheepish smile seemed to confirm her worst suspicions. In a moment she turned from worried to furious and finally amused.
Trying to remain calm, she said, "Let me guess. Jealous boyfriend slash husband, Face?"
"Er, you could say that," he said modestly, grinning openly now that he could see her anger had dissipated. Amy rolled her eyes. Then she deliberately picked up a blanket and the nearest pillow, threw them at him as hard as she could and went back to bed. 


Hot Pursuit by Nukegirl



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