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After Family Reunion

After Family Reunion

Written By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own the guys. Chely Smith-Peck and Jasmine Irene Peck are of my own creation

Rating: PG

Warning: Pain of losing someone

Summary: Takes place after the team returns from finding Face's father

Copyright: July, 2008


Chely Smith-Peck brings a laundry basket into the living room to fold the laundry as her father, brothers and husband walk into the house. She notices the weary looks on their faces. Face walks into the spacious yard and sits on the porch. Chely goes to her father and asks, "What's wrong with Face?" Hannibal Smith sighs. "Face discovered that he has a family." Chely watches her father as he walks to the over sized chair and falls into it.

"Yeah; he has us." she says with her hand on her hip. Murdock walks into the living room carrying a plate with two sandwiches. "Here ya go, Colonel." Murdock says offering the plate. Chely walks to the sliding glass door and looks at her husband. "What is going on?" she asks. Murdock goes over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. "This is something that Face is going to have to tell you about."

Frankie goes into the nursery and checks on Jasmine. He leans over her crib as the baby smiles. "Hey Jas." he says. Frankie sighs. "Can Uncle Frankie talk to you?" The baby girl hiccups. "Can I take that as a 'yes'?" he asks. Frankie picks up the baby girl and walks to the rocking chair by the window. "We all have missed you. Your daddy especially." he says sitting in the rocking chair holding the child in his arms.

"You had another grandpa. His name was A.J. Brancroft. Jas, he hurt your Daddy so much. We got to cheer him up." Frankie says to her. The baby starts to cry. Frankie gets up and walks to the living room. Hearing the baby cry, everyone in the house turns around to see what's wrong. Face, who had been sitting on the back porch runs in. "Jasmine; is she okay?" he asks concerned about his little girl.

Chely takes the baby in her arms. "It's okay." she says calming her daughter. "Momma's got you. Look whose home? Daddy's home." she says hoping silently that Jasmine seeing Face will calm them both down. Face moves behind Chely's shoulder to see his baby girl. "Hey baby girl!" Face says winking at her. He makes some funny faces at the baby until she laughs. Jasmine wiggles in her mother's arms. "You want Daddy now?" she asks. Chely hands Jasmine to Face as she walks into the kitchen.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Chely says. Face cradles the little girl in his arms. She latches on to his finger. They walk outside. "I guess your Uncle Frankie told ya all ready, huh?" he asks the little girl. Jasmine looks into her father's blue eyes. Face sighs. "Jas, something happened while we were away. I found my Daddy." He pauses. "You probably don't even recognize what I'm saying to you. Can Daddy make you a promise?" he asks the little girl.

Tears fill his ocean color eyes as he looks into Jasmine's eyes. "I promise to be the best Daddy to you. I can't promise that when you're older, we won't have fights. I can promise that I will always love and protect you and your Mommy. Deal?" he asks. Jasmine sucks on Face's finger. "I think we got a deal." he says easing Jasmine to his shoulder and patting her back. He walks around the porch holding his daughter in his arms.

Later that evening……..

After the dinner dishes have been washed and Jasmine was put to bed, Templeton and Chely Peck sit in the living room looking into the fireplace. She links her fingers with his. Face grabs a pillow and places it on his wife's thigh. He lies down on the pillow. She runs her fingers through his sandy-blonde hair. "This is a switch." Chely says breaking the silence. Face looks up at her and chuckles. "Yeah it is."

Face sighs. He takes Chely's hand in his and looks up at her. "Chely…." he says breaking the silence. She puts her book down on the table and looks into his ocean blue eyes. "Yes, Temp….." she says noticing the change in his body language and demeanor. "Something happened on the mission." he says. Face sits up on the couch. "I'm listening." Chely says holding to his hand. "Remember when we first got together and I told u that I have always wanted to find my biological parents?" he asks.

"I remember." she says. "I found my father." he says staring into the fireplace. Chely nods her head. "I'm listening, Face." Chely says encouraging him to tell her what was wrong. "AJ Bancroft was my father. He wanted us so he could tell me that I was his son and Ellen that she has a half-brother." Face sighs again. "AJ had told Murdock that he was dying. A picture of Ellen and me fell out of his pocket and Murdock picked it up. AJ told Murdock that I was his son."

"He pleaded with Murdock to give him 24 hours and he would tell me the truth." Face scoffs. "After AJ died, Murdock told me. We got into a huge fight." Chely holds his hand and locks on his blue eyes. "Did you apologize to Murdock?" she asks. "Yeah. That's the good thing about Murdock. He doesn't stay mad forever." Chely smiles as she runs her fingers through his hair. "Who do I need to be upset with? AJ; cause he left me and my mother or because he died before he had the chance to tell me himself?"

"I don't know." Chely says. "And if you remember, I never knew my father until I met you guys. I do feel for you Temp. You may not have had a biological father growing up, but you had Father Maghill." Chely leans down to her husband's face. "And you have me and Jasmine now." she says smiling as they kiss.

As Face and Chely make their way to the bedroom, they stop in the nursery and check on Jasmine. The proud parents stand over the baby's crib and smile as they look at her. "Jasmine may ask question when she gets older about AJ." Face says as he lightly touches her sandy-blonde hair. Chely takes his hand in hers and says. "And if she does, we'll sit down and explain to her that her Grandfather AJ got scared but she has her Grandfather Hannibal who loves her and loves her Daddy."

Face and Chely kiss. "And her mommy loves her daddy as well!"

~ The End~

After Family Reunion by Emerald Princess 20



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