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“No, no, no, no, no” Face shook his head as he backed away from his lover

Rock Star

By  Jullian Gray


Rated:  NC-17

Summary:  Face blows up and lets the team and his lover know how he feels before taking on a new client who is being stalked by an obsessive fan.

Warning:  Slash, H/F, Sex, language, violence

Special thanks to Shee, and Jes






"No, no, no, no, no" Face shook his head as he backed away from his lover. "There is no way I'm going to do that, no."


"Come on Face you're a dead ringer for the guy." Hannibal smiled as he held up the photo of the rock star; he studied it again before looking at the younger man. "Dead ringer."


"No." Face shook his head.


"Well there is one big difference." Murdock snickered as he looked at his best friend then at the photo the Colonel was holding. "One really big difference."


Face looked at the two men standing in front of him still not believing that they were discussing this as if they hadn't heard him. "What part of no don't you understand?" Face glared at them. "What exactly is confusing you the N or the O?"


"Come on man, it's not like it would be forever." BA started but Face cut him off.


"Don't you start; I've already told you guys that it's not going to happen."


"Face, think of the money, we're talking fifty thousand dollars for a simple case…."


"There is no such thing as a simple case when it comes to you Colonel." Face spat out. "And to be honest it's worth a whole hell of a lot more to me than fifty thousand."


"Now Face, you're being unreasonable." Hannibal walked over and attempted to put his arm around Face's shoulder; an arm that the younger man immediately shrugged off.


"I'm being unreasonable, I'm being unreasonable; I don't see any of you volunteering to do this."


"Face, none of us look like you." Hannibal smiled. "And you look like him." Hannibal's smile widened as he held up the photo again. "Trust me kid if I could do this I would, but I don't have your good looks."


"Oh stop with the flattery Hannibal, I already sleep with you." Face growled as he walked over to the table. "And while you're at it wipe that shit eating grin off your face." He added as he sat down heavily.


"Come on kid; just think of all the girls." If he hadn't been trying to get Face to work with him Hannibal would have laughed at the look the younger man gave him.


"Yeah well I'm thinking of my dignity." Leaning back Face ran his hands through his hair.


"It'll grow back." Hannibal reached over to massage the young man's shoulders.


"It's not the style; I know it will grow back." Face leaned back so he could look at his lover standing behind him. "It's the color."


"Can't you just dye it back once the case is done?" Hannibal asked innocently though he already knew the answer.


Face looked over at the photo of the rock star and shook his head, granted the guy looked like him. In fact they could almost be twins, except for one major difference, where Face's hair was tastefully cut and blonde, the other man's was cut so short it was spiked, however the most disturbing part for Face was the other man's hair was electric blue. "No Colonel, you can't go from blue, back to blonde." Face sighed as he continued to look at the photo, not bothering to look at his lover.


Over the years all the team had made sacrifices for a job, but it seemed to Face that he sacrificed more than the others. With a deep sigh Face looked up at his lover. "I don't know why you're still giving me that please do this for me look. You know damn well I don't have a choice in the matter."


"That's not true Face, you can say no." Hannibal smirked.


"That's what I've been saying for the last twenty minutes!" Face yelled, when he noticed his lover's smile he shook his head. "When do we meet our client?"


"We start Friday."


"Start!" Face jumped up from his chair his blue-green eyes full of anger. "Start! You already accepted the case before asking me!"


"Come on Face, we knew you would take it." Murdock moved to put his arm around Face's shoulder but the younger man spun on him.


"You knew about this?"


"Well yeah," Murdock shrugged.


"What about you?" Face turned to glare at BA.


"Colonel talked to me the same time he talked to the fool."


"Well isn't that just nice." Face turned his angry gaze back to his lover. "So tell me Colonel, why the hell did you decide to include me now?"


"Face…" Hannibal started but the younger man was too upset.


"Hell, why didn't you just wait until I fell asleep, then cut and dye my hair. Then you wouldn't have had to go through all the trouble of asking me!"




"Or better yet why didn't you just wait until I had to go onstage then tell me, that way I wouldn't have any way to tell you no!" At this point Face was yelling at the top of his lungs, his handsome face flush with anger.


"Tem, that's enou…"


"Don't you Tem me Colonel; it's not going to work!" Face shook his head. "No sir, not this time, and let me tell you something else." Face turned to look at each of his team mates before he looked back at Hannibal. "This is the last time you will ever do this to me again."


"So you're going to do it this time?" Hannibal asked a small smile pulling at the corners of his lip.


"No!" Face growled as he grabbed his jacket off the back of the chair and stormed out of their house slamming the front door hard enough to shake the pictures on the wall.


"That went well." Murdock laughed softly earning him a glare from Hannibal and a slap on the back of the head from BA.




The first day Face was gone Hannibal didn't worry too much; he knew his lover needed time to calm down and come to terms with what he needed to do for their new case. Hannibal let him have that space and left the younger man alone.


By noon the second day Face still hadn't shown up and Hannibal was starting to get angry. He knew Face hated the idea of cutting his hair and defiantly knew how the younger man felt about dying his blonde hair blue, but the team had accepted the case and Face was just going to have to get over it. By 1:00pm when Face still hadn't shown up Hannibal started to call the Vette's cell phone, but to no avail, Face wasn't picking up.


The third day Hannibal began to worry, he constantly called Face's cell phone and still the younger man wouldn't answer. He knew Face had a temper and he knew that when his lover was pissed off and felt he had been wronged he could hold a grudge like there was no tomorrow. But this was past Face's normal behavior and it was worrying him.


By the end of the fourth day Hannibal was out of his mind with worry, he had checked the local hospital, he had called his contacts with the police stations but there was nothing, not one trace of Templeton Peck could be found. At his wits end he picked up the phone to call BA and Murdock for the fifth time in the last three hours. He had just dialed the first two numbers when he heard a car pull up in the driveway.


Dropping the phone back in the cradle he rushed to the front door. The knob was just starting to turn when he jerked it open, pulling an exhausted looking Templeton Peck along with it. Hannibal caught Face in his arms as the younger man stumbled forward.


"Where the hell have you been?" Hannibal snapped though his harsh words seemed to lose most of their impact as he hugged Face tight to his chest. His hands moving to his lover's head forcing it to his shoulder. "I've been worried sick about you. Why the hell didn't you answer your phone?"


Face allowed Hannibal to hold him for another moment before he pulled back, though not completely out of his lover's embrace.


"I went for a drive, and the reason I didn't answer the phone is because I turned it off."


"You mean to tell me that you've been driving for the last four days?" Hannibal asked skeptically a frown pulling at the corners of his mouth.


'Leave it to him not to understand what I'm going through.' Face sighed as he pulled away from his partner. "Look, I just came here to get some clothes, and then I'll be out of your way."


"You're not getting anything until you tell me where the hell you've been." The Colonel demanded.


"I didn't go anywhere I just drove, and did a whole lot of thinking."


"Thinking about what?"


Face moved past Hannibal to go into their living room; he pulled off his jacket and laid it across the back of the couch before sitting down. He pulled the knot the rest of the way out of his tie so the two ends hung loose around his neck as he did this he began to speak.


"The team, us…"


Hannibal moved to stand in front of Face; he crossed his arms over his chest, but didn't say a word. Face could see by the look in his eyes that the older man was becoming angry.


"I don't know how to say this without causing any hard feelings so I'm not going to beat around the bush." Face opened the second button on his shirt, taking a deep breath he continued. "I'm tired Hannibal, I'm tired of being the brunt of all your jokes. I'm tired of being the one who gets the shaft."


"Now wait a minute Face, I never…" Hannibal started but Face silenced him by raising his hand.


"See that's the problem, you don't even know you're doing it. So let tell you how I've been seeing things." Face rubbed his eyes with his hands; they burned and itched from lack of sleep. "When BA's mother needed help what did you do?"


"We packed up and we left." 


"When you were working on the movie near BA's ex-girl friend and she needed help; what did you do?"


"We helped them out."


"When Richter was kidnapped."


"Face, I don't see where…"


"Then there was BA's friend who was in prison," Face cut him off. "Or how about when Tawnia need us to find her fiancé" Face's voice was starting to rise as he spoke. "What about when we helped your buddy with his movie down in Mexico? How about all the stuff we did for Hulk Hogan, my God Hannibal the man had more money that we will see in years and you…"


"Face!" Hannibal couldn't believe what he was seeing, Face was close to hyperventilating, and unshed tears were starting to pool in his eyes. "What is the point of all this?"


Face stopped, he closed his eyes and took several slow deep breaths getting his emotions under control. When he opened his eyes he seemed to have his emotions tightly reined in but Hannibal could still see the pain in the blue-green depths.


"The point is, the one time I really needed the team, you all treated me like shit."


"Now hold on Lieutenant." Hannibal he didn't like where this was going one damn bit.


"No Colonel, you wait." Face countered, yet his voice held no strength. "I needed your help to find Leslie, and you and the team felt it was a big joke, you charged me for every little thing, you…" Face shook his head. "You have no problem helping out the world, but you can't help me. And now, now you don't even bother to include me on plans, plans I might add that involve me." Face ran his fingers through his hair. "What the hell am I to you anymore, just some type of comic relief? Do you guys sit around at night and see what you can do to get a rise out of me? To see how far you can push me before I snap?" Face's voice was breaking and he looked away. "Why the hell can't you guys show me any kind of respect?"


"Respect is something that is earned not given."


"And you mean to tell me that I haven't done enough to earn your respect!" Face glared at his Colonel. "You know what, to hell with this." The blonde jumped to his feet. "I'll call you."


"You're not going anywhere." Hannibal grabbed Face's arm.


"Let go of me." Face tried to jerk out of the Colonel's grip, but Hannibal only tightened his hold on the younger man's arm.


"You're not going anywhere until we finish this conversation."


"We're more than finished with this conversation; in fact I'd say that our relationship is…"


"Don't say it Face!" Hannibal growled as he tightened his grip even more, his fingers leaving bruises on the younger man's flesh. "I swear to you if those words leave your mouth there will be no taking them back. So you better think long and hard before you say them."


Face stared at his lover, then down at the fingers digging into his arm. "You're hurting me."


Hannibal noticed that Face's voice was going flat, devoid of emotion, a sure sign that things were about to become violent if he didn't back off. Hannibal loosened his grip but didn't let go.


 "Tem," Hannibal softly but Face didn't respond. "Look at me kid." Slowly Face turned to stare at him, but didn't say a word as the older man's piercing blue eyes studied him.


As Hannibal studied the younger man he could see just how tired he really was. There were dark bruises under Face's eyes, his skin was chapped and wind burned where he had been driving with the top of his car off, there was also thick dark stubble covering the normally smooth cheeks and chin. As he looked closer he noticed Face was still in the same clothes from when he had left the house four days ago.


"Why don't you go get in bed and we'll talk more about this in the morning."


"I'm not going to bed; I'm going to a hotel…"


"I don't want you driving…"


"I've been driving for the past four damn days Colonel; I really don't see what difference twenty more minutes will make." Face protested hotly.


"You don't need to drive…."


"I'm not a child." Face jerked his arm back this time pulling free.


"I never said you were." Hannibal sighed heavily realizing that nothing he could say would make Face listen.


"Please kid, stay here tonight, we'll discuss this more after you've gotten a good night sleep."


Face ran his hands through his hair, and sighed. "Fine." Without another word he turned on his heels and headed down the hallway toward the master bedroom.


'No client is worth his.' Hannibal thought as the door to their bedroom slammed shut.


Hannibal moved to sit down on the couch when he remembered Face's keys were still in the front door lock. As he pulled the keys out of the door he noticed a streak of lightening crossing the night sky. Noting that the top was off Face's car he decided to move the Vette into the garage. When he opened the door to the sports car he was shocked by what he saw, the normally pristine interior was covered in dust; the entire passenger side of the car was littered with drive thru coffee cups. Reaching into the glove box he pushed the garage door opener, as the interior light hit the windshield he could barely see through the dirt. Once the car was safely inside the garage Hannibal stepped out to survey the rest of it, the cars normal immaculate shine was gone covered by a thick film of road grime and dead bugs. Hannibal leaned against the wall and looked at the car, he had never seen the vehicle in this poor a condition; then again its owner didn't look much better.  Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a cigar, after lighting it he continued to study the car as he thought about its owner and his current situation.




An hour later with his mind made up Hannibal went back into the house, Face was right, he had treated the kid poorly over the years, and it was damn time he showed the younger man just what he meant to him. Striding into the master bedroom he moved to Face's side of the bed, and quickly came to an abrupt halt, their bed was empty.


"Damn." He cursed; he checked the master bath and found it too was empty. Hannibal turned back down the hall toward the living room thinking that maybe Face had gone to the couch. As he went by one of the guest rooms he noticed the door was closed. Stopping he turned the knob and found the door was locked. "Shit." He muttered.


Hannibal looked at the closed door for a minute trying to decide what to do. Both of them knew that if he wanted into the room the door and its lock would not keep him out. If Face jammed the lock so he couldn't pick it Hannibal could easily kick it in. It wouldn't be the first nor the last time he had gain entry into a room this way. Hannibal scrubbed his face with his hands. No, this wasn't the course he wanted or needed to take; Face responded better to actions not words. The younger man knew that words meant nothing, the kid used them enough himself to know they had no meaning. If he wanted to get to Face he was going to have to show the kid how much he cared, how much the younger man meant to him.


"Tomorrow kid, it all changes tomorrow."




Face woke around 7:00 the next morning; still tired and stiff from his time spent in the car. If he was honest with himself he really could have slept for the rest of the day. But as it was he hadn't planned on sleeping as late as he had. In fact he had planned to have his stuff packed and in a nice hotel somewhere by now. However it seemed that his exhausted body had other ideas. Slowly Face rolled out of bed; his limbs were slow to respond due to the stiffness that had settled in from the night before.


Taking a deep breath Face decided to get moving, he wasn't looking forward to talking to Hannibal again though he didn't see any way around it. In his heart he didn't want to leave, but he didn't see any other options. Over the last four days it had become painfully obvious to him how the team and his lover felt about him. As he moved to the door he was a little surprised to see that the door was still locked; he had half expected the Colonel to pick it during the night. This started his mind reeling with more questions, was Hannibal respecting his privacy by not barging in on him, or had his lover had enough and didn't care about him anymore.


Opening the door he made his way down the hall to the master bedroom, when he entered he noticed that their bed had not been slept in. He began to worry if Hannibal was alright then stopped himself. If he was going to get over this relationship he was going to have to put a lid on his feelings for the older man. Quickly he grabbed his few possessions, stuffing them into a duffle bag he kept under the bed. As he finished he looked around the room, what was left really didn't matter that much to him. He was about to leave when the photo of Hannibal on his bed side table caught his eye. Moving to the nightstand Face picked up the photo and stared at it.


'You're making a mistake stupid; he's the best thing you've ever had.' A little voice called out in the back of his head.


Face sat down heavily on the bed as all his emotions hit him again. Yes, Hannibal had been the best thing that had ever happened to him. In the beginning the Colonel had always treated him with respect and dignity; he'd always had a kind word, or a gentle touch, but now. Things just weren't the same as they had been, he knew the older man still loved him, but he just didn't feel like he got the respect he once had.


"What the hell am I going to do?" Face whispered to the photo in his now shaking hands.


'You're going to suck it up and talk to him.' The little voice spoke up again.


"He won't listen." Face shook his head.


'How do you know if you don't try?'


"It's no use." Face sighed as he stood up. "He won't listen." He stuffed the photo into the duffel bag and made his way down the hallway. As he walked through the kitchen he noticed that a coffee cup was sitting by the coffee maker ready and waiting for him to fill when he got up. Sitting beside the coffee maker was the toaster, two slices of bread sticking up waiting for him to press the lever down. Turning to look over at the table he noticed that the morning paper was folded neatly to the finical section next to his plate.


'You know he does this for you every morning.' The little voice whispered. 'If he didn't care he wouldn't do it every single morning.'


Face looked at the table setting then steeled his resolve.


"It's nothing but a habit he can't break, just like those damn cigars." Face told the voice as he made his way through the kitchen, and out to the garage.


When he entered the garage he came to a complete stop; his car was not in its normal spot, and the garage door was standing wide open. He knew for a fact that Hannibal had moved the car into the garage last night; he had heard the engine start up when he had gone from the master bedroom to the guest room.


'He probably just moved it out of his way.' Face thought as he made his way toward the open garage door. As he got closer to the opening he saw the Vette sitting out in the driveway. The car's white exterior was gleaming in the morning sun; the Colonel kneeling by the right rear quarter panel rubbing off a thin coat of wax.


Sensing someone behind him Hannibal turned to look up at Face, he started to smile but it became a frown when he saw the duffle bag in the younger man's hand. As he eyed his lover he noticed that Face didn't look any better than he had when he had arrived. If anything the few hours of sleep he had gotten made him look worse.


"I didn't want to wake you up; so I thought I'd do something useful." Hannibal smiled as he rose.


"You don't have to clean my car." Face scowled.


"I know I don't have to," Hannibal took a step toward the younger man. "I want to." Hannibal pointed to the duffle bag in Face's hands. "Where are you going kid?" He asked softly as he moved to stand in front of his lover.


"I'm going to find a hotel, some place in town." Face looked into Hannibal's eyes then dropped his head. "I think it would be best if I left."


"What if I don't want you to leave?" Hannibal moved so that he was standing directly in front of the younger man.


"Colonel, I don't think you understand how I feel…" Face started but he didn't look up and the words just seemed to fall off.


'Still Colonel,' the older man noted. 'Not a good sign'


"You're wrong." Hannibal reached out and took Face's stubble covered chin in his hand; forcing his lover to look at him as his finger caressed the blonde's cheek. "I do understand, I've been a complete ass lately and I'm sorry."


"Look Colonel, a bunch of nice words aren't going to cut it this time, I can't…"


Leaning forward Hannibal took Face's hands in his own. "Face, you aren't a joke to us, you mean a lot to each and every one of us." Hannibal squeezed his lover's hands. "And you mean the world to me; and you're right we… I do take advantage of you; I guess I've just gotten so use to you doing what I ask…" Hannibal moved closer to Face, their chest almost touching. "I'm sorry kid; I never meant to hurt you." Letting go of his lover's hands Hannibal took the younger man's face in his hands again, his fingers brushing stubbed cheeks. "I love you Templeton."


"I love you too Colonel, but I can't take being treated like this anymore." Face tried to pull away but Hannibal wrapped one of his hands around the back of his neck preventing from moving. As he looked into his lover's eyes it hit Hannibal exactly what Face was saying to him. He realized right then and there that if he wasn't very careful he could lose the younger man forever.


"And you won't be." Hannibal gently brushed the hair back out of Face's eyes with one hand while squeezing the back of his neck with the other. "I promise you kid, no more. I'll consult you from now on."


"Colonel, I don't think it's going to be that easy to just …"


Hannibal pulled Face to him and hugged him tight to his body; he wrapped one hand around the younger man's waist while burrowing the other in the silky blonde hair, forcing his love's head to his shoulder. "Please Templeton, please don't say anything else." He begged into the younger man's ear. "Let me show you how much you mean to me, please. There is no client, no case that means more to me than you do."


"Just one chance Face, please that's all I'm asking for, just one chance to show you what you mean to me."


"Colonel, I …"


"Please Tem."


Face thought about what Hannibal was telling him, he wanted to believe him, the last four days had been pure hell. Face didn't want to leave the team, he didn't want to leave Hannibal, but he also knew he couldn't stay the way things were. He had gone back home with a heavy heart, knowing that Hannibal wouldn't understand what he was trying to tell him. But instead he was being held in his lover's arms, he was hearing a promise he never expected to hear. 


Face pulled back and stared into his lover's blue eyes for a moment, and then nodded. "Alright John." He sighed.


Hannibal pulled Face into another tight embrace. "Thank you." He whispered into the blonde's hair. "I promise you, you won't be sorry." As he pulled back he gently kissed the younger man's forehead. "Now what do you say we go back in the house and I slip you back into our bed for a while; you look beat."


"I feel beat." Face sighed as he allowed Hannibal to slip his arm around his waist; then give up his duffle bag as Hannibal reached over for it.


"You hungry?"


"Not really." Face rubbed his eyes. "More tired than anything."


Hannibal nodded, but he wasn't quite ready to give up on the subject, he had taken the trash out of Face's car and had a bad feeling that his lover hadn't eaten very much or very well for the last four days.


"Maybe when you get up?"


"Sure," a soft smile pulled at the corner of Face's mouth. "Just not a hamburger, I don't think I could eat another piece of fried meat."


Hannibal laughed as he guided Face through the garage and into the house. As they entered the kitchen Hannibal dropped Face's bag by the door. He moved them both to the refrigerator, where he pulled out a gallon of orange juice before steering them toward the table.


"I'm not hungry." Face tried to stop walking, but Hannibal kept them moving forward.


"I know, kid." Hannibal could feel his lover starting to tense up, he knew Face hated to be ignored and if he wasn't careful the younger man would turn on his heels, grab his bag, and leave.


He quickly poured the juice into his coffee cup sitting on the table all the while keeping them moving toward the bedroom, as they walked down the hallway he handed the cup to Face.


"Just a few swallows to keep you from getting dehydrated."


Face looked at the juice in his hand then back at his lover, as he looked in the blue depths he could see the concern for him being reflected back. Without a word Face drank the contents of the cup, he wasn't surprised when Hannibal took it back from him, however he was shocked when the Colonel didn't even bother to look to see if he had finished it.


"Thanks." Face muttered as he allowed Hannibal to guide him toward their bedroom.


"Not a problem." Hannibal smiled as he steered them past the bed and into the master bath.


"How about a shower before bed to help you relax?"


"Sounds nice." Face nodded as they entered the bathroom.


"You know I can do this myself." Face sighed as the Colonel forced him to sit down on the closed toilet lid.


"I know you can." Hannibal answered as he moved over to the shower. "But I want to help."


Face thought about saying 'Why start now?' but decided against it. Hannibal said he would try to change, and it wouldn't do any good to start a fight with him. Not to mention he just didn't feel up to the fight he knew his comment would cause.


After adjusting to water to a good hot spray, Hannibal turned to look back at Face, he frowned when he noticed the blonde was staring off into space. Moving back over to his lover Hannibal knelt down if front of Face; he gently took the other man's hands in his own. When Face was touched he jumped back pulling against Hannibal, who only tightened his grip just enough to keep Face from pulling away.


"I know what you thinking." Hannibal said softly as he reached up and brushed the hair back out of Face's eyes. "And you're wrong, I can change. It may take me a time or two to get it right, but I can change."


"Hannibal I didn't…"


"Shh." Hannibal put his finger to Face's lips. "You don't have to say a word I can see it in your body language, the look in your eyes. You're already planning for the worst; you're trying to get yourself ready for the end." Hannibal moved both his hands to the side of Face's head and pulled it forward until both their foreheads were touching. "Well I have news for you Templeton Peck; I'm not going to let you go without a hell of a fight." Rotating his head he kissed Face softly on the lips. "One hell of a fight kid."


Face let Hannibal's words sink in; he prayed that the older man was telling him the truth. He loved Hannibal with all his heart and didn't want to lose what he had with him.


"I hope so John." He smiled as he kissed his lover back.


Hannibal pulled Face to him and hugged him tight. "Promise." He whispered into the blonde hair. After a quick kiss to Face's ear he moved back and began to undress his lover. Face was about to protest, but decided to let the Hannibal do what he wanted, right now he was just to tired to put up any type of fight. A few short minutes later Face was standing in the shower, water pouring down his naked body.


"I'll be back in a few minutes." Hannibal stated as he left the bathroom.


Face only nodded as he leaned his head against the tiled wall, suddenly to tired to do anything more than let the water stream over him.


Once Hannibal left the master bath he went to the phone and called BA's apartment, the big man picked up on the second ring.


"How's Face?"


"Tired, I've got him in the shower now, and then I'm putting him straight back to bed. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to call our client and tell them it's off."


"You mean we just going to give up a job like that. Man that's quite a bit of money?"


"Some things in life are worth more than money BA." Hannibal stated.  "I'll call you tomorrow."


"Take care of him Hannibal." BA growled.


"Always." Hannibal smiled at the underlying threat in BA's statement.


Going back into the bathroom, Hannibal noticed that Face hadn't moved from his original position.


"Tem?" Hannibal opened the glass shower door; he was surprised to find that Face was asleep on his feet.  Quickly taking off his shirt, pants and shoes Hannibal stepped into the shower behind Face. "Come on kid, wake up."


"Huh?" Face opened his eyes and turned to look at the man standing behind him. "You're boxers are getting wet."


"It doesn't matter." Hannibal smiled as he turned Face back around. Picking up shampoo he poured a small amount into his hands and began to lather Face's hair.


"I can do it." Face started to protest, but Hannibal cut him off.


"Shh, just be still and enjoy it."


To Hannibal's surprise Face only nodded. Hannibal was also shocked when Face not only allowed him to wash his hair, but his body was well, not once opening his mouth to complain.


After Face was cleaned and dried Hannibal dressed him in a clean pair of pajama bottoms and tucked into their bed.


"You need anything Kid?"


"No," Face answered as he tried to suppress a yawn. "I'm good."


Standing beside of the bed Hannibal leaned forward to kiss his lover. "If you need anything just let me know."


When Face only nodded Hannibal offered him a half smile.


 "I'll see you when you wake up." Hannibal sighed, he had hoped that Face would allow him to stay with him while he slept, but the younger man had given him no indication that he wanted him there, maybe Face wasn't ready to forgive him; maybe he was just humoring him until he could leave.


Face looked up at his lover, he could see that something was bothering the older man, but he wasn't sure what it was. Then as he watched Hannibal drop his head in defeat he knew.


Reaching out Face gently took Hannibal's wrist in his hand, stopping him from leaving. "John, would you stay with me?" he swallowed hard, realizing that if the Colonel rejected him now he would be crushed.


"I'd love nothing better." Hannibal quickly stripped out of his wet boxers before sliding into the bed beside Face. As soon as he was settled on his back, Face turned to look at him. A smile pulled at the corners of Hannibal's mouth, he stretched his arm out, an open invitation for Face to move into his side. As Face began to slide over toward him Hannibal shifted so he could pull his lover in close to his body. Once Face was tucked securely into the side of him, he began to run his fingers through the silky blonde hair.


"Love you Tem." Hannibal kissed the top of the blonde's head.


"Love you John." Face sighed as he drifted off to sleep.



When Face woke later that evening he was surprised to find himself still wrapped in his lover's embrace; Hannibal was never one to stay in bed for very long. As he shifted his body the Colonel's arms tightened around him.


"Where do you think you're going?" a sleep filled voice growled in his ear.


"I need to shave; this stuff is driving me insane." Face complained as he scratched his new beard, then a slow smile spread across his lips. "Or I could keep it; you know it makes me look more distinguished." Face knew Hannibal hated to see him with facial hair just as much he did, but if he could make his lover squirm then he would suffer for a week or so.


Hannibal studied Face for a few seconds before his own smile appeared. He knew that Face hated the beard just as much as he did, but he wasn't going to order Face to shave, no there was a much better way.  "You know you're right, it does make you look older."


Hannibal had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing as he watched his lover's smile disappear and he began to throw the blankets off. Suddenly his own smile disappeared as he thought about the fact that he might have screwed up. He had just promised Face a few hours ago that he wouldn't make fun of him, yet here he was teasing him.


"Where are you going kid?" He asked as he tightened his grip around Face's waist, keeping him moving.


"I'm going to go shave, where do you think I'm going?" Face turned to look at Hannibal, when he saw the look on his lover's face he stopped struggling to get free. "You thought I was going to leave?"


As he looked into the younger man's blue-green eyes he could only nod; praying that he hadn't ruined their relationship.


"No John," Face moved to take Hannibal's face in his hands. "There is a difference between having fun with me and making fun of me. I know the difference," Moving forward Face kissed Hannibal with all the passion he felt for the older man. "And so do you." 


"You're right kid I do, and I'm sorry for the pain I've caused you. It won't happen again, I promise."


"Please John, don't make promises you can't keep." Face sighed as he started to pull away from his lover.


Hannibal stopped Face from moving by placing his hand on the back of the younger man's neck "I do mean it, Tem." He gently squeezed the tender flesh.

"I know you want to believe that, but all I want from you is your word you'll try."


"That I can do, kid." Hannibal moves his hand to stroke the hair out of Face's eyes

"Good, then I don't want to hear another word about it." Face gave Hannibal another quick kiss before once again trying to get out of the bed. This time he made it as far as the edge before he was pulled back onto the center of the bed, flipped onto his back and pinned under Hannibal, the older man's weight keeping him from moving.


"Hannibal, would you please let me shave."


"You know I've never had sex with an older man before." Hannibal laughed as an indignant look passed over his lover's handsome face.


"You're asking for it Colonel Smith."


"I'd agree with you except from where I'm sitting you appear to be on the losing end."


"You would be right except, I have what you want." Face moved his hips grinding his growing erection into Hannibal's.


"That you do." Hannibal smiled as he leaned over to capture Face's mouth. "That you do."






"So when do we meet this client of yours?" Face asked as he stepped into the kitchen wearing a pair of running shorts, a towel wrapped around his bare shoulders. He had shaved off the growing beard and taken another long hot shower and was now starting to feel like his old self.


"I got a letter from Don today." Hannibal answered ignoring the younger man's question. When he looked up at Face he smiled as he noticed his lover's smooth clean- shaven face.


"That's nice." Face frowned slightly, he knew that Hannibal and their former lover Major Don Larkin had kept in contact with each other over the years, but it didn't mean that he had to like the other man. In fact he tolerated the major for Hannibal's sake and no other reason.


'Why the hell can't he just go away?' Face thought. Face had slept with the Major several times before he had been transferred to Hannibal's unit. He had known that the Major had another lover, but their sex had been nothing more than a causal romp in the hay. He hadn't though anything of it at the time. It wasn't until much later Face had found out that Hannibal had been Don's lover. Luckily for Face the two older men's relationship had fallen apart right before he was transferred, giving him and Hannibal the opportunity to connect with each other. However that still hadn't stopped the Major from trying to get back with him or Hannibal.


"Says he's going to be in LA for a few days, seems he has a client doing some promotional work in the area."


"Hmm."  Face turned his back to Hannibal as he walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.


"He wants to try and meet up with us while he's here."


"Great." Face sighed as he took a drink, his back still turned so Hannibal couldn't see him roll his eyes.


"What do you say kid, feel like meeting him for a few hours, maybe go out to dinner?"


Face put on one of his best con man smiles before he turned back around. "Sure."


When he noticed that Hannibal wasn't buying the smile he took a drink of his coffee before speaking again. "So what's he doing these days?"


Hannibal studied Face for a few minutes, he knew that Face and Don hadn't always seen eye to eye when they were stationed together on the base but he didn't think that Face harbored any ill feelings toward the other man. He knew Face couldn't be jealous; he had made it clear to Face a long time ago that there was no one else but him. He glanced back down at the letter, maybe he was just reading too much into Face's expressions. "He's still a promoter, has a few big clients across the country."


Face nodded as he walked over to sit down across from Hannibal, he waited a few minutes allowing his lover to finish his letter before he spoke.


"So when do we meet this client of yours?"


Hannibal folded his letter and stuffed it back into the envelope before he looked up at Face. "We're not going to take the case."


"I thought you said that you already accepted?" Face asked as he took another drink.


"I did but that doesn't mean that I can't give the money back and tell them to find somebody else."


Face didn't say anything for a few minutes he just looked down at his coffee cup. "No, we need to take the case."


"Why the change of heart?" Hannibal asked softly.


"Because we always keep our word." Face said as he glanced over at Hannibal.


Hannibal beamed with pride as he looked at Face, he loved the kid, and at times like this he was really proud of him. Honor was one of the things that he had always tried to instill in the younger man over the years.


"Not to mention we need the money." Face mumbled into his coffee cup.


"Excuse me; I don't think I heard you right."


Face looked up from his coffee. "We're not in the best financial shape right now."


"What do you mean we're broke?"


"No, no," Face shook his head. "We're not broke, but our savings is lower than I'd like it to be. We need to get some cash flow going pretty soon." Reaching up Face ran his fingers through his hair then sighed heavily before looking back down at his coffee. "Hell it's not like it won't grow back."


Reaching across the table Hannibal squeezed his lover's hand. "I'll call them and set up an appointment tomorrow."


Face nodded still not bothering to look up at his Colonel.





"About damn time you guys got here! You're over two hours late."  Cody Burk, aka the Blue Diamond yelled at Hannibal as the team walked through the door.


"We can turn right back around and leave if you'd like." Hannibal smiled around his cigar as he studied the rock star. "Come on guys," Hannibal turned around and starts to usher his team back out the door. He's dealt with punks like this all his life and he know the best way to deal with them was to show them that they were not in charge.


"No," The rock quickly jumps to his feet and ran over to the Colonel. "Maybe I over reacted, lets sit down and talk about this."


"Hang on guys." Hannibal called out to the others.


As the men sat down across from each other Hannibal studied the rock star and his Lieutenant.

 The other man did look a lot like Face in his photos but seeing the two men side by side and close up there was no comparison. It was obvious that Burk used makeup to cover the small pot marks that covered his cheeks while Face's complexion was smooth and flawless. As he studied the other man even closer noted that the rock star was also older than his lover or Hannibal suspected it could be from heavy drinking, his eyes scanning the empty whisky bottles on the table. No he thought, there was really no comparison, Face was beautiful and the other man was not even close.


"I've filled my team in on your problem, but why don't you tell them in your own words."


Cody nodded, his fingers drumming on the table as he fidgeted in his seat. "I've been getting a lot of strange letters."


"Strange how?" Face asked.


The rock star ran his fingers through his spiked blue hair, before returning to drumming his fingers on the table, his knees bouncing up and down. "Well as you can imagine I have some pretty wild fans, and I get some pretty weird fan mail, but these are different; they make me nervous."


"Do you have any of them?" Murdock asked looking at Face and then Cody.


"Yeah, hang on a second." The blue haired rocker got up and went to his bedroom.


"You know Face I have to say when you two sit side by side you've got him whipped on looks."


"Drugs will do that to you." Face stated as he looked back toward the bedroom, where the other man had gone.


"How can you tell he's doing drugs?" BA growled.


"He can't sit still." Face turned to look over at Hannibal. "Hannibal he's wired for sound, are you sure we can trust him."


"Give me some credit kid." Hannibal frowned at Face. "I did check into this his story and it seems that he has someone stalking him."


"You sure it's not paranoia from the cocaine?"


"Face, I'm telling you that…"


Before Hannibal could say anything else Cody walked back into the room holding several letters.


"These are the ones I got last week, and these are the ones that have arrived since I last talked to you Colonel Smith."


Hannibal reached out and took the letters from the other man, he handed the ones he had already read to Face while looking over the new ones. After reading the third letter Face glance up at his Colonel.


"There's some pretty hard core stuff in this." Face handed the letters to Murdock. "Hell I can't tell if this person wants to be your father, kill you, or make you their sex slave. Have they tried to contact you in any way?"


"That's just it; all these letters came directly to the hotel I was staying at. None of them went to my fan mail address, and every one of them is post marked from the same town I was staying. Who ever this is they know exactly where I'm going to be, and where I'm staying."


"So then they have to be somebody on the inside." Murdock stated as he handed the letters to BA.


"Or they know somebody that works for you." Hannibal added. "What do you think Face?"


"Very big possibility, Hannibal." Face glanced over at the star that was practically bouncing in his seat. His knees were occasionally hitting the table bottom as he drummed the table top with his fingers. "How many people know that you are hiring us?"


"Just me and my manager, he's the one who suggested that I find you guys."


"Who and where is he?" Hannibal asked.


"He's flying in from Phoenix tonight, he had to clean up a little mess I made at the last hotel."


"What's his name so we can check him out."


"Don Larkin."


Hannibal wasn't sure but he could have sworn that he heard Face groan.


"Problem Lieutenant?" Hannibal raised an eyebrow.


"No, no problem at all." Face smiled, though Hannibal noted it was one the younger man used to con someone, and not a very good one at that.


"Good then I guess we start tonight."


"Great." Cody bounced out of his seat. "I'll get my stylist in here so we can cut your hair." The star smiled over at Face who rolled his eyes.


"There's been a change of plans when it comes to your hair." Hannibal stopped the other man from leaving the room. "My Lieutenant won't be changing his hair style, you will, Murdock."


Reaching into his leather jacket Murdock pulled out a blonde wig and tossed it to the star.


"You can't expect me to wear this!" Cody looked appalled as he turned the wig over in his hands.


"Either you wear it or hire yourself some more body guards." Hannibal stood up, taking a cigar out of his jacket pocket and sticking it into his mouth.


"But, but my fans what will they say." The star sputtered.


"Tell them you're bringing the GQ look into rock and roll." Hannibal smiled as he looked over at Face and winked.


"So what's your plan Smith? Cody asked as he looked at each member of the team.


"It real easy," Hannibal smiled around his cigar. "You're going to be a member of the A-team, while my Lieutenant lives the life of a rock star."




"What do you think?" Face asked as he came out of the hotel bedroom wearing one of the Cody's outfits.


Hannibal turned to look at his lover, his cigar almost falling out of his mouth.


Face was wearing a pair of very tight, low cut hip hugger leather pants that stopped just before it revealed pubic hair. The pants clung to his body showing every curve and well toned muscle, and left very little to the imagination. The black silk shirt he wore stopped just under his navel, and looked as though it had been painted on. However the thing that caught Hannibal's attention was the sparkling blue jewel that was in his lover's navel.


"I would say nice, but I don't think that would even begin to cover it." Hannibal placed his cigar in an ashtray as he moved over to Face, his hands moving to his lover's bare waist, pulling the younger man to him. "God kid, I could eat you alive."  His mouth moved to capture Face's in a soft loving kiss.


Stepping back just a half step, Hannibal ran his fingers over Face's abs, his fingers grazing the blue jewel, lodged in the Face's navel. "Please tell me you didn't pierce yourself." Hannibal's blue eyes coming up to look at Face's blue-green ones, his voice soft almost begging.


When Face realized that Hannibal was actually upset at the thought of him piercing his skin he was touched. Face smiled as he wrapped his arms around his Colonel neck as he smiled.


"No John, it's just held in place with spirit gum." A small laugh escaped the perfect lips. "If you think I bitched about my hair, you'd have never heard the end about me getting my navel pierced."


"Guess you're right." Hannibal chuckled as leaned forward to capture Face's lips.


When the two broke apart, Hannibal wrapped his arm around Face's shoulders guiding him toward the couch where he had several sheets of paper laid out on the coffee table.


"So what's all this?" Face asked as he picked up one of the sheets.


"This is Cody's schedule for his stay in California. Don faxed it over to me." Hannibal pulled out a cigar and bit the end off of it before lighting it. "The good news is all of the concerts are finished, so we won't have to worry about that. We just have to get you through all the interviews and parties; which means that you're going to have to study this guy's background and all the other fun facts involved with his life."


"Already ahead of you Colonel." Face smiled. "I picked up all the music magazines I could find and I also got copies of all his records."


"Good." Hannibal moved closer to Face. "Tem, I don't know how to put this where it doesn't sound bad but you know we're not going to be able to stay together during this case.  It's not that I don't want to be with you because I do, but with this type of case, you know I'm not abandoning you, but..."


Face raised his hand to Hannibal's lips. "Shhh, I know I'm the bait in this and I know that the Army did a thorough background check on this guy and they know he's not me. Which means that you guys can't be seen anywhere near me or it will arouse suspicions, I understand that."


"You know I won't be far from you, you may not see me but I'll be there, you won't be alone out here." Hannibal brushed Face's hair back off out of his eyes. "I'm not abandoning you."


"I know you aren't John." Face leaned over to nuzzle his neck. "I trust you." Leaning farther forward Face began to unbutton the Colonel's shirt kissing as he went.  "But before you leave let me point out that we are alone in a luxury suite, with a huge king size bed in it."


"Hmmm." Hannibal smiled as he took his cigar and set it in the ashtray. "You do make a very valid point." His hand moving to take a firm grip in his lover's hair, he forced the blonde to look up at him, blue eyes full of desire. "The bed, now Lieutenant." He commanded his voice already heavy with need.




Face rubbed his burning eyes as he put down the article he had been reading on Cody. For the last two days he had done nothing but research, listening to the rock star's music and reading articles and story on the other man's life. He was now sure that he could copy the other man's actions without having to think about it. Deciding that he'd had enough for one night Face headed for bed.  He had only been asleep for a few hours when a voice woke him.


"Damn, you look too sexy Lieutenant?" Major Don Larkin stated as he smiled down at Face.


Face frowned as he looked over at the former Army Major. "You couldn't have waited until I got up?" Face growled as he pulled the blanket up so it covered his waist.


"Such modesty." Don laughed. "You know it's not like I haven't seen what you have before."


"Yeah well I hope you have a great memory, because nothing I have belongs to you. Which means you'll never be seeing it again."


"I guess the Colonel beat me out there didn't he?"


"You know as well as I do that we were just a quick romp, there was never anything between us."


"True," Don moved toward Face, "How about another go for old time sake."


"Unlike you Major, I don't plan on throwing my relationship with Hannibal away. Now get out of my room."


"You're loss." Don shrugged as went through the bedroom door.


"I don't think so." Face growled as he rolled over, though he knew he would never get back to sleep. Face tossed and turned for a few more minutes before he threw off the blankets and grabbed his robe. Sighing deeply he took a deep calming breath before he went out into the main part of the suite.


"Ah, I see that you just couldn't stand to be without me." Don smiled as he poured himself a drink. "Want a drink?"


"No, I want to know why you are in my suite." Face moved past the bar to the small mini-fridge and pulled out a bottle of water, leaning against the counter Face continued to look at Don waiting for his answer.


"Because I am Blue Diamond's manager, and where Blue goes, I go. I thought you did your homework on your clients?"


"You don't worry about how I do my job," Face frowned at the other man. "I know your client better than you do."


"Well I'm glad to hear that Lieutenant," Don threw a stack of papers on the bar that Face was leaning against. "Because here is Blue's agenda for the next week."


"What was it that you gave Hannibal?" Face's frown grew as he picked up the stack of papers and began to flip through them. "These are completely different."


"Change of plans, and I sent the Colonel a new copy this morning."


"And just when do I get the chance to go to the bathroom?"  Face glared at the other man as he noticed how may appearance he had to make each day.


"Can't handle it Lieutenant?"


"Hmm," Face rolled his eyes as he continued to look over the schedule. "So this starts in the morning?"


"We need to be at the radio station at 0500 to meet with the DJ's before the show, at 12 noon we head to the TV station for a press conference, after that we head to the clubs to help with the album's promotion."


Face flipped the next page over and noticed that the next day started at 3:00 am. He continued to go through the pages and realized that if he was lucky he might be able to get two or three hours sleep a night. "Cody, keeps this schedule?"


"Sure did, that boy was a real trooper."


"Of course I'm sure the drugs you are giving him help." Face took a drink out of his bottled water, as he watched the other man's reaction.


"I have no idea what you are talking about." Don put on his most innocent expression.


"Oh come off of it, when we meet him the other day he was wired."


"The boy is just high on life."


"Life my ass," Face growled as he moved passed the other man heading back toward the bedroom. "He's hooked on something."


"And you're accusing me of getting him addicted? Why would I possibly put my client in harms way."


"Because you are a leach Don," Face glared at the other man. "You will suck that boy dry and leave him to go on to the next one."


"I'm surprised that you think so little of me."  Don chuckled, "You don't seem to mind my company when the Colonel is around."


"I'd do anything to keep Hannibal happy, if that means that I have to smile when you are with us then so be it." Face moved to the bedroom door. "But as you pointed out, Hannibal isn't here." With that Face went into the bedroom and slammed the door.


Don laughed when he heard the tumblers click in the lock.



Hannibal rubbed his throbbing temple as he listened to the rock star throw up in the toilet again.  Face had been right about the other man's drug addiction. Cody had started to go through withdrawal around 3:00am the night he had come home with the team, now two days later the star was doing better, but he still had the shakes and could not keep anything down.


"You doing alright in there?" Hannibal asked as he softly knocked on the bathroom door.


"Yeah." Cody answered just before he started to gag again.


"You need anything?"


"A hit would be nice." Cody opened the door to look at Hannibal.


"Not happening." Hannibal crossed his arms over his chest.


"A beer?"


"How about a cup of coffee?"


"That's the best I'm going to get isn't it?"


"Fraid so." Hannibal smiled.


"What the hell." Cody smiled back as he headed toward the kitchen.





Face rubbed his eyes as he tried to focus on the people talking around him. God, he was so tired, it seemed like it had been weeks since he'd had a decent night's sleep. Shaking his head he tried to focus on Don as he made yet another appointment for him in the morning at another radio station.


Face plastered a fake smile on his lips as another dancer sat in his lap and rubbed against him. He held a flute of champagne to her lips and allowed her to drink from his glass as she ran her hands up and down his leather clad chest.


"I love your music so much Blue." She purred in to his ear. "And I'd do anything to be in your next video." She nibbled at his ear. "And I do mean anything." Her hands moved to his crotch and squeezed his member through the pants.


"I'm sure you would." Face smiled as he pulled her hands from his body. "Why don't you talk to my chorographer?"


"Thank you Blue." She smiled as he hugged him.


"Why don't you give the girl what she wants?" Don laughed as he watched Face pry the girl off of his lap.


"Because I don't want what she has to offer." Face hissed before he got up.


"Where're you going Blue?" Don asked, making sure that Face knew he was supposed to stay in character.


"I need to take a leak." Face smiled back at him.


Once he was in the bathroom Face went into a stall, closed and locked the door behind him before sitting down on the toilet. Talking a deep breath Face closed his eyes and leaned his head against the side of the stall. He was so tired all he wanted to do was go home and curl up next to Hannibal and sleep for the next month. He couldn't remember when he had ever felt this run down by a case before.


After a few minutes of sitting quietly Face actually began to drift off to sleep when the he heard two people enter the bathroom and go into the stall next to him. A few seconds later the sound of sex coming from the stall made him get up and leave the bathroom.




Hannibal sighed as he watched the rock star pace across the room again; this was the twentieth time the other man had crossed in front of him.  As Cody paced Hannibal thought about how his own lover would constantly pace when he was aggravated.


"I can't believe that you guys don't have any leads, you know I have a live concert coming up in a few days."  Cody stopped in front of Hannibal. "You guys are professionals right?"


"Yes, I am more than aware that you have a concert coming up.  And yes we are professionals we do this for a living." Hannibal took out a cigar and bit the end off of it. As he started to light it he noticed the rock star giving him a dirty look. The first week that the other man had been in the house Cody had gone through withdrawal from all the drugs in his system; now after being clean for three weeks the other rock star had little or no tolerance for any type of vice. "And I'm not going to deny that I'm just as frustrated as you are, but from what we can tell the letters have to be coming from someone on the inside; someone in your inner circle that is sending them to you."


"Why would someone do that?" Cody paced up and down the room before stopping again. "I pay my people well, why would any of them want to send these kinds of threats to me?"


"Publicity," Hannibal lit the cigar. "I mean it's free advertising for your album."


"But Don is the only one that knows about the letters."


"And you're sure of that?"


"Yeah I'm sure, he told me that I couldn't tell anyone about them or they might disrupt my tour."


"Can I ask you something?" Murdock asked from his seat on the arm of BA's chair. Hannibal smiled when he thought of how Face would have bitched about Murdock sitting on the arm of his expensive leather chair.


"Sure, I guess." Cody turned to look at Murdock.


"When did you become addicted to the drugs?"


Cody continued to stare at the pilot for a moment before he answered. "To be honest I couldn't tell you. I remember being run down and tired to the point that I couldn't function any more, then the next day I had all the energy in the world."


"You don't remember taking anything." Hannibal asked frowning.


"No, I mean I was drinking pretty heavily at the time, but I never took any pills or shot up." Cody looked at him. "Like I said one day I was exhausted and the next I was ready to go. Later on I did start buying them from a member of my staff."


"Who was with you when you suddenly came back to life?"


"My normal staff, a couple of body guards, a groupie or two, and Don." Cody shrugged.


"Cody, do you have a copy of your new schedule?" Hannibal asked.




"Can you get it for me please?"


Cody nodded as he went into the bedroom to get a copy of the schedule.


"What's going on Hannibal?" BA asked.


"I think I'm going to go check on Face." Hannibal rose from his seat. "I don't like what I'm hearing." Hannibal lit his cigar and took a deep draw off it.


"You don't think Don has something to do with this do you?" Murdock asked. "I mean you two are really close friends aren't you?"


Hannibal moved to look out the window. "Yeah, we were close." Hannibal thought about how upset Don had been when he found out that he was seeing Face. Then when he hadn't broken up with Face and gone back with the major, Don had tried to break them apart by telling him about the relationship that he and Face had had. The only problem was Face had beaten him to the punch and confessed that he had slept with Don in Saigon before he had met him.  After that Don had gone out of his way to make Face's life miserable until Hannibal had found out and put an end to it.  However before everything could come to the boiling point Don had been injured and was shipped back home.  A few weeks after being sent back to the states Don had written Hannibal and apologized for his behavior toward Face and wished both men his best.  Hannibal accepted the apology and began to write Don back; over the years the two men had stayed in contact with each other. Though Hannibal knew that Face did not care for Don; his young lover remained civil with their former lover for his sake.


"We've stayed friends over the years." Hannibal took another draw off his cigar. "But people change.


"I don't like where this is going Hannibal." BA growled.


"Neither do I; and I'll feel a whole lot better when I see Face." Hannibal stood up and moved to the closet, pulling out his jacket he turned back to his team. "You two keep an eye on Cody; don't let him do anything stupid."


"Hey!" The rock star started to protest, but Hannibal cut him off.


"You listen to what they tell you to do, no arguing!"  He pointed his finger at the other man. Though there was a considerable difference in Face and Cody, he could still see his enough of his lover in the other man to feel that he was talking to Face. And he knew exactly how difficult Face could be when he was told he couldn't do something he wanted.


"Sure whatever." Cody flopped down on the couch.


"Watch him." Hannibal looked at Murdock and BA, before opening the door and going through it.


"You think Face is in danger?" Murdock turned to look at BA.


"He was in danger the second Hannibal separated the team." BA growled as he got up and walked to the front door.


"Where are you going?" Murdock called out as he watched BA open the door.


"Going to work on the vette, I can't just sit here."


Murdock only nodded as he watched BA leave, he knew that they were all worried about Face, they always did. Even though Face was a grown man he was still the youngest, and they would always feel that he needed a little extra looking after.


"So how do you feel about Woody Woodpecker?" Murdock grinned turned his attention back to Cody.




Face groaned when Don banged on the bedroom door. "Rise and shine, the limo will be here in an hour."


Face sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, he hung his head down as he rubbed his eyes trying to get them to focus. Glancing over at the alarm Face noticed that he had only been in the bed for an hour; one hour's sleep and now he was facing another twenty hour day.


Staggering into the bathroom, Face stepped into the shower and stood under the lukewarm spray, he wanted to take a hot shower so bad, but he knew if he did he would fall back asleep. A few minutes later Face came out of the bedroom dressed in a pair of leather pants and a blue skin tight t-shirt, the blue gem once again shining from his exposed navel.


"Looking good as always." Don smiled as he handed Face a cup of coffee.


Face offered a faint smile as he took a drink. "No letters from our stalker?"


"Not in today's mail, but then again I would have thought you would welcome the break after the three from yesterday."


Face gave an involuntary shudder as he remembered the letters and what the other person had said they wanted to do in them.  "I'm starting wonder about this person; they have to be on the inside."


"And why is that?" Don asked as he swirled his own coffee around in his cup.


"I …" Face closed his eyes for a second as the world around him started to swim, after a second his vision cleared and he continued. "I can't put my finger on it but something doesn't feel right, all the letters keep coming from the city that Cody is touring in, and they..." Face stopped to rub his head as he tried to think, he knew what he wanted to say, but he just couldn't get the words out. "It seems that they have a kind of personal note to them…I…I…" Face stuttered again.


"You alright Peck?" Don asked as he looked over at the younger man.


"Yeah, just having trouble getting my thoughts in order." Face shook his head to clear his foggy mind. "These late nights are catching up with me I guess."


"Yeah, I'd say you're worn down," Don smiled. "Tell you what, we'll make this one appearance at the radio station and call it a day."


"No," Face closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I can make it through the rest of the appointments."


"You are one hell of a soldier," Don smiled as he looked over at Face. "But you're pushing yourself too hard."


"It's Cody's schedule right." Face studied Don closely.


"Yes it is, but," Don stopped talking as he looked away.


"But what?" Face frowned.


Don took a deep breath and let it out slowly before he spoke. "Cody has help."


"Help," Face shook his head. "Help, how?"


"I shouldn't be telling you this, it's his problem."


"And his problem is now my problem," Face's voice began to rise.


"Alright, you're right," Don raised up his hands in a sign of surrender. "He's been addicted to speed for several years now."


"I knew it." Face slammed his hand on the table. "I told Hannibal he had a drug problem."


"Yeah it's getting pretty noticeable now, when I first noticed it he told me that it was nothing more than some caffeine pills to help him keep up, but I should have known he was lying to me. I think by the time I learned about his problem he was up to cocaine."


The two men were silent for several minutes before Face spoke again.


 "So what are you doing to get him off of it?"


"Not much I can do," Don sighed as he leaned back into his chair. "I've checked him into a few clinics, over the past few years. He'll stay sober for a few months then the next thing I know he's hooked again. The pisser is I don't even know where he is getting the crap."


"I swear!" Don raised his hands when Face shot him a disbelieving look. "It's like he goes to bed clean one night and wakes up addicted the next."


"Then someone has to getting it to him, another staff member, security? How well do you know his staff? "


"I don't know who he's getting it from, but he's getting it somehow." Don stood up and walked over to the couch and sat down. "Most of the guys have been with him since his last tour, Jerry is fairly new, he came on at the start of this tour. Bill came on at the start of this tour, same as Doug, but I have to say all of them are pretty dedicated to him."


Face nodded and went back his earlier thought about Cody's drug use. "But what I don't understand is why hasn't anyone asked me if I need any?" Face rubbed his temple again as he felt a headache began to build.  "I mean I'm still getting the threats so they have to think I'm …" Again Face stopped as pain lanced across his forehead.


Don looked over at the younger man when he stopped talking. "You alright?"


"Yeah." Face nodded as he continued to rub his temple.


"Maybe Cody goes to them; he has to know who his connection is." Don got back up and moved to stand beside Face. "Why don't you go back to bed Lieutenant, I'll cancel the bookings for today."


"No," Face looked up at Don. "We have to keep up the charade, besides isn't there an appearance for a charity tonight?"


"Yeah there is," Don sat back down beside Face. "And I need to talk to you about that."


Hearing the change in the other man's voice Face turned so he could study him closer. "What about it?"


"It's not just an appearance, Cody is supposed to perform."


"Perform?" Face stared at the other man in complete disbelief. "You can't be serious, I can act like Cody, but I can't sing like him!"


"That's just it you wouldn't really be singing." Don smiled, "All the stars lip-sync, no one plays live for charity events." When Face gave him a questioning look Don shrugged. "This is for a television special, so to make sure that the performers don't decide to make a "political statement" all the acts are lip-synced. There is still going to be a live audience, but if a singer decides to do something other than their song it makes them look like a fool."


"What about if the tape skips or gets stuck?" Face asked as he remembered a pair of singers who had the misfortune of having their audience find out that they weren't getting what they paid for at a live concert.


"Everything will be digital, no tapes."


"Somehow that doesn't make me feel much better." Face gave a short laugh.


"That's why I think we should cancel." Don replied.


"But wouldn't it hurt Cody's reputation?"


"It could," Don shrugged, "But if a star is sick, then a star is sick, they can't hold it against him."


"Who are you trying to kid?" Face laughed again though this time it had a little more warmth in it.


"Alright, you got me." Don chuckled. "But seriously Peck, if you need to take the night off tell me." Don leaned forward to rest his hand on Face's forearm. "If something happens to you Johnny will have my ass."


"I don't think you have anything to worry about." Face laughed as he pulled back away from the other man's touch, he knew that Hannibal still cared a lot for the Major, even though he knew that Hannibal loved him he still couldn't get over the feeling that if he came between the two older men he might lose the Colonel.


"That is where you are very wrong." Don shook his head as he watched the pained look enter the younger man's blue-green eyes. "Johnny warned me a long time ago not to mess with you." Turning his head slightly he pointed out a scar just above his jaw line. "You know how I got this?"


"I assumed it was from your accident."


"No," Don took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It was from the night that I ordered you to stand guard after you had been out on patrol for a week straight. You do remember that night don't you?"


Face shook his head, he remembered bits and pieces of it, but everything was vague at best. The team was supposed to have been back from their patrol that morning but due to the heavy rains the pick up had been delayed. By the time they had gotten back to the base it was the middle of the night. The team had been so tired that they could hardly stand. Face who had to take point through most of the mission due to the death of another soldier who had tripped over a booby trap and gotten himself blown up, was not just physically tired, but mentally exhausted from having to be extra alert.


Face had been on his way towards his tent when he ran into the Major who informed him that he had guard duty. When Face tried to object, when Don informed him that he now had twelve hours to pull instead six, and he could do it with all his gear, and if he wanted to do eighteen then all he needed to do was open his mouth again.


 If Face really concentrated he could remember having to force one foot in front of the other to keep moving, his riffle swung over his shoulder, his fifty pound pack of gear making his back ache. He wasn't sure how long he had been walking when Hannibal found him all he knew was that he was on complete auto pilot, to tired to even think for himself.  From there his memory was extremely foggy, he remembered Hannibal ordering him to stop and explain what he was doing.


He managed to tell Hannibal that the Major had ordered him on guard duty and he had to keep moving. He could remember taking a few steps forward and Hannibal grabbing his shoulder, to make him stop, instead he had stumbled and fallen face first in the mud. He had tried to get up but couldn't. From there everything was just flashes of images, sounds, and touches.


Hannibal carrying him….seeing Hannibal, BA and Murdock kneeling beside him…feeling his clothes being removed…something warm and wet being wiped across his face and neck….something soft rubbing his chest and arms…BA holding him up while Hannibal and Murdock helped him into a pair of pajama bottoms…Murdock encouraging him to eat while he leaned against Hannibal's chest, BA tucking a blanket around his legs and waist…daylight and Hannibal stroking his hair, telling him to go back to sleep…


"When you collapsed Johnny went into a rage," Don shook his head. "Never in my life have I ever seen him so enraged, and let me tell you Lieutenant, we had our fair share of fights." Don rubbed his hand over his jaw feeling the scar. "I thought he was going to kill me that night." Don moved so that he was staring Face directly in the eyes. "He loves you Peck, don't you ever doubt that, Johnny would do anything in this world for you."


"He loves you too, Don."


"No, he cares for me as a close friend, and he would be upset if something happened to me." Don smiled. "But if something happened to you," the Major shook his head as he took a deep breath. "If something happened to you he would be devastated, to be honest, I honestly think it would kill him."


"Hannibal is a lot tougher than he looks." Face gave the other man a half smile.


"And you underestimate how much you mean to him." Don countered.


Anything else that the two were going to say was interrupted by a knock on the hotel door. One of Cody's bodyguards stuck his head through the door. "The limo is out front."


"Thanks Jerry, we'll be down in five." When the guard closed the door, Don turned his attention back to Face, who was now standing on shaky feet. "I mean it Lieutenant, if you can't do keep this pace up then you let me know and we'll cancel tonight."


"I'll let you know." Face smiled as he grabbed a leather jacket and headed toward the penthouse door.


Don got up and started to follow Face out the door when his cell phone rang, Face stopped and turned to look at him, but Don waved him on. "I'll meet you in the limo."


Face nodded as he headed toward out the door.




Don listened to the voice on the other side of the phone before he spoke.


"No, you're right it won't be too much longer; he's pushed himself right to the edge."


"Tonight," Don glanced at the door Face had gone through. "He'll be at a charity concert tonight; it'll be the perfect time." Don nodded as the voice continued to speak. "I'll make sure that your name is on the list so you won't have any problem getting in. He won't suspect a thing." Don smiled as he ended the call. "You're going to be in for one hell of a surprise, Lieutenant."




"Hey Blue, how you doing?"  Jerry the body guard asked as he followed Face down the hall toward the elevators.


"I'm alright." Face offered a faint smile as he entered the elevator.


The body guard studied Face for a moment before he spoke again. "You sure, I don't mean to insult you or anything, but you seem like you're awful run down."


Face turned so that he could study the other man.  Jerry was like most men in his line of work, he was a tall, large framed, muscular man, in fact Face was sure that he would give BA a run for his money if they got into a fight. Though Face had to admit that while BA kept his emotions hidden behind his gruff exterior, Jerry was always open.


"I'm sorry if I stepped out of line." Jerry quickly apologized when Face didn't answer right away.


"No," Face waved the other man off. "You didn't insult me."  Taking a deep breath Face let himself slump back against the elevator wall. "And you are right I am a little tired. I didn't get much sleep last night."


"It's all the partying you're doing." Jerry shook his head. "You really should slow down."


"I'm seriously thinking about doing that." Face smiled as he leaned his head back.


"I'm mean it Blue," When Face opened his eyes to look at Jerry as he continued. "You should spend a nice quiet evening at home alone." Jerry offered a smile of his own. "Or maybe with a good friend."


"You have no idea how nice that sounds." Face sighed as he thought about spending time alone with Hannibal.


"Jerry we need to get moving." Don announced as he climbed into the limo next to Face. "Here are the songs that you're going to be doing tonight."


"Songs?" Face took the sheet music from Don and looked at the paper.


"For the benefit concert," Don moved to so he could see the younger man better, he could see that there was deep bruising under the younger man's eyes from lack of sleep. "I think we need to cancel this evening."


"No, I can do this." Face shook his head. "These are two of his slow songs."


Don continued to study Face for another minute before he finally nodded. "Yeah, I figure you can just hold on to the mike stand, and sway to the music instead of having to jump around the stage."  Reaching over Don put his hand on Face's leg and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Another trick is to lean your mouth real close to the mike and cover them both with your hand, that way if you mess up no one will see it."


Face nodded understanding what Don was telling him. "Thanks."


"As soon as you get finished with the first set then come off stage. We won't worry about the second song unless they call for an encore and even then I may just get you out of there."


"I may be tired Major, but I can do my job."


Don shook his head, "I'm not saying that you can't Lieutenant, but I also know when even the best of soldiers are at their limit."


Face thought about saying something else, but realized that the other man was right; he was just about at the end of his rope. "Yes sir." He sighed before he closed his eyes as he leaned his head back against the car's headrest for just a moment. "You know I never thought I would see the day when I wished the bad guy would just come at me head on."


"You're not the only one." Don nodded.


"Do you have these two songs on tape so I can hear them?"


"Sure do." Don opened his brief case and pulled out a walkman with a pair of headsets. "Both songs are on here and I have them set up in a continuous loop."


"Great." Face took the walkman from Don and slid the headphones on. After turning on the tape he leaned his head back again, however within a matter of seconds he was fast asleep.


Don glanced over at the blonde haired lieutenant and shook his head, though he felt that the younger man was partially responsible for his break up with Hannibal he couldn't help but feel for him, Peck was busting his ass to help his client and it was wearing himself down to nothing.


"It'll all be over soon." He smiled at the blonde. Picking up the limo's phone he began to make several calls.


Jerry turned in the front seat of the limo so he could see the two men in the back through the smoked glass; he couldn't ever remember Blue as exhausted as he was now. He had a bad feeling that if things didn't change real soon his employer would be in real trouble.


Face managed to make it through the interview at the radio station, but the moment that he was back in the limo he fell asleep in his seat.


Two hours later the limousine pulled up at the club where the benefit concert was being held. Knowing that he had to be at his best Face dug down deep, making sure that he stayed focused and understood everything that was expected of him. However the second he was in his dressing room he collapsed on the couch and promptly fell asleep again.


"Hey Blue," Face opened his eyes and sat up when he heard the knock on his door. Glancing at his watch he noticed that only forty-five minutes had passed since he had fallen asleep, staggering to his feet he moved to the door and opened it.


"Jerry." He gave the body guard a slight smile. "What's going on?"


"Don said that they need you on the stage in thirty minutes."


"I thought I was done till tonight." Face rubbed his eyes.


"I'm not sure, he said something about they were going to open the doors to the public so that fans could get all the acts autographs before the show."


"Alright," Face nodded.


"You sure you're alright?"


"Yeah," Face smiled again. "Just tired."


"You should get some more sleep instead of partying all the time." Jerry suggested.


"I wish I could." Face sighed as he moved past the body guard.


Face leaned against the wall as he watched the act before him finish up their song. He glanced up at the clock on the wall above the stage manager's and noticed that it was almost midnight, at the rate it was going he might get back to his room at the hotel by 3:00am.


A few minutes later the stage manager motioned him onto the stage. Moving to the stage he took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair, and said a quick prayer as the curtain rose. He stood quietly on the stage as the spot light came up bathing him in light, and the crowd applauded. A second later the music began to play and Face took the microphone in his hand, leaning on the microphone stand he began to sway to the music, right on cue he began to lip-sync to the words.


The crowd went wild as the handsome man began to sing and sway to the music, his black mid-drift shirt clinging to his sweat soaked chest, the blue jewel in his navel sparkling in the spot light, as his leather pants clung to his narrow waist and thighs. Everyone seemed to be in awed, everyone that was except for one man standing in the back, as he watched the blonde haired man move his mood became darker and his frown grew.


Face closed his eyes as he swayed to the music, he knew the stage lights were hot, Lord knows he had been in the spotlight enough, but these seemed to be burning him up. Sweat was pouring from his scalp running down his face and into his eyes, stinging them.  He continued to focus on what he was doing and was thankful that the song was almost over. He sighed in relief a few seconds later when the music began to fade and the song ended. 


The crowd jumped to its feet in a standing ovation cheering and screaming. Letting go of the microphone stand Face moved to the side and took a bow, he was alright until he stood up. As he rose his sight began to gray around the edges and his world tilted. He reached out to grab the microphone stand to balance himself, but missed. His last conscious thought was. 'This is going to hurt.' right before he hit the floor.


Anyone in the crowd that wasn't already on their feet instantly jumped up when they saw Face collapse on the stage. Don who had been standing by the stage manager's desk shot out onto the stage and rushed to Face's side, dropping down beside him, his hands quickly going to the blonde's throat to check for a pulse.


"Thank God." Don signed in relief when he felt the strong yet fast pulse beneath his finger tips. As he touched Face he noticed that the younger man had stopped sweating and his skin was clammy to the touch.


"Drop the curtain and get the paramedics out here!" The stage manager yelled as he ran out to kneel down beside Don and Face. "Is he breathing?"


"Yeah," Don nodded, thankful that the stage curtain was closing. "I think he just got over heated and passed out."


"Sir, I need you to move so we can check him out."


Don looked up to see two paramedics standing beside him. "Sure," he moved back so that the other two men could get closer to the blonde.


"Does he do drugs sir?" one of the paramedics asked as he began to take Face's blood pressure.


"No," Don shook his head. "And he hasn't had any alcohol since last night."


"How much?"


"Just one."


The paramedics nodded as he made a quick note. "And when was the last time he ate anything?"


"This afternoon at the radio station, he had half of a sandwich. I think it was about 1:00."


"We're going to take him down to County General. The paramedic nodded to his partner, the two carefully lifted Face's still unconscious body onto a stretcher, before strapping him down.


"I'm going with him." Don insisted as he followed the paramedics out the rear stage door.


 They were loading Face into the back of the ambulance when the production manager stopped Don. "What's going on? Is he going to be alright?"


"We don't know yet…"


"I have some release papers that I need you to sign."


"Mr., if you're going to go with us then we need to go now." One of the paramedics yelled from the back of the ambulance.


"I'm coming." Don started forward again only to have his way blocked by the production manager.


"I need you to sign some release paper," He repeated. "If Blue has over dosed…"


"He doesn't do drugs!" Don tried to push past the other man, but the production manager refused to be moved aside.


"You don't know that he hasn't taken..."


"The hell I don't!" Don snapped. "That boy has never touched anything!" He could just imagine what Hannibal would have done if the Lieutenant even thought about doing any type of illegal narcotic.


"Hey buddy, we're pulling out, if you're going with us you need to get in now!" The paramedic shouted from the back of the ambulance.


Looking over the production manager's shoulder Don noticed that the paramedic's had hooked up an IV in Face's arm. "I have to go."


"You can't until these releases are…"


"I'll go with him Don." Jerry stepped up beside the major. "You sign what you need to and meet us at the hospital."


"I don't think…."


"We're leaving now!" the driver of the ambulance yelled as he slammed one of the doors.


"Alright Jerry, I'll be right behind you."


"You got it boss." Jerry climbed into the back of the ambulance just as the paramedic slammed the second door shut.


"Let's get these damn things signed." Don turned back to the production manager.


The major had just finished signing the release forms, and was turning to get in the limo when he was grabbed from behind and slammed violently against the wall by a very irate Hannibal.


"God damn you Don, I told you to look after him!" Hannibal snarled in the other man's face. "I warned you not to do this shit to him again!"


"Johnny, I didn't…"


"The hell you didn't!" Hannibal twisted Don's shirt in his hands while he pulled the major inches from his face. "You're so fucking jealous of him that you just couldn't stand it could you!"


"Damn it Johnny, let go of me." Don shoved against Hannibal. "I didn't have anything to do with him…"


"Don't bullshit me, I've seen the schedule that you set for him, there is no way that he could have kept it up for long…"


"And I was making sure that he had tomorrow off, now if you would let go of me I would like to get to the hospital to make sure that Peck is alright." Don shoved again, this time breaking Hannibal's grip. "If you want to ride with me then I suggest you move it."


Hannibal continued to glare at Don, but his need to make sure that Face was safe over rode his need to smash the major's head against the wall.




Face struggled to wake from the darkness that had claimed him earlier that night on the stage. As he regained consciousness the noticed three things, first he was no longer in the concert hall, second he couldn't move his hands which were above his head, and third he was stripped down to his underwear. 'Well at least I've got my briefs.' He thought.


Tilting his head back Face blinked several times until he was able to focus his eyes on where he was and what was happening around him. He observed that he was hand cuffed to a bed in a hotel room, the drapes were closed and the only source of light was coming from the bathroom. Face tugged on his cuffs to see how loose they were, the left seemed to be looser than the right giving him some hope that if he had to he could get it free.


"If I'd worn a blue wig I could have at least carried a lock pick." Face sighed; taking a deep breath, he filled his lungs with air and yelled as loud as he could for help. He wasn't disappointed when Jerry came rushing into the room.


"Thank God Jerry; you have no idea how happy I am to see you. Do you have any idea what is going…" His relief was short lived when Jerry grabbed his jaw and forced it wide open, then shoved a cloth in it before taping it shut with Duct tape.


"Now you just be still and relax." Jerry patted his cheek gently. "I'll take good care of you."


When Face tried to protest through the gag Jerry slapped him hard across the face, bringing tears to his eyes.


"I said be quiet and rest; don't make me have to tell you again." The bodyguard warned.


Face closed his eyes and waited until he heard the other man leave the room. 'Well I guess I know who the stalker is.' Face sighed as he began to pull at the cuff on his left wrist.




"What the hell do you mean he's not here?" Don yelled at the admittance nurse in the ER.


"Just what I said sir, he's not here. The ambulance came in thirty minutes ago, he was checked in but now he's not here."


Hannibal had heard enough and walked past the nurse's desk and into the ER; the nurse stood to protest, but Don stopped her.


"How can he just not be here?"


"If he refused treatment, they could have released him."


"Shouldn't there be some type of paperwork where he refused treatment; I mean there has to be…


As Don continued to do battle with the nurse Hannibal went straight back to the ambulance crews looking for the men who had brought Face in.


"Are you the guys who brought the singer in from the concert?" He asked two men as they were straightening up the back of their ambulance.


"Yeah we brought him in." Once of the paramedics answered as he turned to face Hannibal.


"Was he conscious, when you dropped him off with the doctors?"


When the two crew members didn't answer, but looked at each other, Hannibal could tell that they were reluctant about giving him any information, so he pulled out his old stand by excuse.


"He's my son."


The two men looked at Hannibal then each other, one of them shrugged and answered. "No, he was still out of it," at the worried look on Hannibal's face he quickly continued. "His vitals were strong, but we couldn't get him to wake up, but that doctor over there is the one that took charge of him." The paramedic pointed to a tall thin doctor standing by an empty bed.


"Thanks for your help gentlemen." Hannibal said quickly before he went to speak to the ER doctor. "Doc, can I have a word with you…"




"But I still don't understand how you don't know where he is!" Don was yelling when he was grabbed by the arm and dragged out the exit. "Johnny will you let go of me I have to find out what happened to…"


"The bodyguard has him." Hannibal stated.




"According to the doctor he left Face to have some tests ordered and when he came back Face and the bodyguard were gone. A security guard says that this Jerry guy more or less carried Face out."


"Could Face have been awake and told Jerry to get him out of the hospital?"


"Not very likely, the doctor said that Face is most likely suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, even if Face is moving under his own power it won't be long before he drops again." Hannibal opened the door to the limo and waited for Don to climb in.


"So how in the hell are we going to find him?" Don asked franticly.


Hannibal turned to look at his former lover, surprised by the concern he heard in the other man's voice.


"I've got that covered." Hannibal smiled as he picked up the limousine's phone and dialed the apartment where the team was keeping Cody. "Murdock, our stalker has made his move, and taken the bait, tell BA to get the van moving. Tell BA I'll call the van in five minutes." With that Hannibal hung up and removed a cigar from his pocket, he waited a second then sighed. "God I miss you kid." He mumbled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the lighter Face had given him years ago.


"You still haven't answered my question." Don huffed.


Hannibal looked at the other man as he took several puffs off his cigar making sure it was going to stay lit, before he answered. "Do you really think I would leave Face out in the field on his own?"


"It wouldn't be like you to take such a big risk with one of your men, but if you trust him…"


"I trust him completely," Hannibal cut Don off glaring at the other man. "It's other people I don't trust."


"I understand," Don nodded, but didn't break the colonel's gaze. "Now, are you going to tell me how we are going to find him?"


"That's the easy part." Hannibal smiled as he took a draw off his cigar. "BA made a tracking device, it's built into the jewel Face has in his navel."


"Son of a bitch," Don smiled. "That's great, so when will we know?"


"In about thirty seconds." Hannibal picked up the phone and called the van. "What have you got BA?" After listening to the sergeant growl on the other end of the phone for a few minutes Hannibal put it back into the receiver. "Have the driver head toward the hotel, BA hasn't got the exact location pinpointed yet, but it looks like that's where they are."


"If they're back at the hotel you think he was awake and just wanted to leave the hospital?"


"I hope so." Hannibal sighed as he turned to look out the window. "But I doubt it."




Face continued to study the hand cuffs that kept him secured to the bed, he had tried to slip his hand through the loose left cuff, but so far he had only succeeded in chaffing his wrist. The bad thing was he knew if he just had some type of lubricant he could get the cuff free. After another couple of minutes Face sighed into the gag and began to twist his wrist back and forth, cringing as the cuff began to irritate his wrist more and more. Ten minutes later the first few drops of blood began to appear and within a few seconds he had his wrist and cuff coated with his blood. With a grunt of pain and a then a sigh of relief Face slipped the hand cuff off his left hand. He was just starting to pull the cuff through the headboard when the door opened and Jerry stepped through.


"What the hell do you think your doing?" Jerry yelled as he ran to the bed.


Seeing the larger man coming toward him Face turned so he could lash out with his feet, the first kick caught the bodyguard in the stomach, while the second hit him square in his chest. As Jerry struggled to get to his feet, Face managed to get the handcuff free from the headboard. Face started to scramble across the bed when Jerry latched onto his leg jerking flat onto his back, this time Face swung his left fist, also using the cuff as a weapon. The fist caught Jerry in the jaw while the open end of the cuff caught him in the temple, as Jerry grabbed for his injured face, the lieutenant swung off the bed, putting it between the two of them. The only problem was that Jerry was on the side of the room were the door was and his energy was fading fast.


"Blue, you need to get back on the bed and rest." Face reached up to pull off the tape but when Jerry lunged for him he stopped so he could jump back.


"I'm just trying to help you, Blue." Jerry moved back and to show Face his hands, just before he lunged at Face. "I tried to tell you in my letters that I could help you, but you just wouldn't listen to me." 


Face managed to keep out of the big man's reach but just barely; he knew that if he was in top physical condition he might be able to take the other man in a fight, but he wasn't in good shape and his energy was running out. Weeks of no sleep and not eating properly had taken their toll on him, the best he could hope for was to stall the other man and pray that the team found him in time. Knowing the best way to stall for time was to talk, Face reached up and pulled the tape free from his mouth, tears came to his eyes as the duct tape pulled skin and stubble. Still keeping his eyes on the bodyguard Face pulled the cloth from his mouth, choking slightly as the cotton ran across his dry tongue.


"You know I'd kill for a cup of coffee," he offered Jerry a faint smile, "What do you say we go down stairs and get something to drink, maybe something to eat, then sit down and talk all this over?"


"I tried to get you to talk," Jerry moved closer to the bed. "I tried to get you to take care of yourself, but you just ignored me, just like you always do."


"I'm all ears now." Face shrugged.


"To late Blue, time for talking is over." Jerry yelled as he jumped the bed. Face moved back to get out of the other man's reach but found himself cornered between the wall and the bed.


Face noticed that Jerry kept calling him Blue, even though the other man knew the star's name was Cody and it was starting to worry him. "Come on Jerry, let's not do this, someone could get hurt."


When the bodyguard kept advancing Face grabbed the lamp off the nightstand and swung it like a baseball bat.


"I don't want to hurt you Jerry, and I know you don't want to hurt me right?"


Jerry nodded, but still kept advancing, making Face swing the lamp again to keep him at arms length. "Hey, call room service, we'll have dinner brought up, just the two…"


Before Face could finish his statement Jerry charged him, Face swung the lamp and caught the big man in the chest, but the other man kept coming. One of his massive hands grabbed the lamp while the other grabbed Face by the throat.


Face continued to struggle, kicking, hitting, and biting whenever possible, but he didn't have the strength or energy to fight for long. Despite his best efforts within several minutes after it started Face was kneeling on the floor panting for breath.


Jerry reached down and pulled him to his feet by the scruff of his neck, then shoved him hard so that Face fell on the bed. As soon as he was on the bed Face began to struggle to keep from being handcuffed to the bed again, but it was a feeble attempt at best and Jerry soon had him subdued. Though this time he made sure that the cuffs were tighter and there was no way Face could slip free.


As the cuffs bit down into his skin, Face still tried to get the other man to listen to him.


"Come on Jerry, let's be reasonable." Face choked out past the pain.


"You had your chance," Jerry snorted. "But you wouldn't listen; you kept on doing drugs and not taking car e of yourself. Now I'm going to make sure that you're okay." The bodyguard went into the bathroom, when he came back out with a wash cloth Face thought he was going to wipe the sweat off of him, until Jerry picked up the duct tape again.


"Please Jerry don't," Face begged. "I can't breathe with that thing in my mouth."


"It's for your own good." Jerry stated mater of factly.


Face waited as the big man got within striking distance and kicked out with his legs, catching the other man in the crotch. Jerry fell to the floor like a stone, his wounded family jewels clutched in his hands.


"Now can we please talk about this before someone really gets hurt?" Face asked as he watched the big man wither in pain.


"You shouldn't have done that Blue." Jerry croaked.


"Yeah, and you shouldn't have kidnapped me." Face shot back. "So as I see it we're just about even."


Jerry lay on the ground for a few more minutes before he managed to get to his knees. "I just want to help you." The big man looked at Face through watery eyes. "You can't take care of yourself, and the drugs you are taking are killing you." Jerry sighed as he staggered to his feet.


"I'm not on drugs…"


"Liar!" Jerry yelled. "I've seen you buy them from Tommy! Then Don will send you away to get clean and in a couple of months you're hooked again."


"What if I promise to change?"


"You won't." Jerry shook his head. "You never do."


"Maybe with your help…"


"That's what I'm trying to do." Jerry smiled. "Now open your mouth."


"No," Face shook his head. "Not like this, you can't keep me like this."


"Yes I can." Jerry's smile widened as he moved closer to Face.


"Jerry, please listen to me…"


"No more talking Blue, you need to rest." With that said Jerry lunged for Face's left leg, Face kicked out with his right, only to have the big man grab it. Face twisted his body and managed to get his right leg free, and kick Jerry in the chest, forcing him to let go of and back off again.


"I don't want to hurt you." Jerry stated as he moved to the other side of the room.


"Good, cause I don't want you to hurt me either…"


"But you're going to obey me." Jerry picked up the discarded lamp and moved as close to the bed as he could without getting in range or Face's legs. Before Face could react Jerry brought the lamp down full force on Face's chest. Face screamed as he felt the lamp slam into his rib cage and ribs snap, however Face knew he had to continue to try and defend himself. But before he could react Jerry was straddling him backwards, the big man wrapping his ankles together securing them in duct tape. As Face tried to fight past the pain and defend himself Jerry moved off the bed and secured them to the frame, preventing him from kicking.


"Now be good and open your mouth." Jerry smiled at Face as he picked up the dropped cloth.


"Fuck you." Face panted as he tried to breathe past the pain in his chest, his eyes watering.


"Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Jerry sighed as he grabbed Face by the jaw and began to squeeze, digging his nails into the soft skin. Just as Face's mouth began to open one of Jerry's fingers slipped and Face bit down as hard as he could, when he tasted blood he bit down even harder.


Jerry screamed in pain as Face bit to the bone, drawing back his fist he punched Face in the side, but Face refused to let go. Determined to make Face let go of his finger, Jerry punched Face repeatedly in the side until Face couldn't take anymore and had to let go.


"You bastard," Jerry moved away from Face using the wash cloth to try and stop the bleeding.


"So I've been told." Face moaned as he tried to spit the blood out of his mouth.


"Damn you; you bit me to the bone." The bodyguard bitched as he looked at his bloody appendage.


"Stick it in my mouth again and I'll bite it off." Face glared at the other man.


"You're going to do as you're told to do." Jerry went into the bathroom to clean up his wounded hand.


"Yeah, well John's been telling me that for years too." Face muttered to himself. "So I wish you all the luck in the world." Suddenly feeling tired from his ordeal Face closed his eyes and listened as Jerry moved around in the bathroom. As he heard the big man shut off the water he opened his eyes and prepared himself for the next battle.


He was taken completely off guard when the bodyguard came back in with a wet towel folded over and covered his head, holding it down over his mouth and nose so that he couldn't breath. Face struggled against his bonds, trying desperately to fight back, but the more he struggled the harder the other man pushed down. Just as everything started to fade to black Jerry removed the towel, pried his mouth open and shoved a rag into it, using the duct tape he once again secured Face's mouth shut. The only problem was that Face's nose had clogged when his eyes had begun to tear up from lack of oxygen and now he was finding it impossible to breath. He struggled to take in air; Jerry slapped him hard across the face ordering him to stay still. This caused Face's eyes to tear up even more, repeating the vicious cycle. His last conscious thought before his world faded to black was of Hannibal.



"Which room, BA?" Hannibal asked as he followed the sergeant down the hall.


"It's one of these two." BA pointed to the two doors in front of them. "I can't tell which one."


"Then we'll go through both of them," Don snapped as he moved to the second door.


"Don, we need to think…."


"You read the letters Colonel," Don cut Hannibal off. "God only knows what he could be doing to that boy." Without another word Don threw his shoulder into the door, Hannibal almost laughed as he watched the Major bounce off of it.


"BA show him how it's done."


"Move man," BA growled as he shoved Don out of the way. With one massive kick BA knocked the door in, Hannibal drew his gun and started into the room.


"I know how to knock down a door," Don snorted and kicked the lock on the second door. When the door flew open he moved inside the room then stopped dead in his tracks, Peck was lying bound to the bed, pale and unmoving.


"Fuck," Don cursed as he moved farther into the room, making sure to keep his back against the wall. He was just past the bathroom when he heard a commotion coming from the next room. Looking through the open door he could see Hannibal and BA struggling with Jerry.  Don quickly looked the room over to make sure that there was no one else in it, finding it clear he moved over to Face.


"Lieutenant, it's the Major, can you hear me?" When Face didn't respond Don shook his shoulders, when the younger man's head rolled one side Don checked for vitals. He noticed that Face had a faint pulse, but then he put his head against the smaller man's chest he observed that Face wasn't breathing.


Grabbing hold of the tape Don gave it a sharp tug, wincing as the watched hair and skin come off too. "Sorry Peck." He apologized, removing the rag from Face's mouth Don checked to see if Face was breathing again. "Johnny, I need you in here now!" Don yelled as he tilted Face's head back and began to breathe for him.




Hannibal had just finished clearing the bathroom, when the bodyguard came rushing in from the adjoining room, however as soon as Jerry had grabbed onto Hannibal, BA grabbed onto him. The three men began to struggle and though the bodyguard outweighed BA he was not experienced in hand to hand combat. Hannibal was just about to start asking question about Face's location when Don yelled for him.


"You got him?" Hannibal asked as he looked at the door that adjoined the two room.


"Yeah," BA growled as he tightened the bonds on Jerry's wrists. "You better hope my little brother is okay." BA threatened.


Hannibal ran into the other room, his heart leaping into his chest as he say Don bending over his lover breathing for him. "Jesus," Hannibal ran to Face's side.


"He's got a pulse, but he's not breathing." Don gasp as he took a breath for himself then gave another to Face.


"Tem, don't do this to me." Hannibal moved to touch his lover's cheek.


"He's still not responding." Don gasped, his own breath starting to get ragged.


Hannibal motioned for Don to move out of his way, taking over he started to breath for Face, as seconds started to tick by Hannibal began to become more and more worried, he knew that if Face didn't start breathing on his own soon there was a very big possibility that he never would.


 "You need to start breathing, Kid." Hannibal stated as he took a breath. "Don't make me order you, Lieutenant." He warned before he pushed air back into Face's lungs. 


After removing his own mouth to take another breath Hannibal heard Face give a slight intake, then gasp, the gasp becoming a harsh cough which turned into a ragged but steady breathing.


"That's it Tem," Hannibal smiled as he watched Face's eyes flutter open. "You're doing good kid." Hannibal reached up to sooth the hair out of Face's eyes as the younger man struggled to breathe. "That's it Sunshine." Moving forward he kissed Face's forehead, "you're doing good, slow deep breaths."


"Wa…t…er?" Face coughed out through his raw throat.


"I'll get it." Don moved to the bathroom as BA entered.


"How is he?" BA asked as he moved over to the bed.


"He's hurting," Hannibal looked up at BA, before turning his attention back to Face, "But he's going to be just fine aren't you?"


Face looked up at Hannibal and nodded; his throat to raw to speak anymore than he already had.


"BA, can you find the keys to the cuffs?" Hannibal asked as he noticed the blood dripping down his lover's arms.


"Here's the water," Don moved over to stand beside Hannibal, turning Hannibal took the water from the Major and gently raised Face's head before placing the glass against his lover's lips.


"Easy baby," Hannibal pulled the glass away a Face began to drink to quickly. "Take it slow." Hannibal held the glass back up and Face continued to drink, but slower this time.


"Found the keys Hannibal." BA came back into the room, he moved to the bed and carefully unlocked the cuffs freeing Face's abused wrist. Face tried to keep the pain to himself but a hiss escaped his cracked and bruised lips.


"Sorry little brother." BA apologized as he threw the bloody cuffs to the corner of the room in disgust.


"Not…fault." Face tried to smile, but it didn't really come across as being believable.


BA then moved to cut Face's legs free as Don moved so that he was sitting beside Face, taking another clean towel that he had retrieved from the bathroom, he wrapped them around the injured wrists.


Hannibal carefully looked Face's battered body over, "How bad are you hurt kid?"


"Ribs hurt," Face answered. "Think …broke…a…few."


"You sure that's all, I saw you collapse at the charity concert."


"Why where you there?" Peck looked at Hannibal, a confused look on his face.


"Don called me earlier and said that you needed me, he said you were wearing yourself out." Hannibal stroked the younger man's cheek. "Now tell me where else you're hurting."


"I'm just tired," Face sighed as he fought to stay awake, exhaustion and injuries taking their toll on him.


"Close your eyes Tem," Hannibal stroked Face's hair from his eyes. "I'm here."


Face gave a slight nod as he closed his eyes, he knew that with Hannibal and BA there he was safe, within seconds his exhaustion caught up with him and he fell into a deep asleep.


Hannibal shook his head as he looked up at BA. "Let's get him to the hospital."




Two Days Later


Don was surprised when the front door to Hannibal and Face's house opened before he even had a chance to knock, he was even more surprised when Baracus was standing there scowling at him.


"Need to be quiet, Face is sleeping,"


"How did you know I was out here?" Don looked at the other man confused.


"The alarm went off when your car pulled up," BA growled.




"Whole house and perimeter is hooked up."


Don nodded, it would be just like Hannibal to make sure that he and the man he loved were safe at all times. "Where is Hannibal?" Don asked as he moved past the big man.


"He's with Face; they're both on the couch in the living room."


Before Don could move farther into the house BA grabbed him, "Make sure you don't wake him."


"I'll be quiet," Don promised as he looked at the massive hand on his shoulder.


BA nodded then let go of the other man, "See you do." he growled as he walked out the door.


Don shook his head as he moved farther into the house; he had just entered the living room when Hannibal called out softly.


"Who was it BA?"


"It's me Johnny," Don said softly.


"Make sure you keep your voice down, Face is…"


"Sleeping, I know, Baracus already threatened me." Don smiled as moved around the couch to look at the two men. Hannibal was lying on the oversized couch his back propped up against the arm by several pillows. Face was tucked into the side him, his head resting on Hannibal's chest, a blanket covering most of his own bruised and bandaged chest, while one bandaged wrist rested on the Colonel's shoulder as if holding onto the other man for dear life. "How is he doing?"


"The doctor said he needs to rest; which mean staying in bed." Hannibal's hand moved to stroke Face's hair. "Under normal circumstances it would drive him insane to sit still, but right now he's too worn out to complain. So what brings you by?'


"I just wanted to drop off a bonus check that Cody insisted on giving you and to let you know I'll be leaving town."


"How is Cody doing?"


"He's doing good; he's decided to take some time off to get his life back under control."


"And Jerry?"


"We're not going to press charges as long as Jerry agrees to get help; Cody has even agreed to pay for it."


"He seems like a good kid."


"He can be." Don smiled as he looked at the two men on the couch, a slight frown pulling at the corners of his mouth.


"Something wrong?" Hannibal asked as his hand continued to stroke Face's hair.


Don shook his head, but after a moment of silence he spoke. "I was just thinking, that he could have been mine if I had treated him like a person instead of a fuck buddy, or I could have had you if I had just been faithful, I had both of you as a lover, and I threw both of you away."


Hannibal looked at his ex-lover and nodded, "The bad thing is Don, I'm glad that you blew your chance with me and him, because to be honest I have never been happier in my life."


Don nodded as he moved to kneel beside Hannibal. "And I'm happy for you Johnny, I really am." Moving forward he kiss Hannibal on the cheek, as his hand went to stroke Face's hair, but Hannibal reached out and grabbed his wrist.


"You had your chance." The look in Hannibal's ice blue eyes left no room for argument.


Don nodded as he rose, "Take care of him Johnny, and let him take care of you." With that the Major left the house.


"Be safe Don."  Hannibal smiled; then looked down as Face shifted.


"You say something Hannibal?" Face looked up at him, his eyelids heavy with fatigue.


"Just saying bye to a friend," Hannibal smiled down at Face, then leaning down to kiss him gently. "You want to go get in the bed?"


"Comfortable here." Face mumbled as sleep once again claimed him.


"Me too baby," Hannibal pulled the blanket up around Face's shoulders before kissing the soft blonde head. "Me too."





Rock Star by Jullian Gray



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