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By: Junkfoodmonkey


Rating: PG13

Summary: BA helps Face out in the gym.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I don't make any money from this.



The sound of the barbell crashing down onto the pins made BA look over there with a scowl. Face lay flat on his back on the bench for a moment and then sat up and took a drink of water. BA walked across and found Face was panting a bit and sweating a lot, his hair dark with it. When he checked the weight plates on the barbell he saw why. Fair bit more than Face usually lifted.


"You gonna strain yourself."


"What are you, my coach?" Face asked, frowning up at him.


"If I was your coach you'd be in here every day." Actually, Face had been in the gym every day lately. Every day since their last mission.


"Been getting lazy," Face said. "Flabby. Better nip that in the bud before Hannibal notices."


BA nodded. Good idea, since Hannibal would have all of them spending a week at the training ground if he noticed that any one of them didn't look one hundred percent fit. Face didn't normally do a lot of heavy weights though, BA knew. Stayed lean, but never went for bulking up.


"Strength ain't just about bulk, Faceman," BA said. Face just shrugged and drank some more water. "You doing another set?" Face nodded. "Least let me spot ya, 'fore you drop it on your fool head."


"Thanks, BA." Face put his water bottle down and lay flat again, while BA positioned himself to catch the weight if Face lost it. When Face lifted the barbell, BA saw the struggle to hold it written all over his strained expression. But he also saw determination in the eyes. Face always pushed himself when he needed to.


Why was he pushing himself right now? BA thought he understood. On that last mission he and Face ended up stuck in a corrupt South American prison for a couple of days before Hannibal and Murdock busted them out. A lot of sick stuff went on in prisons, BA knew, especially ones like that. He'd seen the way some of those guys looked at Face - prisoners and guards. Some of 'em were never gonna see a woman again. They found ways to make do.


"You got it," BA said, hands under the bar as Face lowered and lifted barbell, ready, but taking none of the weight - yet. "All you, Face."


Of course Face could have handled one or two of them if they'd tried anything. But more than that? Starts getting tricky. Knew that from the prison camps. Never talked about that. But BA knew. He and Face had stuck together and watched each other's backs in that prison, but Face must have seen the looks. Real hungry looks. So BA never let Face out of his sight.


"Okay, you done," BA said, when he saw Face's arms shaking just a bit too much, and he knew the elbows were about to give out. "Rack it now." He took the weight of the barbell only at the last second, to keep it from crashing onto the pins.


Face sat up, really panting now. BA handed him his water bottle, with an approving nod for the hard work. He stood silent for a few minutes, while Face drank.


"You gonna be feeling that in the morning," BA said, making Face smile wryly.


"Right there, BA."


"That last job," BA said, and hesitated when he saw Face grimace. "Pretty rough."


"Yeah." Face didn't look at him. "Pretty rough."


BA said no more and headed back to the rack of dumbbells, with bicep curls next on his agenda.


"BA," Face said, making BA turn back. Face smiled at him. "Thanks. You know... for the spot."


"Anytime, Faceman."





Spotter by Junkfoodmonkey



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