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The Day Billy Became Visible



Rating: PG

Summary: What if Murdock's invisible dog suddenly became 'visible'?  A short story in response to Jipster's Challenge 3 for Challenge Week.

Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team, or any of the characters within this work of fiction. This is a response to the challenge posted by Jipster entitled, Challenge Week Challenge 3

Warning: Character injury and some blood, but no death

Note: I am completely new to this and came across this old challenge and wrote something in response to it. 



The Day Billy Became Visible



'The day Billy became visible' is how Murdock would always remember it. BA had been working on his van as usual and Hannibal had been idly smoking a cigar. It was supposed to be a day of rest.


Opposite the van, was a sandwich shop. Face had been assigned the task of walking over to grab them some lunch. However, on his way over to the shop, a small black dog diverted his attention as it ran into the street. The black dog stood in the center of the street as traffic dodged this way and that and Face raced toward it without any thought as to his own safety, just knowing that Murdock was watching from the sidewalk with a look of horror on his face.


Maybe if Murdock hadn't cried out, "Billy," Face wouldn't have gone after the dog and if he hadn't gone after the dog, then they wouldn't have wound up at the hospital waiting to hear something about Face's condition. Murdock paced in the waiting room, remembering in great detail how Face had run into the heavy traffic to go after that dog simply because he had been worried about Murdock; the screech of the white corvette and the bone-jarring sound of the impact kept replaying in the Captain's mind like some video caught in a sadistic replay mode. In an instant, his world had crashed down around him, as he watched his best friend tossed high in the air and thrown to the pavement in a sickening thud, a crimson pool fanning the Lieutenant's



Hannibal watched as Murdock paced the hospital corridor, worrying an unlit cigar in his mouth. Strangely he found that he couldn't really blame Murdock, though he knew it had been the Captain's cry of, "Billy," that had spurred Face into action. The thought of Murdock's mental health being prominent in the young man's mind, he had raced after the fictitious dog turned to life. In fact he kind of blamed himself; after all it was he who had ordered the young man to go get the sandwiches in the first place, the kid just had to be okay, he wouldn't accept anything less.



The End


The Day Billy Became Visible by KKJ



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