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Missing Scene: When you Coming Back Range Rider

When You Coming Back Range Rider (Missing scene)

Author:  Quentillian


Rating: PG 13

Comments: yes

Summary:  What happens with the girl in the dressing room.

Status: complete


Author's note:  trying to get back into the swing of writing so that perhaps I can finish up some old stories.  I'm wondering mostly about how the scenes play together in the first part of the story.  Do they flow pretty well how they are currently laid out or do they need to be reworked a bit.  Comments of any nature are welcome.


This scene takes place right after Decker 'loses' his trail on Face in Arizona.





Decker stalked out of the dust ridden store, Crane close behind him.  He stopped on the porch to holster his sidearm and take a look around.  Everything was quiet, no dust slowly settling back to the ground, no dogs barking, no look of bewilderment plaguing a group of onlookers.


"He's still in there."




Decker didn't bother answering.  Taking things at face value was precisely why the team had managed to evade Lynch so easily.  Decker was not about to fall victim to the same ploys.


He turned slowly towards the entrance of the store and headed back in.  Crane quickly fell behind him.


Decker made his way over to the store clerk who had yet to say anything about the events playing out in front of him, "Leave, go across the street and have a drink or something," he ordered the clerk, his voice as close to a whisper as he could get, "I'll let you know when to come back."


"Crane, lock the door."


Decker signed out the plan to Crane and they silently converged on the dressing rooms.  Any doubt Decker had about Peck still being there came to an end as they drew closer to the rooms, and sounds of a questionable nature grew louder.


To the lieutenant's credit, it sounded as though he was working harder to keep his clothes on than to get hers off.  He listened closely to what was going on through the thin wall.  Lots of kissing, what sounded like a belt being unlatched, a masculine but quiet voice, "Why don't we get out of here."  Even from outside the room Decker could hear that it was a very nicely phrased command.


"Sure honey." Decker felt the wall move slightly as a body was pressed up against the inside.  The woman laughed seductively, "You got a hotel room near?"


Decker waited for the answer, he held up his hand to make sure Crane didn't make their move yet.


"No."  Decker scowled at the one word answer, "we're camping." His impatience was growing as more of an answer came between what he could only assume was kisses.


"mmm, where?" more kissing and… what fighting?  His forehead creased with concern for the woman as the wall bowed again as a body went up against it with some force.


"Oh, strong, I like that."  Decker held back a groan and continued to listen, "we could get wild in the middle of nowhere."


"We're… a days… ride… out," more scuffling, and the wall bowed again, "you got a place…near?"  So much for information.


Decker cued Crane and they quickly rounded the corner, "Stay right there Lieutenant." he ground the order out as they slammed the swing arm doors open.


Peck had the woman pinned up against the wall just as he'd thought.  His back was turned to the Colonel and he was off balance as his struggle with the woman had continued.


Peck tried to spin around as Decker slammed the door open but he was ready for it.  He grabbed the back of Peck's shirt and strong armed him up against the wall.


"Colonel, I thought you left."  Face smiled at the woman who was still caught between him and the wall.  'Too bad,' he thought, 'she could have been fun.'  His smile grew slightly wider and more genuine as the brunette's eyes sparkled and her attraction for him seemed to grow instead of falter like most, 'could still be fun.'


Decker ignored his comment.  Crane had a bead on the prisoner so Decker put his sidearm back in the holster.  With practiced ease he cuffed the lieutenant, who to his surprise didn't resist.  Taking a closer look he realized Peck wasn't putting up a fight because he was busy smiling at the woman like a cheshire cat who just got caught with canary feathers in his mouth, "lets go."  He ordered.


Face didn't comply.


"Now."  He grabbed the lieutenant by the crook of the elbow and jerked him away from the woman with what just missed being labeled excessive force.  Decker brought him to an equally rough stop just outside the dressing room to search him.


He removed the revolver from the shoulder holster and his wallet from his back pocket.  Finding nothing else he grabbed Peck by the arm again and marched him off towards the local jail.


Once there Decker released Face's hands from behind him and deposited him into a cell.  Face turned around and ran his hands down his shirt to smooth it out as he watched Decker.


"You know Lieutenant I'm a bit disappointed in how easy this was."  Decker started as he walked across the small room and put Peck's gun and holster in a drawer of the sheriffs' desk.  He ordered Crane to make copies of everything in the wallet.


Face's eyes followed his wallet as he smiled and casually leaned against the barred wall, arms languishing through the bars, "You never know Rod, maybe I just wanted to see what your game is.  This could be calculated research."  Face pushed himself off the bars, "Who's to say I'm not just a sacrificial lamb?"


"Lt.  I'd be real careful before playing me like the same idiot you did Lynch."  Decker's eyes narrowed on his prisoner, "I play for keeps, and when you loose it's gonna be your life.  Behind bars or in the ground, it makes no difference to me."


Face's jaw clenched as he bit back a retort.  He hated to let Decker 'win' a verbal sparing match, but Decker was unknown, which meant he was dangerous.  With the team still in the desert and unaware that he was even in trouble, he was on own.  Right now he had a plan to get out, but if he pissed Decker off too much he'd force the good Colonel's hand to further action.  He didn't know Decker well enough to know what that action would be, but he could bet it would make his escape a lot more difficult.


Face lowered his gaze; he tried his best to look defeated, "Don't remind me."  he turned away from Decker wondering if he'd been able to pull off 'defeated but unwilling to admit it.'  He was going to have to practice acting contrite after he got out of here.


Decker watched as his prisoner laid down on the cot and lowered the cowboy hat over his eyes.  Lynch needed to be demoted if he couldn't at least catch Peck.  Perhaps Smith and Baracus would provide more of a challenge, but the Lt. was done. 


Decker got back to work.  He needed to get as many men together as he could to go after the rest of the team.  He wasted two hours on the phone with every law enforcement agency in the area with no luck of recruiting reinforcements.  This town was just too remote to get help on a timeline.  He needed to get to Smith before he realized his lieutenant was missing.


Peck had been quiet for the most part.  He'd asked for a deck of cards a while ago and had spent the past 45 minutes sitting on the bed flicking the cards to his hat on the other side of the cell.


Face waited.  Watched.  Listened. 


He had to admit that Decker wasn't a complete fool, eventually he was forced to leave Face with the good sheriff, but he wasn't happy about it.  Face watched as Decker grabbed a set of cuffs and made his way over to the cell.


Face stood up when he was told, concentrating on keeping his features sullen.  He put his hands through the bars without being told in an effort to make sure Decker let him keep his hands in front of him.  Escaping was a bitch when you had to crawl through your arms unnoticed.


Decker clicked the cuffs on and gave the chain a light pull to make sure they weren't going anywhere, "Don't go anywhere lieutenant."


"Funny."  It came out a bit more sarcastic than he had intended, but Decker didn't seem to notice the slip.  He watched Decker leave before he went back to the bed and his cards and continued to come off as cowed.


A few hours later Face listened as the sheriff made a call to order some food for the prisoner, he didn't bother asking Face what he'd prefer.


It was about time, Face had been waiting patiently for the sheriff to leave the building.  He had things to do.  As it was there was a good chance he still had time to get out of here and get everything together for Hannibal without the Colonel ever finding out about the girl.  Another ten minutes and he had planned on getting really sick followed by a miraculous recovery as the doctor opened the jail cell.


The old sheriff surprised him though, making him come to the door so that he could check that the cuffs were still firmly attached to his wrists.


The sheriff gave the chain on the cuffs a tug, like Decker had earlier.  Face grabbed his wrist and pulled the sheriff's arm through the bars.  "Drop the gun sheriff."  He ordered.


Face bent the sheriff's wrist back towards his elbow, "Come on sheriff."  Face hoped the sheriff would comply; he didn't really like the idea of hurting a guy who didn't look like he had handled more than a drunk in public charge in the past ten years.


The sheriff dropped the gun with a shaky hand.  Face let go of his wrist and shoved him away from the cell so he could bend down to get the gun without risking a well timed kick to the head.


"Okay," Face stood back up, "now, go get the keys."


The sheriff looked blankly at Face.


"Come on Sheriff," Face urged, "I don't want to say everything twice."


The sheriff stammered a bit, "Colonel Decker took the keys with him."


Face took a deep breath and slowly let it out again.  "Sit on the floor sheriff.  Indian style."


Face waited until the sheriff was on the floor.  He quickly bent down to his boot and pulled a set of lock picks out from the seam.  He kept an eye on the sheriff, which slowed him down quite a bit, but within a couple minutes he had the cuffs off and the door open.


Face went over and helped the sheriff off the floor and into the cell, "Sorry sheriff, I just don't like oatmeal that much." 


He shut the door and trotted over to the desk to grab his holster, gun, and wallet.  He left the sheriff's gun in the drawer. 


 Face was just about to leave when a black sharpie caught his eye.  He smiled and grabbed a blank sheet of paper.


Face made his way back over to the cell, "Sheriff, I hope I didn't hurt you.  I'd be surprised if you're in here too long; the people at the diner will probably come looking for you in a while."  The sheriff apparently had nothing to say, "If nothing else, Decker will be back by the end of the day to let you out."


Face's smile grew as he taped the note to the cell.


Welcome Aboard~

The A-Team


Face walked out the door.  He had a lot of work to do before he got back to Hannibal.





When You Coming Back Range Rider by Quentillian



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