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Challenge response: Helicopter chase scene

Helicopter Chase Scene (Challenge response)

Author:  Quentillian


Summary:  in response to a challenge, Face is getting chased down with the help of a police helicopter.

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Rating: PG-13

Status: complete





Face pushed his foot against the accelerator causing the car to jerk
forward and his dark haired beauty of a passenger to once again curse
his name for an explanation. Well, actually she cursed Stephen, but
in all fairness they were one and the same.

He fishtailed his way through an intersection and around a corner,
the car slammed to a halt along the curb of a Safeway, "Lacy, hate to
say it but I wont be calling you." He managed to soothe as he
hurried her out of the car.

"What in the world is going on?" she hollered at him as she slammed
the door.

"Stick around, the boys in green will explain." He grumbled just
loudly enough for her to make out as he pulled away from the curb
with screaming tires. Chancing a glance in the mirror he gritted his
teeth as the flashing lights were once again following him.

Face punched the number to the van into his car phone, a spotlight
being turned on him caused him to slip on the last number. He
slammed the phone down as his eyes adjusted to the brightness instead
of the night lighting, and concentrated on driving in the newfound
blindness of his situation.

Five minutes of dodging downtown LA's traffic and trying to figure
out a way to not only avoid the freeways, but get onto a less
populated back-road, had proven somewhat futile. He picked up the
phone and dialed the van's number again.

"Joe's Pizza Del-"

"Hannibal it's Face."

"What's up kid?" Asked the Colonel, knowing something was askew from
the sound of his lieutenant's voice.

Face looked into his mirror once again as it to confirm that he was
in fact still being chased, "Decker's on my tail and they've got a
spotter in the air."

"Where are you?" Hannibal asked, knowing BA would be waiting for the

"I'm getting to 3rd and Lincoln." He said as he passed 2nd and

Hannibal looked to BA, silently asking where they could pick each
other up. "How, fast that fool going?"

"85." Face answered.

Both sides were silent as BA calculated everything, "We can meet at
the Steel overpass. He'll have to dump his car. Shouldn't be too
hard to coordinate so we pass under him as he jumps."

"Got that Face?" Hannibal asked.

"Gotchya, see you in ten."

-9 minutes 34 seconds later-

Face pulled the car over on the bridge, tires screeching with the
sudden change in motion. He grabbed the keys and a gun he kept under
his seat. Tucking the gun into the small of his back, he slipped the
keys into his pocket as heard the familiar grumble of the van beneath
the over pass. It honked twice as it slowed, and Face took the
signal for what it was, swung himself over the guardrail and caught
his breath in the split second that it took for him to fall onto the
roof of the passing van. He braced himself and knocked his fist on
the van to let BA know he was good to go.

Face looked to the right as he heard Hannibal's hand smack the roof,
he grinned as the Colonel held a rifle up for him. "Keep the van
steady!" he yelled as he grabbed the rifle. He crouched on one knee
as Hannibal gave him the thumbs up. Taking aim at the helicopter he
sucked in his breath. Aiming for the center of the glaring light
that had been following him for the past 45 minutes he pulled the
trigger. The satisfying darkness of night once again surrounded them
as the spotlight went out.

Face dropped the gun to Murdock through the sunroof as it opened,
quickly following he lowered himself into the safety of the van.


hope you liked it


Helicopter Chase Scene by Quentillian



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