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He paced back and forth, as much as the tiny room would allow

He Paced (Challenge response)

Author:  Quentillian


Rating:  PG-13

Summary:  Face is stuck in a room

Comments:  Yes

Status: complete





He paced back and forth, as much as the tiny room would allow. Room,
who was he kidding. That's what inmates called their cell when
talking to loved ones. Face's loved ones spent as much time locked
up as he did.

He sighed and slid down the wall. Solitary confinement until the
military arrived. Face sneered remembering the sheriff tossing him
inside the cell and locking the door, "Don't want you do get away
before then do we?"


Guess that depended on who you asked.

It was really a glorified closet that he'd been stuck in. Three by
six feet as far as he could figure. Just enough room to lie down if
he wanted, but with his hands cuffed behind him, the good sheriff had
taken away the one comfort that the cell allowed.

He briefly considered crawling through his arms, but shoved that idea
aside figuring that it would most likely cause more trouble than the
short reprieve was worth. All he could do now was relax and see what
happened; Decker would come and he'd make his opportunities, or
Hannibal would rescue him.

He almost hoped Decker would arrive first. Being rescued by Hannibal
always brought on a debriefing of what went wrong in the first
place. And when it came down to it, he really didn't want to discuss
how his latest date hadn't been as hard to pick up as he originally

He knew Hannibal was getting tired of him falling into these traps,
and quite frankly he wasn't the biggest fan of spending his time
being strip searched not only by bounty hunters, but then by the
county lock up department, himself. But what was he supposed to do,
stop dating entirely? That was really the only way to solve the
problem, but even then Decker would find some other way to lure him

Nope, this was part of the game they played; Decker, or law
enforcement in general, versus the `three' of them. Besides, if he
didn't get caught all the time, the rest of the guys would be out of
practice when it came to prison breaks. And if there was one thing
they couldn't have, it was not being able to get out of the clutches
of the military. So when you thought about it this way, he was truly
doing the team a favor. In fact, he'd go to the extent of saying he
was being self-sacrificial.

See how Hannibal argued against that… now, if only the good Colonel
would bust him out.



He Paced by Quentillian



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