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Face endeavored to look as charming and innocent as possible

Endeavored (Challenge response)

Author:  Quentillian


Rating:  PG13

Summary:  Face's date isn't has hard to pick up as he thought.

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Status: complete





Face endeavored to look as charming and innocent as possible.  A task at this point hard to accomplish by the most saintly of men.  Then again, the most saintly of men wouldn't be carrying a lady around his waist to his bed.  In fact, a saintly man also wouldn't have to try to talk his way of this to an angry burly man wielding a shotgun.


Gina climbed off of Face, her skirt falling back around her thighs, apparently this 'unexpected' intruder knew Gina better as Sam.  Gina had been bubbly, dumb, easy, and perhaps more importantly; perky.  Sam on the other hand, appeared to be none of the above, underhanded, and perhaps even a bit dangerous.


Face stood there, his jeans hanging loosely on his hips, his belt and zipper strewn open.  The resonating sound of a shotgun being pumped echoed in Face's ears as he went to close up his pants, "Don't move and you won't hurt."


Nice.  Face let a nervous smile escape as he put his hands up at waist level, "Firing that thing will draw a lot of attention."


Sam walked towards him, cuffs in hand, "Doesn't matter when the victim is a military fugitive."  She said as she slipped behind pulling his left arm with him as she went.


So that's the way it was going to be, charming and innocent weren't going to do him a damn bit of good.


Face sized things up as both hands were clasp together; a studio room 14 stories up.  One front door blocked by Old Man Mountain.  One fire escape to his left with a big bed in the way…


"Lt.  Peck,"  Face looked back to Sam who got his undivided attention as she refastened his pants with more caressing that what the job truly required, "you are under arrest."


Face smirked, "Yeah, I put that together already."  She drove the belt home, grabbed by the elbow and pushed him towards the shotgun, the front door, the car, and eventually a jail cell.



Endeavored by Quentillian



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