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by Charon


Rating: NC-17

Dates Written: June 8th, 2001- June 9th, 2001

Disclaimer: Not Mine. Still Wouldn't Do This Even If They Were. ;-D And There's Been No Money Exchanged For This, Except For The Universal Chrignaman, But that's Only Spendable In The Karmantran Galaxy, So It Doesn't Count.

Warnings: Graphic Depiction Of M/M/M Sex, And A Possibility, Depending On How You Feel, Sort O A Non-Consensual Sexual Moment, So Please Consider Yourself Warned. Oh Yeah, And Like, There's Three Team Members Involved In This One . . . <BLUSH>

Episode Spoilers: None

Summary: Drugs, Consequences, And Sex

Author's Notes: Blame The Plot Aliens Again! They're Evil! <The Tall Brown Ones Are At Any Rate, The Little Greys Are Kewl>




Part 1


Face sighed and looked over at B.A. as the two men supported the almost completely unconscious Hannibal and Murdock between them. The two men had been captured and then subjected to drugs to make them more cooperative and to talk, but neither Face nor B.A. was sure exactly of what they'd been given. Face also knew that Decker wasn't too far behind them, so they couldn't risk taking the men to the hospital. That part of being on the run really sucked. Face had decided to take them to his apartment, and to keep a watch on them all night, and at the first sign of respiratory stress or anything, they WOULD go to the hospital. Face would rather they all be arrested than any of them killed.


He and B.A. lay the two men on the huge brass-railed bed that had been the real reason Face had wanted the apartment in the first place. Murdock and Hannibal automatically rolled toward each other and wrapped their arms around the other comfortingly, and their eyes closed completely as each fell asleep, safe in the knowledge the other was all right, and that Face and B.A. would see that they were taken care of.


Face sighed as he watched the two of them. He and B.A. had known that Hannibal and Murdock had formed an attachment, both physical and emotional with the other, and Face, though he'd never admit it, felt a little left out. Not so much from the physical stuff, but from the emotional, then he looked up as B.A. growled in frustration.


"Problem?" He asked the bigger man, and B.A. frowned.


"Not with them, no." He answered the unasked question in Face's tone, then looked at his hands. "I have a date tonight." He finally confessed, and Face almost hung his head. He'd had slow weeks before, but when even B.A. had a date and he didn't, well that was just plain sad. "And it's only the second one, but it'll be the second time I've broken it with the same person."


"Oh. Ow." Face was genuinely sympathetic. "One broken date's okay, but the second is tiring, and the third's the kiss of death." He looked at B.A. thoughtfully. The bigger man must really have liked this person to go out twice and be worried about breaking the second date a second time. "Say, tell you what. You go out on your date and I'll keep an eye on these two."


"You sure?" B.A. looked doubtfully at Face, then over at the two men on the bed.


"Yeah. I can handle them, even if I have to handcuff them to the bed. I'll call you if I need you..." Face tilted his head at B.A.. "Where you going to be?"


"In the van, We're goin' sight seein'."


"Okay." Face nodded. You just go on and have a good time then. I'll call you if we need you, I promise."


"You better, sucka'." B.A. looked over at the two men in the bed one last time, then left the apartment.


Face sighed as he looked down at the duo in the bed, then checked their breathing and settled into a chair next to the bed to start his vigil. An hour later, Hannibal stirred and Murdock inhaled deeply as both of them started to wake. Face checked them over and saw that though they breathed normally, their pupils were dilated, and Face knew they were still under the influence of the drugs as they shifted and woke further.


"Hi guys." He said as their eyes landed on him. "How do you feel?"


"Good." Hannibal grinned. "VERY good as a matter of fact."


"Never better, Facey." Murdock almost giggled, and Face grimaced. He hated that nickname version, and REALLY wished Murdock wouldn't call him that.


"Well, that's good, but I think you guys still need to rest." Face told them, and Murdock sat up, then looked down at Hannibal as the older man's eyes gleamed.


"But I'm not tired, Lieutenant." Hannibal said, and Face nodded.


"I gathered that, but you're still under the influence of those drugs . . ." He reached down and checked Hannibal's pulse. "And your pulse is a little fast."


"I think it might have something to do with the fact you're bending over me and holding my hand." Hannibal said, and Face's eyes widened.


" Um . . . maybe I'd just better let you check yourself out . . ." He started to draw away, but Murdock's eyes gleamed.


"You haven't checked my pulse." He said, and he and Hannibal exchanged glances.


"Um . . . that's okay. I think you'll be okay." Face tried to back off, but Hannibal jerked on the hand he held, and Face was pulled onto the bed. Face tried to pull away, but before he could move, Murdock straddled his legs, and Hannibal grabbed his hands and arms and pushed them over his head. Fear entered Face's eyes and he struggled, but Hannibal and Murdock held him down too tightly for

his struggles to do him much good. "What . . . what are you do . . . doing?" He stammered, and the two men smiled, and Murdock ran his hand down the side of Face's cheek.


"You look very, very good tonight." He said.


"It's the drugs." Face's voice caught in his throat. "They're's just making you think that."


"Actually, Lieutenant, you look pretty good every day. And what you did for B.A. was very nice . . . letting him go on that date. You deserve a reward for selfless sacrifices to your teammates." Hannibal said and ran a lazy hand down Face's chest.


Face panicked and tried to fight his way up, but Murdock suddenly took a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket and held them in front of Face.


"Naughty naughty, Face." Murdock almost purred, and Face shivered.


"No. Please, don't . . ." He pleaded, and Hannibal smiled.


"Shhh. We won't hurt you. But you said you could handle us if you had to handcuff us to the bed. It doesn't look like you're handling us very well."


"I . . . I thought you were unconscious. I didn't think you heard. I just said that to put B.A.'s mind at . . . at ease." Face told them lamely, and both men just smiled.


"We believe you, Face. But you can't seem to handle us." He chuckled. "But WE can handle you just fine." Murdock stroked Face's leg slowly and Face bit his lip.


"Why are you doing this?" He almost whimpered.


"Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are, Face?" Murdock sighed. "I mean to us, and not just in your looks?"


"What . . . what do you mean?" Face tried to ignore the fact that Murdock had drawn his leg up and stroked it along Face's side, and also tried to ignore the fact that he actually liked the way it felt.


"We've talked about you, Kid. Me and Murdock." Hannibal smiled. "We've wanted you forever. But we knew you'd never go along with us. But now, her you are, and here we are . . ." He gripped Face's shirt in his hands, then ripped it open. Face yelped and threw himself upwards, but the two men holding him merely tightened their grip and Murdock locked the metal bracelets around Face's hands and cuffed him to the bed rails. Face shuddered and bit his lip.


"Don't do that, Face." Hannibal said quietly and ran a finger over the bitten flesh. "They're too nice for that abuse." He leaned his head down and ran the tip of his tongue over Face's lips, and Face gasped, even as Murdock ran slow fingers over his exposed skin of his chest.


"I think he likes that, Colonel." Murdock grinned.


"Please, guys, please don't do this!" Face begged as his face flushed and he blinked back tears of humiliation even as he knew, and the other two knew that he lied. "I don't want this!"


"Don't be ashamed of your feelings, Face." Hannibal breathed and his hands ran over Face's chest and down to his stomach, then Face arched as Hannibal's tongue traced a path behind his fingers.


"We're not." Murdock ran a hand over Hannibal's shoulders.


Face whimpered as Murdock's tongue slid around Face's nipples and they hardened under the pressure. Short of kicking the two men, there was really nothing he could do, and he jumped as Murdock moved his mouth up and Hannibal stroked Face on his jeans-front. Murdock delved into Face's mouth, and the pressure was heady, hot and intense. Face's mouth opened under the force, and Murdock's tongue

invaded without being asked. Face felt the strong chin and the lips as they bruised his own and he shuddered as he was more thoroughly and passionately kissed than he'd been before by any woman. He felt Hannibal's hands as they opened his jeans and he felt them pulled down his legs. He froze and his eyes opened with panic as he realized what they were going to do to him.


"Shhh." Murdock soothed and stroked Face's hair as he looked into the younger man's eyes. "We won't hurt you, Face. You should know that by now."


"We're just going to make you feel good." Hannibal ran his fingers over Face's exposed legs, and kissed Face's thighs. Face whimpered and couldn't stop the tremor that passed through him, as Hannibal slowly slid his tongue over Face's legs.


He tried so hard to stay in control of himself, even if he lost control over the situation, that his nails bit into his palms as he struggled with his conscious mind and his conscience. But then he felt Hannibal's mouth take him in and Murdock's mouth possessed his tongue as their hands roamed his body. He couldn't help himself and he writhed under their touch and cried out as they stimulated every nerve he possessed. It wasn't love-making, but it wasn't rape either, and he almost wept from the sheer volume of passion they unleashed on him. He was helpless, not only caught by the handcuffs, but also by the raw power that Hannibal and Murdock held over him and his body.


He trembled violently on the bed and watched as Hannibal and Murdock divested each other of their own clothing and kissed and touched each other over Face's inert body, naked for all but the tattered shirt. Face cried out as he was rolled onto his side, then found Murdock underneath him, and he was rolled onto his front until his face was equal with Murdock's and their centers pressed against each other. Face let the tears roll down his face, as Murdock gently cupped Face's head in his hands and tenderly kissed the tear stained cheeks, eyelids, and then his mouth. Face opened his lips without a protest, even as he felt Hannibal's hands on his back. He moaned into Murdock's mouth as Hannibal's tongue slid along his spine, and he shivered as Hannibal's hands opened him and prepared him for coupling. Face cried out as Murdock moved beneath him, and his blond head collapsed against Murdock's neck and shoulder as Hannibal introduced himself to the space he'd prepared.


Face had expected pain, but what he HADN'T expected was the rush of pleasure that flooded him as Hannibal penetrated completely into him in a movement just shy of a thrust. Face cried out as Murdock rose, then lowered his hips in time to Hannibal's movement, and Face was literally caught between them as they moved. Face's breath heaved in his chest as Murdock held him tightly around his upper torso and his nails dug into the muscles of Face's back, and Hannibal clenched his hips in tight fingers that bruised Face's skin. Face's cries changed pitch and volume, and suddenly, bolts of pleasure shot through his body, and he raised his head and screamed. His orgasm exploded out of him. Hannibal followed a moment later and Murdock was a close third. Face completely collapsed onto the body of his best friend and Hannibal rested his head on the small of Face's back as the blond man shook uncontrollably and sobbed into Murdock's neck as the pilot stroked Face's blond hair, and Hannibal softly patted Face's naked back.


Hannibal drew himself out of Face, then collapsed onto his side, and Murdock rolled out from under Face, and the three of them lay completely still until sleep took them all.


% % %


When morning came, it was Hannibal who awoke first, and he almost groaned as the daylight hit his eyes. He threw his hand over his eyes and wondered what the hell had happened that had given him the worst hangover he'd had in years. He slowly sat up, gingerly cracked his eyelids, and his eyes flew open in shock as he saw the two men in bed with him. Then he saw Face, and his mouth fell open in horror. Murdock stirred on the other side of Face, and he covered his face with his hand. Carefully, Hannibal reached over Face's prone body and touched Murdock on the shoulder. The Captain squinted up, then looked down, and his own eyes repeated Hannibal's actions.


They both looked at the figure between them and catalogued the injuries they saw: Bruised and torn skin was on his wrists -- which were still in the cuffs, and they followed the tear-stains down to his bruised cheeks, over his bruised and swollen lips, down his deeply scratched back, then saw the bruises on Face's hips which stood out like splotches of black paint on a white canvas. They also saw that Face's pants had been thrown carelessly into a wrinkled pile at the bottom of the bed, and his shirt had been literally torn open, while dried semen was smeared over all of them.


"My god, Hannibal." Murdock gasped. "What the hell did we do?"


"I think that's obvious. And I see you don't remember either." Hannibal's hands trembled. "But the question is why. Why would we do something like this?" He reached over and brushed a lock of blond hair from Face's forehead, and the man whimpered in his sleep, then shivered. Hannibal pulled his hand back and Face opened his eyes. The fear and panic that suddenly jumped into his usually masked and shadowed eyes hit both Hannibal and Murdock harder than any physical blow could have, and Face trembled uncontrollably as he saw that both men had sat up and they gazed at him.


"Face?" Hannibal deliberately kept his voice low and quiet.


"Will . . . will you let me go now?" Face asked, and his voice trembled as hard as his body.


Murdock started to jump from the bed, but Face yelped and ducked from him and he slowed his movement. Murdock's head felt as if it were ready to fall off and explode, but at that moment he could have lost an arm, and nothing would have prevented him from his objective, which was the key to the handcuffs that he carried in the pocket of his coat. He gently climbed back on the bed, but even that movement made Hannibal nauseous, and he almost threw up. It was only through sheer force of will power that he didn't, and he watched Face's eyes as they followed Murdock's arms as the man unlocked the cuffs.


Neither man moved as Face slowly lowered his arms and grimaced in pain, then tried to rub some life into them. Hannibal and Murdock wanted to help him, but they knew that Face would only shy away from them. They glanced at each other, and Murdock briefly closed his eyes as Hannibal sighed. Both men had wanted to bed the Lieutenant, but definitely NOT in the way they so obviously had. Not so that he'd be afraid of them afterward. However, Hannibal had to know what happened.


"Face." He whispered, and his voice caught in his throat as Face jerked and turned his pained, blue eyes to Hannibal, and the older man forced himself to continue. "What happened?"


"You don't . . . don't remember?" He looked from Hannibal to Murdock, and both men shrugged, then weakly shook their heads.


"The drugs." Face swallowed. "They . . . they were in your system after . . . after B.A. and I rescued you. We brought you back here to sleep. I . . . I told B.A. it was okay for him to leave. Thought . . . thought you guys'd be out all night. I . . . I checked on you and watched you. But you b . . . both woke up." Face's voice broke off and he swallowed several times, then gave up. "Please, Hannibal. Don't ask me what happened next." He backed away from them toward the end of the bed, and his eyes opened wide. "I . . . I think you can guess what happened from what you see." He held out his arms and turned slightly and the sun shone on every injury he had. 


Hannibal cursed. "Oh jeeze, Face." His voice was thick with sorrow. "I'm so sorry."


"Face, we'd've never . . ." Murdock began, and Face grabbed some clothes from the dresser.


"Not your fault." He whispered. "The drugs. You weren't yourselves."

"Face, are you . . . do you need a Doctor?" Hannibal had to ask, and Face half-smiled, but it was brittle at best.


  "No. You . . . you made sure I was . . . no." He flew out of the room and into the shower.



Part 2


Three days passed since what the A-Team -- B.A. included, though he had NOT been happy to hear about it when he'd returned the next day -- euphemistically called `the drug incident' had happened. It was clear that Face, despite his admonitions to the others to forget that it had ever happened, couldn't. He jumped every time Murdock or Hannibal came near him, and if one of them brushed against him accidentally, he all but flew across the room.


Hannibal felt more and more guilty as the days wore on, and Murdock wasn't much better, while B.A. just got pissed at all three of them. Hannibal knew things couldn't go on any further, and that he, Face, and Murdock needed to talk. He knew however, that Face would never have agreed to get in a room alone with him and Murdock, so he, Murdock, and B.A. set it up so that Face thought he would be with B.A. for an evening. However, when Face watched B.A. leave the apartment, he immediately knew what had happened, and his eyes furtively searched around the room for an exit.


Hannibal had planned the meeting down to the last detail, and had placed himself by the door, and Murdock in front of the doorway to the rest of the apartment. The only out Face had, was the window, and Hannibal had made sure to jam a nail into the sill so the window wouldn't open easily. Face turned away from the window, and his eyes widened as he looked from Hannibal to Murdock. They both were still and Face stared at them but not a muscle moved as Hannibal took the initiative.


"Face." He said, and his voice was just as soft and as quiet as it had been the first time he'd spoken to the man after they'd woken up. "We need to talk."


"There's nothing to talk about." Face shook his head. "I . . . I just need to get o . . . over this is all."


"But it's clear that you AREN'T getting over this, Lieutenant." Hannibal told him gently.


"And we know that we're the cause if it and all we want to do is help you." Murdock looked at his hands. "But . . . but we don't remember what we did and if we can't remember, we can't fix it." He sighed.


"We have a good idea, based on the physical evidence." Hannibal's voice trembled. "So we know why you're afraid of us, but we can only say we're sorry in so many ways and so many times, but being sorry doesn't do any good if you won't talk to us about what and how you're feeling. Tell us how to make this better!"


"What I'm feeling?" Face's laugh was bitter. "You really DON'T want to know what I'm feeling." He turned away from them and leaned his head on the window. "I don't want to know what I'm feeling."


"Face, you've got to meet us halfway here." Murdock pleaded. "We're trying to help."


"B.A. is about ready to pound the two of us into dust." Hannibal ran a hand over his face. "And we aren't a team anymore. We can't do our job if you're going to be jumping away from us every time we get near you or touch you. I mean, what happens in a firefight if we have to direct your aim or something? You're going to accidentally kill one of us or you're going to miss what you're shooting at." He kicked the wall, and Face started, then sighed softly.


"Okay." Face's voice was low and he leaned his head on the window. "You really want to know."


"Yes." Hannibal said, and prepared himself to be verbally pounded as was Face's own innate talent.


"Please, Face." Murdock prompted, and he steeled himself as well.


Face swallowed. "All right. Here's how I feel. I'm angry, I'm confused, I'm hurt, and I'm frightened. There. You satisfied? You took something from me. Something that I'm not sure what to do with . . . or do without now."


"What are you talking about?" Hannibal knew that one of them had to say the word. "We know we r . . ." He cleared his throat. We know we raped you . . ."


"It . . . it started that way." Face inhaled deeply.


"Started? . . ." Murdock prompted with a glance at Hannibal. Neither one of them wanted to hear what they had done to Face, but they knew that in order to at least start to heal, Face

needed to talk about it, and the two of them needed to hear it whether they wanted to or not.


"But . . . but it didn't end that way." Face's voice was a whisper, and the two men stared as he continued. "I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move, I couldn't get free, and you were there

and you wanted me. You wanted me like I'd never been wanted before. I mean, not just for how I could treat you or for what I could give you, but you wanted me just for the sake of being me. There was no pretense at love, no planning, or forced seduction. You just saw what you wanted and you took it. I had no choice but to go along." He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. "And then I wanted it too." He clenched his hands into fists. "And I couldn't stop it. I lost control of myself. For the first time in my life I completely lost control of my sexuality and my desire, and you took that loss of control and only made me feel. There was no thought . . ." He shook his head. "Nothing . . . just feeling and wanting."


"And you're afraid of this?" Hannibal looked confused. "That's called passion, Face."


"And it's generally considered normal." Murdock raised his eyebrows.


"But it's raw, and powerful and overwhelming, and I want to feel it again, but I want it with you two! Not with a woman or even a man, just you two!" Face bit his lips. "What kind of disgusting, sick, perverted, twisted kind of person am I that I would want to do that with two, not ONE, but TWO of my best male friends!?"


Hannibal almost sagged in relief, and he saw Murdock as he caught himself on the doorframe and they realized that Face WASN'T afraid of them! He was afraid of HIMSELF! THAT was something they knew how to deal with. Hannibal smiled.


"Face. When Murdock and I get together, that's pretty much normal for us. We just let go and let what happens happen. Sometimes it's raw and passionate and sometimes it's long and slow and seductive, but it's all normal. And I wouldn't call you a pervert, necessarily . . ." He tilted his head at Face. "Unless you want to throw a couple of goats into the bed as well." He gazed at Face, and the younger man looked as if he didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but Murdock grinned.


"Actually, I'd say you were just a little kinky." He smirked at Hannibal. "And a little kinky can be fun."


"But, Face." Hannibal sighed. "I've got to know. Did . . . DID we hurt you?"


"I know we left marks . . ." Murdock swallowed, and Face shook his head.


"I . . . it was wonderful." He whispered. "It was amazing. I never knew sex between men could . . . could feel like that." He quivered. "No. No, you didn't hurt me. Not . . . not at all." His

voice thickened with the force of his emotion and he ran his tongue over his lips. "You . . . you made me scream." He swallowed. "I'd never screamed before."


Hannibal watched the change as it slowly moved over Face, and he went from ashamed and fearful to wanting and aroused. The older man and Murdock smiled at one another, and Hannibal slowly moved over to Face, and touched his arms. "So, it's not our touch you were shying away from." His voice was low and husky and Face shook his head.


"It was the memory of what you felt?" Murdock asked, and Face shivered as he felt the other's body as it pressed against his back, and Murdock's lips touched the back of Face's neck. His eyelids dropped over his eyes and Hannibal stepped closer and ran his hand over the softness of Face's shirt. Hannibal and Murdock looked at each other over Face's shoulder and both men grinned. The thought that they could make one of the most accomplished lovers they knew helpless with passion and collapse into their willing arms was heady and intoxicating, and they couldn't resist either him or the force of their own arousal. A low moan left Face as Murdock's tongue slid over his neck, and Hannibal's mouth traced a hot trail over Face's chin and onto his lips, which softened and parted immediately under the pressure.


"See?" Hannibal whispered. "Here we are, Face. Clean and sober and we still want you just for you." Murdock slipped Face's jacket off his arms and dropped it to the floor.


"It's okay to feel." Murdock whispered, and Face groaned as Hannibal's practiced fingers opened each button of Face's shirt one by one. His mouth left a trail of kisses that burned where the buttons had been, and Face arched his body against Hannibal's as Murdock's hand explored the smoothness of Face's fevered skin.


Face gripped Murdock's hips in his hands, more to keep himself from falling to the floor than for anything else, and he cried out as both Hannibal's hands and Murdock's hands passed over the front of his jeans. Murdock's mouth captured Face's in a long kiss, and Murdock's brown eyes gazed into the heavy lidded blue eyes that had darkened with each touch of the other's fingers, until they were almost black, and Face whimpered in their hands.


Hannibal needed to hear Face, and he opened the tightened jeans and passed his mouth over the still covered shaft. Murdock gripped Face's arms and gently restricted his movement as Face groaned into his mouth. The two men drew Face into the bedroom and as one, fell onto the mattress. Face tried to unbutton Hannibal's shirt, but the older man shook his head and let his mouth roam over the prone lieutenant's body. Face squirmed as Murdock removed the silk shirt that covered Face's torso, Hannibal pulled off the younger man's shoes and socks, and together, Hannibal and Murdock slowly slid the jeans down over his hips and off his legs.


Face took Hannibal's tongue into his mouth and his breath panted as small, whimpering, almost begging, cries left him and he shuddered in the grasp of the two men. They both backed off, and Face shivered on the bed as he watched as first Murdock and then Hannibal disrobed and lay back down, one on either side of him. As Hannibal's hardness brushed Face's, the younger man threw his head back and shrieked as every one of his nerves seemed to be consumed by an icy fire.


Murdock's hands slipped the silk boxers over Face's muscled bottom and his fingers massaged the exposed flesh as Hannibal ran his own hands over Face's distended shaft. Face's hands clenched at whatever his frenzied emotions put within his grasp, and he wailed as Murdock's fingers and mouth mercilessly teased his craving body.


"Do you want us?" Hannibal asked, and Face nodded, then arched as he felt Hannibal's hands on his side.


"You've got to say it." Murdock told him and a guttural, throaty cry left Face as he writhed uncontrollably between the two men. "Do you want us?"


"Yes!" Face screamed out and he bucked against the two bodies that held him prisoner between them. "Yes! Yes! Hannibal, Murdock! Please!?" He begged for them and reached for them and drew them to him as he tried to arch into both of them at once. Murdock answered his plea and Face gripped Hannibal's shoulders and with each thrust of Murdock into Face's shuddering body, he gasped, panted, and cried out in blind, mindless, vulnerable, carnal need.


The two men with him responded to that need and desire, and they watched as Face threw his head back and ground it into the pillow as his entire body rose off the bed and his hands gripped both Hannibal and Murdock's shoulders. His mouth opened and his scream was choked off and made silent as his entire body froze all at once, as his climax, no less explosive than it had ben the first time, left him helpless in their hands. Murdock, caught in the violently shuddering aftermath of Face's orgasm, exclaimed loudly himself as he too climaxed, then collapsed onto the pillow next to Face's head. Hannibal felt the other two as they relaxed, and finally allowed himself his own release, then collapsed onto his side as well.


Face gave a huge sigh, then kissed first Hannibal's lips and then Murdock's, then sank into a deep, sated, satisfied oblivion. Murdock sighed and with his t-shirt, wiped Face's backside, while Hannibal used the bed-coverings and wiped the front. Both men slid closer to Face and wrapped their arms securely around him and joined him in sleep.


% % %


B.A. entered the apartment much later that night, and looked around as he noted the three men in the living room, who were obviously completely at ease with one another. "Good." He nodded with satisfaction. "I love it when a plan comes together."


"And a team too." Face grinned, and Hannibal threw a pillow at the Lieutenant as Murdock collapsed to the floor in hysterical laughter.



The End



Want by Charon



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